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12 September 2017



Of Course Hillary Clinton Identifies with Cersei Lannister. They Are the Same Person.

What’s the difference between Game of Thrones character Cersei Lannister and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton? One is an entitled narcissist who quietly supported her lecherous husband (whom she clearly loathed) when it was politically convenient, then insisted it was her turn to rule (even though it wasn’t), chose boot-lickers, ass-kissers, and elitist bankers as her advisors while alienating more competent and better-liked people who might have helped her, exacted petty vengeance on imagined enemies, escaped justice and the judgment of the people by destroying her main rival—the charismatic, income-inequality obsessed populist—with an explosive cheat, and was left confused why so many people in her country would rather be ruled by a complete political unknown who tells it like it is.

Robby Soave, Reason Hit and Run Blog


To be transparent, I have never watched Game of Thrones but thought the description of Hillary was spot-on.

Bill Tozer

Well, glad we got a clean Sandbox.

Like McCain or Romney, the Left vilifies them with hate one minute, then love them the next. Add the Pope to the list. I am not a Catholic nor have I ever been, but I am beginning to see a renewed narrative of Christians (read white Christians) being the evil guys again. Hatred for Christian conventions, beliefs, and norms is as old as feeding them to the lions for public entertained. Renewed because I am seeing it more frequent (daily) in the current narrative lumping together misogyny, White Supremacy, racists, and Catholics/Christians as the evil doers and source of everything our progressives oppose and despise....with extreme prejudice. In short, White Catholics

Having a Presidental candidate and her campaign actively try to change a religion to conform to progressive beliefs about the s

Bill Tozer

Opps, hit wrong button.

......Having a Presidental candidate and her campaign actively trying to change a religion to conform to progressive beliefs is the most egregious violation of the Constitution I can think of. Freedom of religion. Nothing new. We as Americans dodged a bullet on Nov. 9, 2016.

From October 13, 2016.....about 3 weeks out from the election.


More recent quotes:

"I feel compelled to speak out because I see a pattern emerging. A pattern of hostility toward people of faith who come before this body. … These strange [religious] inquisitions have nothing to do with the nominees’ competency, patriotism, or ability to serve Americans of different faiths equally. In fact, they have little to do with this life at all. Instead, they have to do with the afterlife.” —Sen. Mike Lee

“It is breathtaking that Senate Democrats are counting individuals’ orthodox Christian faiths as a demerit when evaluating them for official posts. By interrogating Amy Coney Bennett about her Catholic faith, they are arrogantly abrogating their oath of office to the United States Constitution.” —Rep. Trent Franks


OK Lefties,, you really need to do something here. At least McCain has a valid excuse.
Your gal from Frisco is nutting up.

Her broom is giving off too many fumes. Someone tell her "O" is no longer President.

On second thought,, don't tell her anything. In her state of mind she is more than likely to vote with the Right.

Michael R. Kesti

Bill Tozer | 12 September 2017 at 03:48 PM

I have to disagree with your assessment that a presidential candidate trying to change a religion is a violation of the Constitution. It is the government that is Constitutionally prohibited from interfering with religion. A candidate is not the government but is a citizen whose freedom of religion is no different than yours or mine, including the freedom to attempt to change a religion if motivated to do so. I believe that the elected also have that freedom if acting as citizens rather than as government. It would likely be political suicide, but...

I do agree that a bullet was dodged, though!

George Rebane

re MichaelK 541pm - My other take on your interpretation is that when you assume high institutional office of any kind (doubly so for government electeds), you forgo the ability to mix and match your voice between public and private. The public always takes your words as emanating from the power and glory of your office. Once a sitting MOC, you are never introduced as Mr/Ms, but always with the salutation of your office. And therefore you are expected to speak with that voice. I know it's a bitch, but once in, you don't get to play both sides of the street any more.


From the Ace of Spades HQ:

uhhhhhh holy shit pic.twitter.com/OPo9mrYqt3

— kate reads books (@katereadsbks) September 12, 2017


oops links do not work, go here: http://ace.mu.nu/archives/371542.php


The cracks in the dam are starting to leak and it won't be long before it is a torrent of information regarding the crimes and cover up by HRC, Comey, Huma, Cheryl Mills, Podesta etc. The truth is coming out about Benghazi, deleting emails, destruction of evidence, mishandling classified information etc. Watch the rats as they start to jump ship, it will be very entertaining and we might just see the justice system do its job for a change. The spin by the MSM and the fake news men will be the best part. That and their obsession with poll numbers.

Don Bessee

Lots of fresh sand to paw in! Nice day, all stock indexes at record highs and investor confidence is at a 17 year high. Comrade Murray the mayor of Seattle is finally stepping down behind multiple raping young boys accusations. He held out for an extended period until they found the paper files on his molesting his foster kids in the 90's. Darn those paper records, if it was in a data base he could have just had a socialist minion delete it. ;-)



We were in Boomtown and Tesla has built a huge facility at that interchange, it looks like a distribution center just over the state line. They laid off 200 people in Roseville, Ellen heard on the radio the Roseville operation was moving to Nevada. Ellen has some photos.

