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30 August 2017



Hay Lefties. Have a look at how your side feels about "fair" elections.
"A federal judge in Florida has thrown out a class-action lawsuit led by Sen. Bernie Sanders supporters who accused the Democratic National Committee of “being in cahoots” with Hillary Clinton -- but only after the DNC's legal team argued they had no obligation to adhere to a fair nominating process.

While the case is dead for now, it's also bolstered critics who say the DNC had a bias in favor of Clinton last year.

So when you vote LIB, there is a better chance than not, that that vote is worthless.

Todd Juvinall

Honest to goodness, a loon named Joe Koyote is dissing all of those people who did not get a college degree like Pelline did. And I think this nut moved here freely. LOL!
I see that self-proclaimed lefty antifa loving Joe Koyote dissing all the locals like his mentor Pelline. For some reason, those pinheads in Pelline;s blog thinks we disdain a college educated crew. And then Joe tells us we, the uneducated dolts of the community, dumbed our kids down in the schools run by college educated teachers and administrators! It appears the Koyote logic is as good as ol' Wiley maybe even worse. And JOKE said we are no better than the seep suth and the rust belt folks. You know, the middle class. And JoKe is what a welfare queen? You cannot make this stuff up!

Bill Tozer

“A man’s admiration for absolute government is proportionate to the contempt he feels for those around him.” —Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859)

Not a perfect meme, but close to the topic.


Account Deleted

"In fact, many of the main principles from the 1956 Republican Party Platform are remarkably similar to those of Democratic Party Platforms during the last many decades."
Such as? What - gay and transgender 'rights'? The complete disregard for immigration laws?
It's a typical left-wing screed - completely devoid of a single fact to back up a load of nonsense.
R Stormsgaard couldn't argue his way out of a wet paper bag.
"We should do this in a factual and controlled manner, but accepting the lies of right-wing wishful/knowingly false thinking puts us at a huge disadvantage where uncommitted voters may conclude that even Democrats believe there is no real difference between the two parties, affirming the general and widespread disinterest for politics by average voters in this country."
What facts? What lies? Where are they? Must be fun to be able to just make stuff up.
The NRA doesn't want gun safety? That is, in fact, one of the main interests of the NRA.
Maybe Mr Stormsgaard should concentrate on FLOTUS footwear. This seems to be of interest to the lefties today.

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