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24 January 2017


Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane, I keep forgetting to congratulate you on Army's bowl game win in overtime. You done good, sir. It is of worth to be noted in the first comment.
BTW, the Year of the Reckoning did not end in December 31 on the calander year.. Nay, it continues for a few more months. The exact start date originated when giants roamed the earth and were felled by a mere shepherd boy with rudy hair.

Todd Juvinall

So had anyone given the new term "Alternative facts" a definition? I think it might be one of interpreting a fact. Since the war over the numbers watching the inauguration I decided that we can define things any way we want.

Bill Tozer

I saw a picture of the empty Washinon Mall, save for a wondering tourists. It was the HRC Inaugural.


HALLELUJAH!! And this is just day two.....

Todd Juvinall

For Hillary Hodge.

Another screed from a "victim" of what? Rights? Tell me how you must fight for rights you already have? My goodness, the left is unhinged. Our Constitution is for all, males, females all races. Heck you get to extra rights as far as I can tell. Since abortion seems to be the thing that drives your hysteria tell us why a man is not allowed to have a say in the child’s termination when his DNA makes up half of the human? Yet when a woman decides to have the child against the males wishes, he is made to pay support? Is that fair? Is that equal rights?

If you had stayed away from Trump bashing maybe the thirty million women who voted for Trump would listen to you. But you and you liberal friends are all about division and not listening to pothers. How come you can't come to the middle on these issues? You always demand those opposed to you come to you. Well, cry me a river now you may have to compromise.

If you are proud of the rude and crudeness spoken at the DC march, then you are truly unhinged. If that is the best you have representing, you America is in deep trouble. I say take your protests to places that really have no women’s rights. Like Saudi Arabia and Sudan. See how far you get.

Bill Tozer

@ 8:34.
I got to cut the Liberal Only Women's March some slack....at least locally. If they want to parade around carrying signs and spreading the message it is their right. Besides, imagine getting back from a long day in Sacramento to find your car towed. You think you forgot where you parked it at first glance. You are wandering the parking lot dressed as a giant viagina searching for your vehicle as the rain begins to fall. People start gawking at you and posting pictures of a "crazy lady dressed as a viagina" to the amusement of thousands on social media. Not a fun place to be.
I, for one, feel their pain. If it makes them feel better about themselves, that is a nice silver lining. The March won't change a thing, but if they feel good about themselves for doing something, then that is all that matters.


Moving on. That is now in the past.


I have yet to see a gripe in The Rag about all the cars towed. I was sure that would make headlines, and a whine for crowdfunding to get their wheels out of jail.
No pictures of the parade of tow trucks? Yes, the local rag has sure gone downhill.

Bill Tozer

I seriously doubt Safeway would have had cars towed. Not their style. But, to take up a portion on the parking lot on a rainy day in town.....on a Saturday when most hard working folk do their shopping is just plain rude and inconsiderate. They could have parked under the freeway in that parking lot nobody parks in or at the Rood Center. I hope our disabled citizens did not have to walk too far across the parking lot in the rain to buy food. Probably a disabled elderly woman in pain called to complain. We must think of others when living on the altruistic plane. :)

Off topic:
Yo Walt, any damage from that cell that hit Sunday afternoon at your place? It was wild for me exposed in the open on top of a unnamed ridge. I built some lattice panels years ago to grow nice rare desert evergreen winter flowering vines that can take the heat, wind, and drought. My own natural shade screen tunnel here in the Inferno Zone. They held up just fine during The Storm of the Century. They held up just fine during the Storm of the Decade. They did not hold up to the unnamed storm cell Sunday afternoon. Must have been a direct hit. 30 mph winds, my petunia! The lattice panels (heavy duty and designed for max wind to pass through) look like a bear ran through them. Go figure. The storm with no name did more damage here than that freak tornado that touched down four years ago.


We came out unscathed. We sit on the North side of a small hill. Now when things come from the North, things get a tad dicey. Even the crappy roof job from years back, only shed two shingles.(the nails they used were too damned short.)

Good thing Dear old Dad didn't build the family home on top of Pilot Peak as he originally planned. It may have wound up in my front yard. (I sure miss that place)


Here's something for Paul E, Rasmussen has 57% of Likely U.S. Voters approving of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-three percent (43%) disapprove.