The key phrase in the Sac Bee Story: "Companies that want to be eligible for the state’s zero-emission vehicle rebate program – a major driver of Tesla sales – would need to be certified by the state labor secretary “as fair and responsible in the treatment of their workers.”" Only cars built by union labor will get subsidies.

George Rebane

Russ 850pm - unabashed sleaze to the max. We are so divided that more than half of Californians think nothing of such actions by government, the remainder see it as more evidence against encroaching leviathan.

Bill Tozer

For Walt's eyes only.
No wonder you said your women don't take no crud from any man. It's in their DNA.



I confess it's not just Nancy....when I think of the entire democrat party I think senile. Green libertarians too.....can't forget them....err.....him!


Don Bessee

Nice, the full SCOTUS stopped the 9ths ruling and letting Trumps order stand. The lefties get to make a presentation late next month to try and sway the justices. Good luck with that nancy P and CA. ;-)

Michael R. Kesti

Have you seen that the FUE demonstrated that he is ashamed of being caucasian?

George Rebane

MichaelK 915am - Then is this possibly an occasion with which we agree and share in his shame?

Robert Cross

The Reason foundation: a koch bros. funded and guided right wing climate denier think tank.

Barry Pruett


Rod Dreher writes a wonderful response to Mr. Coates opinion piece.

"This is a fine example of how on the left, anti-white racism is a legitimate mode of discourse. I live in a city that’s 51 percent black, and that has a fairly high crime rate. The criminals are overwhelmingly young black males. Does 'blackness' pose 'an existential danger to the city'? If I claimed that — and to be clear, I would not do so — I would be professionally ruined. But Coates can openly demean whites as a race, and talk about how their very existence threatens the planet, and hit the bestseller charts, win a MacArthur genius grant, and become the darling of liberal elites. You wonder why some white people vote for Trump? Their eldritch patience with this kind of nonsense has run out."

Michael R. Kesti

George Rebane | 13 September 2017 at 09:35 AM

Anything's possible but I'm not ashamed of my skin's melanin content.

George Rebane

RobertC 937am - The Kochs' share comes to about $62K/yr; hardly an amount to keep the organization going for all those years. Your use of "denier" identifies people whose skepticism of preventable man-made global warming rests on science-based arguments verifiable by those with sufficient smarts. The climate hysteria is abetted primarily by politically motivated ad hominems and citations of 'consensus science'.

MichaelK 955am - Didn't mean to imply that any of the rest of us were ashamed of our skins' melanin content. Yet that doesn't mean that we are not also ashamed of the FUE's paucity of melanin. On this occasion, let us stand with him. ;-)

Michael R. Kesti

George Rebane | 13 September 2017 at 10:07 AM

I see that I misunderstood you and I very much appreciate your clarification.


Posted by: Michael R. Kesti | 13 September 2017 at 09:15 AM

Have you seen that the FUE demonstrated that he is ashamed of being caucasian?

I doubt very much that this is the case.

What the FUE is deathly afraid of is being out of fashion. T-Neezi is presently the acceptable negro author for todays modern progressive. This is why jeffy chooses to retail his work.

For a fun afternoon read the Sailer comment threads re Mr. Coates at unz.com.

George Rebane

Recall last year how our leftwing readers strongly denied that Benghazi was significant to Hillary's candidacy? The rest of us claimed that failure was a material indicator of her overall incompetency as a leader. Well, now Hillary tells it like it was - Benghazi mattered a lot. Not sure she's yet ready to admit the incompetency assessment ;-)


Posted by: George Rebane | 13 September 2017 at 10:46 AM

George…..if I may be permitted to quote a leading politician/statesman regarding the issue of Hillary botched campaign.

"What difference, at this point, does it make?"

George Rebane

fish 1058am - An excellent recollection. With the passage of time the pain of it all has given rise to a significant reconsideration - Americans were concerned (vernacular: gave a shit) then, as they are now.

And as said a Chinese sage of long ago - 'Pain makes a man think, thinking makes a man wise, wisdom makes life bearable.' I presume that this also applies to women. Further testing will no doubt confirm this ;-)


Wow….it's noon…..sure could use another patented "Punch-E" brand presidential popularity poll! That would be thuper!

Don Bessee

Here is one for the po' ol' pollhead- 53% of CA dems oppose the 1st amendment rights of the right according to a new UC berzerkly poll. No surprise there. ;-)


Posted by: Don Bessee | 13 September 2017 at 01:16 PM

Well it's good that they finally feel confident enough to come out of the closet and admit it!

George Rebane

DonB 116pm - and to think that some local lefties still contend that the 'double dummy' appellation is inappropriate for this generation of America's youth. The begged question remains, 'What then do they know?'

Don Bessee

Dr. R- One of our local DD luminaries, the dark lord of liberal lament land is now pushing Coats anti white boy Trump rant. This pattern would indicate they know nothing other than what they are told to parrot. ;-)

Paul Emery

I'm with Rand Paul on thie one.

