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02 August 2017



As to where the MJ money ends up, I suppose it's a combination of Briar Patch (I mean really, just look at the size of the place), local sushi restaurants, and car dealerships in Roseville. The multiplying effect of cash flow is happening, it isn't like it's just sitting in a Fidelity brokerage account, and to their credit they bring money in from outside the area.

I can see that Ms. Hodge really really wants to hold the talking stick, but I can't help but wonder if you wouldn't be better off with people who can run bonafide profit-making organizations in those offices now and again. As for Sierra Commons, I suspect that you might as well just go to a coffee shop. Maybe a marijuana grower should run, but their resume might need a bit of polishing.

Bill Tozer

Hodgepodge of greatest hits:

Hilary wept:
"Trump's newly appointed Chief Policy Advisor Steve Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart News, is closely associated with the alt-right, a modern movement of outspoken white supremacism."

Geeze, sounds like somebody done got fat shamed. Great quotes:

"There are people who believe that the country's ills are directly caused by people of color and immigrants.
There are people who believe that women should not have ownership of their sexual expression, and that homosexuals are deviant people who deserve the fires of hell.
There are people who sincerely believe that all Muslims are bad people.
These people are not just radio personalities. Many of our neighbors and family members feel this way.

Up until the election, I thought that racism, sexism, and bigotry was a slow-burning flame about to be extinguished in our beautiful nation.
It turns out that racism, sexism and bigotry are not just alive and well in America, they are thriving.

And the hits just keep on coming:

"During the 2016 presidential election, we saw the greatest of glass ceilings just above our heads, heard it cracking, and watched again as it stayed just out of reach. Mothers awoke with their daughters the day after the election to once again explain why the man gets to go first. Women and girls watched as one of the most qualified candidates in U.S. presidential history, a woman, received three million more votes but ultimately lost to a man with no credentials and no decorum.

Many women had taken for granted how far we had come. We believed that we could tell our daughters honestly that they could be anything they wanted, that they could accomplish anything. This election woke women up to the fact that we have been lying to our children and that the idea of equality for women and girls has been nothing but an unfounded fallacy thus far. It is hard reality to come to terms with."

More funny quotes: Blah, blah, blah.......
" Donald Trump's illegal executive order banning immigration from certain countries with Muslim-majority populations goes against our country's enacted laws, the spirit of our Constitution, and our values as Americans. We are a country founded by immigrants, built by immigrants, and our diverse and layered population of citizens is what makes America great every day.

Over the weekend, many people took to the streets, went to local airports, or gathered together in communities large and small to stand against xenophobia and religious intolerance. People have come together to strategize inclusive action plans to hold our elected officials accountable and to protect our country's democracy and Constitution."


Todd Juvinall



re: BillT & HH

When you are playing at politics, it seems to me that you can't go wrong by thinking the worst of your neighbors. At least so long as they form a slight minority of voters.

Dunno how that gets pot holes filled, but whatever works.


I went and took a peek at that website. Putting ones feet up on the conference table is really professional.That sure falls under "Personalized guidance that elevates opportunity." So when "one gets the opportunity" for a job, throw your feet up on the interviewer's desk.. You will most likely get an "opportunity" to see the other side of the door you just walked thorough.

Bill Tozer

HH 88 penned,

"Up until the election, I thought that racism, sexism, and bigotry was a slow-burning flame about to be extinguished in our beautiful nation.
It turns out that racism, sexism and bigotry are not just alive and well in America, they are thriving."

Could not agree more. Just ask any coming out of the shadows Conservative student on today's college campuses and they will testify to it. They live in fear. It turns out that racism, sexism and bigotry are not just alive and well in America, they are thriving.

I keep waiting for the Justice Department to step in a puts the hurt on our public universities for failing to provide a safe and secure learning environment for college conservative and, gasp!, Young Republicans. Those youngins have provided detailed though research that is fit to run on Breibart, if not equal or better.

Perhaps a Title 9 or 7 lawsuit about a hostile work environment or maintaining a culture of Antifa hate and exclusion. "I feel apprehension." The Institutional Higher Education gurus are setting themselves up for it. Hey, I called separate but equal dormitories on campuses from Sea to the other Sea way ahead of the Fakenews media, didn't I? Easy call. Got history as my guide.

