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03 August 2017


Don Bessee

Can we say claw back @ 548! ;-)

Bill Tozer

Don @ 5:46 pm

Yes, I have read that story before, but this one is an update as that person catalogues more and more toxic waste marijuana grows gathers more and more data. Just the tip of the iceberg. Poor bears, flora, watershed, wildlife, soil. The more you look, the more you find.

Don Bessee

Who knew that Maryland let illegals vote!! WTF! ;-)


It's kind of a bummer that the Obama opposition surveillance program will never get the treatment it deserves, but even the little scraps of drama are interesting.


Nothing to see here. It was for The People.

Bill Tozer

6:55 am
A bit surprising how Obama turned to his UN Ambassodors to do the dirty work. After the Benghazi debacle, it was UN Ambassador Susan Rice who was sent out to all the Sunday morning talk shows to carry the water and spout the bold face lie that Ambassador Stevens death was all about a 9/11 demonstration (celebration) that got out of hand. Susan Dirty Rice was rewarded for her actions on that Sunday by being promoted to the President's Nation Security Adviser. Sweet.

Later, more dirty work needs to be done. Who will be chosen to do the dastardly deeds? Hmmm. I know, how about our ambassador to the UN. Along comes Samantha Power, reporting for duty. Sweet.


"Later, more dirty work needs to be done. Who will be chosen to do the dastardly deeds? "

As long as they're done dirt cheap.


It appears that the Huffpo as decided to team up with MS-13.



The Presidential campaign continues on in Oregon


Don Bessee

A one two punch to the global warming set;

The finance committee is going to start hearings on solar subsidy fraud, waste and abuse with solar city in the crosshairs. When you look at solar city and tesla Elon Musk has received $4.9 Billion in subsidies. Half his net worth. Is he the Madoff of green subsidies?

Al 'I invented the internet' Gore's new we are all going to die movie had a disastrous opening last week. Only $900k in ticket sales nationally. I would have thought there were more in the global warming team than that. Do they now distrust Gore's prognostications too? ;-)

Don Bessee

Foxconn just announced another new factory in the US. This time its Michigan, right on the heels of the Wisconsin announcement. They laughed when Trump said there would be 3 yet we are already at 2. Will the next one be OH or PA to lock down key states? ;-)


Found another campaign issue for LIBS.
"Trump hates food stamp recipients! There is a million less than there used to be."

Yes we all know that is great news. But the Left just won't see it that way.


Where or where did Paul E (pronounced Punch-E) go?
I guess that forces me to look for the latest poll...
Trump is surging, back up to 41% approval on the Rasmussen daily presidential approval poll of likely voters.

Easy come, easy go.

I'd not be surprised if it bounces up and down for awhile, testing the low of 38 and high of 50.


In case you all haven't been keeping track of the latest L. Lynch fuss and fury.



Posted by: Gregory | 07 August 2017 at 02:49 PM

Punch-E might be getting his way…..Buchanan seems to think we are in the midst of a slow motion coup!

Bun Bun

Oh Donni, Foxconn is that company where workers jump off buildings to their death rather than work there. Love those diapered up assembly jobs? Who is going to work there? All those Chinese who got here in shipping containers? Are cheese heads going to work for world market wages? iPhones will cost $2,000 instead of $800. Trump going to offer billions in subsidies to make up the difference between Vietnam and US wages? Foxconn to pay US corporate taxes or profits go offshore?MAGA

Todd Juvinall

Bun Bun, Maybe they will head down to the inner city Chicago and find thousands of men and women ready to work. Let's give that a chance,

Don Bessee

Bun bun is dumb dumb. The repatriation of offshore capitol will drive even more capitol spending. Heck, Apple has over a quarter of a billion in cash in float, Buffet has 100 Billion and so on. Cut the corporate rate and home it comes and we get a (?) 15% to 20% cut off the top of the $1,000,000,000 pool of cash to pay for say infrastructure like The Wall.

Bun bun apparently does not have high confidence in the MI and WI labor departments. ;-)

Bill Tozer

What to do when the alias Carlos Danger is already taken?


Bill Tozer

Absolutely nothing to see here. I see nothing, I hear nothing, I didn't even get out of bed this morning.

