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15 July 2017



re: Gregory in some prior sandbox sez: "liberals who posture as defenders of science" and then speaks of biology studies.

It has hit in more places than that. I hate to imagine the carnage done in university anthropology departments, but it's hard to beat geography as a place for craziness.


"My interests sit at the intersection of identity and the political. As a feminist political geographer, I work to understand the ways that the ordinary realities of everyday life intertwine with processes that stem from the nation-state. Specifically, I am very interested in how racial identities are shaped and disciplined through nation-state policies and, more importantly, how resistance movements mobilize to fight against state-sponsored violence and marginalization."

Honestly, I don't blame these folks. It's probably a pretty good life. Whatever committee is doing the hiring has a special place reserved in Dante's favorite spot, though.

It has to be an attractive concept. What went through this person's mind on changing research areas? It's a serious question.



There's just no pleasing some people.



Dr.R.. I haven't heard the Left slam the likes of Amazon or Google, For "being too big", like they have with "big oil" or "big banks".
Heck. Amazon Prime has their own cargo aircraft, yet the Postal service gives them a cut rate to deliver. Nope, no gripes.
I see when it's LIB owned "Big Corp." it's just fine.


Posted by: ScenesFromTheApocalypse | 15 July 2017 at 03:51 PM

....yes....the perils of being a "public intellectual".


The hacks that no Lib will talk about.


Modern political reality.



I see that Doctor President-For-Life Trump has a good idea here, dunno how it will turn out.


Bill Tozer

Old news

New news

Todd Juvinall

The news reports another "brave" ISIS killer murdered two German female tourists in Egypt this week. After being chased by security forces he fled into another hotel and sliced four more women tourists. My aren't these Islamic terrorists brave? Of course not. They murder women, unarmed and trusting. This killer sat and chatted with the two German women before pouncing and using a kitchen knife.

So I am unsure why people travel to these places for rest and pleasure as the ISIS killers are there too! The countries in the Middle East must protect the tourists or the billions of dollars they spend will go elsewhere. The article in the SACBEE today was a small one way inside at the bottom. Maybe to keep it from being noticed?

Killers who take a knife and are that up close to their victims have a bloodlust. They want to see that look in their victim's eyes and the gasps as they plunge the weapon into their bodies. Somehow this is pleasant for the killers. And there are millions of them. Yet here in America we have a loony Federal Judge in Hawaii that says "Hey, forget the travel ban, come on into America and do your deeds". Do we really want these kinds of Judges? I say impeach the bastard and get someone in charge who will protect us.

We must weed out these kinds of leftist Judges and boot them out. What good are they? Or maybe put a refugee encampment next to their mansions and see how they like it. The terror is around us and across the planet. What I see is we must eradicate it by a no holds barred attitude. These killers are no better than a virus and should be shown no quarter., The poor women this killer murdered were just enjoying the seaside pool. Now dead. Justice for these women must be sought. Go!

PHIL DONAHUE: Darkest political moment in history...

Well...we've officially reached the bottom of the pundit barrel! I mean Phil Donahue hasn't been relevant in 30 years.



re: Fish@8:12AM

I like the current first comment in that story:

" 'the darkest political moment in American history.'

That's a bit hysterical, but it is true that the last time Democrats got this angry and crazed over an election it was 1860."

Todd Juvinall

I am constantly debating with this Richard Sciaroni on the Union articles. I thought you might like to read a true liberal view of this one issue. The Electoral College. It is a prime example of the divide. Here is his response to a gal on our side of the political spectrum. I truly enjoy smacking them down. LOL.

"Richard Sciaroni
Kathleen Jones Amatangelo The Electoral College was established by wealthy, white males to avoid having all of the people instead of some of the people select the president. The Founding Fathers established the Electoral College because they feared real democracy, i.e, a country in which all of the people had the vote. When they established the Electoral College was set up, the Founders restricted tthe vote t white, property-owning males. Women, people of color, and those who did not own real property could not vote. In truth, the so-called American Revolution was no revolution at all. It simply replaced one elite ruling class based in London with one based in America. The real American Revolution occurred over generations when ordinary folk wrested suffrage from the white male upper class."


