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14 February 2017


Bill Tozer

Noticed that Jorge Ramos is on his media tour denouncing deportations. Odd, he always dances around the question of who, if any, in his opinion is eligible for deportation. Mr. Ramos cannot even answer if convicted criminal foreign nationals who are here without permission are deportable. But, they have families!!

Well, if an illegal alien who commits a crime such as child molestation or strong arm robbery cannot be deported because he got married? Then no criminal illegal alien can ever be deported because he has family here,

I am certain that if the liberals take that issue of no deportations of criminals foreigners to townhall meetings, they will find a most unsympathetic ear. They demand that no one is deportable. Even after due process.

Scenes is correct on another thread. The Alt-Left and foreign leaders from Latin America demand the "one dry foot, one wet foot" policy applies to every human being on Earth that wants to come to the USA. That is only about 650 million of the world's population that have indicated they would like to come here.

George Rebane

BillT 821am - Exactly. And no progressive has yet to explain how some foreigner thousands of miles away who has never even set foot in the US suddenly has rights under our Constitution. Are these pinheads just stupid or do they have an evil plan for America's future?


I vote for the evil plan. We all should have taken notice when the immigrants, legal or other wise< stopped assimilating, insisting that we respect their culture and language in our country. Immigration without assimilation is an invasion.

Bill Tozer

It's a planned invasion. From all quarters. Not just immigration.


Maxine the diplomat.


uote is happening


Are you trying to make an equivalency with what you allege is happening with Mexican interference and lobbying and the Russians hacking emails and making them available to Wikileaks to aid in the election of Trump?

George Rebane

uote 457pm - Not at all; there is no equivalency here. What Mexico and illegal Mexicans are and have been doing in and to America is much worse than anything that the Russian hackers did during the election in revealing the perfidy and crimes of the DNC and their presidential candidate.

And from where do you get this "allege" crap? What I have cited here are public events involving Hispanic organizations and Mexican nationals (here legally and illegally) as witnessed by thousands and reported in the media. From where don't you get your information?

Bill Tozer

@4:57. You got Russiaphobia to the max. Better get that checked out.

Absolutely no equivalency with hacking a private party's embarrassing e-mails and calling for the United States of America to surrender its right to its borders to foreign nationals. We are a national of laws which laws Mexico and other foreign powers lobby to overturn. Uncontrolled illegal immigration is much more of a threat to our national security, sovereignty, and country than Putin could ever dream of.
There once was a movie about the Russians invading America. Not that good of a movie (corny), but the jest of the plot was the Russians sent massive divisions who landed in Mexico and invaded the sacred US by invading north through Mexico into America's underbelly.

This push to give every uninvited person who sets on foot on hallowed US soil the right to stay here as long as they please reminds me of an old joke: Pat Buchanan was the only Republician that wanted Elian Gonzales to stay and the only one dry foot immigrant that every Democrat wanted to deport.



Trump wants The Wall, Mexico wants The Tunnel!




The unsubstantiatied allegations are the claims of Russians "hacking the election", anonymous leaks from our paid spooks who really don't like Trump.

Contrast their actions with what the Gestapo, Stasi and the KGB did to their own people in those bad old days. If you can find an essential difference besides wanton assassinations.

Hey, at least our secretive alphabet soups don't actually subvert their bosses!...?

Todd Juvinall

Trump needs to cleanout those scum.

Bill Tozer

Brad C @ 7:14am

Check this baby out. Rather Medieval. Maybe we could return the favor by hurling pots hot oil back at them.


I don't know why they just don't use Amazon's fleet of drone for their package delivery.


BillT - I was thinking drones - like Amazon!


Speaking of borders, and whether countries are allowed to have them.


Bill Tozer

Need I say more?


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