In June California Secretary of State Alex Padilla told the Trump administration the state will not cooperate with the election integrity commission because it would “only serve to legitimize the false and already debunked claims of massive voter fraud.”



Bun Bun = Rabbit with a switchblade, so be careful.


No Scenes,, your wrong for once. A rabbit with a knife is self cleaning and fit for spit roasting over an open fire.(properly contained per CALFIRE specs.)
For get that rule Momma' taught you? NEVER run with a knife in your hand.(or soon to be someone's lucky rabbit's foot.(yet never luck for the rabbit))

Bill Tozer

I was going to post this under the last Scattershots about Hilary vs Mr. Miller, but this Sandbox will do just fine. What does another true feminist (who can think for herself) have to say?

"Exactly, but it was even more than that. Not only was he wrong on the fact of the matter (54 sovereign states have English as their official language), the soft bigotry comes in the form of expecting non-Western individuals to not be able to cope, adjust or deliver when a requirement is made of them. This cosmopolitan deceit proclaims The Other as infant, perpetually unable to help themselves."

For millions of people in this country, it’s the overbearing and incompetent government bureaucracy that steals the future from people, sucking every ounce of hope from their lives. Mr. Williamson’s disturbing sanctimony did do one thing—exposed how disconnected even the ‘conservative’ establishment had become from the heart of this nation, and explains in part why we have President Trump and not President Jeb.


Bill Tozer


On a lighter note:



For Don:


Bill Tozer

I am beginning to like this novel The intrigue, the cast of characters, the mother-in-law calling the police, and so much more. Debbie is a "stand by your man kind" of women.



Bill. The way she's been acting one would surmise blackmail is involved. That IT guy must have some heavy shi* on her. Gotta make those extortion payments on time.
There is no way this is going to end well for her.

Don Bessee

ICE reports that the average cost of an illegals deportation is 11k. Historical reports indicate that each illegal costs 65-75k depending on whos report you use. So do the math in the optimistic 65k cost projection, 13 or 14 million illegals @ a net 55 to 65k = ______________
you do the math folks. Which ever number is a disaster for tax payers. ;-)


Walt. Fear the rabbit. There's such a thing.



Not to say that our local poster is as astute as a cartoon bunny.


Huh. It looks to me like they should start giving men a break on college tuition and on their SAT scores.



No Voter Fraud in California???

11 counties in California have more total registered voters than citizens over the age of 18. How is this possible?” – Assemblyman Travis Allen, @JoinTravisAllen, a Republican running for California governor, quoting Breitbart.com.

Bun Bun

Trump is a damn idiot! Trump tweets link to Fox News story promoting leaks from anonymous sources when he likes what the leak says.

Bun Bun

Oh Donni, that is a quarter trillion Apple has floating around.
Foxconn is going to spend that $10 billion? Not in the US that is for sure. All the high tech equipment going in that plant is made in somewhere else! Will they use American steel or Chinese steel?

George Rebane

Russ 953am - Glad you brought that up Russ. In conjunction with a piece of the president's voter fraud commission, Fox News reported yesterday that to date there have been over 900 convictions of individuals for perpetrating voter fraud in recent years. This is counter to the constant drumbeat from the Left that no such successful litigation has occurred, and their complete silence on glaring factual data about voter rolls such as you cite. And, of course, the lamestream is completely silent about that, opting to only focus on the president's commission seeking data from the states that they will then use to restrict the ability of the minorities, the poor, the benighted, the disadvantaged, legally disenfranchised, and the illegal aliens to vote early and often.

re BunB 1007am - Well, by that logic we now have liberal confirmation that the NYT, WaPo, HuffPost, DailyKos, ... are also "damn idiots" for their deluge of reports based on anonymous leaks with content they like. Good to have finally cleared that up.

Bill Tozer

All over the map today: something old, something new, something blue:

1). Mad Max
Enabling lawlessness: “No, not at all. I am so glad they’re telling us what’s going on.” —Maxine Waters when asked if she’s worried about leaks

“I am not running for anything except the impeachment of Trump.” —Maxine Waters

Can you say "When the revolution comes"? Good, I knew you could. When the coup comes, there will be no more bull crap or poverty or sadness or sorrow. When the revolution comes, there will no more hunger or want or toil nor sweat. When the revolution comes.........