Rand Paul: Why we must repeal the 16-year-old Authorization for the Use of Military Force

"As Congress takes up the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), I will insist it vote on my amendment to sunset the 2001 and 2002 Authorizations for the Use of Military Force.


Because these authorizations to use military force are inappropriately being used to justify American warfare in 7 different countries. Sunsetting both AUMFs will force a debate on whether we continue the Afghanistan war, the Libya war, the Yemen war, the Syria war, and other interventions.

Our military trains our soldiers to be focused and disciplined, yet the politicians who send them to fight have for years ignored those traits when developing our foreign policy.

The result? Trillions spent in seemingly endless conflicts in every corner of the globe, while we find ourselves 16 years into the war in Afghanistan wondering what our purpose there even is any more, or if we’ll ever bring our troops home.

If we don’t get this rudderless foreign policy under control now, we’ll still be asking the same questions another 16 years down the road.

More here:


Paul Emery

Sorry Fish Here you go

For your reading pleasure:

Trump continues to fade in the Conservative Rasmussen poll. He's dropped 6% in a week, down by 14. So much for his little winning streak.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 13 September 2017 at 01:56 PM

Trump continues to fade in the Conservative Rasmussen poll.

He is….dare I say…..still president Punch.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 13 September 2017 at 01:50 PM

Stopped clock syndrome…….?

I think you're right Punch.

George Rebane

Does anyone else notice that some of our commenters seldom/never give their own developed opinions on issues, but merely cite what someone else has said/written? And then there are those who limit their discourse to quoting polls without ever connecting those dots to anything material, as if the polls were simply the alfa and omega of the matter.

Paul Emery

That he is Fish. He is also the least popular President in modern history at this stage and history is not kind to unpopular first term Presidents in the mid term national elections. Should be lots of fun to watch.

Of course now Trump is playing footsie with the Dems so anything could happen. That will likely contribute to a decline in his base support which is already in the low 20's.

Paul Emery


Polls are a consistent tracking of public opinion which makes them newsworthy and worthy of historical comparison. What that means is anybody's opinion. What is your problem with that?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 13 September 2017 at 02:30 PM

I still stand by my prediction that he will be your last president.

Paul emery

Can you elaborate on what that means fish ? Are you saying he's going to be elected for the next 20 years or are you predicting how long I'm going to live?


Posted by: Paul emery | 13 September 2017 at 02:56 PM

You have been trotting out polls, and rumors, and conspiracy theories, and political diatribes since Trump was elected implying that he was on his way out the door….probably that day! Surely the next!

It was only going to be mere moments until our political masters ushered Trump out in disgrace and restored proper politicians to their rightful role, ignoring our rights and squandering our money.

So far your prognostications seem…..off…..a bit!


Tick, tick, tick………

Feds Collect Record Taxes -- Still Run $673B Deficit!

Probably no reason to worry……I'm sure it's all good and will be lots of fun to watch!


Don Bessee

I would say Fish is saying that there are 7 + years of the Trump admin left and the po' ol' fakenewsmans mortality table being what it is..... ;-)

Bill Tozer

Focus groups of Dems and swing voters, internal polling, and a view from the Left:



Robert Cross


IS Trump giving the country the finger?


Adding up all the furtive "One Note Samba" announcements by Paul E announcing Trump's continued declines, Trump is about 341% in the hole.

In reality, Trump's approval is about 42% by the Rasmussen daily, rattling about in the low to mid 40's... just like I noted recently.

Account Deleted

SacBee points out California leads the nation in folks living in poverty. Funny how the more progressive and left-ward the govt - the more folks there are in poverty. Been that way for decades. Perhaps some one from the leftie side can enlighten us as to why this is? Venezuela? Cuba? California? Worker's Paradise. C'mon lefties - you can come up with something!

Paul Emery

All time low Gregory for this stage. 14% down. What's good about that?

Paul Emery


That means I'll keep having this much fun for the rest of my life. Haven't had this much fun since the Repubs installed Arnold "I will fix it"Swartz in California. Another Flop


Posted by: Paul Emery | 13 September 2017 at 06:03 PM

That means I'll keep having this much fun for the rest of my life.

How can this be fun for a man who puts such faith in the governments abilities to provide for him (single payer, social security, etc.) all the benefits to which he feels that society owes him? One would think that you would be horrified that the creaky edifice of government programs coupled with an ever increasing level of accumulated debt (and all the associated broken promises) would be in such dire straights.

Truth be told though, the wheels aren't likely to come off for a few years and since you hinted that you don't have any children to stick with the debt after you check out as well as suffer the unpleasantness when things really get sideways….I suppose in that light you are right….it is "all good"!


Another 14% by Paul's scale, which means Trump is now 355% in the hole.

Bill the Tozer

Liar in Chief speaks. Popcorn time.



AI Is Working for You!

Chatbot lets you sue Equifax for up to $25,000 without a lawyer.



