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07 August 2017



re: Google.

I have to admit that in the early days of the web, the era of newsgroups/email just morphing into websites, it didn't occur to me how strong the natural monopolies would be. It isn't like the government will ever tear into the new monopolies and I'm not certain it could be trusted to at this point.

Just looking at their main business, which is search combined with analysis of users (and the serving up of ads to same, naturally), I wonder sometimes if there could ever be a way to re-architect the whole beast so that everyone is their own Google. Ownership of actual data is one thing (Facebook for one), but parsing other's data looks like something that could be done in a non-centralized way.


re: Google again.

You do have to wonder how they are going to reconcile their embracing the 'everyone-is-the-same' philosophy with their penchant for actual measurement of the workforce.

The dancing around the issue that must occur in the Google HR empire must be dazzling to watch.

Bill Tozer

A ost puzzling question:



Well, that didn't take long.


" Danielle Brown, Google’s new vice president for diversity and governance, sent a statement to staff condemning Damore’s views,etc."

Nice work if you can get it.

You'd think that a company as data-oriented as Google would simply cook up corporate rules/procedures, hiring guidelines, rules for promotion, that were ethnicity and gender blind. A sieve is a lot easier to design than a system that favors the group o' the day. I can well imagine what the result might look like, and it may well not look like me. That's fine.

While the Emperor is as naked as can be, I don't expect it to change soon. Google strikes me as a company that nicely morphed from a merit-based firm into the modern equivalent of ATT. Still competent, but able to ride a monopoly far into the future regardless of any internal silliness.


re: The Democrats.

If you view the Democratic party as a coalition of self-interested groups, much of it's philosophies become more clear.

The sub-party I find the most confusing, and which is also well represented in Europe and implying a transnational and rather strong belief system, is the pro-third world immigration party made up of urban natives. This new religion, strongly held by well educated native Europeans and European-Americans, that they and the world are better off by bringing in millions of people from an endless and growing pool of people from undeveloped countries, really is unprecedented.

How moar and moar people helps your own place, regardless of environmental effect, the jobs market in an era of oversupply at the low end (and growing worse), and the pressure and sometimes death of civic culture due to diversity, is something of a mystery to me.


I see a new business opportunity. Portable safe spaces aka Porta-Cribs. I will repurpose porta potty's. They will be outfitted with wifi, non culturally specific white noise machines and noise cancelling headphones, pacifiers (and all the other goodies). There will be enough room to achieve the fetal position. They can be installed in potentially threatening environments such as college campuses, large corporate workplaces, etc. where there is a potential interaction with "others" who might look, talk, or think differently. Should be a real moneymaker.

George Rebane

Scenery 639am - I think you have something there; go for it!

Bill Tozer

There's always one in every crowd...or four.


George Rebane

re BillT 1034am - And RR readers have already been exposed to the science about such intrinsic differences in humans that is documented in 'Troublesome Inheritance' by Nicholas Wade.

Paul Emery

Another puzzling question George, Why did the Putin team cheer when it was clear Trump would be President?


Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane. Yep.

The Goggle story does not even raise one eyebrow with me. We (your readers' posts) have documented the tribalism, herd mentality, and group think emitting from liberals uponcollege campuses, K-12 education, their constituency ,and race relations for a few years now. Feelings over facts, everybody gets a trophy (guess a participation trophy is better than nothing....or is it?), ad infinitum.

There are diffences in an individual's IQ and eye color and muscle to body fat ratios. Just the muscle to body fat ratios were once given as the reason for fewer black swimmers (male) winning Olympic swimming medals when I was in school...in another place and time. Something to do with buoyancy. That was stereotyping, yes. Bad stereotyping? Not neccessarily so, IMHO. Discriminatory? No. Anyone could try out for the swimming team if your high school or college offered water sports.
Today, the reason given is lack of access to poor minorities to country club pools and only wealthier school districts (read White Privilege) has swimming pools, thus exclusionary and very very bad. It's not fair. To make it fair, drain the swimming pools and fill it with dirt and teach greenhouse horticulture.
Ok, I could have used a better example. :).

