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15 July 2017



It was my first or second Transportation Commission Meeting as a new Nevada County Transportation Commissioner. We were hearing a request from a local developer who was proposing a small development of 6-8 homes, I forget the final number. As the developer and his representative were taking their seats, a fellow commissioner leaned over and he whispered, “ We keep asking for more studies until they run out of money and leave the community.” Sure enough, the final judgment of the Commission was yet again another traffic study, this time with fewer houses in the development. Two years passed and I never saw the developer again. I was only on the TC for two years, as the BoS removed me for asking the wrong kind of questions. I was just not their kind of Commissioner. I was later reappointed to the Commission, once the Gang of 4 BoS was vanquished, but never allowed to sit on the Public Transit Commission, as my questions about the taxpayer cost for empty bus seats were not appreciated.


"taxpayer cost for empty bus seats were not appreciated"

Lemme guess. Is simply handing out cab vouchers cheaper than running a bus service?


Scenes @03:43 PM

Excellent! Now that we have Uber and Lyft services, it is even cheaper to hand out vouchers, or a transportation version of the EBT card. If I remember correctly every empty seat on the bus costs tax payers $3-4 dollars per seat, per trip. When I did my informal survey, I just waited near the bus stop in Glenbrook and counted the passengers, which had 3-6 people on board a bus to carry 21-58 seats depending on the model and manufacturer. Sometimes it was an empty bus.


"As the developer and his representative were taking their seats, a fellow commissioner leaned over and he whispered, “ We keep asking for more studies until they run out of money and leave the community.”

Russ, it might have made a difference had you piped up and, in open session and on the record, told the developer of the bad faith of your fellow commissioners by repeating what had been whispered to you.

Yes, your tenure as a county commissioner would have been shorter.

Todd Juvinall

The Duke speaking about things to come from way back.

Todd Juvinall


Todd Juvinall


There I think I finally got it. Sorry


re: Russ@3:56

"Now that we have Uber and Lyft services, it is even cheaper to hand out vouchers, "

It seems like a total no-brainer now. I expect that the county could set up an account with Uber, hand out some cards/memberships, no cash changes hands. Does Uber/Lyft have some sort of government account concept?

Plus, some people make some pin money.

Seriously, it's such an obvious thing to do, it's a crying shame if that isn't the current mechanism for public transport here.


Scenes @ 05:01 PM

I will suggest to Dan Landon, the TC Executive Director it is time again to review the bus operation now that Uber and Lyft are functioning in the community. This would be an economic boost to the community, plus providing door to door service to riders. No walking to the bus stop.


Todd@04:14 PM

Yes, calling out the commission would have shortened my tenure even more. I was still learning the ropes and it was later that I felt confident enough to challenge the process. At the time it was not clear if it was one commissioner or the whole commission, but knowing the person doing the whispering, I suspected it was a single member, not the whole commission.


Russ 531 that was me at 4:14

I'm shorter and pudgier than Todd...

Scenes 501

An Uber ride from the Grass Valley airport to my home (about 7 miles) is about $14 to $19... and up, depending on demand. I somehow doubt these would be handed out like candy to the transportationally challenged.


Here is a list of California Governments who are ICLEI Members:

● Alameda County ● Alameda ● Albany ● Amador County ● American Canyon ●
Antioch ● Arcata ● Arroyo Grande ● Arvin ● Atascadero ● Atherton ●
Avenal ● Belmont ● Belvedere ● Benicia ● Berkeley ● Brisbane ●
Burlingame ● Calistoga ● Campbell ● Carson ● Chico ● Chula Vista ●
Cloverdale ● Colma ● Contra Costa County ● Orlando ● Sarasota County ●
Sarasota ● South Daytona ● Tampa ● Venice ● West Palm Beach ● Culver
City ● Cupertino ● Daly City ● Danville ● Davis ● Duarte ● Dublin ● East
Palo Alto ● El Cerrito ● El Segundo ● Emeryville ● Eureka ● Fairfax ●
Fort Bragg ● Foster City ● Fremont ● Gardena ● Gilroy ● Grover Beach ●
Half Moon Bay ● Hawthorne ● Hayward ● Healdsburg ● Hercules ● Hermosa
Beach ● Hillsborough ● Humboldt County ● Inglewood ● Irvine ●Lafayette
●Lakewood ●Larkspur ● Livermore ● Lomita ● Los Altos Hills ● Los Altos ●
Los Angeles County ● Los Gatos ● Manhattan Beach ● Marin County ●
Martinez ● Mendocino County ● Menlo Park ● Millbrae ● Mill Valley ●
Milpitas ● Monte Sereno ● Monterey ● Moorpark ● Moraga ● Morgan Hill ●
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Visalia ● Vista ● Walnut Creek ● Watsonville ● West Sacramento ● Willits
● Windsor ● Woodside ● Yountville

I did not see Nevada City, Grass Valley or Truckee, nor Nevada County. But the County is surrounded, and we often heard the Agenda 21 Dog Whistle "Sustainability".

Todd Juvinall

Russ I have no clue what you meant. I think you were responding to Gregory. I tried to build affordable housing for the middle class in 1993. 23 houses. Defeated by the limosine liberlas (Van Zant and Paul Emery)trying to defeat Fran Grattan/Freedle (she won). That is why I don't believe them on anything as they are all about politics. They are for the poor just like Hillary and Schumer. NOT!


re: Gregory

"An Uber ride from the Grass Valley airport to my home (about 7 miles) is about $14 to $19."

Even at that, it wouldn't surprise me if Uber was cheaper than running the bus line for a given number of rides. It would be interesting to see an analysis of that if one has been done.

Todd Juvinall

It has. When I was on the Commission we did a study and found we could use the money for the buses and buy every rider a car.


Under the rules when I was a commissioner the farebox only had to cover 10% of the operating cost the other 90% was covered by tax dollars, so each empty seat had an operating cost and then there is the cost of bus purchase, mostly using grant money ie tax dollars. The budget is public as is the operating cost data. See Dan Landon at the Transportation Commission. Contact information is here http://www.nctc.ca.gov


No doubt the .gov might have a higher need for insurance and auditing, but it would be cool if Uber had a government program for just this kind of thing. To offload 95% of the bookkeeping and 100% of the labor and equipment would certainly be a Good Thing.

Russ, how would you go about inventing a rule set for use of Uber (that they might accept)? It has that commons problem of overuse given no limits on use. Plus, being a bus line, some number of the denizens are going to be the mentally ill and generally PITA homeless. Would you expect private citizens in the role of part-time cabbies to handle that kind of thing?


SB2 will only be another jobs bill for gubnet employees. If we must have this law than I think that the $75 per transaction should not be paid to the government but rather to an organized charity that actually builds low income housing. The effect of SB2 will be to cause greater production of See-oh-two because of the all of the moving trucks leaving the state.

Bill Tozer


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