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23 September 2017


Todd Juvinall

The left is apoplectic about the vote. Of course, they are losing all across America with the crazy ideas and actions so they must bring in fresh meat. They are so afraid of the Commission looking into voter fraud they scream "suppression" at every turn. Saw that today on CSPAN! But the people are coming around thanks to the liberals in our face every day on TV and their storm troopers, the ANTIFA thugs. Even those "kneelers" bring millions to our side. So thank you to these lefty nuts for their obvious overreaching and silly beliefs. They are filling the rolls with more Republicans.

Account Deleted

Remember when the left was all up in arms about religious views being mixed with politics and how it would lead to certain theocracy?
No - I guess they don't. Of course it was bogus like most everything the left comes up with. Deeply held beliefs that seem to come and go like little waves from the ocean.
From their website: "Earth Justice Ministries is an interfaith non-profit whose purpose is to bring the resources of faith to bear to build a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world."
And just what are the 'resources of faith'?
Oh, I know - I'm asking too many questions.
And who gets to define 'just'? And what is 'just'?
Say - here's a resource of faith: 2nd Thessalonians 3:8 "We didn’t eat anyone’s food without paying for it. Instead, we worked night and day with effort and hard work so that we would not impose on you."
And 2nd Thessalonians 3:10 "Even when we were with you we were giving you this command: “If anyone doesn’t want to work, they shouldn’t eat.”
Does that work for you Earth Justice folks?
Actually Lenin exhorted his people with the same stuff, so please don't bother me with excuses.
Justice indeed.


EJM wants the same thing that neocon zealots masquerading as pious Bible thumpers want namely tax free status.

George Rebane

BunBun 837am - Could you please draw the parallel between Bible thumpers preaching their God's word, and public policy ideologues like EJM?

Bill Tozer

i only see one Bible thumper here, and he is preaching to his secular flock.


rl crabb

I take it the only citizens qualified to vote are conservatives. Judging from the gerrymandering in the red states, Republicans are making sure that the "right" voters will prevail even if they are outnumbered.

Don Bessee

Naw crabman, that never happens in the blue state does it. ;-)

Todd Juvinall

The left always claims "gerrymandering" is only done by the right. But the Constitution says it is up to the states to determine their own course for electing Congresspeople. So it seems perhaps we may see a "Federalist" decision by the SCOTUS? And I get a kick out of the people sighting the California system with a "commission" by initiative. It was all about the left taking control. We have lost how many R districts?

George Rebane

DonB 334pm - Nope, ol' RL (327pm) is right. One has never been able to detect any gerrymandering in blue states, nor can one make such a judgment now. Do you think if asked, he can explain how he was able "take it the only citizens qualified to vote are conservatives"? Then again, perhaps it has been fully explained on HuffPo or DailyKos or some such outlet. In any case, the statement is remarkable coming from a Californian who is deemed to track such issues.

Todd Juvinall

Massachusetts has not had an R Congressman for decades. Yet they have 40% of the voters registered R. Why is that I wonder?

Bill Tozer

I take it the only citizens qualified to vote are conservatives. Judging.......by what is coming out of our government run public education system which is controlled lock, stock, and barrel by our disgruntled banana brain liberals, SJWs, and various assorted mental defects.....I would say RL Crabbman was simply making an observation of the state of the non-informed voter in this day and age.

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