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20 May 2017



Macron Seeking Global Warming Climate Scientists

Eric Worrall at WUWT

Speculation is mounting about whether President Macron will keep his promise to take all our climate scientists, and offer them a new home in France.

Back in February, then Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron offered US climate scientists who were worried about their future under President Trump a new home in France.

Will President Macron keep his promise?

So far there is no evidence that any of the global warmer scare mongers have taken Macron up on his offer.

Don Bessee

There must be too many jihadi attacks in France for the global warming snowflakes. ;-)


I found the comments on the AMS article most interesting, as they give the reader a clear indication of the rot which is eating way at our academic institutions. As the evidence piles up, the administrator cuts off the comments, too much exposure.


Oh Shotgun Joe.....you never disappoint!

"Joe Biden blasts Donald Trump in Colby College speech over his 'coarse rhetoric' and 'political chaos' before congratulating graduates with hugs and handshakes - and the ladies seem to get the lion's share of the cuddles


Bill Tozer

Speaking of France and Trump's outstanding straight forward speech urging Arab countries get rid of Islamofascists, this may or not be on topic. So, please tell me again that the greatest threat to women's rights, gay rights, and democracy is....Trump? Is Putin? Is Right Wingers? Or could it be Taqiyya? Rub two brain cells together and you might choose an answer other than Trump, Putin, or Conservatives, vets, Christians or rural white working folk.


Bill Tozer

are: update, progressive academics:

If somebody suggests you are intolerant of other views, staging a walk-out is only going to prove their point a hundred times over.


Todd Juvinall

Great article today in the Union.


It is in the algorithm:

"To help rid Alexa of its cyborgian lilt, Amazon recently upgraded its speech synthesis markup language tags...[allowing] Alexa to do things like whisper, pause, bleep out expletives, and vary the speed, volume, emphasis, and pitch of its speech. This means Alexa and other digital assistants might soon sound less robotic and more human. But striking a balance between these two extremes remains a significant challenge for voice interaction designers, and raises important questions about what people really want from a virtual assistant."

"Amazon to control 70 percent of the voice-controlled speaker market this year"

Bill Tozer

Re: Progressive Academics and Trump's speech in Riyadh. A two-


Bill Tozer

Concerning the Academic progressives, humanities, and science.

The bottom line is no matter if the Right controls the House, Senate, Oval Office and SCOTUS, the Loopey Left has the lock on the media and education, including academics at our institution of higher learning. That is a high hurdle to overcome. The indoctrination starts early in public schools and continues through one's college days and lifelong if one watches or reads MSM on a regular basis.

Not surprising, the young humanities students leave college as experts, enter academia, government, or enter the private sector as HR personnel or similar positions writing rules on how to behave. Thus the womb to tomb thought police has worked its way into darn near every aspect of society.
Thus it is not surprising that Humanities Departments tell the whole world they are indeed a real science (the good higher science) and tell us exactly what we should think and how we should look at everything, including scientific inquiry, STEM, Stats, etc.....all the while discarding science to reveal their absolute truth....while saying there are no absolutes. Sounds contradictory to me, but I am a mere lowly worm.

The entry of the humanities philosophy into mathematics and real science is the natural outcome of years of the Loopey Left's indocinatdon and iron grip on academia.

Think about it. Freshmen today (opps, can't say freshmen, me bad)...er...freshmen today across the land are required (forced) to take mandatory sensitivity training and told to check their white priviledge at the door and get with the program. Gender bias, homophobia, Islamophobia are bad juju, but not as nearly repulsive as making highly insecure people just out of high school feel invalidated. No one, absolutely no one should be shamed, bullied, or face disapproval or even a whiff of microagressions....unless you have some conservative ideas lurking in the dark recesses of your soul. Then, all bets are off. All the talk of good vibes and equality and social justice go out the window if you hold a contrary or conflicting thought.

What other training sessions in any other subject are all incoming freshpeople (fresh meat?) required to take as a condition of continued enrollment at the universities??

Looking at biology, microbiology, DNA, and other fields of science, all I can say is if I had a dollar for every gender, I would have two dollars and a handful of counterfeits.

George Rebane

BillT 747am - On the mark Mr Tozer. And that is the main reason we need an immigration policy that emphasizes inviting immigrants who serve our national interests with talents that we no longer teach our young.

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