I certainly hope if I ever need a good lawyer, he/she has a keen eye for facts and biases. Overcoming biases and understanding group think and herd mentality makes a huge difference in other fields.


Google? Just a sign of the times. Certainly just part of the in-crowd. My former company's motto is Our Diversity Is Our Strength. Diversity of thought would land you in real hot water. I know. Gotta zip it if you want to stay on the res and keep those checks and bonuses rollin' in.
Once said that somebody tried to Jew me down, in a meeting with bigwigs. Thought I was a goner. No problem, nobody said a word or batted an eye. But, when I said I could not understand a Chinese or Philipino contractor on the phone and I wished we would hire more people that spoke English better, all hell broke loose. Geeze, my answer was for a communications company, we are doing a poor job of communicating. Got sent to reeducation camp for that one. Put me up in the Penthouse of the casino out of state with an ungodly per diem which you could never spend daily and extra travel pay for for that slip of the tongue and hateful remark. Hit 3 jackpots as well over the course of reeducation week, but I digress. :).

Guess I just ain't cut out for the Brave new world.



It ain't fair!

George Rebane

PaulE 1053am - Not sure what puzzles you about that. To me it says that the Russians (erroneously) thought they would now get a better deal (re sanctions, trade, near-abroad aggression, etc) with a businessman who was acknowledged as a political naif. That hasn't worked out so well for them so far.

And what did that applause mean to you Paul?

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 08 August 2017 at 11:53 AM

Don't know. Why did the Palestinians cheer when the Twim Towers came down?


re: The Paul@11:53

I'll even take on Mr. Question Man's question. Since they are direct competitors for energy sales, Trump would have never helped them a bit financially, aside from a bit of ease in technology trade. I think they're mostly just relieved to not get in a hot war over Syria. It's about time that the US experiments in Middle East and North Africa nation building cease, especially when it involves indirect (or direct) funding of people who burn other people in cages. The Green Libertarian War party is out of the driver's seat for a little while, although there's no guarantees.

re: BillT@12:02

Good Google article. Imagine that sort of system writ large across all aspects of modern life. That's what is in store for us if we're not careful.

I did see a nice punchline in a townhall.com article:

"Donald Trump is a warning. Trump is the best case scenario. If you somehow depose him via your smarmy shenanigans, what comes along next is really going to upset you. You need to understand something.

Trump is not our last chance. He's your last chance."

Bill Tozer

Marxism does not allow for any nuances or differentiations among the sheep who make up the working class. The working class is the working class, never more, never less, comprised of zero unique attributes amidst its tribal members.. When the workers failed to overthrow the factory owners, the Libs came up with a new form of the oppressed workers; thus today we have Identity Politics.

Account Deleted

There's quite a fascinating parallel going on right now with Colin Kaepernick and James Damore. Both seem to have lost their job or been made unemployable by way of expressing personal beliefs. Although Kap's protests could be said to be a hindrance to the financial enterprise of his previous employer. Mr Damore can in no way be accused of same.
I'm sure Mr Damore was being paid a decent wage, but would never in his wildest dreams ever hope to make what Colin had made. Never the less, the left has decided to rally to the side of the multi-millionaire. Even Spike Lee has decided that starving African children aren't as important as the jet-setting millionaire cry-baby Kaepernick, as he gins up a protest against the NFL for not forcing some team to put the lad back to work at a 6 or 7 figure salary.
Both were working for private firms and should have been aware of the consequences of their actions. Especially Mr Damore, considering the nature of his employer and his correct assessment of their small-minded, fascist attitudes. I wish them both good luck in their respective lives, but marvel at the American Lefts' complete hypocrisy and complete inability to comprehend what kind of world they want us to devolve into.