Posted by: ScenesFromTheApocalypse | 16 July 2017 at 08:16 AM

Well that was Donahues schtick.......terrifying suburban housewives with the issues of the day!

Really though....they just need to put him back in his box!


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 16 July 2017 at 08:19 AM

I wonder how vigorously Richard would be attacking the Electoral College if things had gone his way? I guess he could implement Plan Frisch and....you know....work to change it!


Ooooh....now this is interesting! We may actually get to see a woman sell her soul to Satan in near real time!

KAMALA GETS READY: Meets with Clinton inner circle...

This should be exciting.......


Bill Tozer

Under the heading of "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today"

Hmmm. Whether this is fakenews or not, , whether he offed himself or not, he sure as heck won't be testifying next Tuesday.

"According to Eberwein, a paltry 0.6 percent of donations granted by international donors to the Clinton Foundation with the express purpose of directly assisting Haitians actually ended up in the hands of Haitian organizations. A further 9.6 percent ended up with the Haitian government. The remaining 89.8 percent – or $5.4 billion – was funneled to non-Haitian organizations."

“The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace,” Eberwein said at a protest outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Manhattan last year.



I bring you todays news so Punchy doesn't have to!



Todd Juvinall

The polling agencies under poll Republicans by 7-10 percent so sure he will see diminished numbers. It appears in this poll the R's are sticking by him. I bet the Reagan dems are too.


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 16 July 2017 at 09:10 AM

Oh yes.....all sorts of chicanery when it comes to these things Todd!

Nevertheless a poll is a poll damnit! BECAUSE NUMBERS!

Bill Tozer

Fish @ almost 10 in the a.m.

"Oh yes.....all sorts of chicanery when it comes to these things Todd!"

How true, how true!, my aquatic friend.


Paul Emery

For your reading pleasure Trump polls historic lows:


Bill Tozer





Posted by: Paul Emery | 16 July 2017 at 12:16 PM

....for you reading pleasure......still President Punchy.

Bill Tozer

I dunno. Maybe we stop using the term "bi-sexual" and remove it from the English language. After all, bi-sexual by its definition infers there are only two genders, but I ain't a scientist. It will save the typing finger one letter when you have to type out that every expanding long acronym LBGTQiAO. Always a silver lining. Oh, A is for android, O is for other nowadays.


An old man was it the park sitting on a bench when a 20 something young man sat down on the bench. They shared pleasantries and talked about their lives and problems. The young man confided that he was bi-sexual and the old man took immediate interest and replied, "By Golly, so am I. At my age if I want sex, I buy it."



Paul. I have a different poll. " 4 out of 5 don't give a cra* about Trump polls."


Late breaking news.

Paul Emery reports on a new top secret poll.


Bill Tozer


Paul Emery

Link walt to your 1:10?

Don Bessee

So what's it like to be a tool of the fake news industrial complex @ 424 ya po' ol' pollhead? ;-)


Link? Don't need no stink'n link. Your the "1" in said "poll". "your" the only one here that gives that "cra*". Don, Todd, Bill, and myself, DON'T. You do the math.
Pretty damned accurate if you ask me.


Paul E 424

Punchy palooka polling Paul E...

The last poll of any consequence was the special election in Georgia. Four of four House specials went GOP. I understand why you keep harping on public opinion polls, you want Trump to lose the horserace and so you keep coming back to meaningless public opinion polls. It's a photofinish, Pinocchio wins/loses by a nose and that will be in 3+ years.

Take a deep breath. Stop thinking horse race. Make the case for the GOP intentionally wanting for the proles to die without health care, or something.


more on the feminist geographers.


Takimag discusses these folks and finishes up with:

"What does this have to do with geography? Nothing. What does American education have to do with education these days? Less than nothing."

