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26 March 2017


Todd Juvinall

Blessing to all you do. It is a lot of work yet you and the others are generous with your time and money to find those genius kids who will someday run the place.



Thanks, we are always looking for more donations to expand the program, so we can encourage more students to seek STEM Careers. Everyone wins the students and the community.

George Rebane

An email from our designated reader informs me that the county's gift to journalism and investigative reporting could neither ferret out the author of above post nor be able to do a tolerably accurate read of it. But no doubt his other endearing charms will be enough to continue entertaining his equally keen-minded readership.

Jeff Pelline

For those who are interested, more details about SESF are here. This is a public record:

Todd Juvinall

The old fart FUE proves everyday is can't keep up. He makes fun of people he says are old and graying yet he is one. And he is physically challenged by his own eating habits. He whines about this Tech program yet does nothing to help the community. I have never seen him out at any fundraisers. And he is now celebrating a couple of new old gray hairs moving here. You cannot make this stuff up.

Jeff Pelline

Go to
Then type “Sierra Economics and Science Foundation” into the “organization name.” It will take you to a public record for this group.

BTW, we have funded a multi-year journalism scholarship through the high school district. Todd is clueless, as usual.

Todd Juvinall

Bad link there putt-so.


The Union has a 10-minute video of the STEAM Expo

Nothing on TechTestJr and the quadcopter prizes.

Barry Pruett

Good job guys! Great effort on behalf of the kids in our community. We appreciate your good works.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like the FUE hates this program. He wrote a extensive post about it. What did you ever do to him?

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