2) The tax man cometh. https://www.facebook.com/RowdyConservatives/photos/a.217983685002343.55586.217926015008110/1144865032314199/?type=3&theater

3) Run Thumper,, run! https://www.facebook.com/PatriotPost/photos/a.82108390913.80726.51560645913/10154959369245914/?type=3&theater

4) No honor among thieves. Honor appropriation?

5). Finally, giving credit where credit is due:

“Look, even on the abortion issue, it wasn’t very long ago that a number of Catholic Democrats were opposed to abortion. So the fact that somebody believes today what most people believed 50 years ago should not be the basis for their exclusion.” —California Gov. Jerry Brown

Paul emery

900 is a far cry from 3 million George
Gregory seems you didn't notice that the negatives in consensus polls against tromp are at an all-time high Not much to cheer about

Paul Emery

Here's the grizzly details Gregory. Trump down by by 19.5. All time low for the Trumper. Historically unprecedented.


Paul Emery


In your post you quoted " 900 convictions of individuals for perpetrating voter fraud in recent years. " What is the time span of the "recent years" that are noted?

George Rebane

PaulE 1118am - Don't know, ask Fox News. But I would expect it to be no further back than since the 2012 election. What's your "3 million" all about?

Paul Emery

Tromp claims he won the popular election. He said the difference was fraudulent votes

George Rebane

PaulE 1228pm - don't lose the focus Paul. We are discussing the verity of the Left's contention that there has been no significant voter fraud in American elections during recent years, and the Right's contention that there has indeed been such fraud. Citing one politician's anecdotal claim does not materially contribute to this discussion. But the uncovered facts about registrations vs franchised populations, and that hundreds of voter fraud cases have been successfully litigated does.

It would be foolish to conclude that since 900+ voter fraud cases have been proven in court, that that is the sum total and insignificant number of fraudulent votes recently cast.

Don Bessee

While the po' ol' pollhead is fiddling with his TURDS eruption the world is shuddering at the news the NK has miniaturized a nuke. The DOW was up 65 then the story broke. There has already been a 100 pt. swing.

If this is true 0's neglect and possible lies about NK taken with the big front loaded bribe to iran have given the space and cash to make these advances. I still have to wonder that there is so little chatter about the Iran-NK programs being 1 big program.

Hitting NK with the 1B in UN sanctions is a joke when Iran can cover that shortfall for fat kim with pocket change thanks to 0. How is it that there are any sanctions left that have not been used before team 0?

Bill Tozer

Punch E, your polling of Trump's horrible, terrible, awful numbers would make me sad if it wasn't across the board. Unfortunately, as Trump's numbers sink, so do the Dems, Congress, and RINO's. Ole Mitch is at 18%, Nancy at 27%, about the same as Crying Chuckie and his ilk. Well, there is only one President, so that's an easy target. The Dems (which you are not associated with) are leaderless, so all they have to poll is Mad Max, Spreading Bull Warren, Botox Queen Nancy, Grumpy old man Bernie (who has more houses than there are genders) and Hillary. Oh yeah, the poll ex-Presidents as well. Worse poll I have ever read is the poll of The Media. 6%. 6%? Wonder how it got up above 4%.
The dog days of August are upon us. The doldrums have settled down upon the nation. Maybe it's the summer heat, but lately the news is like watching summer reruns. Maybe things will become less boring after Labor Day. Right now it's funk time for the nation....as it always is in the dog days of August.
Maybe the Dems will find a leader in the coming months. Something to look forward to!


Paul. NOW you pipe up about voter fraud? I gave you those stats two weeks ago. Now you pipe up like it's something new.
OH Yeaa,, Most of Popular vote" you hang your tinfoil hat on came from CALIF.. Where plenty of ILLEGALS get to vote. (Forget Ca. has MOTORVOTER?) Illegals can walk in and get a licence. What comes with that? Voter registration. No wonder Ca. refuses to turn over voter registration files. Only those with something to hide would gripe.

You're the one who is happy to let the government have complete access to your health records, but not your voting preference. Why is that? You do something in your past that yanked your right to vote?