That Common Core math is sure working swell for Paul.
Hay Paul. Tell your pals at Burning man to stop leaving their garbage for others to deal with. (More LIB refuse)
I know a guy with a nice tow truck. Maybe dropping that toxic waste covered heap in front of KVMR will get the point across.


"Democrats have attacked the president every which way, but polling and focus groups show none of it's working...

Data from a range of focus groups and internal polls in swing states paint a difficult picture for the Democratic Party heading into the 2018 midterms and 2020 presidential election. It suggests that Democrats are naive if they believe Trump’s historically low approval numbers mean a landslide is coming. The party is defending 10 Senate seats in states that Trump won and needs to flip 24 House seats to take control of that chamber.

The research, conducted by private firms and for Democratic campaign arms, is rarely made public but was described to POLITICO in interviews with a dozen top operatives who’ve been analyzing the results coming in.

“If that’s the attitude that’s driving the Democratic Party, we’re going to drive right into the ocean,” said Anson Kaye, a strategist at media firm GMMB who worked on the Obama and Clinton campaigns and is in conversations with potential clients for next year."


Steve Frisch

I'm so glad we have a deal to keep DACA tonight. I really like seeing Trump fulfill all his promises to Republicans 😀

Paul Emery

Glad that makes you feel good Gregory. Didn't thinl you found Politico credible either. Fake News source I believe you said. By the way last time I checked 56-42 is 14 Those are the numbers from Rasmussen that they say has Trump down by 14%

This was the same poll you were quoting last week as 8% difference before Trump fell off the cliff. Just using your methodology Gregory.

Here's the numbers to check your math



Posted by: Steve Frisch | 13 September 2017 at 07:43 PM

I'm so glad we have a deal to keep DACA tonight. I really like seeing Trump fulfill all his promises to Republicans 😀

Interesting…..will any of those Dreamers wind up working at the SBC or is this yet another instance of "not our kind dear" (white, doughy and Midwestern)?


"56-42 is 14"

No Paul, 56-42 is 42% approval, not "14", and it doesn't mean Hillary would get 56 if the election was held again today. Trumps approval has been moving sideways (up and down) since the end of March.

Regarding Politico, I don't think I've ever labeled it "fake news". Perhaps you could refresh my memory with a quote, which, I suspect, might have been referring to one particular story, if that much. The original piece I read that quote in was a retelling on townhall, and so I went to the original rather than give a townhall url to anyone here predisposed to ignoring anything from a generally conservative site.

The retelling on Townhall had fidelity to the original, if a bit breathless:

Steve Frisch

Posted by: fish | 13 September 2017 at 08:06 PM

Ha. For once I am going to enjoy posting Brietbart: Amnesty Don!



Posted by: Steve Frisch | 13 September 2017 at 08:15 PM

That would be a "no" then?

Paul Emery

Has nothing to do with an election Gregory. You should know that. It's about job approval. Were did you get the idea it was about Hillary or an election? Did you read the poll? 14% is the difference between approval and disapproval. The polls are cited by RCP as President Trump Job Approval

Account Deleted

So - Trump 'caves' on DACA? So - he's your guy now lefties?
Or do you still dislike him? See - it doesn't matter what Trump does.
The left hates him because they're haters.
Now what does the left do? Trump is 'literally' Hitler and yet he goes with the Dems and the left. Quite a conundrum for the lefties.
If you like his decision - now you are all NAZIs.
I love it.
There they go - marching arm in arm with Trump. Those DACAs.


The only reason to look at spread is to double the volatility of the approval numbers... it's double the change of the approval if you're looking at the spread. You should know that, Paul.

It's 42% approval today. Yes or no?

Regarding the 'deal', time will tell. "Satan and his bride" have a story, but there's no legislation I've heard of, or Trump's take on what was said.

Barry Pruett

They don't have a deal on DACA based on my reading. They agreed to keep it but there are a shitload of details missing. Do they become legal residents or citizens? Are Republicans going to insist on Cotton's bill and/or a border wall or heightened security? Everybody knew the fundamentals of DACA weren't going anywhere and if they didn't know that it was because of blind partisanship. Lots of political sausage left to grind brother. 😉

Account Deleted

BP at 9:48 - It doesn't matter. Details, details. The lefties are now with Trump.
Steve Frisch is joined with 'white supremacy'. See how that works?
Steve didn't say a word against those who maligned Trump and now Steve is with Trump.
By the standards of the left - the left are all NAZIs and white supremacists.
Now what will they do? Try to disown Trump? Say they don't agree with his decision on DACA? Admit they want a white supremacist to agree with them on a political matter?
If you call some one pure evil then you can never agree to anything they ever do or say.
Lefties never learn. Ever.


Posted by: Scott Obermuller | 13 September 2017 at 10:10 PM

Steve didn't say a word against those who maligned Trump and now Steve is with Trump…..

Nahh he isn't.

