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01 August 2017


Todd Juvinall

Welcome back. Any Russians lurking in Estonia?

Don Bessee

Ya, right on the border Todd. ;-)

Account Deleted

Glad to hear you and your family had a safe and enjoyable trip. I'll be busy checking out the places on Google Earth now. That's a part of the world that doesn't get a lot of notice.

George Rebane

ScottO 423pm - Tonight in the WSJ and on FN we saw VP Pence make two important speeches in Estonia yesterday re NATO's stand against Russian expansion. One of them was in Tallinn's historical city hall (1423) square where we were the day before. But those are not the only reasons why Estonia should "get a lot of notice."


Glad to have you home safe and sound.

rl crabb

Sounds like a fun trip. Estonia may be proof that a smaller local government is more efficient than being part of an immense distant bureaucracy, at least until you need help defending yourself from an ambitious empire next door.

Barry Pruett

Definitely headed there in the future. Thank you for your detailed story of the trip. Awesome.


"Estonia may be proof that a smaller local government is more efficient than being part of an immense distant bureaucracy"

Or perhaps the value of a well-behaved culture. Remember that Estonia has only rarely been a country but still maintained a language and (probably) a sense of self. In the long run, the notion of a nation appears to have outstripped the idea of state.

You can argue that the expansion is on the side of NATO not Russia, but Medvedev's talk of 'privileged interests' (referenced in about any paper on the subject) strikes me as malleable. Heck, who would have guessed that the Germans would send a division or two to Libya?

Places located on fault lines (religious, language, ethnicity) always seem to end up with busy histories.

Teine Rebane Estey

Teine Rebane Estey here, (the second oldest "child" at age of 51) A public note to my father: That was the trip of a lifetime Daddy, and you not only spoiled us rotten, you and Mama made every day a fun and relaxed adventure. It was beyond illuminating to finally see your utopian homeland. I finally saw the birch forrest you were dug into for months as a baby while your free thinking, entrepreneurial (thus dangerous) parents were avoiding being murdered by the invading Russians. I finally saw the dilapidating effects on the buildings that matched the effects on the SOULS of the older people who stayed in Estonia during the collectivist times. I also saw the rebirth of hope and the resurrection of those souls, and I saw the babies their children are making. There truly is a freedom in the air there! 'Free market Estonia' rebuilt relatively quickly and it's apparent they love America and they've cobbled together a government using the best practices of other successful countries. It's seems insane tort law hasn't taken root and people are allowed to think and use common sense rather than have OSHA and 3 departments of government supervise the building of a park bench. Notably, there seems to be no obligation to house or gift others with a life in Estonia if they are not going to become Estonian and fully embrace the culture. There's plenty of diverse expression, but we felt completely at home with every stranger we met, and I think that's because we had a fundamentally similar idea of what makes people tick and we felt safe because we could predict the behavior of perfect strangers. Most of all I love you and thank you for the effort you and Mama put into making that trip somehow more fun than educational, yet more educational than all the 50 years I've sat riveted at our dinner table listening to stories of your life. I'll make a link to that public album for the photos you want to share. And thank you again for what you've done for us children and our families. You're such a good Daddy. :)

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