Bill Tozer

It's really ESPN that had been pushing the Kap story and has never ceased to express their outrage. Weekly I. Dull times. Like clockwork. Making its rounds again but more frequently since training camp opened and pre-season knocking at the door.

You can site stats and this or that, (no, he did not knee for the Pledge of Alliance, it was the National Anthem, you dump sportwriters) and yes he is black and a Social Justice Warrior like Obama with white (adopted in Kap's case) parents who is searching for his roots and place in the community, racism, and blah, blah, blah. But the one liner from Madden from before all thiseven happened (two seasons ago) is a very big reason, IMHO.

Madden was told or just heard that Kap puts on his headphones in the locker room, before and after games and practice. Madden ripped off his headphones in disbelief and gave himself a time off. He then told the listeners that he could not believe what he had just heard. Headphones in the locker room, not being the leader or tucking it up with the guys?? Then Madden said something about team chemistry, never heard of tuning out his fellow players with his headphones in a football locker room, and "they have to get rid of this guy". What is best for the team? The owners, the franchise, the TV revenue, and the guys who pay for it all, the fans. Forgot about Colin wearing the Castro tee-shirt the day after Fidel moved on from our world to the big underworld beneath. Boy, oh boy, them Cuban Americans gave the Miami Dolphins owner and franchise a boatload of nasty vitriol when Kap meet with the GM and others for a quick meet and greet a few days ago. Them Cubans are sure hot blooded at times. Latino heat. Miami may not be a good fit for Kap. Loved how Castro's funeral wagon broke down I broad daylight before he whole world to see. Put a crimp in the procession, but I digress.

Yes, I see parallels too. Gotta be a team player, even a open minded cuddling Welcoming Goggle. That's the facts of life.


A sign of the times. We didn't see any news like this under "O".


aaaand the opposition research fired up as quickly as you might expect.


You can imagine how sketchy Google employment is for folks who don't buy into the collective. At any moment a facecrime could give you away.

Bill Tozer

Another sign of the times. Anthem is pulling out of Nevada, up to 187,000 losing their doctor. Or is it just 100,000? With the death spiral spinning faster, it's hard to keep up. Michigan might charge a mere 42% increase in premiums. It's called Obamacare, doing exactly as predicted. Too bad Obama economics couldn't hide this one. I know, let's reduce the eligibility for Medicaid way more or lower the age of eligibility for Medicare to 27. That will solve everything. Mom and Dad can cover until little Johnnie ages after 26. It's called Obamacare.

Walt, interesting that the biggest job gains are in the Midwest and West. Hey, isn't the mid-west Clinton terrority? Let's get the GDP above 3% before celebrating those green sprouts. Who knows. Maybe by Spring of 2018, Biden can finally lead his long delayed recovery tour.

Account Deleted

"Anthem is pulling out of Nevada, up to 187,000 losing their doctor."
If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.
Obviously, 187,000 Nevadans don't like their doctor. All at once. Amazing.

Account Deleted

Scenes at 8:30 - Love it!
“targeting any group within the program that can be defined by gender, by ethnicity, by sexual orientation, or by religious orientation, is never acceptable.”
Whites, males and Christians have no gender or sexual orientation or religious orientation at all.
Is it any wonder I have no respect for the left?
Idiots - every one of them. They can't argue their way out of a wet paper bag.

Bill Tozer








Gotta love Green Libertarian companies.


Bill Tozer

Well, if shaming does not work, what else is there to do besides sic Antifa on his sorry ass? They say Antifa cover themselves and their faces with ISIS garb so their mothers don't see them on TV and ground them. Some people just don't get with the program.

As the Japanese say, "The nail that stands up gets pounded down."


Trigger warning: hate speech. No wonder they hate the America so much.


Paul Emery

The wolves are circling. Manifort is Russias favorite guy and Trumps campaign chief last year.

The home of Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, was raided by FBI agents in July, The Washington Post reports.

A Manafort spokesman confirmed the raid to ABC News.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 09 August 2017 at 08:44 AM

The wolves are circling.