Paul Emery

oh oh looks like Trump has drawn a "red line in the sand"

""North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. He has been very threatening - beyond a normal statement - and as I said they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which the world has never seen before," Trump said, referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at an event this afternoon. "


OK Paul, name the American city you would prefer to get nuked before we do anything.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Don B @ 12:40 pm.

You know, North Korea has not fought a war in 60 years. Hmmm, what is it with all those medals the North Korean generals wear? Talk about bling. Those medals cover both sides of their chests and now they are going down their pant legs. For what?

Any who, I have an idea. If we could come up with some humungous magnet gadget attached to a drone or satellite or something, I bet we could suck up all those generals and put an end to their foolishness. Maybe the medals are for 60 years of peace. Hard to say.

Sanctions probably won't work. Remember the UN's Food for Oil program under Saddam Hussein Obama....er...under the Saddam Hussein sanctions? Boy, talk about corruption that stunk to high heaven. The UN knows one thing: Money talks, bull pucky walks. "How much for that little girl?" asks the UN peacekeeper protecting the refugees. Too much, just rape her and throw her back when finished.

If sanctions don't work, and peace talks don't work (as they never have with the officially named Democratic People's Republic of Korea, aka, DPRK) then there is always the proven failproof option: its ugly, but desperate times call for desperate measures.


Or, why can't the UN declare the Democratic People's Repupublic of Korea a nuke and gun free zone? That would make the world safer place.


Don Bessee

@ punch 108- After that stmt. the market stabilized ya po' ol' fakenewsman. ;-)


Any guesses where the a-holes came from?

Bill Tozer

Mr.Walt @ 1:44 pm.

Where o where do the anal cavities come from? I have read similar stories to the one flink below, except the other stories mention Respresentative Doug La Malfa's district. Hey, that means my vote will count. Expect more of "die in pain" and targeting "the Republican representatives for vociferous protest."

Well, that puts us common folk, knuckledraggers, farmers, ranchers, loggers, nail pounders, and the salt of the earth back in play. Maybe one of us will be interviewed by one of those fancy pantsy high falutin low pollution' reporters from the New York Times! It's possible.


Boy, La Malta better win or Punch Eeeeee will be pounding on his clam til Kingdom Come.....daily...even though he ain't no Democrat. He sure hates Doug.
Wonder if the polling shows the Green Libertarian Party with any chance of tossing out the farmer. Guess we will have to wait and see.

Bill Tozer

Near Fresno? Heck, this has been happening all around here, but the murdering is not as common, yet. I know a guy with 600 acres who is afraid to even go horsebacking on his own property anymore, after seeing some dark haired people hanging around in a spot he used to ride to and water the horses. And he is afraid to call the cops because if they hide or sneak away, he and his family could be next. Very sad, yet not uncommon around our neck of the woods. Poor guy just doesn't wander around his property nor enjoy the elbow room like he used to.



Hay Paul.. The question too hard to answer?

Bill. so much for the saying that dope is a victimless crime.

Bill Tozer

Dope is is victimless crime?


Dope? They do smack in West Virginnie, Mountain Momma, I hear. It's becoming an epidemic.

Pop! There goes another one.


Bill Tozer

As reported previously by Todd or Don. Always nice to see a Southern Belle donning a white bonnet. Gotta look the part of Florence Nightendale, the nurturer.

Even with the UAW spending heavily on ads and bringing in big names like Senator Bernie Sanders and actor Danny Glover to pitch for the union, the plant, where more than 80% of workers are black, rejected the message that Nissan was exploiting “human misery and insecurity” to turn a high profit.



SINGLE PAYER......will solve everything!


Bill Tozer

Holy Smokes. I remember talk of a upcoming show called Weed World. Locals got all a'twitter over it. Man o man, that is one butt face ugly woman. Ugly. Look up ugly ass butt face in the dictionary, and her picture will be displayed.

Kids, if you don't stop smoking dose, you will end up as ugly as her.



Well Bill,, I see what Hildabeast did with her "Scooby" van.
That van had "bust me" written all over it.
Read about the Coors lite? I bet it was a 40 OZ.er

Bun Bun

Little Kim is calling out Trump,

Bill Tozer

Hear about Little Oscar? He got busted driving the wrong way on a One Way street with his weinnie waggin. (The Oscar Mayer mascot...."Here's Little Oscar now!!! " over the loudspeaker).
Know a guy who still has his weinnie whistle from when Little Oscar drove his weinnie mobile tossing out hot dog shaped little whistles to the delighted kids when he drove through his hometown.....many moons ago. And find baseball tickets in the Oscar Mayer hotdog packages......Triple A..