He was genuinely upset when Hillary lost…honor among thieves err….bureaucrats. He's just tweaking us a but he should probably wait until more details are released instead of relying on another florid headline from the lügenpresse (Wonder if some of our more delicate lurkers will be triggered by the German term).

I'm a little surprised that Mr. Good Government wasn't upset about the illegal way the Dreamers were "legalized". You would think a man as invested in the system as Steve would have higher standards.


Not entirely unexpected…..I just had no idea that publishers would pay for this crapshow twice! ;-)

"Clinton Already Working On Follow-Up Book Casting Blame For Failures Of First"


Don Bessee

It was funny to go back to Dr. R's link to the dark lords liberal lament land and find Frisch's verbose accolades on 0's foreign policy. Must have had some pot edibles before he wrote that fawning party parrot essay. I have already seen some push back from the WH. Don't count illegal chickens yet. As BP pointed out its not a sausage yet, things like the 0's chief of immigration investigations reporting 50% of daca approvals were invalid are in the mix still. I would expect that this time there will be FULL verification of claims for eligibility among other things going forward. Remember, current internal DNC polling and focus groups show this is a looser for dems in swing states and 0 couldn't pass it in his 8 years even when he owned it all. ;-)

Don Bessee

Getting home late from my toils in the vast right wing conspiracy kept me from rolling my news feed but now that I have the lefties look as right on their daca projections as they were on the President having resigned by now.

USA TODAY Headline- Trump, Schumer, Pelosi agree to discuss daca, boarder security, dems say.

Oh well, even lefties who are projecting their wishes can hope! ;-)

Steve Frisch

No, they don't have a deal on the border wall, but it is pretty clear from rumps Tweet this morning that they do have a deal on DACA.

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 56m56 minutes ago

Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? Really!.....more

.They have been in our country for many years through no fault of their own - brought in by parents at young age. Plus BIG border security...

How does it feel for you guys who have been antiimmigrant to have the President you supported turn his back on his top campaign issue?

No Walt...I am not "with Trump" now...I am chuckling at the position he has put his supporters in. I have always been a critic of Trump and will remian one...he is a racist, sexist, lying, narcicist and a national embarassment. And you guys own him.

Barry Pruett

Now Steve that's a little harsh rhetoric. I don't think anyone is anti immigration. Most folks are pro legal immigration. Trump was not getting rid of DACA ever. He was just prodding Congress to do something. These folks will get some sort of legal status and our legal citizens will get some sort of border enforcement and likely the RAISE Act. Everybody wins. The art of the deal.

Account Deleted

from Frisch at 4:31 - "How does it feel for you guys who have been antiimmigrant to have the President you supported turn his back on his top campaign issue?"
We wouldn't know, Frisch - no one that posts here is 'anti immigrant'.
"...he is a racist, sexist, lying, narcicist..." - gee, what happened to homophobic?
I don't suppose Frisch can back up his name calling with any proof.
It's called the 'big lie'. Just repeat it often enough and it becomes true in the minds of the light thinkers.

Steve Frisch

Posted by: Barry Pruett | 14 September 2017 at 06:41 AM

"Now Steve that's a little harsh rhetoric. I don't think anyone is anti immigration. Most folks are pro legal immigration."

Actually Barry, the Trump administration has come out in favor of cutting LEGAL immigration by 50%, and I asked the cohort here what they thought of that and there were....crickets.


Steve Frisch

Racist: civil rights violations at Trump properties, use of racist imagery including Pepe the Frog meme in tweets, Charlotesville.

Sexist: Ivanka Trump spousal rape claim, Marla Maples, "grab them by the pussy", peeping on teen Ms. USA contestents, dozens of womens direct statements.

Lying: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/06/23/opinion/trumps-lies.html

Homophobic: doesn;t seem to be particularly homophobic.

Narcissist: well if you cant see it I can't help ya.


Posted by: Scott Obermuller | 14 September 2017 at 07:07 AM

I don't suppose Frisch can back up his name calling with any proof.

Steve is hoping that we've already forgotten the concession wrested from him a few weeks ago that we're not racist.

Posted by: Steve Frisch | 14 September 2017 at 04:31 AM

No Walt...I am not "with Trump" now...I am chuckling at the position he has put his supporters in. I have always been a critic of Trump and will remian one...he is a racist, sexist, lying, narcicist and a national embarassment. And you guys own him.

Own him!? I guessing that at least half our admittedly small contingent didn't even vote for him! I didn't! No Steve, President Wrecking Ball is every bit your doing as any of the regulars here. Who were we going to vote for? The hard drinking, gun controlling, paid speech giving, crypto lesbian authoritarian who was described by most of those supporting her now as a "past her sell by date", "privileged old white woman", "corporate shill", and even a small contingent of "she's literally Hitler" proponents back when she ran against Obama in 2008?

Sorry…..to paraphrase Steve Frisch…..you don't like the results, run somebody who people will vote for!

This time around it was Donald Trump.