Paul emery

Too bad you can't call me by my name Gregory I thought you rose above the pack on this blog. Sometimes I actually agree with you By the way

Don Bessee

Funny how touchy the tools of the fake news industrial complex are. Too bad they don't have any journalistic standards, but that's why people don't listen to them anymore. Be careful when they suggest they agree because there is usually an ulterior motive involved. ;-)

Todd Juvinall

It really is DonB. Those lovelies of the press get to call anyone whatever pops into their heads and alledge anything but when they get blowback we see what wimpasses they are. Funny how they have rules for the use of the word "alledge" and use it even for killers caught red handed. Yet they fail to us that word on Trump and his Admin. Why is that?

Don Bessee

There were a lot of prognosticators who warned that foreign travel to the USA would tank if President Trump was elected.

Instead its up and hotel occupancy rates are "higher than they have ever been before". All of that in the context of a very strong dollar making everything more expensive here for foreign tourists. ;-)

Don Bessee

UH OH bad news for the resistance. The Trump campaign committee had a significant bump in fundraising, Q1 was 10 Million, Q2 14 million. Still lots of small donations from the solid base. ;-)


Where is our poll dude?
"The representative element comes from projecting this data out using pollster voodoo. This is what you’re really paying for when you commission a poll. Anyone can survey 1,001 people, but these guys claim to know the “right” people, and then be able to project their views out onto the whole nation.

Then we go into the data tables. Since this time last year they have over-represented Democrat voters in their studies. For this latest one, 35 per cent of their respondents were Democrats, 23 per cent were Republicans, 35 per cent were Independents (who in turn lean towards voting Democrat), six per cent said ‘Other’, and two per cent had no opinion on the matter. "

And Paul has ate it up, like cheap lobster tail at Boomtown.

Don Bessee

I saw that Walt but isn't it updated old news since we knew that in the 90's? The last year or so has really been the acme of manipulation by the fake news industrial complex and their po' ol' lackeys.

I heard those lobsters were made with soylent green @540. ;-)


Hey......enjoy your "insurance"!





The only ones who like and love "O"care are the ones not paying a dime.


re: Fish@6:18

"Hey......enjoy your "insurance"!"

You can argue that any state is perfectly capable of paying their own subsidies and throwing enough chips on the table that the insurance companies stay in place. Heck, they could be their own insurance company. Of course, no states appear to be willing to go for it.

I do have to admit that Doctor Cowboy President-for-Life Trump is looking pretty good in that hat.



re: DonB@5:16PM

I'm not so sure you even need much in the way of contributions when you are on the news 24/7. Heck, he's on BBC about 1/4 of the time so far as I can tell.

Even The Paul is doing his part. Just the incessant broadcast of the name 'Trump' is helping the brand along, and the man is no fool at marketing himself.

Bill Tozer

Well, what have we here. A judge rules that smoking marijuana makes ya a handicapped person. Failing a drug test on the first day of work is kinda frowned upon in some unenlightened circles. Guess that is what handicapped people do.

"Barbuto had accused Advantage Sales and Marketing of firing her after her first day of work because she tested positive for the drug, which she had been prescribed by a doctor to treat low appetite, a side effect of her Crohn's disease.

Chief Justice Ralph Gants wrote that if a doctor concludes medical marijuana is the most effective treatment for an employee's debilitating condition, "an exception to an employer's drug policy to permit its use is a facially reasonable accommodation.""


Don Bessee

@640 The biggest expenditure was for tech ops. 2M, think what that supports? He kept the analytics team in place as part of one of his pacs. Lots of cash in the bank AND FREE brand promotion with the hated ones attacking the most. Priceless. ;-)


re: Fish speaking about Ms. Harris

Clinton Donors Have Picked Their 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee


Well now.


A tax that's actually justifiable. And not done by Ca. first? Someone is stoned on the job.
Now how come the "pay your fair share" crowd is bitching the most?


Posted by: ScenesFromTheApocalypse | 17 July 2017 at 07:09 PM

If you could only see me right now......"shocked face".


Oregonians wishing to dodge the $15 tax on bikes with 26" or larger wheels costing $200+ can buy one of these, built in Oregon:


I can't help but wonder if you'll see a series of bicycles with 25.9" wheels come pouring out of China.


I see that Alan Dershowitz is running up against the shoals of reality.



scenes... no chance of a new wheel diameter... 20" was viable for folding bikes only because kids bikes already meant some tires were widely available.



