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12 February 2017


Don Bessee

Does anyone know if its true that the banditos motorcycle club has been granted associate membership in the Nevada County Republican Woman Federated? Everything you read on the web is true right? ;-)


I didn't think "O" would go away like he should have. Recall his "civilian army"?
"O" will continue to stir the pot, and turn up the heat to make sure things boil over.


Ooopps, Russ already found it. I didn't notice it on the other thread.

Bill Tozer

"Bottom line – we have yet to see anything from the Democrats that in the past would have been characterized as the ‘loyal opposition’. These people are freely admitting that they have relinquished the traditional road to return via the ballot box."

Well, I guess that answers the question of the previous post, "Where Now Decomcrats", as if we didn't already have a clue or two. The silver lining is they are so upfront about it. Makes it easier when they have been smoked out in the open. No use shaking a finger at them. Can't shame psychopaths. They will use a line or a phrase from the preamble to the Declaration of Independence to justify ripping up the Constitution.

Interesting that Dr. Rebane linked ISIS and the Alt-Left as religious zealots. Odd, I starting linking the two as zealots within my thoughts just over the past couple of days, so there are probably more that we know coming to the same observation. Actually, I have been linking cults and sects because that includes their rabid devotees. It is too lazy to blame just the chiefs when the braves are also out doing the Tomahawk Chop.

This is good. They think everybody sees them as they see themselves. That huge blind spot of theirs is the gift that keeps on giving.
Patriotism really is love of country, is it not? We can only hope to stay safe, keep the powder dry, and watch as more and more patriots hold them in utter contempt as the weeks pass.. The Globalists will not be able hide their true nature. They simply cannot not cross the line. It's who they are, but to borrow a current buzz phrase, that's not who Americans are. That is not who we are.

It's only the top of the first inning.

Don Bessee

CA's SB54, the sanctuary state bill is sailing through the legislature and moonbeam says he will sign it. Hey its only 1/3 of the states budget the dems are gambling with. It looks like CA is gonna throw craps on this bet. ;-)

Paul Emery

Yeah Bessee. That's what we need, more Federal power and control. At one time "Conservatives" stood for States Rights. Not anymore.

Don Bessee

Your left wing team loved having the power of the feds to kill off things they don't like such as damns, business and so on. So cry me a river while you try to tell people how they should act to fit you projected, muddled political definitions PE. ;-)

Paul Emery


I bet you'd be all for the Feds interfering with
California Marijuana laws.

Ralph Clark

Wasn't Don Bessee the defacto spokesperson for Measure W? No wonder they had their asses handed to them on a platter. A "damn" is a condemnation, a "dam" holds back water in a lake. How do you spell "moron" Don?

Bill Tozer

Back to the topic:

I find Dr. Rebane's The Assualt on our Polices" so disturbing on so many levels I cannot respond in full. I already went through Obama's putting spies and saboteurs in the powers of government by stacking his staff with Civil Service jobs. While the narrow minded were watching Berkeley and the Astro -Turf protests (paid for by the hundreds, not by thousands of people as Fake Newsnews Major Networks try to make it appear bigger), I was digging deep each day to see what Obama was doing. Jan 20th could not come soon enough. I already changed my Drain the Swamp timetable to Drain what you can"

As bad as the Left gets and their full blown attack to take down of our Constitutional Republic, I take comfort in two things.

1) Donald J Trump had nothing to do with the libs losing 11 Senators and about 50 Congresspersons since 2010. Donald J Trump had nothing to do with the R's holding 30 Governorships and winning 1,000 state and local seats.

2). Nothing puts terror in the revolutionists' hearts like a counterrevulion. And we are taking it to their turf.

As a side not, the ACLU is under fire for merely supporting the right to free speech in response to Feb1, 2017.....the day the fabulous faggot Milo set foot on the campus at Cal. They now need to clarify, because we all know that hate speech is not protected, just everything else is. That's their trump card. Gives them license to unleash their fury because if the word hate is in the mix (hate speech, hate press, hate spewer, hate candidate, hate President). all bets are off.
The silver lining is they focus on Trump, not outside that box where there they have to defend states. Their media carpet bombings do come in waves, as evidenced by last weekends's display. CNN split their half hour expert analysis into 15 minutes Trump's lies and 15 minutes Trump is truly mentally ill. Followed by the Grammy hype. They pound on our heads in full fury, then I guess they pause to catch their breath or something. Maybe they get distracted by the cookies and warm milk Barack Hussain Soros left for them.

Oh goodie. I just found another silver lining:
"A fundamental belief in national sovereignty and individual responsibility, married to cautious skepticism of government and deeply held moral convictions, continues to govern how most Americans think about politics."


"more Federal power and control. At one time "Conservatives" stood for States Rights. Not anymore." - Punchy 6:38pm

Paul, not really, those were the anti-federalist democrats, one of whom, one Vice-President Aaron Burr (accompanying President Jefferson) single handedly took out perhaps the most prominent big-government Federalist, whose life has since been turned into a rainbow lgbt production on Broadway.

Bill Tozer

Oh yeah. They got off their angry asses and puked vile on Congressman's Jason C's town meeting. Let's see here. 3rd Congressional District, Utah. Jason Chaffetz won in 2014 with 73% of the vote and won in 2016 with 78-79% of the vote.

Me thinks that display of public anger was kinda AstroTurf, but I could be wrong. Home movies for the cameras.
Utah? Yep, keep disputing, keep having your hissy fitsin Chaffetz's district, lol. Better out in the Wasteland than here. At least they got the headlines they wanted. It was the thought that counted.


Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

As far as the Republican Women's Luncheon goes, the handbook tells you what to look for: Those who show up early, then separate themselves, not sitting together. Might check the front seats. Look for women wearing those big floppy dresses, donning sandals with socks. Those hippy knit caps are a dead give away. That should get you going in the right direction. They are learning to hide their tee shirts that broadcast profanity and hate, so start with the big floppy dress, sandals with socks.

Many cameras are your friends. Hope it is a smashing success.

Bill Tozer

They do things differently.


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