Todd:, FYI. In some circles on the net, HH, 88, or HH88 is quite significant. H is the eight letter in the alphabet, thus the 8. HH is also Heil Hilter, or 88. In daily usage, you refer to a true racist as an 88. You know, the White Supremists, Black Supremists and segregationists, and just about most of the professors and composition of the Democrat Party. The religious bigots from the Left, globalists, Alt-Left, Democrat Party, liberals, socialists, Marxists, and progressives do not get an 88, unless you are hating on Jews.

Easy to spot an 88 or a HH. Just read what they write. It's either an old relic KKK dude or more often a Snowflake, which comes in all sizes, shapes, forms, color, and age. Never too old to be a Unhinged Buttercup with a bad case of hating the Righties.

Even ole Heuy Long noted that if fascism comes, it will come as anti fascism. Reagen said about the same thing, that if fascism comes to America, it will come in the form of liberalism.

Enough about HH 88. She don't live in my district and I don't live in hers. Interesting to note that when the other HH arrived on the scene, Heidi Hall proudly displayed her credentials as well. Heck, HH (Heidi) went out of her way to post pics of her with her mentor, the one she looks up to and strives to emulate......drumroll please...... The Godess herself, Queen Nancy, our Botox Queen. That was Heidi's resume bulletpoint when she jumped into the ring. HH88 could only be so lucky.


Steve Frisch

Just for the record the Sierra Business Council, the organization I work for, does not endorse political candidates. As a 501c3 nonprofit we are precluded from endorsing candidates.


Posted by: Steve Frisch | 02 August 2017 at 07:21 PM

Hey were you ever going to answer the question about what magic that you, at the SBC, perform for PG&E that's worth 4.5M per year?

Steve Frisch

SBC's 990 are available on our web site.

Our total annual budget is just under $3 million per year.

Bill Tozer

Dan Miller's point is a great one. All this talk about pot being the biggest crash crop in the county, how vital pot is to our economy, all the financial benefits of marijuana cultivation to our communities....so, where are the benevolent benefactors when it comes time to giving back?
Never heard that agrument before, but it was right here under our noises. Voluntary donations to the arts by pot growers? Large or small weekly/ monthly contributions to the local United Way? Guess pot growers and dope peddlers don't have contributions to our boatload of non-profits taken out of their paychecks. Just kidding, they are still hiding cash from the police, Franchise Tax Board, and Uncle Sam, not to mention from each other. Shady business practices, rip offs, lies, and con games comes with the terrority. Time for them to give back instead of 40 years of take, take, take.

Dan Miller's column stands alone and does not need my commentary. Very insightfiul of Mr.Miller. Perhaps he is even a trailblazer. Our non-profits win too!


Fish. Probably PG&E isn't doing out of "love". More like by court order, by a LIB judge.
PG&E does things like this when they screw the pooch. Like a pipeline rupture, or a fire caused by inadequate power line tree removal.
When the Trauner fire was started in Rough&Ready because a tree branch touched a wire,
PG&E made a deal to fund the fire lookouts for years to come.

Nope, not in any way that SBC is anything special.

Bill Tozer

HH88 adorns Hillary Clinton. Called her the most qualified canidate ever to run for the highest office. Hmmm. Let's see what a real feminist (one with brains) has to say about that.

"Hillary Clinton has ridden her husband’s coattails her entire life. … She’s never accomplished a thing. … She was a terrible secretary of state who destabilized North Africa and caused that refugee influx into Italy.” —Camille Paglia

Meanwhile, Hodgepodge wept.


Look at the bright side on the Hodge candidacy... it means she won't be writing the column in the Tea Party Gazette until it's over.

I find it interesting that the candidate HH has opted for a new, cleaner looking hairstyle and covering up that tattoo on her chest. Now if she can button up the hate she has for people who think her worldview is at right angles to reality... nahhhh.

Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 11:47 pm.