…..your casket?

Todd Juvinall

That Meuller, still in search of a crime.

Todd Juvinall

Congress thirty points lower than Trump today. That includes the darn democrats. What a hoot!


re: The Paul@8:44AM

Old news. Get with the program.


A new kind of hate crime:


Next up will be cameras and mandatory jail time.


I'm thinking, now that the Russia narrative is dead, I can give The Paul a new mission in life:


Just think of the opportunities!

Bill Tozer

RE :Google. You can't have it both ways, or can you have your cake and eat it too? I am so confused.



Posted by: ScenesFromTheApocalypse | 09 August 2017 at 09:54 AM

The entire political left has dropped to the level of teenaged girls stamping their collective feet…..

…..we hate him, hate him, HATE HIM!!!

Glorious to watch!

Robert Cross

"That Meuller, still in search of a crime." The fact that they are even looking for crime should send up flairs. Don't you realize that this is not about politics. It is about criminal activity. I suspect Meuller is going to find out that Trump Inc. isn't that much different than Putin Inc. or Capone Inc. The fact that there is now a grand jury kind of takes this beyond a 'witch hunt' spin.

"The entire political left has dropped to the level of teenaged girls stamping their collective feet….."

The amount of insight this reflects is glorious to watch.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 09 August 2017 at 11:08 AM

….thanks Bobby!

Paul Emery

Trumps fading in the polls

Trump is a notorious poll watcher so he must be aware that he has dropped over 19 points in the consensus poll since inauguration day.


Most astounding is the Republican leaning Rasmussen Poll which shows him dropping 27 points from +13 to -14. His "strongly approve" numbers are a dismal 27%. Can't get much worse but could well be he's heading to Nixonion levels and look what happened to Nixon.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 09 August 2017 at 11:28 AM

….still president Punch-E!


Remember election night headlines? ( at least here,,,) " Canada sends troops to border!!"
Well,, they REALLY have this time.
The Latest on the increasing flow of migrants over the U.S.-Canadian border at a remote spot in northern New York and southern Quebec (all times local):

1:40 p.m.

Canada has sent about 100 soldiers to a remote spot on the Quebec-New York border where asylum seekers are crossing illegally."

It works for me..

Bill Tozer

I just love it when the foaming at the mouth Lefties get their hopes up sky high, only to watch it all come crashing down on their exploding heads...time and time again. What is it this time? A rerun of "Trump will be gone in 30 days, max" or some other desperate measure like trying to sway the Electoral College vote again. Last time they tried that Hillary received less delegates than before, ROFLMAO. Mark the tape! Yawn.

Boy, that Trump Derangement Syndrome really affects the girlie men more than I though. That is some serious stuff. Never get tired of winning....especially looking at the emotional and mental status of the Losers in disbelief. Lefty Losers and Loser Lefties. They are so adorable. Maybe I could kick down and put training wheels on their tricycles. Gotta think of others.




Yo Fish,

Bill Tozer

Never talk to strangers.




I know Paul just got back from vacation,, but he really needs to visit Guam this week.
An island vacay, Paul. Never mind that NK had singled it out by name as a target.
Getting ready for BM Paul?(no,,, not that,,, Burning man/woman/it or whatever the PC title is this year.) One must like the taste of alkaline batteries to go there.
When you get there, check in and see how the elite Progressives deal with the "all inclusive" lifestyle of BM is handled.( Don't make 6.5 figures a month? don't even try)
Hell! you might think the gig was put on by capitalists.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 09 August 2017 at 12:42 PM

Stop picking on my relatives……!


What's wrong Paul? Trump got your tongue?(and fingers too?) Hear the news? NK has said it will fire at least three missiles at Guam. That's enough for me. Level Punn Tang before they get a chance.
Going to call Trump a war monger for any actions?