Bummer. I see that sub 26" leads you to exotic/obsolete sizes pretty quickly.

Oh well, just another tax that will slightly nudge people from their local bike shops and towards used bikes.

I wonder what the cost of collection and enforcement is for a tax like that. $10 / bike?


I rather liked this statement due to shortness and sweetness.



Some GOOD news you won't find.

The magazine ban has been shot full of holes.

" The first trouble came when the California Department of Justice (DOJ) attempted to draft their plan to register all of the rifles in California which have "bullet button" reloading devices and other rifles that would fall under the state's expanded assault weapons ban. On June 26, the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) determined that the DOJ had improperly sought to avoid the public comment period on the plan. That caused the deadline for registration to be pushed back six months."


Thanks for the link, Walt.

What's the current status of the Stupid Magazine Control Act of 2017?


Can still own them Scenes.(as I read it) We are not criminals(over night) yet.
And I don't need to register my evil "black gun" yet either.
I guess the state thought if you have no one who can sell bullets, no one can buy them.
The state didn't even follow through with the "special licence to sell" licencing either.

Bill Tozer

Scenes: Gregory might be correct concerning the difficultly of readily available 19.5" wheels and rubber. Oregon has been trying to implement their master plan for taxing miles driven (electric cars) and even hybrids. New cars to have chip to keep track of miles driven and hybrids to have some tracker put in a the gas pump, connected via your plastic of course, so they can figure out how many miles it took to go from point A to point B, how much is that is gas tax and how much electric miles driven not taxed. They know where you go and when you went there. Nobody ides the roads for free!!!!!
The reason put forth is they built all those expensive recharging filling stations and lost millions as they ran deep in the red since conception. You gonna play, you are going to pay. :)
Oh boy. One county rules the State of Portlandia. Told ya'll the wackos are the new Kings of Mount Big Bro Socialist Tyranny Most violent city in America when it comes to protests. Gee, that is a no brainer. Seattle got knocked to 2nd, Berkeley holds at 3rd place but slipping to 4th, as another West Coast locale rears its ugly head. They all at one time were the biggest, shiniest turd in the kybo. The biggest ones always float to the top.

Word of the day from Bill's Encycopedia of Worthless Information: Kybo.

"Finally, kybo, a Scouting term for an outhouse, is an acronym that stands for either Keep Your Bowels Open or Keep Your Bowels Operating."

Example: The Deplorables had to move out of the Kyoto because the Lefties were making too much noise in the basement.



Downsizing wheels would be a breeze. China could have them there in no time.
The hard core gun lovers did the same thing when "Lizard nuts" Arnold signed the law banning the .50 BMG. (.50 cal rifle) Those who had the bucks bought the new .458 . Your shoulder couldn't tell the difference.
Bill can still hear those go off from his place.


re: Walt@12:34PM

I expect that tires are the problem. Large, super high volume, low margin business. Hard to change for low cost.

4chan pipes up.



What gets me, is the bitch about getting taxed. Somehow they think their special? "Tax the shit out of the other guy! I'm GREEN!" These are the same folk that believe that traffic laws don't apply to them either.

Bill Tozer

Now boys and girls,. If you live in Mommie's basement after getting a worthless degree in Contemporary Media or Comminications, or Art History, are you going to kick down for a $1,400 bicycle or are you going to pay the 15 dollar tax, hmmmmm? Riddle me that, Batman.

RE: Ore-gun. I used to have a shirt that read Ore-gun across the front In the Oregon Duck green and yellow colors. It was for the then Krazy Kaliforicators to teach them how to pronounce the name of the State. Needless to say, I did not purchase the tee shirt anywhere near Portlandia.....and many moons ago at that.

Nowadays, a good Oregon shirt would have the logo Ore-Gone across the front.

Memory lane. Once Reagen was doing the ole unfair trade practices with Japan. In a shocking move of retaliation that had the bedwetters and exploding heads going off, It was announced that Reagen was banning Japanese TV and jacking up tariffs. Trade War! Reagen starts trade war with Japan! The sky is falling!!! I want my Miami Heat.

