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12 March 2017




I concur with your analysis and conclusions. I also think it was an inside job and that the DNC and John Podesta email hacks were also an inside job. One of my questions is when did the Vault 7 data arrive at Wikileaks? I suspect it was during the Obama administration and has been in Vault 7 maturing for a while. My next question is who set the release date for the information, was it determined by Wiki or was it set by the provider of the information? If it was the provider who set the release date, then one could consider the idea it was an inside-inside job. Another effort by Obama's fellow travelers to level the playing field, reducing America's intelligent collection capability to that of all third-world countries. America's ability to collect and process intelligence is one of the features that made our military exceptional. Given the progressive desire to reduce our military capacity would it be reasonable to consider reducing our intelligence collection capacity a progressive goal? I would be looking for inside-insider.

George Rebane

Russ 1243pm - All that you say is plausible. My only question is setting the release date for Vault 7 contents. Why would Wikileaks agree to have someone else, e.g. the Vault 7 source, set the dates as to what gets released when? One answer could be that the source gave the materials on the stipulated condition, 'you release it when I tell you, or 1) you'll get no more from me, and/or 2) I can find alternative global distributors for the stuff. There's also the likely contingency that the source has only described the contents of Vault 7 to Assange and transmitted only the first tranche of it to Wikileaks to make sure Assange plays ball. Given that, later installments will be forthcoming.

Gary Smith

The most puzzling part to me is the fact that our spy agencies cannot do anything about Wikileaks. The CIA can't find out who the players besides Julian Assange are? Where they are storing this information? This has been going on for several years now unchecked. It gives me little confidence that our billions of dollars we spend on the intelligence community is money well spent. We can look at the failures of WMD in Iraq to Wikileaks, 9/11, the list goes on.


re: GS @ 2:11PM

"The most puzzling part to me is the fact that our spy agencies cannot do anything about Wikileaks."

Why would you think that there is a monolithic 'our spy agency'? Without any hard evidence, my own working model is that what you are seeing is a civil war within and between the various pieces of the intelligence community.

I do take your point on the failures of intelligence, although without a lot of hard data it's difficult to say how inaccurate it is. lol, it wouldn't surprise me if you'd get better civilian COMINT by just throwing a billion dollars at Google and having them scrape together a daily report, although the ability to predict the future might be just as shitty. As I opined before, I think this country will rue the day that it spent so much lucre on compromising instead of hardening computer systems.

Quote of the day:


Bill Tozer

Mr. Gary Smith @ 2:11pm.

This former CIA head honcho has an opinion about the leaks. Makes sense to me after finding out what they are NOT teaching kids in school nowadays....like America history, civic duty, and America is not the Great Satan....stuff like that.



"our spy agencies cannot do anything about Wikileaks"

Then there is the issue of what 'do' might mean.

Assange is a foreign national who is living in yet another foreign country's embassy. The data is stored worldwide.

Does 'do' imply the use of a scoped rifle and a US intelligence agency takeover of the world's web hosting and data storage?

Realistically, especially considering the thousands of contractors with access to these kinds of files, the people you might actually want to protect yourself from already knew all about it. The Prime Directive of US government security practice appears to consist more of keeping secrets from the US public, not foreign intelligence agencies. The second line of defense is a thoroughly politicized MSM.

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