So far, it appears to most observers he's been doing pretty much what he was elected to do.


btw George, worthy of your OUR LINKS list is Realclear Politics

They do a nice job of finding interesting op-eds across a wide range of viewpoints. Always good if one is wanting to waste some time reading what others are thinking. It's become one of my touchstones.


Just got back from town. If you go near the GV "crater" stay out of the South bound slow lane on 49. A new "dip" has formed upstream of the big hole. It wasn't there a few days ago.


Get your tickets while they last -Jan. 27th Right to Life march!



Break out the ant-acids Paul and Steve.


Davis, Ca - land of extremes -


Todd Juvinall

BradC | 24 January 2017 at 11:24 AM

Yeah those numbskulls that put bacon there were wrong. A goat would have been appropriate.


Walt - that sinkhole could be a nightmare. What I did not realize until I googled it is that it is directly above the sewage treatment plant. All that water is going under the treatment plant. Whole trees were getting sucked into that hole. Eventually, I think they are going to jam up and plug whatever hole the water was going into.

Todd Juvinall

Tucker Carlson is doing really good. Double the ratings over the Kelly babe.



Brad. I do believe that sewer plant is just upstream from the action. By about 300 feet.
The workers seem to have the worst of it stabilized. But what damage is still under the street and freeway has yet to be seen. Time will tell.
I looks like the engineers now about the new low spot in the South bound lane. Traffic cones are already there.
I hope "tombstone" engineering isn't in play.(block traffic after the first three cars fall in)


Posted by: BradC | 24 January 2017 at 11:24 AM

Yeah.....what's the over/under on how soon this changes from being a "Hate Crime" to a Hate Crime Hoax? Like seemingly every single incident over the last couple of years.

Bill Tozer

Concerning the Davis Mosque: A woman did it. Go figure. No man I know would waste a perfectly good strip of bacon. That is just so wrong. No doubt an isolated act by a mentally ill person.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like the XL Pipeline and the Standing Rock pipeline are a go. Go Trump! Right On!

Bill Tozer


Why to they always have these events in the cold days of winter?



How Many Social Media Sites are Fake?

Massive networks of fake accounts found on Twitter

Massive collections of fake accounts are lying dormant on Twitter, suggests research.

The largest network ties together more than 350,000 accounts and further work suggests others may be even bigger.

On Twitter, bots are accounts that are run remotely by someone who automates the messages they send and activities they carry out. Some people pay to get bots to follow their account or to dilute chatter about controversial subjects.

The network of 350,000 bots stood out because all the accounts in it shared several subtle characteristics that revealed they were linked. These included:

• tweets coming from places where nobody lives
• messages being posted only from Windows phones
• almost exclusively including quotes from Star Wars novels

Twitter deserved praise for its work on finding and eliminating bots, he added, but it was clear that skilled hackers had found ways to avoid official scrutiny and keep the bots ticking over.

The pair's most recent work had uncovered a bigger network of bots that seemed to include more than 500,000 accounts.


Beyond Twitter, there are multiple application bots for creating a fake Facebook account once a minute.

Facebook account creator bot is a simple to use software for generating Facebook account under a second, it has a super clean interface and uses well-developed Java scripts and injectors to make sure your accounts will get created once you click the register button. It's fast and simple.

In 2014 Facebook estimates that between 5.5% and 11.2% of accounts are fake. In reality, Facebook does not know how many fake accounts exist.


As of the third quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.79 billion monthly active users. If 10% are fake, that is 179 million fake accounts.

Bottom line is that social media is being abused. Regardless, that a local former newspaper editor never fails to tell us that our local paper is failing the community and that social media is our future. Is face news from fake social media sites going to be part of our future?



Might Paul be on a search for a new meme because he has no answers posed to him, his prognostications are failing, and he needs a new message?

Paul Emery


What are you talking about?

Paul Emery


do you personally believe that there was massive voter fraud that shifted the popular vote to Hillary? Yes or no

Todd Juvinall

Millions of illegals voted in California. Report out soon O am told.