Bill Tozer

Steve is entitled to his opinion. I agree with Mr. Pruitt, as most American do. We are against illegal immigration. We are for good orderly legal immigration. Follow the law. Uphold the law. The topic never discussed is do we want to allow folks who flaunted our laws (illegal aliens) to be allowed to stay here? They are here because they broke our Nation's laws. Seems to me that is not a good starting point for those here illegally (no respect for our Nation and her laws) and it is not a good starting point for our citizens and legal residents. But, the Left always lumps the two together as "immigrants", claiming we are a nation of immigrants. The difference is that th right wants a good orderly process to allow and receive immigrants while the Left supports immigrants that we not allowed entrance to US soil.

I can't believe we are still arguing over foreign nationals not given permission to be here illegals) and legal immigrants allowed to visit Disneyland on visas, live here with work permits, green card holders, university students from Asia and beyond, guest lecturers, and those millions who have followed the rules and apply for citizenship/residency.



As far as DACA is concerned, Trump said to Congress "put a bill on my desk within six months and I will sign it." Congress surely can come up with a DACA bill in 180 days.


Ok, let's touch more on DACA as it is currently (no law, no legislation). Two things I do not like.p:
First, those claiming they are protected from deportation by DACA do NOT have to prove their parents brought them here illegally. They say it, we believe it. Their word is good enough. Any minor can cross the border alone or with a group of minors/teenagers and claim their parents brought them here when they were 4 years old. No proof, no verification, and instantly eligible for food stamps, cash assistance, discounted/free tuition, Section 8 housing, free medical, etc.

Second, quit calling them "children". They have to have lived here a certain number of years and cannot claim DACA protection until they are 15 years old. Since DACA is back dated, we are talking about foreign born illegals who are now averaging 20 years old and up to 26 years old now. They are not children.

It's hard to debate with DACA supporters when they refuse to acknowledge DACA is not a law written by Congress, but just an Obama Executive Order with a high probability of being unconstitutional (abuse of powers) AND calling those who have any reservations about DACA's legality as racists. Yes, there are racists behind every rock, bush, white person, every animal, mineral, and vegetable.


Always a silver lining.


Posted by: Steve Frisch | 14 September 2017 at 07:30 AM

Actually Barry, the Trump administration has come out in favor of cutting LEGAL immigration by 50%

Oooh….look at Steve kick that Strawman senseless! Hey when you're done with him I wanna watch you and Paul Emery mover goalposts for about 20 minutes…..that's always a good show!

So we're not talking about having or not having legal immigration, we're discussing numbers. Sounds like a legitimate political discussion to have. No crickets here Steve! So just how many low skilled, questionably educated, will likely need to be supported by the taxpayers third worlders are we talking about Angela…err….I mean Steve?

Bill Tozer

@7:48 am
Spot on!
"So we're not talking about having or not having legal immigration, we're discussing numbers. Sounds like a legitimate political discussion to have."

Now we are getting to the root of the debate. Open borders or not? Numbers? Read somewhere last month that cutting back on H-B1 work visas would create 500,000 jobs for Americans in the tech field, not to mention those employed as professors at our universities. All depends on whose ox gets gored. Bill Gates (and other billionaire owners of tech companies) have repeatedly testified before Congress that they cannot run their businesses without more H-B1 work visas. Cheap labor or not enough qualified Americans who will work....for less?

Hmmm. Seems to me many of our local ski bums who used to work on the slopes and lounges every winter (like the surfers working on the beaches as lifeguards every summer) suddenly have been replaced with foreign workers...in the Sierra. Odd. Yep, we need immigrants. Businesses need immigrants. We are a nation of immigrants. But, How many do we need? A great question.

I don't know the answer to that question. Cutting migration by 50% would bring us back to the Jimmy Carter years. Don't recall a big stink about that then, but to be fair, I was not a news junkie then either.

Bill Tozer

Pivoting to Hillary's new book, one has to ask why would she want to step in it again. Blaming an unfair media? Blaming the NYT? Kudos to the NYT that broke the Hillary running the State Department on a homebrewed server in a closet story. So unfair! Yep, the story was out there, but I was surprised the NYT did not bury it. The Times learned its lesson and promised to be good going forward. And Hillary's refusal to answer questions about the setup did not help herself in the least. "What, you mean wipe it with a cloth?" She though she could ride out the "non-story". Another Nothingburger, Always worked in the pass....

Did Hillary really want to blame Benghazi for hurting her public image of being a honest competent decision maker under fire? At least she held her composure receiving flowers from school girls and exchanging pleasantries at the greeting ceremony on the tarmac while under sniper attacks running for cover in Bosnia. Talk about being tone deaf. Ah, heck, what difference at this point does it make anyway?



Steve Frisch

Seriously, cutting H1B visas does not create 500,000 jobs in the tech sector if we are not training Americans to take and hold those jobs...funding the Presidents budget actually proposes to cut rather than expand.

If we are really concerned about American jobs we need to be investing in the vocational training, technical training, and continuous learning necessary to fill those jobs.

I talk to people who hire seasnal employees in the Sierra--they would hire residents, but they wont work for the wages they offer--we don;'t have a labor shortage, we have a low wage problem.

