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07 April 2017


George Boardman

This is so obvious I shouldn't say it, but I can't help myself:

By moving Sandbox to Dragon's Breath, you'll raise the level of intelligence at both blogs.




I suspect the move to be a quick death to the concept... the clumping litter that Todd uses just isn't very inviting.

PS Boardman, you of all people really shouldn't throw stones.

Todd Juvinall

I could care less if anyone poops in the sandbox at my blog. I write what I want and all the brainiacs that think they are smrter are not my concern. My latest post is on the non-profit I attended and Sheriff Clarke was the speaker. Whuile critics sit home and pick apart others I was enjoying meeting a nationally recognized Sheriff and a good man. So I suggest those who think they are "better" stay away.


TJ 829

Todd, it isn't an issue of an intrinsic "better" or "worse".

Todd Juvinall

Gregory, then it is to nuanced for my brain.

Todd Juvinall

And we all get a update to the FUE's honeymoom. And he says we are podunk. LOL!


One last one before we're 86ed.
Local news has it that Art Bell is taking Paul Emery's spot at KVMR.

Don Bessee

Todd, now you know its not safe in the Dark Lords Liberal Lament Land. ;-)

George Rebane

Walt 359pm - Mr Branson, you are definitely not 86d. Pour your heart out on the multifarious topics you will continue to find here. And if there's a compelling one that you miss, then speak up and we'll cover it (at least in a Ruminations or Scattershots).

Robert Cross

RIP sandbox. It should be renamed "catbox" because that is what Todd's blog is anyway. It will die as a forum of discussion as reasonable people will not post there and be subjected to the vile toxic poop that Todd and his anonymous posters crap out. Not that the 'sandbox' ever functioned that differently. Rational discussion will not be on the menu, just the usual insults and fat jokes that aren't funny as Todd's cadre of posters don't have much else to offer.

"my purpose for RR is to memorialize my observations and interpretations of the events of our times..." Kilroy was here! Besides being very cathartic for the writers, does anyone really care about blogs? It's not like you are writing "War and Peace" here.

One last "your tax dollars at work" --

Trump has spent 21 of his first 80 days in office at Mar-a-Lago at a cost to us of $21.6M. At this rate he will surpass all 8 years of Obama's travel expenses in just one year. The emperor has no clothes.

Todd Juvinall

RobertC, yes if you came to the sandbox your very presence polluted it. YTou are worse than the feces there. So stay away as you never have anything worthy of a response. Typical liberal loon.

George Rebane

RobertC 940am - "... does anyone really care about blogs?" Only in the hundreds of millions, other than that, not much - welcome to the 21st century.

But as for my humble little forum here; I labor in it primarily for my family, friends, and online sojourners who do visit and return to RR monthly in the thousands. The unanswered question here remains - why does the denigrating Left continue to hang on every word that appears in these pages? Any thoughts on that?

Todd Juvinall

My littl blog gets thousands of views as well. But I created ot for me to yap my views not to get readers per-se. The Rov=bert Crosses are just weasel critic and they never have much if anything good to say.

Robert Cross

George 10:37

My point about blogging is that it's all about catharsis. With the exception of the media blog stars, what people write on blogs does not spread very far beyond a small circle of readers. No one is being persuaded about anything so the question becomes why do it? That is because it feels good, it's cathartic to vent our frustrations. Disagreement about social and political issues is healthy for the country and the individual. The problem arises when the discussion moves from issues to the ad hominem, of which we are all guilty. One definition of 'feedback' is the “return of behavior you have generated.” We get back what we put out. So if you feel like you are being denigrated by the left, it most likely is because you denigrate the left. Turn about is fair play.

Quote of the Day: Sean Spicer comparing Assad to Hitler said Hitler, “didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.” Apparently gas chambers don't count as chemical weapons. This is the level of incompetence and stupidity the American people, not just the left, are having to deal with.

Todd: you prove my point in spades

Todd Juvinall

Robert Cross | 11 April 2017 at 12:59 PM

Another incorrect assumption. My ,y. I get views from all over the world. You really don't know what you are talking about.

Todd Juvinall

Spades" Robert Cross, now we see you are a racist as well.

George Rebane

RobertC 1259pm - Let me offer another perspective, at least for me and my lifelong peer group. RR is nothing about catharsis for me, but it is an invitation to a game, besides being a memorial for my views and values at this time and in this place. I would give much if my grandparents or even my parents had left me such a gift. It is also a mirror on one's own evolution (that is also why I've always kept a journal), going back to revisit your own beliefs, feelings, impressions, ... is to me a wonderment. Such self-revelatory behavior has been practiced profitably for centuries.

The game, which few have the propensity to play, involves using propositions (current and classical) to plumb the depths of individual belief systems (hence subjective realities) down to their axiomatic foundations. Jo Ann and I are privileged to have a circle of friends with whom such wonderful hours together can be experienced. RR is an invitation to such a game. Fortunately, the game goes on beyond the scope of RR comment streams, but the invitation to readers to join in is always there.

And yes, I do enthusiastically critique the Left in their beliefs and do my best to point out their false/weak bases usually accompanied by even more disastrous conclusions, for that has been the view from my perch - education and experience - as these pages attest. My counters return the favor with ad hominems, primarily, it seems, because they cannot differentiate the examination of beliefs from the believer. Again, as the record here shows, very seldom are the repartees focused on the offered propositions, only the proposer.

For obvious (to me) reasons the Left does not want to disclose the tenets of their belief systems. Here my invitation of over ten years to receive their credos goes unanswered while mine is online for all to see and critique. I invite you to give it a try.

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