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13 September 2017


Barry Pruett

Thanks George! Here another piece about the Anti-first amendment folks.


I do like fidelity to the Constitution of Dershowitz. Intellectually honest.

Account Deleted

One of the finest victories of the left has been to brand in the public's mind the idea that the NAZI party is 'far right'. It was and is no such thing. They were the party of immense govt control over the people unburdened by having to respect any of the basic rights afforded us by our Constitution and Bill Of Rights. It was the nationalist socialist party and in every respect they were left wing - just as any socialist country is.
It is a total mystery to me how folks can decry the NAZIs and the Klan but wink at or even support the communists. The commies slaughtered far more innocent people than the NAZIs and enslaved millions more than the New World slave trade could have ever done. To this day, the communists still cause far more human suffering in our times than any thing else in the world yet still have their ardent adherents in academe and govt.

George Rebane

ScottO 1214pm - We need to be reminded of this important distinction time and again, for the progressive mind has no means of retaining it. RR has been educating readers to the fallacy of Nazis not being collectivists (socialists). Here is a record of one of these debates with a leading local leftie.

As can be seen, among other things he is totally ignorant of how the Nazis under Hitler totally (i.e. constructively) owned the means of Germany's production. Hitler was smart enough to leave the factory owners and managers in charge of operations, and did not make them destitute as did Stalin and the communists. (This also played well in the western press where Adolph wanted to be seen as a reasonable reformer of Germany's devastated economy.) A most authoritative citation for this is Konrad Heiden's 'Der Fuehrer' (1944).

Bill the Tozer

I want to be PC, but that woman makes it so hard to play the game.



And Folsom becomes Berkeley.
If you hear kids cheering USA! USA! USA!,, and it offends you, it's high time you leave to a nation where you won't ever hear it. Except when that nation has gone to shit, and starts demanding aid and a police force from the "USA".

Bill Tozer

Maybe an alternative heading to Dr. Rebane's post is " Dershowitz Defys Danger."

These two law professors certainly will be paying the price soon enough.

Account Deleted

Bill T at 6:47 - Oh c'mon, Bill - this can be easily handled. Next time the good profs realize it will be a stag panel, just go down to the local stripper bar and hire the most top heavy cutie in the joint and tell her to show in something with a really low cut top. She can sit there and do her nails. That and a few wimmins conferences that find they have to have a person with a dirly-wanger sitting with them and I think the whole she-bang will go away PDQ. As an alternative - if they question why all the panel members are just bros - have one of the guys declare he is believing herself to be a woman for the duration of the conference.
I told you the left have become mentally ill.


No place is safe.

Todd Juvinall

Just back from a Seattle visit and if you want PC and anti=speech that is the place to go. The whole state.

Account Deleted

Todd - 9:22 - Not the whole state, although if you hang out in King County you'd believe that. There are a lot of folks in eastern Wash and Or that would love to break off from the coastal lefties that control their states (sound familiar?) and join Idaho. No new state would be created and the people in the rural parts of Wa and Or would be far better represented in their state govt. But as with Ca, good luck with that. The coastal lefties need the rest of the state's producers to fund their socialistic dreams.

Bill Tozer

Very good article, IMHO.

A Brookings Institution study revealed ominous signs about the threats to free speech in this country. Some 1,500 students at colleges and universities were surveyed about various ways that a speaker on campus might be stopped. Shockingly, 19% of them responded that violence is an acceptable method of shutting down a speaker.

Another quote:
Part of the problem is that many students simply don’t know what’s in our Constitution and are unable to identify even one of the freedoms in our Bill of Rights. Without the knowledge that our Constitution protects all speech, even that which expresses ideas contrary to our own beliefs, students are engaging in tactics that not only threaten civil discourse in academia but also threaten our very constitutional system.

The conclusion is best. Dershowitz would agree.

George Rebane

BillT 757pm - Mr Tozer, I don't mean to accuse you of inattention to detail, but your fine comment may be more apropos under the recent Scattershots in which I discussed the Brookings Institution study and provided a link. I know with all that's happening, it's a bitch to keep up with everything ;-)

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