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07 April 2017



Paul. I have what's known as an AR10. The Grand Daddy of the AR15. BTW. "AR" does not stand for "automatic rifle". (we know how you get a woody on terminology)
It's a really good hunting rifle. I would never think twice about taking a deer at 300 yards with it. It shoots the same bullet as any other .308
What is a gun? A short piece of pipe with a firing pin. Yet you and ill informed anti gunners have your knickers in a knot over looks.


Last night some LIB was on the tube praising the fact that voter ID was shot down again.
Her line was that "voting is a Constitutional right, and NO ID should be required because of that right." Then I say the same argument can be made for the 2ND Amendment. Gun ownership is a right, but I have to fork over ID, get a rectal exam on the spot, then wait ten days.
How is that "fair" Paul?

Paul Emery

Either wqy I find it astounding that a person under treatment and on disability for severe PTSD can walk out and buy a semi automatic weapon.

George Rebane

PaulE 1007am - You and yours have always sought to minimize such amazements by denying wholesale to the normal and law-abiding because some few may be aberrant. I might add that this is a prescription that you and yours apply very selectively for the exercise of other privileges and rights. See also my 958am.


Paul. The same can be said for you and every other LIB. The PTSD of losing the election.
(again ditching my question. What? no ammo to fight with on it?)

Todd Juvinall

P{aul Emery, it is your ilk that closed down all the mental health facilities many years ago. You fought to ensure that mentally ill people were given and had the same Constitutional Rights as non mentally ill people. The results were people could not be "forced" to get the help and they had the "rights" to stay out of those facilities. So the results were they closzed them all across the country and mentally ill people were back on the streets. So look in the mirror and you will see why a mentally ill person can excercise all the same rights as a nrmal person. It is your fault of they get a gun. It is their right.

Paul Emery

Close down the mental facilities Todd ? Sorry that was Reagan's doing in California you know that


re: PE @ 11:24AM

A quick history.

The Reagan meme is a good one though. I'd keep using it.

Todd Juvinall

You not reading it right Paul Emery. He closed them down because there was no need for them based on your gaining equality for the mentally ill. Got it now?

Bill Tozer

Yo Walt. You better change your picture. You might get confused with someone who should not own a firearm. :)


Your right Bill. I do have that "Nevada City nut" look going on.. OH Dear Wife!!,,, Seen the dog clippers?

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