Don Bessee

It must be a rough day in lefty land PE. Pipelines are back on track, the EPA is handcuffed and gets its social media taken away ahead of the departments downsizing. It will be a good summer for the protester class. ;-)

Paul Emery

Let me know when it comes out Todd and send me a link



RE: 2:07PM


800,000 illegals with licenses:


Not sure:





"Specifically, the authors say that illegals may have cast as many as 2.8 million votes in 2008 and 2010. That's a lot of votes. And when you consider the population of illegal inhabitants has only grown since then, it's not unreasonable to suppose that their vote has, too."

Perhaps the source of Trump's statement.

Don Bessee

Scenes 219- None of that matters in PE's world. He FEELS he is right no matter those pesky facts getting in the way. ;-)



"In 2005, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that up to 3 percent of the 30,000 individuals called for jury duty from voter registration rolls over a two-year period in just one U.S. district court were not U.S. citizens"



Don Bessee

PE- What's 3% of 128,000,000?


Interesting publication on pipeline vs. rail safety.


George Rebane

I am sure that one of our liberal readers (maybe even Trump Trasher himself) will connect the dots from Heritage research reported by Scenes 227pm to a plausible number of fraudulent votes cast. The real question to be answered here is why did the illegals take the risk in falsely registering and perjuring themselves if they were not prepared to also cast their votes?

Don Bessee

The justified, primal fear from the left is that the Trump administration will actually do a data mining project comparing relevant data bases. Purging the voter rolls of illegal aliens and dead people could have a greater impact than any gerrymandering ever did.

Did President Trump set up the left with the comment on the bogus voters and the left just ate the bait with calls for an investigation? The left should be careful what they wish for. ;-)


PE 204

You can pose the question but it isn't a yes or no answer.

I believe it plausible that voting by persons without the franchise has affected election outcomes in the past and that it is *possible* it was bad enough to throw the meaningless plurality in the last election towards HRC, especially given Obama's statement before the November election that sounded to many to be an all clear for illegally registered voters to show up and vote.

It is quite clear that the formerly ruling party has been ignoring any possibility of illegal voting in small or large numbers for a long time. In the immortal words of Sgt. Schultz (portrayed by the late John Banner) "I see nothing! I was not here! I did not even get out of bed this morning!"


"Concerning the Davis Mosque: A woman did it. Go figure. No man I know would waste a perfectly good strip of bacon." -Tozer

The funniest thing I read all day, bravo!


Anyone else see this?
Looks like he was better off in jail.

Todd Juvinall

The nasty women as Judd called herself was a eye opener. Now she was outraged that Trump boasted of grabbing pu**y and all the liberals and the press played it over and over again. They said it was disgusting etc. Then these women double down and are even nastier! What a example to the little girls at the march. So instead of taking the chance given at the march podium to talk about goodness, chastity and niceness, they talked about sex! Amazing.


Finally.. Some porn for Paul.


The first 100 HRs has taken a toll.
Gotta love the panic soothing reassurances.

Bill Tozer

What did My Gal's Democrat Campaign Chairman say about this? Thankyou Wikileaks.

The registrant then signs the form, stating under "penalty of perjury" that the answers are correct. It's an honor system -- but only four states engage in citizenship verification.

And three of those four states are currently entangled in litigation with leftist groups trying to end that verification: Kansas, Alabama, and Georgia.


Don Bessee

Emery, party of one, Emery? ;-)

Bill Tozer

4:14 pm

Ah, he is stewing on it. He will let us all know when it comes out....unless you reach up there and pull it out for him. :).

Paul Emery

Thanks for your thoughtful response to my question.
If indeed there is a question as to there possibly being millions of illegal votes in recent elections what agency should take the lead in investigating these questions further? Should it be local, State of Federal? Has there been a petition to the Courts to question the results of the last election from any private groups that have those concerns. Seemingly the Republicans should take the lead in this matter since most of the accusations of illegal voting seem to involve illegal immigrants and it is presumed they are voting against Trump or the more conservative candidates.

In short, in your view there seems to be cause for concern. what should the next step be?

Anyone can chime in on this question since it is the logical next step in resolving this matter.

Bill Tozer

Well, the first thing to do is to stop the outcry that Republicans are trying to take away one's right to vote. It's an attack on poor people! An evil plot to disinfranshice the voter! It's Jim Crow all over again. March, protest, stop the evil Republicans. Unfair!!