Come to find out, the ban/ high tariff was for some odd size TV that wasn't readily available in the USA. It was sold for the European market and Asia. Only one to two hundred sets a year were ever sold in the good ole USA.

Trade war! Media going unhinged. Pundits running to the shrink's couch and hiding under it. Nothing new under the sun.


Bill. It's not the amount that's important here,(or up there if you will) it's the principal of the matter. "How dare you tax US!" And did you notice all the excuses
why NOT to tax "them"?

Bill Tozer

Walt, good buddy @ 1:27 pm.
Yeah, I know, I know. As Bernie Sanders economics goes, "I have one dollar and you have twenty dollars. Give me your twenty and I will have $21.00."

Fun time! Pick meme, pick meme!



Oldie but goodie:
Love this one. Forget the dude's name, but his death at the hands of LE triggered the drums and war dance, followed by the full blown War Patch on the mean streets. Much smoke emitted into the environment, not to mention all the garbage tossed about everywhere during the rioting. The fakenews mantra was he was such a kind, gentle, loving family man. The cops are out of control! Somebody is ordering the cops to kill darkies on sight! Rightttttt.


Bill Tozer

Ok, 3 more for the day and I will stop with the memes. Pinky promise.

For Scenes and his aquatic friend, Fish.


For Punchy:

For Punchy again: You are doing great! What an unbelievable strategy. You really got ''em on the ropes now. Almost there, just one more punch and you will taste victory po o pollin' fakenews man.



Here's a question that has nothing to do with the posts so far.

Whatever happened with the non-TSA compliant California driver's licenses? I seem to remember that states with bad licensing requirements had them turn into pumpkins on Jan. 1, 2018...which is coming up.

There's no way that a California license is going to pass muster since the state runs it's own federal immigration policy. Do you have to start carrying a passport to get on an airplane in 6 months?


I have mine Scenes, Just like the news blackout on those gun laws that the state got spanked on. Ca. travelers will get a rude surprise when they show up to fly out.
Think the FEDS are going to remind us? The "new" FEDS are not happy with the problem child known as Ca. (Screw FED laws.we like our illegals)

The FEDS might remind us at some last minute midnight news break, just so they can say "we warned ya'."

Paul Emery

Rebane Ruminations favorite judge tough on the Trumplet

"Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano suggested on Monday that Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort had put themselves in legal jeopardy by seeking opposition research from Russians during the 2016 election.

“If I could have advised the president or Donald Trump Jr., I would have said, ‘Go to [Trump attorney] Don McGahn,'” Napolitano opined. “He would have said, ‘You want to talk to a an ex-KGB-GRU agent and a person represented as a Russian government lawyer — even though we now know she wasn’t — tell the FBI, don’t bring those guys in here.'”

Napolitano pointed out that “it is a crime to receive something of value when you are a campaign official from a foreign person or foreign government.

According to the Fox News analyst, Trump officials could be guilty of a felony if they received information about Hillary Clinton from Russians.

“Often these non-violent criminal events don’t happen all at once, they happen in stages,” he continued. “Is this enough to commence a criminal investigation? Answer: yes. Because it is suspicious that they met with these people, that they didn’t consult a lawyer, that one of these people is former KGB-GRU — that’s the Russian intelligence arm.”
Report Advertisement

“Why didn’t Jared Kushner tell the FBI about it unless he was trying to hide something?” Napolitano observed. “Donald Trump would be better served if he weren’t related to the people serving him.””

Don Bessee

Another day and more fakenews. I loved the newsflash claiming there were 2 COUNT EM 2 Tump Putin meetings @ G20. Then I find out the second secret meeting was at the big banquet when Trump walked over to Putin for a minute.

While they were pearl clutching and smashing stoli bottles what else was in the uncovered news today?? Hmmmm, lets play illegal immigration for 100 Alex.

Today the Army Corps of engineers was drilling for soil/rock samples at the sites that are getting the first phase of the wall.

The bids for the wall proposals have been down selected to a group of prototypes that will be installed in the areas that are priorities (think San Diego and Rio Grand valley) for evaluation. There is money in the budget for the wall folks.

Immigration is going to surge ICE agents to sanctuary cities. They still are in process for hiring those 10,000 agents.

