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08 February 2017


Paul Emery

trump has not leveled off Todd and is not on the rise. Can you show me where you got that fake news? Doesn't
show up in RCP or Polling report compilations which both show Trump falling into al hole at an astounding rate for a new president.

George Rebane

Fox News reported that the poll pummeling of Trump has him at 52% approval by Rasmussen and Reuters tonight. I don't know if that means anything in these comment streams.

Don Bessee

Not to the protesting class and our resident druid Dr. R, so who thinks Steven Miller is doing a Great job at the White House? ;-)

George Rebane

DonB 729pm - Stephen Miller deported himself and the administration admirably on Fox's Sunday show leaving Chris Wallace plussed and speechless in his usual attempt to pummel Team Trump and Republicans. We are going to see more of him.

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