It's what keeps John Lewis, Nancy, Chuck, Donna Brazile, et al in power, fighting the good fight. Its Brother Ben's Manifesto. It's who they are. They are the good guys, the Righties are Evil.

Without political will, it will never happen. In our neck of the woods, Oregon was first with the Motor Voter and has gone to 100% electronic voting.

All efforts to get fraud out of system have been met with lawsuits and demonization. The Left likes it the way it is, wants it to be the way it is, and will fight tooth and nail to keep it the way it is. If you disagree you hate poor people and are a racist.

No solutions to offer that have not been tried with the exceptions of controlling our borders and political will. It is all on Trump's shoulders since nobody else gives it more than lip service and receives much organized resistance.

Of course Hillary killed it in CA. I have a high degree of confidence that my vote was cancelled out by someone who lawfully was iineligble to vote. Now, at some future date with a real cliffhanger vote for CA Gov or Senator, the recount will be a mess. Better to get ahead of the problem now then try to sort it all out for weeks after after an election. Nevada and Arizona and Georgia and Virginia and......it is not just a West Coast problem, it is the integrity of the ballot box problem.
Do you think for one millisecond Gov. Brown, our one party system, the service unions, or labor unions will try to change a good thing they have going? Soros will be funding more riots in the streets than ever before.

Don Bessee

Breitbart Nat. Security editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka has quit FOX news to join the NSC staff. I liked his book on defeating the jihadis.

President Trump is continuing to own the news cycles, how many minutes of sniveling dem. Senators did you see on tv today? The prez. is doing so many things the alt-left can't figure out what to protest first. Lets hope they protest it all, constantly. That's less money for them to use in elections. ;-)

Account Deleted

"Seemingly the Republicans should take the lead in this matter since most of the accusations of illegal voting seem to involve illegal immigrants and it is presumed they are voting against Trump or the more conservative candidates."
Actually, it's the Dems and the lefties that are constantly screeching about folks feeling they've been disenfranchised in their right to vote.
So it's those folk that should investigate the matter.
But of course, they won't as they have already admitted that the whole point of allowing illegals to flood in, is to boost the vote on the left.
If the tide of illegals were white conservatives, Gavin Newsom and all Kali Dems would be on the border with machine guns.
The whole deal is a sick joke. The only reason to be against strict voter ID is to facilitate voter fraud.

Bill Tozer

Paul, we will not solve this over a cup of coffee. We have Court rulings, numerous efforts by State AG's and the like.

The only agrument that I have heard that would help but is highly unlikely is to go back to everyone physically showing up at the voting place on Election Day. No vote by mail, no electronic voting, no early voting. A paper trail the day of. Election Day is but one day. But, if you got a State issued ID or even without one, just raise your right hand and swear you are a citizen, then you vote. Solve that problem.

As a side note, when that "racist" Jeff Sessions was AG of Alabama cracking down on the KKK, he uncovered a house that had 75 ballots cast from that address. He prosecuted and had those 75 votes thrown out, which helped a local black man win a small town election. It was been going on for years, illegal aliens or not.
The Jill Stein recount uncovered more votes for Hillary than registered voters in the first precincts they surveyed in Detroit on a preliminary recount. The recount got shut down at the same time. Probably a coincidence.

Solve that here on RR? Ah, all we can do is bitch and moan and move on to the next thang.


Hear the LIBs? Another TRILLION infrastructure spending fiasco. The Repub answer, "That worked out swell the last time. Didn't it?"

If a LIB wrote it, RUN!!!

Bill Tozer

5:22 pm.
Great news and a great move by Trump's team. I play Gorka video clips now and then. Smart man. Wealth of knowledge. Fantastic mannerisms. Thoughtful, articulate. To the point...........psssttt, he's a Russian spy. :)


OFF with their heads!
Wait till you read some of the excuses for not getting fired....

Don Bessee

BT 603- DOH! ;-)


Paul,, what ya' think about those EPA grant freezes?

Bill Tozer

5:51 pm. One look at the co-sponsors and it is run away at a very high rate of speed.

Been reading Lefty blogs about Trump locking down outside communications leaving the EPA and USDA. Hey, this is soooo great. Dictator for life!! They tried to warn us!