Bill Tozer


At least our Green Libertarian can go party with Hank over on Guam. They will hit it off from the get go. You remember Hank, that dumber than dumb Democrat Party Congressman, don't you? The shit for brains Democrat who feared Guam would capsize if we landed planes on the island. That dude is as stupid as a bucket of Punchies. Well, at least Punch E. had met his match, proving once again here is a wrench for every nut.

Bon Voyager


I forgot just how doped up that guy was. Either dope or drunk (maybe both).
DEMs sure know how to pick'm.

Well Paul, I did say if that tinpot dick-tater ever got a working system, he will be stupid enough to use it.
Now didn't you say a while back, that "we should be doing the fighting in our own streets"?

Bill Tozer

My goodness. I heard Guam and said "Guam", and you heard it here first. They followed my (our, it's a team sport) lead. The internet is slower than a Deplorable's mind for certain.


Back to Google and the now story of THAT woman hating sexist misogynistic MALE....gasp, INCOMING! Ouuga, Dive, dive, dive!,...well, I see the SJW's point and saw this....and I am disgusted just how sexist our society is, the exploration of our fairer sex,.....ah, this really gets puts a burr in the saddle.

Trigger warning, go in closet and shut door.


Bill Tozer

In news closely related to Google,



And in news directly related to Google,

“Google has a pair of leftist goggles on at all times. Its users shouldn’t have blinders on about it. Every search result should be scanned for algorithmic bias. After all, a company that will rip its own employee to shreds for defending its hiring practices on the basis of science and data will do anything to defend its leftist politics.” —Ben Shapiro

Bill Tozer

RE: August 8 update.

Bigger picture....by a liberal professor:

As a teacher, I am increasingly struck by a difference between my conservative and progressive students. Contrary to the stereotype, the conservatives are far more likely to connect their engagements to a set of political ideas and principles. Young people on the left are much more inclined to say that they are engaged in politics as an X, concerned about other Xs and those issues touching on X-ness. And they are less and less comfortable with debate.

Over the past decade a new, and very revealing, locution has drifted from our universities into the media mainstream: Speaking as an X…This is not an anodyne phrase. It sets up a wall against any questions that come from a non-X perspective. Classroom conversations that once might have begun, I think A, and here is my argument, now take the form, Speaking as an X, I am offended that you claim B. What replaces argument, then, are taboos against unfamiliar ideas and contrary opinions.


George Rebane

BillT 316pm - Thanks for picking that up Mr Tozer. I experienced that very same phenomenon in my students as a professor in the late 1990s.

Bill Tozer

RE: Google update

"It is not clear who is behind the ads, but the content echoes defenses of the memo's author, James Damore, who was swiftly fired from Google after the memo was made public. His firing has since become a lightening rod for the alt-right, a relatively new offshoot of conservatism that includes pundits and media personalities who espouse white supremacism, conspiracy theories like Pizzagate, and are savvy about using social networks to reach followers."

Media personalities who espouse white supremacism....???? What the hay. From the USA Today no less. Yep, we have reached the point of no return in journalism. And they call the us Flat Earthers. Go figure.


George Rebane

Readers might be interested in James Damore's response to his dismissal from Google in today's (12aug17) WSJ - a considered piece, well written.

Bill Tozer

8aug17 Update:


Oh no, not my ladies! Say it isn't so. Oh no, not Natural News, say it isn't so. Oh no, not....



re: BillT several days ago:

"Marxism does not allow for any nuances or differentiations among the sheep who make up the working class. The working class is the working class, never more, never less, comprised of zero unique attributes amidst its tribal members.. When the workers failed to overthrow the factory owners, the Libs came up with a new form of the oppressed workers; thus today we have Identity Politics."

That actually happened some time ago. I'm no expert at this (it would take a lot of study to be), but once the rubber hit the road, Marxists took on the idea of tribalism as a tool on the way to a finished, non-tribal, work of government. Engels wrote about "enduring national characteristics". I've heard it referred to as 'strategic Marxism', which I believe implies the use of national forces on the way to a world of classical Marxism.

There ain't nothin' new in this world.

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