Oh, better make this about something. Or not. Looks like the election was just the final pre-season game, afterall. Now is the time to strap the amor back on. The slugfest ain't even here yet. Been sharing the knife on the whetstone. Can slice through a sheet of paper like it wasn't even there. Best thing about being the underdog and surrounded is you can shoot in any direction and hit something. Mercy.

Love days like today. Oh, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger for the all so fearful trembling Liberals, bedwetters, and guys who have their moms spike their hair before going out to protest capitalism....well, they get all puffed up and try as I may to warn them, no matter how many times they have said "this is the one, I really mean it" and meant it, it's just keeps blowing up in their faces. Oh, that ever getting closer light at the end of the tunnel to displace the President, is...is....is the Trump Train coming through. No brakes. :)


More pot news.
Now it causes high BP... To be fair, I call BS on this. I have smoked more than my share, and my blood pressure is fine.

Bill Tozer

Pot, polls, politics, and picking banjos up behind the Old Nevada Theater is the good life for some. Some never left hanging out in the Bonanza parking lot, or, preferably, sitting in front of The Miner's Foundry Cultural Center. I have no idea where that came from. Better check my blood pressure. :)

I kinda like the twitter machine the President uses. Makes sense to me. Why?


Don Bessee

Great day at the R fair booth! It was good to see that Eric Boling slapped the reporter with a $50 million law suit. She should be worried if she does not have the pics as it appears, he has deep pockets to fund an army of lawyers. I have to think there may be a whole lot of them would like to do it for fun. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Don, good day at the fair? Good. That's mighty fine.


Mighty fine indeed.

Did you see the Deplorable Booth?

Wondered who was manning the Alt-left booth. Probably just a bunch of snot nosed kids.

Don Bessee

BT- I WAS in the deplorables booth today, I wore a special shirt I found in my travels that was a patriotic theme with a minion from the deplorable me movies! Big hit, well with a couple expected exceptions. You could guess which usual suspects I am sure. As far as the local alt left, those booths had an average age much higher than my shifts! ;-)


….hmmmmm……..anybody seen Punch-E?


Bill Tozer

Too early Fish. Those music types are on the night shift. Give him time to sleep it off. He ain't as young as he used to be. Longer recovery time and all that.


The kind of thinking that got into trouble in the first place.

Yup,, just let them have their nukes. What could possibly go wrong?

Bill Tozer

Susan Rice. Yep, she still has her top serutiy clearance.



In related news, that last administration was something else.


Bill Tozer

Fish @ 8:55am

"….hmmmmm……..anybody seen Punch-E?"

I was thinking along similar lines...


Paul Emery

Just a reminder that it was under Bush Jr that N Korea tested its first Nuke. Add that to the Bush Hall of Shame.

July - After North Korea test fires long range missiles, the UN Security Council passes a resolution demanding that North Korea suspend the program.
October - North Korea claims to have successfully tested its first nuclear weapon. The test prompts the UN Security Council to impose a broad array of sanctions."



Well no shi* Paul,,, and you want to continue the same failed idea. "buy your way out".
Paying Extortion is always a solid plan.
Just like giving bums money. They will always come back for more.

I wonder how long you would put up with the guy next door throwing dog crap over the fence for you to deal with. What would you say? " Thanks for the free fertilizer!"


OK,, NO more picking on,,, you know who.
Man oh man. They will tag "ist" or "isim" on anything these days.


re: The Paul@12:05

The newswarriors never give up, you have to hand it to them.

If anyone blew it, it was Bill Clinton when he wasn't groping the secretaries. Hopefully you weren't waiting for someone to post the current meme about Clinton that was then 'debunked' by all the highly biased debunkers.



From the wikipedia timeline on NK nukes:

2004 2 September: Clinton Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright admits North Korean "cheating" on the Agreed Framework occurred during the "Clinton Watch".

lol. Give it a break dude. Spend some time in the nice sunshine.

Paul Emery

First North Korean nuclear test was under bush's watch. Do you deny that Scenes?

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