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15 July 2017


Bill Tozer

Great read, Fish @ 3:38 pm. Boy, time to stock up on earplugs.


Gotta second what Scenes said. Yup, Bill is "#1",, no doubt there.
But DAMN Scenes,, you have come a long way in a short time. WE were lucky to get two short sentences and a link out of you. That was it. Now your sticking it to'm, with the best of'm.

Todd Juvinall

Here we go.
Time to fire Mueller and his fishing expedition gang. He seems to have hired all the leftover Obama and Clinton lawyers and staff. Kind of a conflict of interest I would say. So let's see Sessions clean them out and bring in people who don't have a axe to grind. And set some parameters for the "investigation" if you insist on having one. But I am more interested in getting the country going and having jobs and income for our people. This DC drama soap-opera show is not what we middle-class people voted for. In fact, we may just have to throw out all the lefty and righty and get new blood in there. So send or tweet or FB or call or write or email all those politicians in the swamp and tell them to stop the games and get the work of the people done. AND NOW!


Now that videos are showing up of ISIS terrorists getting a taste of their own tactics,
human rights snowflakes decide to start whining. Where were they before?
Well tough cookies. Sometimes you DO need to "stoop to their level". It gets the point across.


lol. You just have to love the Green Libertarians.

USA Today Complains About Lack of 'Women' and 'No Lead Actors of Color' in Movie 'Dunkirk'


Don Bessee

Is it any surprise that the fakenews would publish a movie review that only displayed how shallow and ignorant fakenewsmen are? There were not many women and minorities in the British expeditionary force circa 1930's. What a maroon. ;-)

Todd Juvinall

I posted for the first time on the NPR FB page. Wow! What a hoot! The liberals are foaing at the mouth. All personal attacks and insults of me personally. God it is fun!

Don Bessee

Hey who knew how much of hater the fake science guy Bill Nye is, he who is not a scientist told the global warming community to just wait for you global warming deniers to die off. You bad old white guys are the scourge of the world according to the PC scum. Too bad my family has a history of living longer in each generation. Octogenarian has been a minimum for us, good genes, good food and private health insurance is a good combination. Then came 0 care.... Perhaps that's his point the death panels will get us all. ;-)

Bill Tozer

John Elway was a slow moving Bronco.


Paul Emery

Glad to see you agree with me Walt that Bill is a biker.

"those ladies really like the "bad boys". Especially "bikers".

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