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08 April 2017


Don Bessee

I suspect this will be met with the silence of the snowflakes my good Dr. ;-)

Bill Tozer

The goal is Sharis law imposed globally. Jihad is just another means to the end. It's a conquest by hook or by crook. Villagers across subSaharan Central Africa are fleeing for their lives from the Islamic hordes as we speak. Even countries like 90% Christian majority Kenya (10% Muslim, up from 4% just a few short years ago) are on the receiving end of death and destruction in their places of worship as I write this. Last week Boko Haram took blowtorches to village women's faces and left them dead..... or worse, disfigured for life with 3rd degree burns all over their bodies. The children were forced to watch this happening to their mothers. And that is not even the gruesome scenes I dare not convey to the reader....too offensive to anyone with an ounce of humanity to read. The Christian "villagers" are moving fares south out of fear of the Muslims...who are approaching from the north. The press neatly labels some conflicts in Central Africa as "civil war". Civil War my Aunt Petunia! It's Islamic invasion and it ain't civil.


From the Huff-Puff Post:

Central Asia:

Whether by jihad or by mass legal immigration of Islamics into Western democracies, sharia Law is the goal. A real and present danger. Kudos for Trump's extreme vetting. Extreme vetting for a very extreme threat to America.


My introduction to Popper was in the mid '70's when I chose The Open Society and Its Enemies to accompany readings of Marx and Hegel in a survey of philosophy... let's just say I found the likes of Locke, Jefferson and Popper more persuasive than Marx.

The quote of #12 struck me immediately as being from the Open Society and so it was not a surprise to find it so; I recall the forward he wrote for the post WWII editions apologized for the strident tone borne of wartime horrors that motivated his writing... though I can't say that particular passage is one that would need modification. Let's remember that counseling against unlimited tolerance for the intolerant is not equivalent to suggesting we be as intolerant as they are.

Regarding Hirsi Ali, she has been quite formidable in words and deeds both political and philosophical... and without sinking into the gutter of namecalling. Face to face, what do you think she would say to you about the use of "raghead" as a term of art?

George Rebane

Gregory 1011pm - Please see 10apr17 update above.


"He was asked what he felt when he pulled the trigger and watched his target crumple dead to the ground. He answered, “Recoil.”"

The snowflake would go with the verb,
the soldier would go with the noun.
A very good word choice!



1. suddenly spring or flinch back in fear, horror, or disgust. "he recoiled in horror"
synonyms: draw back, jump back, pull back;


1. the action of recoiling. "his body jerked with the recoil of the rifle"
synonyms: kickback, kick "the recoil of the gun"

George Rebane

BradC 932am - Nice try Mr Croul. Fortunately there is no ambiguity since fluent English speakers would say 'I recoiled' and NOT 'I felt recoil' when flinching back in fear, horror, or disgust. But then again, given the educational underpinnings of current snowflakes, maybe you're on to something.


Islamism is helped by Lenin’s “useful idiots” in organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU. “The Islamists are infiltrating all these institutions that were historic and fought for rights. It’s a liberal blind spot.”

Yeah......blind spot! Mo Dees blind spotted himself to roughly a third of a billion dollar endowment by out race/religion hustling the "usual suspects".


George, I am just saying that I could see a reporter asking the question (with sort of a recoil-as-verb subtext - as in, doesn't that bother you?).. and the soldier replying, 'yeah, I felt recoil'.

But, if you want to get technical; are fear, horror, or disgust feelings? The reporter asked 'what he felt'. Some would say that things can be felt both physically and mentally, or, to say it another way, experienced internally and externally.

George Rebane

BradC 841am - My recollection is that the reporter did indeed ask the question in the sense you describe. And the sniper purposefully gave her (yes, it was a female sniper) answer so as to disabuse the reporter's bleeding heart efforts to expose.

Your going beyond that in bringing out the technicalities may give you comfort, but they add nothing to the message from the interview.

Bill Tozer

Sometimes the broad brush fits like a glove.


Don Bessee

I saw one the other day that was funny; Freedom has a nice ring to it. And a bit of recoil. It was on a pic of a couple of spent .223's. ;-)

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