Bingo. I thought the exact same thing when I glanced at her last column. "Thank goodness she won't be be writing in The Union anymore." A good thing. Never noticed a tattoo because who could look at that picture? No matter. Good news is no more columns by her and about her. It's all about her. Her coming out, her looking for a place, her buying her first home....wait a minute. Taking on a mortgage? Hmmm. How much more goes the BOS pay? Bet it's higher than what some non-profit pays. Got that monthly nut to crack. I know, run for Supervisor! It's getting clearer. Over qualified and underpaid. The white woman's burden.

Todd Juvinall

She has a tatoo on her chest? LOL!


Regarding Dan Miller's comments about growers.. has anyone else noticed the huge oversupply forecast as of January? Satewide, an estimated 8 to 12 times the demand for medical Mary Jane is being grown.

That's a lot o' stems and seeds to be discarded. Profit margins will be put into a pipe and smoked.


re: HH and tattoos.

This pic?


Looks like a necklace.

I'm always interested in these folks who want to do God's Work and sit in the big chair with the microphone. My best guess is that once they get the job, they are floored by how little they know about the workings of government (or any organization of size). As usual, professional staff actually runs the show.

And, not to pick on her especially, but "social media marketing manager". Jaysus. Don't people have real jobs anymore? It's the kind of thing that makes sense in-house in larger companies, but is usually just cash extraction from gullible small ones. It's as if we've designed an economy built on scams.


I stand corrected.... in the low res color printing of The Union it always looked like a tat to me but zoomed in, it's obviously a necklace.

Bill Tozer

1). No worries Gregory. Benign mistake. At least you admitted you are wrong (mistaken) in a prompt timely manner. You did not try to change the subject, give us crickets, go in denial, or double down like our Green Libertarian friends and their soulmates on the fringe Left do with impunity. Kudos. To be fair, the necklace is an uncommon one for a young lady to wear. Probably her grandmother's, but I could be mistaken. Moving on...
2). More Hiary, from 2017: Shades of Brothet Ben. Oh, the end of innocence.

"This year has awoken so many of us to the attitudes of injustice that still plague our culture. From the mainstreaming of racism in America, to the ongoing struggle at Standing Rock for clean water, environmental protection and honoring native treaties, to electing Donald Trump, a volatile demagogue with no record or reputation for having the interests of America above his own, America has learned we have a lot of work to do.

Even beyond our borders, we see attitudes shifting towards modern populism and isolationism pitting cultures and countries against one another. We saw this with Brexit and the recent rejection of a constitutional referendum that was held in Italy. First-world countries, which have so long benefitted from plundering the resources of neighboring countries is now looking toward cultural insulation as a solution to modern economic problems. Distrust of government is manifesting in leadership as cross-cultural apathy. The world watched as Aleppo fell, the screams of children airing through social media and falling on the mostly deaf ears of world leaders.

Even though we have access to a global community, rather than shifting our consciousness to the global well-being, many are choosing fear and living in a world of separatism. The inability to connect and collaborate will only accelerate our world's problems and poverty. Our continual denial that our actions have the potential to have a global impact will only make that impact greater. Our ignorance will not save us.

Which brings us to the end of 2016 and perhaps the end of an era"........[I sure hope so!!]

3). Do all control freaks have OCD? Hey buddy, you parked wrong! Just be glad you don't have to live with that.
Hiliary was furious!
"Last Tuesday morning, I pulled into the parking lot of my local veterinarian's office to pick up some flea medicine and dry food for my cats. Some guy had backed his large pickup truck into the parking lot. The truck was taking up residence in more than one of the parking spaces. I felt furious at this obvious lack of regard for others. His truck was parked slightly slanted, with the bed of the truck facing the door to the vet's office. I decided to pull up next to the truck and park as straight and as close as possible just to make a point about what good parking looks like."

In related local news:


4:27 p.m. — A caller from the 100 block of Argal Way reported a vehicle parked at a very odd angle in front of a business. Another person approached and said it's not a problem and belongs to an employee.

Bill Tozer

R/E Marijuana "businesspersons" giving back.

Why donate when you own the whole shebang? What, give back to yourself?


rl crabb

Tozer 10:17 - Could not resist... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGuZY6NVXqU


Researching HH... her claim to fame is as a "Social Media Marketing Manager at Freelance Social Media Marketing". And the executive director at Sierra Commons, as GR mentions a local nonprofit that runs on OPM.

