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01 February 2017


Bill Tozer

Media Structure Chaos? Yes indeed. Create chaos with the published goal of 10,000 paid activists to train 2 million protestors to be ready on a moment's notice. Then blame the new administration on the chaos. Astro-turf as the point man?

Noticed Ms. Hodges's latest editioral started off with Trump's unconstitutional actions regarding the "Muslin Ban", yet cited no statute, law, or clause to back up her opening claim. I personally feel that President Trump has broad discretion and Constitutional authority (mandate if you will) in applying travel restrictions and admittance of foreign nationals into our Republic via the Excutive Branch's pursuit of protecting her citizens.

As far as the Fourth Estate outdoing itself over the last four days, I came across this quote that may explain our local FM station news director's relentless Trump Trashing. Might explain the crickets revealed on this site over the last eight years, save the constant refrain of 'Its all Bush's fault" and "Bush did it too!", concerning any and all discussions of President Obama's actions.

"Consider, too, their rediscovered love for Republican Sen. John McCain, a man they ignored during the eight-year reign of their savior, Barack Obama. McCain is again the good maverick because he is bucking the media’s permanent enemy, Republicans."

Ah, the permanent enemy.

Bonnie McGuire

These demonstrators are breaking the law and inciting violence, terrorism or whatever interfering with commerce and abusing the rights of others. However, the Revolutionary insanity is being promoted by those who whine about bully's except when they're the bully's.

Todd Juvinall

So the snowflakes at UC Berkeley were out last night and it wasn't to have a brewski at the local pub. They decided to stop a speech by Milo Yiammopoulos invited by campus Republicans What are these snowflakes afraid of? My goodness they riot to stop a speech? Yes they did. And of course liberals can't help themselves and proceeded to set fires and break other people’s property.

Where does this behavior come from? Are the parents of these little fascists sorry? Afterall, rioting and violence to stop a speech was a tactic the "brown shirts" used in 1933. So here we are in 2017 and young people are emulating what it is they all say they hate. And apparently, their professors were doing this alongside them.

The mental disease these kids are being afflicted by is also afflicting their heros in the US Senate. The demoncrats are so afraid of their opposition they boycott the very thing voters sent them to DC to do. VOTE! These demoncrat lovelies are not sent there to mow the lawn, build a house or cook dinner. They are sent there to VOTE! So it would be a dereliction of their duty and these people who make Beau Bergdahl look heroic should resign their posts. And the states they represent should elect and send people to the Capitol that will actually do their jobs.

But hey, maybe this is a good thing. The left is boycotting their committees so we don't have to hear them drone on about how bad the Republicans are. Yesterday the droning of Al Franken of Minnesota almost made me puke up breakfast. The man is a moron. And of course in my opinion he is not a legitimate Senator. He was appointed rather than elected in his state. The election officials found enough ballots to put him over the top after a few recounts. Wisconsin state Senators did this a few years ago as well. They ran away to another state so they could not be forced to show up to their Capitol to vote. And they paid the price later. Many were defeated for re-election as the voters could not agree their tactics were American.

But what is all this terror these people, males and females fear? It is the fact the American people have made them the minority regarding the power. Trump is moving ahead with his agenda. And it is 180 degrees from the demoncrats. The US Senate committee chairmen said to those demoncrat committee members, "if you boycott" we will change th rules" and they did. So we get votes that have no demoncrats in attendance. Empty chairs, empty heads. Trump's people are making their way to their jobs. Rex Tillerson took over the State Department this morning. A good and decent man. Scott Pruitt will be voted on as will Jeff Sessions. They too saw empty demoncrat chairs in the committee hearings.

Republicans seem to be feeding off the strength and lead of Trump. If the left gets in the way or does not show up, the play continues. The lack of positive American values shown by the Senate demoncrats is what I think the rioters are emulating. So perhaps Trump should cut off the money sent to the campuses that deny free speech and the free exchange of ideas. I think maybe the Janet Napalitano edicts might change.

America is a great place but it looks like these demoncrats and their kids are trying to turn the country into a gulag state where fairness and law are not to be found. We must take back America from these usurpers. Peacefully of course. At the ballot box.Phew!

Bill Tozer

Make sure to pray for Arnold. Too funny. More proof no one from the Maoism School of Thought has a sense of humor. That includes our beloved and highly esteemed revered Fourth Estate.

The 4th Estate is happily reporting their new Great White Hope good maverick John McCain is making calls to Australia to soothe over diplomatic matters,. I love it that Trump told the Aussies that we ain't taking the rejects that you won't ever allow on your soil. What, Obama said we will take them off your hands? Put it where the sun won't shine, lol. Maybe the Canadians will take them.

We already are spending 1.2 or 1.4 billion US Yankee Dollars just to give lifetime assistance to our Syrian refugee resettlement program.

Bust their chops Mr. Trump. Keep it real.

Bill Tozer

Media structured crisis or Soros structured media? Fakes news?


Bill Tozer

Not exactly on topic as such, but interesting long read for those who have time and care about our greatest existential threats.


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