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15 April 2017


Gary Smith

Another part of our transportation tax is a vehicle license fee increase. If memory serves me correctly isn't that what former Gov. Gray Davis got recalled for, a vehicle license fee increase? The joys of a super majority in our state house, hold onto your wallets. How sad how far we have fallen.

Bill Tozer

From the free paper around these parts. Rather blunt. My kind of guy.



Think this tax is bad (we know full well it ain't going to be used for the advertised purposes.) Just wait for the next "gotta fund it" money grab. Health care.. Covered Ca. is soon to lose the fed money. maybe sooner than later.
If you believe Moonbat is done sticking to us your sadly mistaken.

Now don't forget that Jerry and the kids were ready to mandate that ALL cars needed to be electric in 10 years. Hummm. I wonder what changed their minds?

Bill Tozer

"What will it take to get real political reform." I dunno. Show me a sign.



Well, Berkeley is at it again. Progressive "brown shirts" dressed in their "you can't identify me" wear, just had to start a riot.(again) Judging by the video, they got the worst end of it. The pro Trump people just didn't take any of their crap. The fascists of Berkeley got the beat down they deserved.



OMB is soliciting suggestions from the general public as to which agencies, regulations, etc. could be eliminated. Sounds like a great opportunity to bring up the Bunny Inspectors as well as a few hundred other possibilities. Your idea about having all business regulations which are based on number of employees to double the number of employees would be another good one to submit.


The deadline is June 12, so almost two months to get all the ideas in.

Let the White House know what agencies you think need to be shuttered.


Love those signs. Someone really goosed the town council with that.
Penn Valley should have a different signage. Something like this.


Think that would go over well with the city slickers?


Russ. I hope that message and address gets spread far and wide.

Bill Tozer

Looks like that new 3rd Party of mental defects, emotional unstable malcontents, Social Justice Warriors, open border globalists, and Green Libertarians have made their first big move.


Bill Tozer

Well, this is not about roads and the new newer round of gas hikes in CA, but it is about road repair.


Or, maybe it is on topic if the topic is thoughts on Mr Berkheimer’s solution. Go ahead, break a leg. The Show must go on.

Bill Tozer

On the topic of 'What will it take to get real political reform' and a new emerging political party built from coalitions, here are two articles from a Leftist viewpoint that addresses the matter and dovetails nicely.


"And when members of the Democratic National Committee convened in Atlanta to elect a new chair, they voted down a resolution that would have both banned corporate PAC donations and prevented corporate lobbyists from serving as at-large DNC members.

These are not the actions of a “grassroots party.” They are the actions of an elite managerial party, content to fiddle on the edges but unwilling to challenge ingrained interests and assumptions."


Can the party of Warren Buffet coexist with BLM?


re: BillT @ 7:58AM

From the second link:

"“Insofar as the Democratic Party is no longer a class-based alliance with common economic goals,” Edsall wonders, “how can it resolve the conflicts between its more privileged and less privileged wings?”"

That's an easy one. When common goals are lacking, you find a common enemy. In this case, traditional Western Civilization. Given the demographics surge (or lack) worldwide, my money is on these people in the long run. The interesting thing will be to see what sides form up after the collapse of the West.


Funny to see what utter sexists those big strong white men at Pellines turned out to be. The overwhelming compulsion to mansplain to us that delicate porn flower shouldn't get clocked while she was attempting to....."Bring back 100 Nazi scalps".....from the demonstration.

Sexists all!


Todd Juvinall


Todd Juvinall

Looks like a man in the middle is not saveable in our PC system.


"Russia plans to investigate American media outlets to determine whether they illegally influenced the Kremlin’s 2016 parliamentary elections, according to a Wednesday Moscow Times report."



You know what they say about "don't shoot the messenger"? Looks like it's open season this time.

George Rebane

scenes 521pm - I thought that they would announce that investigation right after the inauguration. Wonder why they waited?

Bill Tozer

My, my. The new 3rd Party looks like the old old third party. Bet they promise real political reform.



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