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06 May 2017


Bill Tozer

More than half of all young people moving back home to live in the basement? Helicopter Mom to the rescue. Boy, a libbie in the basement is what I call a whine cellar.


California’s Reactionary Housing Policy Burns Millennials
The Golden State’s soaring home prices—exacerbated by NIMBY zoning restrictions, development plans that prioritize “density,” and arbitrary environmental rules—are exacting a catastrophic social and economic toll on the rising generation of young people looking to start families and lay down roots. So argues a bracing recent report from Joel Kotkin’s Center for Demographics and Policy at Chapman University.


jon smith

Russ you sound like Yogi, "nobody goes there any more because its too crowded." Berra. There is value in California real estate for exactly the reasons you stated. Want to devalue your home? Be my guest and move to El Paso where sniggling zoning restrictions and environmental rules are unwelcome and 16 people can live in an apartment right next door to the asphalt plant, garbage dump and trailer park. No, I did not make that up. That precise scenario exists in El Paso and housing for some reason is quite affordable, but not so much in demand, as say, Nevada City or Lake Wildwood.

Bill Tozer

Choices choices.



Your not-tax-dollars at work.


Account Deleted

jon smith - did you read the article?
You make fun of other areas that have folks jammed into one building, but that is actually far more common in California. Notice that you admit that what you describe happens because folks CAN live that way. In California they HAVE to live that way. We just returned from a trip that included Santa Barbara. Our daughter and son in law lived there for years, but have been in Texas for over 10 years now. Their friends that still living in SB complain about how many families are stacked into one house meant for just one family, but because of the insane cost of housing, it's getting totally over crowded. Read about San Jose and the nearby areas where people pay huge amounts just to sleep in a closet. Pay attention, fool - the folks that are productive are leaving and the free loaders are moving in. There is a wider income gap in California than any other state and it's growing. In other words, by the lefts' own definition things are getting worse - economically - in California.
And jon smith thinks it's just dandy.


Why venture capital investors are betting big on marijuana,
by the Los Angeles Daily News' Marisa Kendall: "

Silicon Valley investors are known for pouring money into risky bets like flying cars and asteroid mining. Now, a handful are diving into one of the few industries that makes most of their peers squeamish - pot. As the marijuana industry soars, with New Frontier Data predicting legal pot sales will balloon to more than $24 billion by 2025, a handful of venture capitalists are climbing on board - albeit cautiously."


George Rebane

re jons 836pm - Here we have another of many wonderful illustrations of the liberals' logic deficit (others may call it insanity). To understand this illustration please start with Russ Steele's 734am, then Mr smith's 836pm response, followed by Scott Obermuller's 1007pm spot on critique. According to Mr smith's liberal logic, the way to solve the housing problem and keep middle-class millennials in California is to increase housing demand by making housing development more expensive through ever more regulations and fees, which reduces the number of houses built, which raises existing house prices, which deprives the more people of homes and home ownership, which fosters stack&pack, which ... ??!! We most recently expanded on this calamity here -

Bonnie McGuire

Scott May 8-10:07
You're so right. That's what I've been hearing from people leaving the Bay Area moving here. Too expensive there. Traffic is increasing here. Looking back many years I remember the flatlanders poking fun at us trying to keep our rural economy alive ...accusing us of (logging/whatever) for monetary gain to earn a living. I had to laugh, because I wondered what they did for a living. They were selling their over priced homes, and buying cheaper land here as an investment to resell at a profit. Monetary gain? At the expense of the local yokels. When some looked at their property tax on their new mansion they were shocked! Prop 13 eventually helped those unable to pay old timers to keep their homes despite the screams by progressives that California's gov was losing so much revenue. Ha! An old rural shack on a lot valued at $20,000 sold for $400,000 and was reinvested in a $10,000 rural parcel to build a house assessed for $350,000 was a pretty profitable property tax revenue increase for the government not responsible for power, water, sewage, roads or anything....other than the stroke of a pen tax on both properties. The lying, complaining socialist mentality keeps on going like the energizer bunny cuz it's hard to get rid of mental/political addictions until you understand personal choices have consequences when you vote...and eventually bites the addict in the butt.


......and he's gone!




I do believe jon, needs to try and build a home in Ca. not to mention Nevada co.
The number one cost is dealing with the regulations. Want a small taste? Get a building permit to do a small repair. Then see what other intrusions by city and county government "inspectors" that triggers. And nope, that not limited to the project at hand.

To those thinking about doing some driveway improvements,, stick to asphalt. Concrete raises property taxes. The county considers concrete permanent, and asphalt "removable".

This has been told to me by more than one in recent time.

Paul Emery


Statement from Senate Intel Chairman Burr on the Dismissal of FBI Director Comey

“I am troubled by the timing and reasoning of Director Comey’s termination. I have found Director Comey to be a public servant of the highest order, and his dismissal further confuses an already difficult investigation by the Committee. In my interactions with the Director and with the Bureau under his leadership, he and the FBI have always been straightforward with our Committee. Director Comey has been more forthcoming with information than any FBI Director I can recall in my tenure on the congressional intelligence committees. His dismissal, I believe, is a loss for the Bureau and the nation.”

Bill Tozer

Burr has always been dumb as a bucket of rocks. Not a bad fellow, just he can't see a bus under his own nose. Oh, Trump will be slammed alright, but in the end there will be no there there. Everything the Potholes do blows up in their faces. Acme rental.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 09 May 2017 at 07:03 PM

.....and I'm supposed to take what exactly from this sterling example of "Senator Speak"?

Don Bessee

Po' ol' PE needs to make his own case, the party line junk just is not making it anymore. ;-)

Paul Emery

Sure Don

Burr is not very important. He's only the Republican Chair of the Senate Intel Committee. His opinion has no importance.

Also the CNN news story on the Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI's Russia investigation is fake news as well right Don?

This will be all over the news tomorrow.

Todd Juvinall

Three R's say something the left then tries to make out as the whole party. I watched Tucker tonight interviewing a democrat operative and prior spokesman for the DNC. Tucker asked him now that Trump has done your bidding after yu called for his dismissal are you in agreement. Of course the lout said no and it is all the timing. You cannot ever get the corrupt semocrats to admit their momma birthed them.

Bill Tozer

The Fakenews Alt-Left types be like "We have not seen any evidence, so we need an investigation to find some evidence."

Maxine is on the trail sniffing out the stank.

Bill Tozer


Diamond & Silk say "Comey ain't no homey." That is all I need to hear. Them fine ladies never steered us wrong. Case closed.


The Vanishing American Adult: Our Coming-of-Age Crisis--and How to Rebuild a Culture of Self-Reliance

America's youth are in crisis. Raised by well-meaning but overprotective parents and coddled by well-meaning but misbegotten government programs, they are ill-equipped to survive in our highly-competitive global economy.

Just published and available on Amazon in Kindle and Hardcover.

Bill Tozer

Re:"Adulting is getting harder by the day."

Isn't it any wonder with adults like this in power:


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