For the po' ol' pollhead- Madam liar liar pantsuits on fire is the least popular ever! ;-)


Posted by: Paul Emery | 18 July 2017 at 06:06 PM

I find it delightfully hypocritical that you refer to the presidents son as the "Trumplet"....and this after a full weekend whining about the use of correct names.


Looks like Mr Emery's favorite agency, the folks that gave us the Shah, are up to something.




Paul Emery

Trumpcare-total flop. Biggest news off the week. Flop.

Don Bessee

Well punchy its still a week before McCain is back in DC and I for one am more interested in repealing 0 care. Oh, and still President ya po' ol' fakenewsman. ;-)

Don Bessee

That's a nice job of party parroting ya po' ol' tool of the fakenews industrial complex @616. Calling the story of the week on Tuesday, how prescient of you. ;-)

Paul Emery

Correct names only applies to participants on this Blog Fish

Paul Emery

For newer readers of RR and recent arrivals to our community Don Bessee is someone who truly knows what a FLOP is. He was the chief architect and public spokesman for Measure W, a ballot measure banning all outdoor cannabis cultivation in Nevada County. It was a landmark FLOP losing 60-40. It was also a major contributing factor in the election of Progressive Heidi Hall to District 1 Supervisor in Nevada County. Don B certainly knows about what a FLOP is.

Don Bessee

So he is already flippin on his promise to not talk to us unless we genuflect. Flip flopper. It was a low turnout by R's and I can't lay claim to writing measure W. We also beat measure S by a bigger raw vote thank W lets remember. Prop 64 passed with about 1200 votes in Nevada County, there is still controversy about a lot of those 'new' voter registrations last year. ;-)

Don Bessee

@ 640 is a great example of the fakenews industrial complex, those po' ol' pollhead rules only apply to you and not the fakenewsman. Typical double standards. ;-)

Paul Emery

Measure W FLOP no excuses when you lose by 20%

Don Bessee

Facts that we discussed on your news show ya po' ol' fakenewsman. I don't need no stikin fakenews rules from the fakenews industrial complex, thanks for the offer though. ;-)


Posted by: Paul Emery | 18 July 2017 at 06:40 PM

Correct names only applies to participants on this Blog Fish

NICE! I didn't know you played Calvinball!


re: Fish@7:48PM

lol. Perfect analogy.

A small story on a slow news day.


Paul Emery

Flop Don Lost by 20%

Paul Emery

Conservatives blast Trumpcare Flop :

‘An epic fail — seven years gone down the drain’: Fox’s Krauthammer shreds GOP and Trump for health care flop

“This is an epic fail,” Charles Krauthammer declared. “This is historic. This is seven years of arguing gone down the drain. And I think we’re at the end of the road, at least in this phase.”

‘The idea that they are going to get a repeal bill standing alone, when repeal and replace was meant to mitigate the effects of repeal, is ridiculous and it is not going to pass,” he added.

The longtime Fox commentator went on to place blame on President Donald Trump, saying, “There was no presidential leadership … You put all of those together and you get an epic fail.”


If I was Jamie I wouldn't know what to make of this......given Barrys predilections!

Diller Wants Dimon...



Here you go Punchy.....my gift to you!

Former Vice President Joe Biden defeats Trump 54 percent to 39 percent
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders defeats Trump 52 percent to 39 percent
Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren defeats Trump 49 percent to 42 percent
New Jersey Senator Cory Booker defeats Trump 45 percent to 40 percent
California Senator Kamala Harris defeats Trump 41 percent to 40 percent

You can leave the Viagra in the nightstand tonight!



With what happened in PV today, get ready for the next anti gun rants. What really sucks, is that they were our friends.

Todd Juvinall

Looking at the poll it proves once again the bias This is from the text.

"The sample group itself leans Democratic. 836 registered voters participated in the poll between July 14 and 17 and of those 836 participants, 42 percent of them identify as Democrats, 31 percent of them identify as Republicans, and 27 percent of them identify as "independent/other."