Well, after nearly three years on the job, Sierra Commons has a grand total of 27 followers on LinkedIn. Count 'em, 27.

Crackerjack piece o' work, Hilary! Perhaps a stretch goal might be boosting that to 40 in the next 12 months?


So Paul, what will happen to Nirvana County growers when prices collapse come January?


Bill Tozer

I talked to a large long time established grower over the county line a few months ago. Professional clean operation. Doesn't touch the stuff himself.He said he will be shooting for 900-950 a pound tops this year, but will consider himself lucky to fetch that. I know, just an antidotal observation, not based in facts. Gone are the good old days were one could get over 3 grand a pound, I reckon. Well, I hear prices are still high in London.

Don Bessee

BT @116- I am hearing 750 is real world right now around the State. ;-)


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 03 August 2017 at 01:16 PM

I said once you oughta be able to grow your own on the back patio next to the Tomatoes. When this finally happens I wonder what will happen to prices.

Todd Juvinall

Gregory, here is HH on Pelline's rant about how bad things are already in the race. What a hoot!

"hilarybethhodge says:
August 3, 2017 at 2:26 pm

Ha ha! For the record: I have a tattoo on my right ankle that reads, “I’mPossible” which was the theme when I crewed the California AIDS ride in 2000. I have a moon and star on my left ankle, which I got when my friend Heather Sawyer got her first tattoo. I have an original design on my right wrist which symbolizes several iconic moments from my childhood (ask me sometime), and I have the = sign, plain and boldly on my left arm, which I got after Proposition 8 passed in 2008, along with several friends and members of the LGBTQ community, to remind us always what it felt like to be ‘other’ and to never ever forget to fight for those oppressed. I have no tattoos on my chest. But now I’m thinking about one."

So you see she actually does have tats but just in differnet parts of the body. LOL!


Despite Ms. Hodge now considering getting a tat on her chest (you're welcome for the idea, HH), Pelline thinks all the comments here "show stupidity". I suppose that includes the LinkedIn page of her employer, Sierra Commons, having nearly three years of HH, a social media marketing consultant at the helm but has only 27 followers. I guess the cobbler's kids are going barefoot at the Commons.

For a blast from the past, let's remember her crying game after the election results were in:

I have spent the last week crying.

I have cried for people of color who face an imminent threat from emboldened racism.

I have mourned with my friends who have been battling cancer, who will no longer be insured if Obamacare gets repealed.

I have cried for my gay friends and for LGBTQ youth whose equality is uncertain. I have cried for Latinos who are suddenly suspect and whose families may be in danger of forced divide.

For LGBTQ people, for people of color, for women, for people of non-Christian religious faiths, this election wasn’t about a candidate. For us, this election was about our health and safety. We cannot simply get over it.

I have cried with young women fearful about family planning and a lack of options. I have cried for women across this country who have spent the last several months watching a qualified woman go out for a job that went to a man with far less experience.

I cry for all the victims of sexual assault who listened to Donald Trump not just admit to sexually assaulting women, but boasted about it.

I cry for the kind of message this sends to young women and marginalized populations across the United States and the world.

In September, I wrote a piece asking if the Presidential Election really mattered. In the column I noted, "When you have a candidate like Donald Trump who targets whole populations of people, belittles women, mocks the handicapped, and scapegoats entire religions and races, the election is no longer about legislation or economic policy. This presidential election is about America and our value system."

There are many of us who, after voicing our dismay about Tuesday's election, have been told to "get over it," to "stop being a sore loser." But, for many of us, this election wasn't about winning or losing. It wasn't about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. For LGBTQ people, for people of color, for women, for people of non-Christian religious faiths, this election wasn't about a candidate. For us, this election was about our health and safety. We cannot simply get over it.

For those who voted for Trump, not out of overt racism or sexism, but as an anti-establishment vote, who are now decreeing a "wait and see" attitude, Trump has already aligned himself with, and has appointed dangerous extremists to his cabinet. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote, "Tell me with whom you associate, and I will tell you who you are." We are the company we keep. Trump's newly appointed Chief Policy Advisor Steve Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart News, is closely associated with the alt-right, a modern movement of outspoken white supremacism. Trump's pick to lead his domestic transition team, Ken Blackwell, who may have a long and esteemed resume, has over and over condemned equal rights for the LGBT community. Many Trump supporters have poo-pooed what they see as "Leftist Alarmism," but they are failing to recognize the real fear and despondency in the communities of people who will be marginalized under a Trump administration.

