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06 April 2017




The stability in your IFD seems to rest on the assimilation of the 15,000 leaking through the "wall." The adaptation record for South American illegal immigrants has grown rather spotty over the last three decades, with many arrivals demanding the use of their native language in our schools and government services. These cultural edicts do not encourage assimilation, in fact, they hinder assimilation creating isolated communities within the American culture. The desired assimilation is even more challenging when large segments of the 15,000 are the follower of the Muslim faith, which is in conflict with non-Muslim religions. As the Muslim population grows in communities, there is an equal increase in demand for Shira Laws to be enforced. Assimilated populations would rely on our legal system for justice.

I am no expert in crafting IFD, but it appears to me there should be another factor to address the possibility that significant numbers of the new arrivals will not assimilate, creating social and cultural instability. Your thoughts?

George Rebane

Russ 401pm - The 15K leak may or not assimilate at some rate. The effect of their assimilation rate is accounted for by the explicitly called out factors on the lower right of the IFD. My only assumption here is that 15K annually is such a low number that in the aggregate a 320M population can handle it no matter how slowly they assimilate. Now you may disagree with that number and argue that it is too high. My counter there is that it is too high only if there already exists a large cohort of unassimilated in the US who are culturally identical to the 15K and welcome them into their low assimilation rate community so as to continue raising the unassimilated population ratio. Otherwise the 15K get absorbed regardless of how slow the zeroth generation assimilates. Thoughts?

Bonnie McGuire

Looking back at the Socialist mentality following the south of the border revolutions last century you can see the baggage they're bringing here. Add that to the preferred religious choice of former Russian communist Khrushchev being Islam. He also said that eventually they would completely surround us and America would fall into Russia's socialist/communist hands like an over ripe plum. And the beat goes on and on....

Paul emery

Of course the wall is going to be paid for by Mexico right George ?

George Rebane

PaulE 414pm - I'm not smart enough to figure out how Mexico would directly pay for our border improvements. But I can see how some more indirect/complex transfer payments for other things from Mexico could be argued to have paid for whatever winds up as 'the wall'.

Don Bessee

I like the idea of taking a couple of points off all remittances headed south, its surprising how quick it adds up. Some of the smaller countries get as much as 15% of their GDP from US originated remittances.

Bill Tozer

I have always been puzzled why European countries have taken in floods of Islamic immigrants from Northern Africa, the Middle and Near East. Floods and torrents of them with no end in sight, coupled with a slim chance for but a few ever becoming self supporting through their own efforts. 99% of them become wards of the State, I reckon. Only 500 of the new arrivals have found employment in Sweden after all the training, coaching, and language education. I have also been puzzled for years as to why opposing illegal entry into the US is even a contentious issue. It's against our laws because illegal entry is counter to our sovereignty and right to self determination. An existential threat.

With the above laid out, I finally found the answer to my questions.....from an interview on a Swedish blog....about the "new order" It is not about assimilation of immigrants into the host culture at all. No dominate culture to melt into is desired or wanted. It is also not about the host dominate culture assimilating into the new arrivals' culture.
Nay, It is all about the peoples and cultures of the world unmooring themselves from everything past to form a new culture, a new transnational society. Old is gone, all things new. That is what I call Agenda 21, communism, liberalism, which must by its nature become internationalism. Burn the flag and make room for the children of the universe. Built the Tower of Babel to reach God.
The Wall is but a symbolic statement of This Is Our House, and We Control Who Enters. Fix the biggest breaches first and then the biggest holes. Our line in the sand, if you prefer. Would you rent a dwelling where the landlord removed the front door and refused to put it back up...and forbade you from doing so???

Talk about real change instead of lip service.


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