Forty six percent of this poll's participants voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and 42 percent voted for Donald Trump. Harris' 41 percent total may signal that the freshman senator isn't yet well known by some reliable Democratic voters. "

Other than some internal polls I have never ever seen a poll weighted towards the right. ever.


Posted by: Walt | 18 July 2017 at 08:24 PM



Where was the Nevada County Booth?

It has been 25 years since Ellen, and I attended the State Fair. We were regulars when the kids were growing up, but once they went off to college, we stopped going to the State Fair. When we did go, the County Booths were on the top of our list to see. Today, we went to the State Fair, looking forward to the County Exhibits, especially the Nevada County exhibits which have been an award winner in the past.

Walking into Building B, we spotted an information booth and asked, “where is the Nevada County Booth.” The man behind the counter looked at a map of the booths and said, “Nevada County does not have a booth this year.” Showing our disappointment we continued our tour. As we viewed the booths, the central theme was to attract visitors to come to the host County and enjoy its history, unique food, wine, and entertainment. The winning booth was from Mendocino County, our favorite County to visit.

Walking to the other exits and chatting over a Fair food lunch we wondered why Nevada County no longer exhibited its unique history, climate, food, wine and entertainment at the State Fair? Why were they not competing with the other Counties for tourism dollars?

If readers have a good explanation, I hope they will share it in the comments.


Sorry Fish, I forgot some don't read the local rag. There was a shooting here in PV, and it turns out to be close friends. I went over to say hi, and nothing but cops and police tape.
It still hasn't sunk in yet.

Todd Juvinall

Russ when I was elected in 1985 we started the booth up that year. Dennis Cassella our able bodied Purchasing dude took control and made it happen. We won the gold. And all the year until I stopped paying attention in 1995 or so, we had a booth. But I think the Gang of Four stopped it. I could be wrong. But it has not been there for many years. We used CofC money allocations and many volunteers. It looks like it is of no concern to the BOS and has not for many years.

Now though we should have a Ganja theme with Paul Emery in charge. I bet he'd do a great job!

Bill Tozer

"Correct names only applies to participants on this Blog Fish", ROFLMAO!

There goes Punchy bestowing upon commentators the great honor of being addressed by no other than our local Fakesnews man himself. Geeze, a boiling water enema sounds better.. Oh, you can't make this stuff up.

Keep searching, keep trying, keep faking it until you make it, Putang Punchy. There has to be some redeemable qualities like integrity in that duplicity bubble from whence you have your being. You really don't see it, do ya? Odd. All this time I thought you were joking or pulling our leg. Now I am starting to believe that you just don't have a clue.

Green liberation. That's a good one. Talk about an oxymoron, Green Libertarian takes the cake.


Business as usual:


It's funny how all it took was some political will:


The takeaway from the second story is the the US Left never ever had any intention of enforcing the national borders, regardless of the rhetoric through the years. Kinda hard to build a welfare state when you invite the world, but double-entry bookkeeping is not most peoples' strong suit.

Next up is just how much healthcare you can give away for free, especially in a world where there is no political will to drop costs via either fiat or free market.

Mary Wanna

Trumplet?,,,are you talking about lyin' L'il Donnie? A chip off the ol' block as us old timers like to say.


A nice little story:


Yes, I know that Clinton isn't President and that it's OLD NEWS. The thing is, we wouldn't have heard a bit about this if the close-run election had gone the other way.

The Democratic Party is charmingly crooked in that old-school way. It isn't like people give up power willingly.


Posted by: Mary Wanna | 19 July 2017 at 06:03 AM

Morning chatbot!

Todd Juvinall

Must be the same person trying to post on mine. Loony!

Todd Juvinall

Hey just saw on SCS{PAN-2 the Senate will maybe vote on REPEAL next week. I have been inundating them with Tweets. Kind of fun. Anyway, I said "see, you thought you would not be attacked by the media" for doing nothing since the media was against repeal and replace. But they are being excoriated as we all knew they would be regardless. So I encouraged them to do what their bas voters want or they will lose them. What is worse? If they do not repeal they will be losing the Senate and the House as that is why the people gave them both. Could they be that stupid?


the Democrats are the gift that just keeps on giving.


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