My niece, Mariana, is 14 years old. She is Latina. Her parents are divorced. On her mom's side, she is the second oldest of six; her younger siblings are half black. On the morning after the election, she posted a picture of her and her siblings. The caption read:

"I want to apologize to the children in our nation, and especially these kids right here. I love my younger siblings with all of my heart, and I feel like our country has failed them. This generation is supposed be the generation to move forward through our country's past, and make it the place these kids deserve, where all of them can feel welcome, no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation.

"But, thanks to some people who took advantage of our young age, decided to set our country back, years of accomplishments wasted, because they decided to vote for a racist, homophobic, sexist, and alleged rapist as our president. Did anyone think of how this could affect our generation, and not just their own life? Did they think of how many lives they had just changed, and practically ruined?

"Some children are feeling threatened for being themselves, and the fact that our new president is the cause of that is absolutely absurd. It's time to be adults now people; we can't do it for you. You've set our country back, but you're not the one's paying the price."

I cry the most for the children in my life. I ache for their future. I cry because I could not protect them from this. And yet, it is because of them, their values and what they stand for, that I continue to have hope.

That is one seriously disturbed 'toon.

Ms. Hodge, as long as you cling to the lies and stereotypes the Pellines of the world have spun for you, you won't be able to protect anyone from anything and you will have to fall back to crying when the inevitable Reality hits you... that virtually none of the caricatures you are repeating are true. Bannon was (and is) not a "white supremacist". Racial attacks by emboldened white racists are conspicuous by their absence.

Now, I understand AG Sessions is looking at discriminatory college admissions. Yes, they are. Not at California public universities as they are forbidden by law to use race, gender or ethnicity in admissions, much to the chagrin of Progressives who want their thumbs on the scales of social justice. But Asian students and (yes) white males across the country aren't always given fair consideration in today's collegiate admissions.

Todd Juvinall

Good review there and now we have Mr. Mad Dog Joe Koyote on the Pelline blog opining. My response.

"Joe Coyote says nasty things about my blog. And Rebane's! Oh my, a sock puppet troll with an opinion. You cannot make this stuff up. And if those fools posting on Pelline's rag think the Miller/Hodge race is bad already, they don't remember what their pals did to me and my family. But that is for another day."


Someone send her a box of tissue.(and a business card of a good renta' buddy.)

Bill Tozer

All in all the Supervisors race in a small town district in a obscure county most people think is in the State of Nevada don't amount to a hill of beans. Immediately after Hilary Hodge's column after the election, she (excuse me for assuming your gender, Hilary) went racing over to the Fat Boy's blog pleading urgently for support as she was being attacked. A call to arms for the defense of the Enlightened path, our values, and mostly and foremost.... her. It's all about her, though she would never think so.

Her supports came out of the woodwork on the Union FB site and most I read and checked out were from Oakland. One anorexic gal from Oakland told me I forgot to check my White Privelge at the door and mocked the idea of pulling one's self up by the bootstraps. Guess that is considered impossible nowadays.....reckon only a formerly dirt poor town drunk half breed Injun like me who did his time on the Rez could ever conceive of such a rugged individualist hare brained idea. Boy, am I ever out of touch, but I will never forget how Our Great White Fathers in Washington destroyed the human spirit. No more free bird. Projects, prison, plantation, or the Rez, its all the same to me, but I digress. Guess my White Privelge influenced my thinker. But, after that little foray into HH 88 land, I stopped posting on The Union's site and haven't since. Waste of time. Don't think I have bothered to check out Pelline's Whooper with Cheese blog since either..

URGENT!! Call to arms! Hilary is being attacked! Jeffie, defend me, please. I need help!! SOS! SOS! Mayday, Mayday. Man the battlestations! Opps, I said "man". Ah heck, I said man and it meant Man cause we men always get to go first, unless there is a lady present and then it's "Ladies first." Man the battle stations! Attack! Zeros at 4 o'clock!

