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15 February 2017



As you can see by the graph in the link, Obama already made America great as office space rents in the Bay Area in 2015 are at all time highs.

As usual, we are first and the rest of the world has to try to catch up.



Why do liberal democrats want to starve school children!? Our most vulnerable citizens!


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My first thought is that many of the 'top ten' in economic freedom are also quite low in personal and religious freedom. And many of those countries are basically dictatorships of some sort. But not all of them are. Interesting. China is probably the best example. Well, Hong Kong, but we all know China lied about how it would treat Hong Kong after the British handover. Even some dictatorships know which side of the bread is buttered. There is even an amazing amount of creativity from China in some fields, although in many areas, China lags badly compared to Europe and the Americas. What I think you would find in those 10 countries is an attitude of 'there is no free lunch'.
Sadly, that is lacking in the USA. Here, economic freedom equals the fact that some one will do better than the person next door. And it's not fair. The left wants equal outcomes and the right wants equal opportunity under the law. There lies the great divide.


Posted by: BradC | 15 February 2017 at 02:59 PM

Ten trillion in conjured money Brad.

George Rebane

ScottO 302pm - not sure about your use of "many" in ascribing the top 10 as dictatorships. Which ones? And when bringing up Hong Kong and the UAE please consider that you can also lose your job and reputation in the US for espousing anti-PC sentiments in many workplace, school, and professional environments.

BradC 259am - I hope it doesn't elude you that those SF entrepreneurs were the rare birds in the US who are STEM proficient and with their success help increase the wealth chasm between them and our middle class which has been both ignored and sorely tested during the Obama years. And if I recall, the infamous wealth chasm is one of your main socialist talking points against capitalism, a chasm that you have no problem creating and countenancing as long as the political contributions keep coming in.

Your well-heeled donors know how to ignore the Dem's rhetoric about the notorious 1% as long as it piques the ire of the legions of double dummies who will then vote correctly.

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"not sure about your use of "many" in ascribing the top 10 as dictatorships."
Ahem - you sort of cut off the sentence.
Of some sort.
3 is many. Argue if you will.
Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, and possibly Chile. I hear good and bad things about Chile.
Canada is one big cesspool as to their regard of free speech. NZ, NH and Aussie-land have some serious problems in re to personal freedoms. The possibility of loss of job, friends, etc, in this country is very real, but not the result of govt policy, if you are talking private sector. In the govt sector it is real everywhere. All countries. And the more economic freedom there is, the greater the threat of being canned because the boss doesn't like the cut of your jib.
My idea of economic freedom is the least amount of govt interference in my program of providing value for money for the public. In fact, the govt, as a tax payer supported entity, should be aiding me in that regards.
On the other hand, many of the countries listed as having the top 10 ten economic freedoms are sadly lacking in personal and religious freedoms.
Try setting up a Christian church in UAE or China.

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I realize you might think this off-topic, but I believe it matters.


Not a lot of other countries would (will) put up with this sort of real time reality. Too much freedom. And yet we need to know. Reality TV is the most un-real, dishonest sort of crap and at the same time, these terrible tragedies might make folks think about what works and what doesn't. I have some serious concerns for unhinged people and what they might do for a world audience, but there have always been those that seek a crowd for their sickness. If we don't like real time murders, maybe we should deal with the reality of murder. China is getting pretty good at censoring the internet despite the many assurances that no one could shut down the internet.


AAAhhhhh.... Another do nothing agency to bite the dust. Except to pay huge salaries.
Izzy Warren gets scalped. Her hair dresser might be out of a job.

George Rebane

ScottO 532pm - Good points; think 'Hunger Game'.

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