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29 May 2017


Todd Juvinall

GOD bless all the heroes.

Don Bessee

Have a safe Memorial Day.

Todd Juvinall

I attended the Memorial Day ceremony at the Vets in GV. Very moving. General Orlo Steel, a retired Marine and friend from Native Sons spoke on the addition of more walls at Memorial Park. My Dad, Uncle and Grandfather are on the wall there. They think another 700 will be added this time.

One of the last Pearl Harbor/Arizona survovors soke. He was great, and maybe 97! The other speakers were Vietnam era and they were wonderful. A Navy Corpsman, a and two artillerymen. Heros all.

Though I never served I am grateful of course for those that did. America is free becasue of those brave people.

Bill Tozer

"It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived." -General George S. Patton

With all due respect to General George S. Patton, I am most foolish today, sir.

George Rebane

Would that freedom were free to obtain and maintain; as is tyranny for the achievement and maintenance of which you need do nothing.


Ellen and I attended the Lincoln Hills Vets ceremony at the Orchard Creek Lodge Amphitheater, next to the golf course lake along with 300 other citizens in our community. Congressman Tom McClintock was the featured speaker with a very patriotic message. No protestors, just Vets from WWII, Korea, Iraq, Afganistan and the Cold War, some wearing unit ball caps, some in colorful Ts and other in more subdued patriotic shirts. It was a very welcoming senior crowd. The first such event since the lodge was built 15 years ago. Given the positive reception, it will soon become an established tradition.

Don Bessee

Secretary of State T-Rex rode in the Vets rolling thunder motorcycle ride in DC. What a difference an election makes! Mad Dog and T-Rex working to make America great again every day. ;-)

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