Actually, it's no tweets and no shredding documents or private e-mails outgoing, or talking to the public until the new team gets settled in. This is only Day 2. They need to look at all those internal studies and such to run the department, right? Hate to have papers shoved down one's pants and walk out the door like Sandy Berger. I am sure the EPA has received a wealth of advice from various interest groups, but what do I know. Above my pay grade.

Just feeding Paul some good dirt to dig up when he is in his yurt.

Bill Tozer

So, this is what Draining the Swamp feels like. First time in my life I have felt it. I could get used to this real quick.

Drain the Swamp and plug the leaks. Better than just smoking 'em out. Never get tired of winning. "But, but, Mr. Trump, can't we just let them win once? I am getting tired of winning"
"No!" Look to the campaign trail to figure it out. This sumbitch meant it. Well, I be horn diddled.


I used to work for a guy who was a lot like Trump. No BS, all business. Wasting money was not in his DNA. Giving his customers 100% of their money's worth is what made him BIG bucks. In turn, he paid us grunts well. Those that didn't perform didn't last long.
A company is only as good as the employees one hires. Trump knows this. So does this ditch digger.
And some wonder why I backed Trump from day one?
So why am I not working for that same guy today? I would be if I didn't physically self destruct. Heavy iron beats the hell out of the best of us.

Bill Tozer

I never heard of this site nor care to verify anything. Better not let anyone see this. Probably some fake news troll to incite passions.



Bill. That's probably more fact than fiction. "O" was/is a staunch sympathiser of pissed Muslims. From singing the praises of the Muslim Brotherhood , to spending a few million bucks blowing up the crappiest vehicles he could find with guided missiles. Not tanks, not training camps, not oil and fuel delivery vehicles.
He did a fine job of attacking Israel. The Jews get attacked my Hamas, and "O"'s on the phone and in the press scolding Israel. "how dare you protect yourself.".
Nope "O" had no love for the Jews.

Bill Tozer

Walt, I am going through my head and there are parts of men I have known that make up a composite of Trump. Its not perfect because of that Queens, NY and opulence in him, but I know that guy.

Billionaire story. Quiet man. One day he walks into the company office that ain't no bigger than a Taco Bell. Has an empire, and that is the office. He sees a couch in the entry. It's new. He says, "Get rid of it. We are here to work, not sit around." Don't think making the WH work offices all warm and fuzzy or comfortable is a consideration. In fact, might be a hinderance. Get rid of it.

Yet, when Kanye West had his total breakdown and Trump had just won the election, there is West in the Tower with Trump stopping everything to put his arm around him and give him some time, encouragement, and moral support. That billionaire that said "get rid of it" would also sell you his truck for a 100 bucks if he heard you were in dire straights and both your cars were broken down. And put his arm around you.

I know some Jersey types. Close enough to Queens. :)


Trump killed Tea pee pee.. My guess is that Mr Emery is now a Trumper.

Account Deleted

More 'fake news' news.
Sally Brown from Boise town opened her yap in public and told us she would need to shut down other white people.
Her defence? You guessed it! Fake News!
She claimed her remarks were taken out of context, even though the ultra super duper far far extreme right wing web site printed her full remarks as well as showing the actual video.
So, the Boise Statesman also printed her full text but somehow that's not fake news when they do the same thing.
So - having your full statement made available to the public is 'fake news'.
But only if you're an unhinged leftie.

Bill Tozer

Sally Brown. Oh, she just exposed the jocking for position going on in the heart and soul of the Democrat Party. Noticed Sally Brown's spiel was music to the ears of the assembled power brokers. They loved it and were beaming ear to ear, White Priviledge makes everything, including the founding of our country and the Constitution wrong, bad, and "illegitimate". It's all wrong and oppressive because of the inherit injustice of White Priviledge.

Interesting to follow the process of selecting the new DNC chair. Now Keith Ellison is taking some flack for getting too close to some Establishment types as he is trying to build a coalition. Chucky is taking every opportunity available no matter what the occasion or topic to hit the blue collar working class Democrat values.

The process is never an election issue in politics, albeit you can't convince the pundits otherwise as they write volumes about it decade after decade. Voters do not vote on process or Party infighting or insider stuff. With that said, the Dems remain first and foremost the party trapped into being the party of identity politics.
Sally Brown is just the latest of many to voice what every lib is spouting and believe to be true. Whites must recognize their unfair advantage in society at every level and recognize and denounce even unconscious and unaware Privilege.

