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05 April 2017


Don Bessee

Business insider is reporting that the days of transient trimmigrants are numbered. A company has developed an automated trimmer that uses computer monitored cameras control the trimming. They are going to roll them out in CO this year. It could prove to be good for communities that are forced to subsidize the growers trimmigrants. So much for all those jobs promised by the pot advocates. ;-)

Account Deleted

There isn't a problem in the world that the left can't solve with a tax of some sort.
All of this will lead to massive unemployment which will lead to a guaranteed minimum income.
Which will lead to folks who actually still produce something deciding to not accept the face value of money.
By this point the fed govt will institute an all-digital monetary system that will enable massive inflation with out the usual problem of printing boat loads of paper cash. Every month or so, we will wake up to find all of the decimal points have moved a notch over. Shrug. Whatever.
Maybe in the middle of all of this folks might start to realize the govt really hasn't a clue. But, too late.


SASSE ON AUTOMATION - Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) says lawmakers need to confront the role that automation and trade respectively play in affecting job opportunities. "Look at trade and automation: two competing but slightly overlapping forces in the shrinking of the duration of jobs right now," he said in an interview with New York Times Magazine . "We have to be able to talk honestly about how disrupted this world is going to be, and it is crazy to mislead people and say we're going to bring back all of the big factory jobs by creating a protectionist regime. That isn't true."

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