They really hate it when you remind them what they said or did in a public forum. It ain't about tats, but possibly just about tit for tat in the future.


What was she expecting? The blue carpet to be rolled out like it was for "O"?

Someone remind me of which one of the Lefty chicks that just got busted for DUI?
(Resume' enhancer)

Bill Tozer

@ 7:45 pm
Oh Walt , you just had to go there. That was small potatoes.....deep fried briefly in 100% animal lard, but a nothingburger. It did not make the national news and every small town fishwrapper from Florida to Timbuctoo like that Nevada City culture apprropiateter councilperson did. Boy, that was a fun time in the old town tonight kind of week. Yep, I just had to go there, too.. :)

Remember, it's GV we are talking about, not those condescending banana heads and granola brains up in Nevada City. But, most of the county's welfare recipients are in GV, and most of the Valley Commons type apartment complexes...and Sutton Way. Ok, PV has Broken Oak, the other big one. Appropriately named. Yes, I have to go there again! :)
So, it's Miller vs Hodge so far. Geeze, ramping up early, aren't we? She could pull a Terry Lampier and run a real old fadhinioned shoe leather campaign. Never know. Miller did impress me with his MJ business folk being so tight with giving they squeak when they walk. Miller has good name recognition and has a good name. No character flaws, good guy.
Yo, Hilary, if you are following along. If you want your picture splashed across the Union's front page (upper fold), go out knocking door to door with your pussy hat on. Maybe have some fine supporters stand behind ya, one or two wearing her vagina costume. Bring the 14 year old Latino along. That girl is one sharp cookie. Bright. Good prop. Heck, our current DA took his kid along (cute boy) when he went door knocking for da job, pun intended. I told him to save his breath, keep his literature, and I will vote for him if he leaves. Promise. Had to be civil in front of the kid. Great prop. I kept my promise. Always do. Free advice....

Ah darn, I can't vote there. Miller is GV, right? Always forget who my Supervisor is. Think he was a fireman (Fire Technician) or something once. Wife paints pictures. That's about all I know about him, save that he should avoid swimming in Lake Wildturd during these hot days of summer. E. coli or something.

I bet I could go up to GV and find a way to vote, whenever that blessed day arrives. Can't be too hard. I will wear my I'm With Her tee shirt and carry my Woman Card. :).

Bill Tozer

Typo Alert! (for the OCD):

That's Latinx, not Latino. Can I blame White Priviledge autocorrect? Now, is this the part where I apologize for my grievous error and throw myself at the mercy of the student tribunal?

They do say easily offended people are easily manipulated. But, what do "they" know?



Bill Tozer

This is so wrong, I just have to go there. Reposts. What was the topic? Pot tightwads, Miller on Hodge or Hodge on Miller, or something about Democracy? All roads lead to Rome.






Let's keep this up...

Joe Koyote says: August 3, 2017 at 3:38 pm

Rebane and Juvinall are non-entities. Their blogs feature the same half dozen or so posters and their influence goes no further than the usual suspects. The Tea Party and SOJ types who make up their primary readership will already support Miller based on ideological orientation alone, so what they and their posters have to say is really inconsequential. I would venture to guess that vast majority of rational undecided voters who might happen to run across those blogs would be grossed out at the juvenile rantings of a bunch of angry old white men. The Hodge camp should encourage voters to read those blogs to see what some of Miller’s supporters have to say.

Let's remember that "Joe Koyote" is apparently the pen name of a Sierra College instructor, Joe Keeble. On a ratings website, he's near the bottom of the list of his department, despite this glowing five star review from a Sierra student apparently looking for an easy A:

One of the easiest intructors. He is not interested in seeing anyone fail and does his best to ensure everyone does well. Class is fun and informative. He does not really use the text book and tests from the notes taken in class. However, he is a very outspoken liberal so if you have strong conservative views, you might think twice. http://www.ratemyprofessors.com/ShowRatings.jsp?tid=822268

Now, Joe, one of my best physics professors (dead now a few years) was outed after death as spying for the KGB during WWII, but not holding a candle to his wife and step-daughter who were more into out and out recruitment, replete with code names. I never got a whiff of his politics as a student... he took his physics as seriously as his politics. What a shame you can't compartmentalize your politics when you're teaching. Leave your students guessing, but that might take understanding the viewpoints of others and being able to accurately express the voices of folks you don't agree with.