Sally Brown gets it. Social Justice Warriors get it. Hilary Hodge gets it. Brother Ben gets it. America will never be truly a land of equality until we all get it. I am opened minded enough to see where they are coming from.

Saly means White People should stop talking, listen, and understand....so we can get it. Then there will be true justice for all. A colorblind society is bad because that attitude just not get it.

I get it. I am neither a victim nor an oppressor. I get it the the Dems will never get past identity politics, nor do they wish to. It's why they feel that we should not have borders or
economic patriotism. The view of identity politics does not allow it.
I get it. Because I get it, I refuse to check my White Privilege at the door. And because I get it, I am sick and tired of talking incessantly about race. No mas.

Go pound sand. Good bless you Charlie and Sally Brown.

Todd Juvinall

I want that yappy white cracker broad to get the post of SDNC Chair! She could share it with Ellison. Please democrats put them in charge!

Bill Tozer

Fake news is now when you have an exact quote, video, and audio of what a politician said, they claim "fake news" to dismiss it rather than walk it back.

Idaho is close to Spokane where the white farm girl from Montana got her fame as being the black woman running the local chapter of the NAACP (Rachel Dolezal, 38) and where Mizzou's Melissa "Get your hands off the children" Glick ended up (Gonzaga U). The land of white rural bitter clingers is certainly making a name for itself.

Sally Brown for DNC chair, Keith Ellison for President, Rachel Dolezal for Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Melissa Glick for Ministry of Information!


Where is Boardman? It's time for him to BUY stocks! DOW breaks 20,000!

Paul Emery

Looks like there is a problem with voter registration within the White House. Trumps "advisor" Stave Bannon (from Slimebart) is apparently registered in two states,,

According to The Guardian, one of the people guilty of being registered in two states is White House strategist Steve Bannon.

An investigation by the paper found that Bannon registered to vote in New York last year even though he was already on the rolls in Florida. Bannon lists his New York apartment as his current voting address. But he also claims the home of Andy Badolato as his address for voting in Florida.

Bill Tozer

Walt: we better nicer to Boardman. Fatso s obsessed with him. Looks like Dr. Rebane got kicked down a peg to make room in the crosshairs for Mr. B. I figured out going over there once a month is still way to much. I will go there quarterly to see if that works better for me. To each his own.

Anyway, Mr. Boardman is better than the alternative any day. Yeah, buy high, sell low. :)


He vote twice Paul? If so, prosecute. My Brother who hasn't set foot in this county in 20 years is still on the voter rolls here. He's probably still on the rolls in Colorado, as well as D.C., yet now lives in England.
Hell! I bet I'm still one the rolls in New Mexico from 30 years ago, when I was stationed there.
Forget the LIBS fight tooth and nail to clean up voter registration records?

So what's your point?


Paul, see how easy it is? My wife recently moved back to Nirvana Silly full time, and again registered to vote... I bet she is registered in both places, too. Did Bannon double vote? I'm guessing not.

Now we just need to ferret out voters whose previous address was in another country and have not been naturalized USA since then.

Todd Juvinall

Trump is going to have Sessions put it together to go after the fraud. California is nrevous as those illegals with a drivers license were allowed to vote. Paul must be for that since he is so adamant there is no problem

Spicer just finished his PC. I think he is great. It is so nice to hear people talk and do what we have been denied for all these years. Even in the GWB where they never responded to attacks on us.


Trump and the EPA: Trump Shift

H/T to Dr Judith Curry

Trump administration tells EPA to cut climate page from website The employees were notified by EPA officials on Tuesday that the administration had instructed EPA’s communications team to remove the website’s climate change page, which contains links to scientific global warming research, as well as detailed data on emissions.

Here is why Trump can do these things:

Article 2 of the Constitution on the Executive Branch spells it out:

Excerpt of the key section:

Clause 1. The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any Subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

Here the Framers spell out several of the president’s more important powers. First and foremost, he is commander-in-chief of the military. Second, he is the boss of the heads of all the civilian departments of government; the bit here about requiring their written opinions provides the constitutional basis for the cabinet. And third, he has the power to pardon individuals convicted of crimes.

