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12 June 2017


George Boardman

One of my favorite writers--the late, great crime novelist Elmore Leonard--once detailed his "10 rules for good writing." No. 10 was the following:

"Try to leave out the parts readers tend to skip."

That would include any attempt to elucidate my personal political philosophy for readers of The Union or anything else.

(For those who are interested, here are all 10 rules: https://www.writingclasses.com/toolbox/tips-masters/elmore-leonard-10-rules-for-good-writing)

George Rebane

GeorgeB 231pm - Au contraire Mr Boardman. I venture that there are many of us who are very interested in learning the basis for the views you communicate through your columns. I'm pretty sure there is a coherent foundation to your writings that cover an often surprising ideological range. Please share as much of it as you can, we are interested.

Bill Tozer

Well, Boardman looked around and said "that ain't right" concerning the non diversity of thought and squelching of contrary opinions on today's campuses. I agree. That just ain't right. The ole herd mentality, group think, and Identity Politics have evolved into OUR way or the highway. I tend to blame the educators more than the subjected pupils without fully developed frontal lobes in a captive situation. They were taught this.
Told ya segregation was coming back and our youth are fighting FOR it on campus. But Boardman's piece is on diversity of thought (freedom of expression?), not diversity of race, creed, ethnicity, and all that stuff.

As a man thinketh, so is he. Whether he can say it without being driven out of the city to the outer Wastelands is another story. "That's not who we are, be gone with your kind".

I see much of the intolerance and harshness akin to "teen courts", i.e., peer courts that are a high school civics exercise in conjunction with our real courts for a day. The students sit as judge and jury of their peers' offenses of breaking some rule. Without exeception, the young people hand down a penalty much more punitive than a "real court" would.
This is repeated daily on campuses when student review committees investigate and dispense justice to those accused of violation some social justice creed, be it a benign hand gesture taken as a micro-aggression to saying something that may hurt someone's feeling or run counter to another's sensibilities. Too harsh. The student mobs and demonstrators outside of the SJ review committees on campus also dispense are very harsh and strict dispensation of "justice". Intolerance really, but they always rationalize their herd mentality to justify their actions. Banishment is the punishment. Banishment from the group and the offender is rarely, if ever, forgiven. Banishment for the crime of breaking from the pack. There is to be no divergence from Group Think. That ain't right.

Hope of this ending good is found in the rest of the story to Dr. Rebane's post on decriminalizing being a member of the Communist Party while employed by the State. California Communists was the heading or something like that. Sure, old rules on the books and the bill was working its way through our State Legislature.....until it got dropped by the sponsors. Why? Because it appears that some old Nam vets in the sponsors's districts said that it hurt their feelings and made then sad. So, it was dropped right there and then. Not because of hiring Commie Bastards hell bent on the overthrow of the USA, but because of hurt feeling, ROFLMAO. The legislatures must have realized they violated some Social Justice rule they learned in our fine institutions of higher thinking. If they said such hurtful things on campus, they would have been called all sorts of unflattering names, spat on, followed, had their personal property vandalized or destroyed, and, of course, been promptly reported to the Thought Police, aka, The Committee". It's all about feelings, no arguments allowed.

Good thing it is easier to take over and run a campus with an Iron Fist than it is to control other institutions and entities off campus. Otherwise the legislators who sponsored the rescinding of barring of Commies being hired by the State would have been sent off to SJW reeducation camps. Yep, always a silver lining.

Bill Tozer

Echoing Boardman's opinion piece. Er, make than Mr. Boardman's opinion piece.

This just ain't right.

Bill Tozer

Most of HH's columns are just her diary or autobiography. I, too, felt let down by the heading about housing in Western Nevada County only to read her antidotal personal story once again. But, as Dr. Rebane pointed out, it (mustn't assume one's gender) has two more spellbinding columns to elobrate on housing in Nevada County.
Maybe a story about her venture into home ownership would be nice. Charity begins at home so I will say perhaps it is just trying to add a personal touch to another Nevada County housing story. What, like we don't read at least one or two Nevada County housing stories 52 weeks a year already? Maybe we will hear something new. Bee keeping is kinda cool, but most rentals here do not offer that amenity. .

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