Right now more immigrants from Mexico and central America are leaving the country than are coming in. Legal immigration today is already at a low, less than 1% of our labor force and .03% of our population. We really dont have a legal immigration problem we have a wage and labor training problem.


Well Frisch, if the employers looking to hire residents in the Sierra didn't have the option to pay lower wages to immigrants, they would then have to pay the market rate for labor to the residents. We have a wage and labor training problem because of illegal immigration.

Steve Frisch

You are partly correct John, if we raised the floor there would be less market for immigrant labor. We have a wage and labor problem because 1) we have not raised minimum wages relative to inflation and increased productivity, and 2) we have not invested in the technical training and education necessary for the new economy workforce.


Tech pushes out engineers beginning in their 40's... and that's been true since before I started my first job. Silicon Valley doesn't hire immigrant H1B younglings because they're smarter and better trained, they hire them because they're cheaper and more docile. Imagine that.

"We have a wage and labor problem because 1) we have not raised minimum wages relative to inflation and increased productivity, and 2) we have not invested in the technical training and education necessary for the new economy workforce."

So... Steve, you've climbed aboard the Progressive Democrat's $15 minimum wage bandwagon? And your background in political science (a BA from a CalState that requires the mirror to be fogged in the entrance exams) and misappropriating the taxes withheld from employees in the restaurant and bar you once owned, ridhelps you judge what "the technical training and education necessary for the new economy workforce" might be?

People have always been offered wages based what the market will bear and not much more. Or less. If employers in the Sierra Nevada need to pay more to attract and keep the labor they need to function, they will.


Precisely Gregory. If the regulators would stay out of what employers should pay, and instead prevent starving third world labor from flooding into our markets, the wages would quickly find their real value. The manipulation of the market harms everyone.

Bill Tozer

Well, Dr. Rebane and a multitude of others have been sounding the alarm about the shortage of skills our workforce lacks to face our grave new world. Thus, the emphasis on what today's students and co-eds are being taught in public ecucation in our current institutions of higher learning as opposed to what they have learned. Yes, generally speaking. The push for STEM skills is nothing here, nor is my ridiculing what is not being taught in schools and what is.

Current legal immigration policy focuses on family reunification rather than the skillset the immigrant and immigrant's extended family brings to the table. I know a couple who sponsored a young worker. 5 years was the sponsorship program then. No welfare or public aid. Hired him, liked him, and he worked his butt off for years. He proved industrious, hard working, and an asset to our country. Learned English, kept his nose clean. The couple stuck their neck out for the young man for Mexico. He later started his own business, as a competitor, lol. But, the other workers, my acquaintances would not touch them with a ten foot pole.

The nice illegal immigrant or the immigrant with a temporary work permit may be hard working, dependable, have a clean criminal record, and your "gardener" is a good fellow working for a local landscapinging outfit for low wages. No problem there. But, chances are he has a wife and baby (or a couple of kids) at home, on food stamps and possibly other safety net dollars. Then Grandma shows up and is illiterate in both English and her native tongue. What does granny bring to our nation except another person on the dole? That is when it costs us more than what the gardener or housekeeper pays in taxes and contributes to our nation. That is the rub.
As a sovereign nation, we have a say who is allowed in here. Some think that immigration is an entitlement extended to foreign nationals who never have set foot on US soil. I disagree with the whole notion that foreigners who have never been on US soil have the same Constitutional rights and the freedoms that US citizens and legal residents enjoy.

So, anybody know how many legal immigrants should be admitted into the USA this year or next? What about those with a 6th grade education and no skillset in demand, and large extended families back home waiting in the wings? (No, I ain't talking about those born here living in Mom's basement....that's is another problem altogether). Seriously, what about those with a equlivant 4th grade education and no skillset? How many of those does our nation need?

What is wrong with leaning a bit to the Canadian model where extra points iare given to applicants of ages between 28-under 40, have a needed skillset, have a promise of employment, speak the language, educated, and the worker can come, but not granny and black sheep cousin Vinny and Sleazy Uncle Fran the sluggard.

Only 7% of all immigrants are involved in farm labor or ranch hands. The same percentage roughly applies to illegal immigrants per various studies, albeit not written in stone or the gossip truth. Say that percentage is 13% and throw out restaurant prep cooks and your Safeway grocer as "argriculture" to err on the side of caution. So tell me, we NEED millions of illegals to pick our strawberries? Heck, they would not pick strawberries back home and they ain't going to pick strawberries here either.

We have a labor shortage ranging from skilled speciality welders to qualified white collar jobs that can't be filled by our homegrown citizens. So, how many immigrants does our nation need? I dunno.