Basically, the civilian departments such as EPA, USDA and NOAA now work for President Trump, with the Directors of these agencies working with the administration to further the President’s policies.

You may ask: What about academic freedom for government research scientists? Forget about it, it doesn’t exist. Scientists working in government labs, agencies, etc. work on scientific problems or technologies that further the administrations interests. Does this mean that it is legitimate for them to torque scientific findings in the direction of the administrations interests? No. Rather, it means that government employed scientists shall now work on projects that are of interest to the Trump administration.

That the Trump administration has different policy priorities than the Obama administration should be obvious to everyone by now. It seems that climate change is on the ‘hot seat’; I also infer from the attention being paid to the USDA is that GMO’s are on the ‘hot seat.’

Shift at the speed of Trump!

Bill Tozer

"According to NPR, any review would violate the EPA's scientific policy published in 2012 that prevents the suppression of agency findings."

Well, that is the difference between a policy and Da Law.

Good answer T Rex: I concur.

"Some, but not all, of his Cabinet nominees have also cast doubt on climate science. Secretary of State-designate Rex Tillerson, the former chief executive of Exxon Mobil, said earlier this month that climate change did exist but did not say whether it was related to human activity."


Todd Juvinall

Mary Tyler Moore has passed today. I have to say I always loved her.


Good job Frisco. That high dollar minimum wage sure paid off.
I bet this is just the start of the implosions.


Watching Fox and Friends this morning, it was so cute to see the hosts of the show looking at a live webcam feed of the White House and postulating whether or not a lighted window was Trump's room. The put out a request over the air to blink the light if they were watching Fox News. The light began flashing a little bit later driving the hosts into a state of kumbaya.

Todd Juvinall

Well it shows you the power of a fair network. FOX is by far the most watched.

Bill Tozer

Just caught 20 seconds of Trump talking. Triple ICE employees, 5,000 more border agents, fund for victims of crime committed by illegal aliens........

I wonder what Hillary would have done the morning of day 3, ROFLMAO.

I feel like doing a jig. Oh happy days. The Lefties & MSM still cannot figure out the the ground has shifted beneath their feet. The self appointed watchmen of democracy are the last to know. Go figure.
I better explain it to them: Hey Revolutionaries, meet the counter-revolution. Nothing puts terror in the hearts of the revolutionaries like the thought of a counter-revolution. There. Now go have Mommy kiss your boo-boo.

@ 12:18 pm. Sorry about Mary Tyler Moore. She was a good person, a good lady. Best thing on the Dick Van Dyke Show was Mary. Everything she did, the best thing about the endevear was Mary Tyler Moore.

Bill Tozer

This is getting too easy. Saw this one coming before the buses were even chartered. Too predictable. Who is the victim today?

Racial tensions were evident during the Women’s March. Some demonstrators held signs reading, “Being Scared Since 2016 Is Privilege,” “White Women Elected Trump” and “White Lives Matter Too Much.”


Can't blame their resentment. Got kicked to the back of the bus again. I, for one, would not want to be sharing a dorm with white people either.

Oh BTW, that was not pepper spray at the Trump riots. It was the new and improved participation trophies that now come in liquid form.


Speaking of networks.



"I wonder what Hillary would have done the morning of day 3, ROFLMAO. I feel like doing a jig."

She might just join you.


Paul Emery

Sure Todd let them spend big bucks investigating Calif voter fraud. Let' see, they have to come up with 3-5 million examples to verify Trumps spoutings. this is beyond funny.

13.2 million people voted in the presidential election – a turnout of 72% of California’s 18.2 million registered voters. Since Trump refuses to accept Calif voter turnout that means about one in four Calif votes would be illegal for Trump to be right. Go for it Donald.

Who is going to pay for that inquiry Todd?

Paul Emery

From Fox News

Fox News anchor Shep Smith took on President Donald Trump’s voter fraud claims on Wednesday, Jan. 25 in a segment with A.B. Stoddard, an associate editor with RealClearPolitics.

“It is the reporting of Fox News that widespread voter fraud did not happen,” Smith said. “There’s no evidence that widespread voter fraud happened, there never has been.” Stoddard agreed there is no evidence of voter fraud, questioning how much money such an investigation handled at the federal level will cost tax payers.

