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30 September 2017



Ah, sounds like you are referring to the Eastern bloc troll farms that have been using racialism and politicalism to foment dissent in an attempt to create a divide in this country for years.

George Rebane

bunbun 317pm - "Eastern bloc troll farms"?? Don't know who they are, but a reread would perhaps make it clear that I am referring to the cultural Marxist movement right here in the good ol' USA.

Account Deleted

" foment dissent in an attempt to create a divide in this country for years."
Another hallmark of the lefty. We'd all lock arms and walk off that same cliff together if only it weren't for those darn fomenters.
Booboo - let me 'splain sumpin' to ya. There are those that work on dividing us and they are almost always on the left. Obama was the most divisive POTUS in recent times.
He was always conjuring right-wing hob goblins that never seemed to have a name or place and he could never seem to cite an actual example of one. It was always 'them'. His fav line was "I hear folks say..." At that point some racist or hateful bit of crap was 'quoted'. The only problem was that no one actually has or had ever said any such thing. And of course there was no one in the press that would dare to ask: "Could you give us the name of that person?"
There really is a divide, Booboo. It's freedom or free stuff. The lines form quickly on both sides and no fomentin' is necessary.


Bundoug knows all about TROLLS. One of the biggest on the net.


I think to booboo, bitter clingers are the bits of haggis left in his beard from last xmas, and he expects that $20k pension to keep coming no matter how bankrupt CalSTRS is. I feel your pain, BooBoo.

While I was happy not to vote for Geraldine Ferraro when she ran for VP in the Mondale campaign, choosing instead to vote for the Libertarian Party hack Bergland (a hack in the good sense of the word), she was a good sport. Reading her wiki entry as a reminder, her first campaign slogan was Finally, a tough Democrat, and she was one of the boys and paid her dues to the DEM party.

She deserved better than to be tossed out like yesterday's diapers for speaking the truth about Obama's racialist booster chair.No, the country was not crying for a first term Senator with an otherwise blank resume and if he were white, he'd not have been given a second look by his party.


Gregory. I think he's supplementing that income as a paid by the insult TROLL. If you spend ant kind of time looking at The Daily Caller, you will find "him" there. Day in, day out. Some have taken the time to list every TROLL name known to be his. And I thought paid TROLLS were just a myth.
We must be special. He saves Bunbun just for us.


''' I am referring to the cultural Marxist movement right here in the good ol' USA'' ...' of course you are! That's how you roll!

Russian or Russian supported troll farms have been at work for years creating the very '''Great Divide''' that you callAgenda 21.

Don Bessee

Said the troll keichiebungholio @ 626. ;-)


LOL!! Don... A Crabb drawing of Doug as Butthead,(or was it Beavus?)
Flashed before my eyes.

George Rebane

BunBun 626pm - You truly are a champion of the local leftwing's lightly read. Again blaming Russia for something that has been going on indigenously here for years. And what 'I' call Agenda21?? Are you truly that dense that you don't even know an international program to which the US is a signatory, and has hundreds of its local ICLEIs right here in the US, and mostly in California, of which senior staff at the Rood Center are graduates. And you think that this is all a Russian conspiracy instead of an ongoing fully franchised UN program for the 21st century? Wow! Wouldn't you find a more supportive environment of equally sheltered minds on blogs like the FUE's?

Todd Juvinall

BB is a typical liberal. They must be coddled and comforted. And of course, it is always someone else's fault.

Steve Frisch

I just had to drop in to say that the original post "Racialism Rising" is amongst the biggest crackpot crocks of shit I have ever read in my life....

Todd Juvinall

Oh I think your comments and leadership of the SBC makes them look like nothing. You really are a loser.


Posted by: Steve Frisch | 01 October 2017 at 04:43 PM

Did I just see you slumming at Raleys ......?

Account Deleted

"I just had to drop in to say that the original post "Racialism Rising" is amongst the biggest crackpot crocks of shit I have ever read in my life...."
Reasons, facts, counter arguments?
No - we didn't think so...
Stop by again when you have nothing to say.

George Rebane

Hard not to point out that committed racialist SteveF's 443pm is Exhibit A for the topic of my post.

Todd Juvinall

He is a racist. No blacks at SBC. Why is that? EEOC where are you?

Don Bessee

Thankfully frischy had a moment of brevity and avoided the usual mass quantity of lefty regurgitations. Like the dark lord of liberal lament land he knows he knows better than 'those people'. I still would love to see him go into the hoods and explain why they are being so brutally battered by his global warming energy rip off taxes/fees. ;-)

Todd Juvinall

Chris Bishop is now making up fake news on Pelline's site regarding my report on a gathering last night. These liberals just make it up. And yes Chris Bishop, Grant students actually did attack our kids at their school one year. And you say you were a coach. Hogwash.

Todd Juvinall

Pelline thinks I have something to do with Bill Smethers campaign. And he called him Smithers. I was simply a guest at a "garden party". I live rent free in Pelline's head and he gives me way more credit than even I think I have. But thanks, I like keeping these loony libs off base. What a hoot!

Todd Juvinall

I am starting to like Judith Lowry. Here she is taking our lefty hypocrite to task on the blogs. Since he is not hiring minorities and preaches to the rest of us.

udith Lowry says:
October 1, 2017 at 7:24 pm

Well Steve,
I would so fire you if you worked for my organization because you waste time and energy on the blogs when you should be burning the midnight oil for those who pay your wages and those who depend upon you to deliver.
And BTW, I try to keep my comments neat and pithy so there is room for everybody else, but some of yours are practically tomes!
Have a heart Steve, there are only so many hours in the day.

Bill Tozer

Watch out you Nazis. The Left knows how to hurt you bad white devils. White people are the source of all my problems today, including that awful evil white Constitution of the USA

Bill Tozer

Racialism Rising. Not about guns per se, but using guns as an example to reinforce the topic.

“The media’s idea of hard-hitting investigative reporting is to taunt gun-owners and white men. Making snarky political remarks is Job No. 1 of reporters. Apparently, it’s also the new job description for late-night comics. As long as we’re looking for jobs that Americans just won’t do, maybe we could find some immigrants to tell jokes and report news.

We’re getting a lot of smirky, celebratory headlines, like these:




Todd Juvinall

The SacBee had an article on guns today and their use in murders in the area. The county is putting in those sound detectors that can identify a gunshot. Guess where they are putting the three mentioned in the story? The black minority areas. Now that won't sit well with Al Sharpton.

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