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31 May 2017


Account Deleted

Love that opinion piece by M Vodicka. Typical left wing rant filled with personal insults and comical nonsense.
Money quote - "Where everyone participates, indeed must equally participate."
As the great sage of Warner Bros was wont to say - "watta maroon!"
No, my good Mr Vodicka, everyone most definitely does not participate equally. In any communist or socialist system, the more productive provide most or all of the value or money that goes into the system and the rulers take first dibs on any value coming out of the system as well as skimming a percentage off the top. Then there is the 'participation' of those receiving care among the hoi polloi. Those that attend to their personal health and take care to diet properly and exercise regularly will not ever receive as much care or value out of the system as those living a debilitating life style.
But these are all facts and they don't mean a thing to those who want 'health care' to be one more virtue signalling exercise.
Then he lays this line on us - "Therefore, I wish to state respectfully, yet unequivocally and firmly, that the so-called healthcare system in the U.S., in comparison to what it could and should be, is atrocious."
This, after he just got through defending the current health care system.
It could be Mr Vodicka suffers from some sort of problem that keeps him from remembering what he actually thinks from one minute to the next. I don't know.
And of course, there is the appeal to our Christian religion, parsed out in sound bites and carefully sanitized to be something of value at this time only, and administered by Rev Vodicka - high priest of a religious belief that has been declared to be necessary.
Please save us from such blather.

Todd Juvinall

The decent into socialism and communism is at hand in California. Looks like to fools under the dome in Sac are moving the 400 billion tax on us forward. Amazing.

Bill Tozer

Oh Todd, it's only a 15% payroll tax on workers that the po folk don't need to worry about. It's only another business tax that is the least of the po folk worries. Sees to me that if CA is struggling right now to pay for Medi-Cal, why not quadruple down and all will be well. Middle class workers will actually save money. Hmmm. Now where have we heard that before? Wonder it they will save $2,500 a year. Guess they will have to pass it to find out what's in it.

People want it....as long as somebody else pays for it. The "other dude" strikes again.

Money quote:
“It’s offensive to the people who have to pay for it,” he said.


Account Deleted

"Despite the incredible progress California has made, millions still do not have access to health insurance and millions more cannot afford the high deductibles and co-pays, and they often forgo care,” Lara said during a floor debate on the bill."
So - millions did not have access to health care and then there was 'incredible progress' and now millions do not have access to health care.
Uh, OK - so what kind of progress do we need if 'incredible progress' is not enough?
We need SUPER DOOPER incredible progress!
C'mon, folks - it's a frickin' joke. All the lefties said we needed Obama care and everything would be groovy. But now it's not groovy and we need the NEXT SUPER DOOPER BIG THING.
Now we need SINGLE PAYER!
That is, some one other than me.

Todd Juvinall

GeorgeR did you read that article in the Union today regarding single apyer? IMy take away is they are mixing apples and oranges with the dollars. Counld you staighten me out with a review?

George Rebane

ToddJ 834am - Sorry Todd, that little piece of journalism left me as confused as you. What did SacBee report?

Paul Emery

I think 15% is ok as long as EVERYBODY pays it. No exceptions.

Todd Juvinall

The Union article was hooey. They somehow do not know the difference between private and public money and purchasing. Unbelievable they would print that crapola.

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