Don Bessee

Didn't you hear PE, there is a new tax on Druids to pay for that.;-)

George Rebane

PaulE 255pm - Re voter fraud - can you explain why no liberal commenter will touch the material presented by Heritage that bears on voter fraud. The numbers presented are appalling, yet no one wants to address what that data infers. Scenes 227pm above cited the same link -

Paul Emery

Lets do this George

Since there's no predicting how illegal votes would swing if verified lets do the research then, if proven, have a new election.

George Rebane

PaulE 312pm - Is this your comedy routine? You can bet the ranch, and I would, that illegal votes favor Democrats by more than 1,000 to 1.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 25 January 2017 at 02:55 PM

Stoddard agreed there is no evidence of voter fraud, questioning how much money such an investigation handled at the federal level will cost tax payers.

Since when do we care what things will cost the taxpayer?

Paul Emery

Trump, our brave new leader has pledged to cut expenses. Just an estimate will do.


That's an assumption on your part but cannot be proven based only on your estimate. I say, to keep things honest lets do the investigation and if voter fraud is proven then the only way to know what the effect of fraud is is to have a new election.


From the hen house.
"“When you look at his agenda, it’s exactly what he said he was going to do,” Bila told Behar. “This is what people who voted for him voted for.”

“Literally — he is doing exactly what he said he was going to do,” Behar complained.
Later in the show, Whoopi Goldberg complained that Republicans would fix roads, bridges and other infrastructure problems so they could say “we fixed the country.”

“Anything they can get done where they can say, ‘See! He’s doing his job.'”

Man.. How dare Trump do what he promised, and these old bats complain about things actually getting better.


LOL... Paul wants a "do over". Not happening bub... Trump has accomplished more in four days than "O" did in eight years.

Paul Emery

Well Walt what's the point of correcting voter fraud, if it is indeed proven to be a problem, without redoing the election? I don't get it.

Gary Smith

Dr. Rebane:
On your 3:08 post, an interesting article you linked to. What may explain the 3% of non-citizens on jury duty could be how they the court got their data. In California the County Jury service get their data from the voting rolls and the DMV drivers license. They combine the 2 together to get their jury pool. Since non-citizens can get a license here, that may be where the error is? Of course they are supposed to get a different drivers license showing they are not a citizen.
In California we are radically changing our voter registration system. We used to be a opt in system, you had to register to vote. Now we are going to an opt out system. If you don't want to be registered you have to opt out. By having a California drivers license or ID you will be automatically registered to vote. I don't have a high level of confidence of DMV and the SOS office being able to keep all of the felons and non-citizens out of voter registration system.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 25 January 2017 at 03:47 PM

Well Walt what's the point of correcting voter fraud, if it is indeed proven to be a problem, without redoing the election? I don't get it.

You generally don't get to un-murder somebody.....we do however try to prevent future murders.

Paul Emery


Well if there are indeed millions of fraudulent voters then the final results may not be accurate. How best to correct this than to have a new election. Seems logical to me.

It's been noted that Steve Bannon has multiple registrations in his name and he is indeed a Trump supporter so how do we know he didn't vote twice for Trump?

Don Bessee

No worries PE, we can get the voter rolls purged before the midterms, heck even before the primaries with data mining. As to paying for it, cutting 20% of the civilian federal workforce and downsizing certain agencies will generate lots of savings. Purging the rolls is a computer operation, not a lot of man time, just have to authorize the program to do the analytics. ;-)


I brought this effort up before, the one proven intervention in American Election was Mexico's President, who encouraged all Mexican Citizens to Vote in the US Presidential Election.

Stop Trump Movement Gets Boost From Mexico's Efforts in U.S.

Mexico is mounting an unprecedented effort to turn its permanent residents in the U.S. into citizens, a status that would enable them to vote -- presumably against Donald Trump.


Given that CA Drivers lIcence is all that is needed to register and as of 1 Jan 2015 illegals can register for a CA driver's licence, it does not take too much imagination that some voter fraud took place. We will never know how much until the investigation is complete. Give Governor Brown's Resistance Speech yesterday, it may be very difficult to do an effective audit in CA. Given that Democrats control most of the County Election Offices, it will be very difficult to get access to the data, as the Democrats do not want this investigation, though Trump goaded them into demanding one. Humm Grand Strategy?

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