Todd Juvinall

Sounds like Joe Koyote is not doing his job and should be booted.


Too late, Todd, he retired in 2010 though he may be doing some work here and there. Pulling down $22k in pensions from the CSU and a community college district. Big bucks... about what I get from Social Security :)


Posted by: Gregory | 04 August 2017 at 10:41 AM

Yes....JoKes "Rate my Professor" page made for a couple enjoyable afternoons!

More interesting is your physics instructor.....how did they nab him?

Bill Tozer

Joe Koyote me of the ant who looks up at the human and tells the towering human he does not exist. Rather small worldview, detached from reality, no? Guess copying and pasting HH88's writings is equilivent to becoming unhinged. Miller must disavow us immediately! We are unhinged.
Let's see. Neither Todd, or Fish, or moi or Dr. Rebane or Don or Russ or Walt have a vote in the thrilling upcoming Supervisor District 3 race and neither does Punchy or Steve or the Pillsbury Doughboy. Hmm. The most obvious one who is unhinged is Joe Koyote. Love the duplicity. They usually leave me off the list of impotent angry Trumpamaniac men cause I be a person of color. Calling me names would be racist or oppressive or something that is against their worldview. Being a person of color means I can walk on water and they have to apologize to me for breathing my air. Fat chance. They would rather part with someone else's dollar than admit to a righty they are wrong. I be the victim here. Always a silver lining.

A lingering puzzling question I always had concerns Joe Koyote. Once we were pondering if Joe Koyote is a sock puppet, being with that name and such. Punchy jumped in and clarified our musings on the spot. Punchy said he knows Joe Koyote and he is a real person and that is his name. Adamant and very clear. So, how can Joe Koyote be Joe Keeble???? It don't make sense. Someone is mistaken here and I don't think I am mistaken. Unless, of course, Punchy did not mean what he said when he said it, or did not know what what he knew. Ah, nevermind. Never had one, he never will.

Three cheers for free rent in Mr. Koyote's noggin. Careful boys and stand back. I think another melon is about to explode. Pop! Ah, yuck. Slimed goo everywhere. Cleanup on Aisle Six.


fish 1049 they never did nab him. At some point he moved to Mexico City during or after WWII. The family was outed as a result of the Venona Project, a codebreaking effort of USA spooks that started looking at encrypted Soviet messages intercepted in WWII. The information veil began lifting in the mid '90's when the existence of the Verona Project was first declassified.

I remember talking to him once asking him about his wife, and he told me she worked as a Russian interpreter at the UN... I wondered about that at the time, in the depths of the Cold War.

Toes 1117
It isn't ironclad but when Keeble got a letter published somewhere (the Tea Party Gazette?) it had information about discussions here and elsewhere, and when I put two and two together and wrote to make my guess public, he stopped posting here, for awhile. I took that as a "that's a fair cop" admission. No complaints from Keeble to date. If Punchy has information to the contrary, I'd be willing to read what he has to say.

Bill Tozer

Is it MillerTime or HodgePodge? Out with the old, in with the new? Oh, the anticipation is killing me.


It's for the children, the ones living in fear. One must always think of others.


Let's see what the experts have to say:


It's her turn!


Bill Tozer

Poor Hilary. After the election, all the nurtures were busy comforting those who were suddenly quite fearful, but the cold hearted victorious ones told her "to get over it."
Then, she decided to take a bigger role in politics and went to the California Democrat State Convention. Hilary's choice lost the ballot by 63 votes (out of 3,000 cast) for the next CA State Dam Chair to a dirty Dem lobbyist for Big Pharma, who also happens to be a shady Establishment insider and born male!

Yep, again Hilary & The Hurting Ones were told to "get over it" yet again. That is not very nice. "Get over it" as her preferred female candidates have lost twice now to males. Tugs at the ole heartstrings of my heart, for sure. Maybe third time is a charm. Hope for the hopeless.


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