Account Deleted

Frisch at 7:37 - Wow - Frisch claims Donald Trump personally made sure non-whites couldn't rent at his properties? Is that your claim? What are you claiming that Trump did in regards to his properties? And he used a Pepe the frog meme? Really? Is that all you have?
"Charlottsville" - yeah, that's a town. How does naming a town 'prove' Trump is a racist?
Trump never said "grab them by the pussy". You might want to get the transcript, Frisch.
Ex-wife he-said/she-said. Pretty thin stuff. He likes ogling pretty girls. Oh my goodness. The vast majority of women that deal with him say he is courteous and treats them just fine. He can't be that much of a sexist. Look at his nomination picks.
Of course Trump says things that aren't true - the list of his 'lies' is petty nonsense. He's not the kind of liar that Obama and Hillary are. Obama and Hillary basically live a life of lying. Trump is honest about what and who he is. He doesn't lie about what he would like to see in terms of national policy and is trying to do what he promised when he ran for POTUS. Will he get everything he wants? No.
Unlike phoneys like Obama who basically made up an entire line of BS to run on.
Narcissist - I'm sure he thinks pretty highly of himself. Most folks that run for office do. Doesn't make him a narcissist. I notice you provided no proof that he is, so it looks like a complete failure to back up your name calling.
Better luck next time, Frisch.

Bill Tozer

Interesting that all of the 20 or so women that have accused Trump of sexual impriorities suddenly went silent after Trump won the election...er....Hillary lost it. Gloria Allred had one all lined up right after the first debate when the topic was sizzling. Called a press conference and her "victim" was just an aging porn star peddling new videos and her merchandise. Even in NYC, the press did not attend. But the hype of 'gotcha' with a famous women'srights lawyer/shameless promoter was bested only by the silence of those reporters realizing they had been had, lol.

Where are the 20 now? Did Trump pull a Hillary and they all done got suicided?


One man's meat is another man's poison.

Paul Emery


I really hope this blog has the readership that George claims it has so lots of people can see what a total asshole you are. Calculating when someone will die as an excuse for intelligent dialog is really pathetic. If I had as little class as you do I could put up all kinds of things about your sordid past but there is no need to since you do a spectacular job on your own illustrating your character to anyone who reads this blog.

Barry Pruett

I saw that Steve. I believe the RAISE Act calls for the number of legal immigrants per year to be reduced to 500,000 from 1,000,000. After giving 800,000 legal status through enacting DACA and enhancing border security, don't you think that it is reasonable to reduce the number to 500,000 for a while? Seems reasonable to me.


Where has RR's most erudite and charming poster been for a while……where is Mr. Scenes?

Don Bessee

Actually ya po' ol' fakenewsman it was Mr. Fish that did the speculating, I just translated it for you. ;-)


Oh Donnie boy, can you handle this,,,your gal Ann Coulter says about Trump-at this point who doesn't want him impeached! ;-)

Bill Tozer

Hillary quotes and quotes about Hillary. Helpful hint: Driving the wooden stake through the heart does not work on My Gal, Hil. I know. I tried and failed. Now she is really pissed and she did say she will dear with "them" later. The hour has come upon us and particularly those women who did not vote for her. You know who you are.

Belly laugh of the week: “We don’t control media the same way the right does; it’s harder for our message to get out. … I don’t think the press did their job in this election, with very few exceptions.” —Hillary Clinton

Oh please: “The more professionally successful a woman becomes, the less likable she is.” —Hillary Clinton

For the record: “We all know what happened, Hillary: you’re a loser! Now get over it and give the rest of us a break.” —Piers Morgan

Late-night humor: “Hillary Clinton’s book ‘What Happened’ came out … and I heard that it’s almost 500 pages long. Unfortunately, the only person with enough time to read it is Hillary Clinton.” —Jimmy Fallon



Well,, "my" outfit only cares if you can do the the job. We have a felon on parole, A Mexican or two with "questionable" documents,(and one with only one good eye.) and a token ADA compliant hire. Everyone gets a good paycheck. And we deal with a boss who is bi-polar.
All the jobs get done on time within budget, and all the clients happy.

Robert Cross

On the UC Berkeley 1st amendment poll that Don Bessee misinformed you all about:

Don: "53% of dems oppose the 1st amendment rights of the right"


Apparently to you white supremacists and nazis are the right. Do you consider yourself a white supremacist or a nazis?

The question the poll asked was whether or not "white supremacist" sponsored rallies should be restricted. 53% of democrats said yes, as did 42% of republicans. So NO Don. 53% of Democrats DONOT oppose the 1st Amendment rights of the political right. Yes, 53% of Democrats think violent neo-nazis type hate groups, like the ones in Charlottesville, should have their ability to hold rallies restricted. And this is wrong because…???? It is not a 1st Amendment right to yell "fire" in a theater but armed and violent hate groups should be allowed to take over our streets?

Don's cherry picking (or did you just grab a headline without actually reading the story) left out the statistic that 66% of all voters think race relations in America have worsened in the last year and Trump "has little ability to improve them."

You are the fake newsman, Don.


You had to bring up Berkeley..
It sure ain't pretty.

Bill Tozer

This is great. Brother Ben and his Traveling Salvation Show hit the hallowed grounds of the birthplace of free speech and he is strutting like a rooster.


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