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06 September 2017



There is Burning man refuse abandoned in our pristine Penn Valley.

How are those Rose Colored Glasses working for you?
I have seen nasty junkyard '''estates''' in Penn Tucky.
One is a view property overlooking Lake E Coli.
Acres of crap squirreled away by good old boys.


I am happy to stand with Galileo, RCross. And with Svensmark, Lindzen, Shaviv, Veizer, Kirkby, Stott, Friis-Christensen, Choi, et al.

This pope is as political as they come.

Ben Emery

Do you have Gut and Digestive issues?

Listen to Weston- Price's Joanie Blaxter tomorrow on KGO. She will be talking with Ethan Bearman about the affects of Glyphosate and GMO on our health.


Paul Emery

Not if you're a Catholic Gregory. If you are he's your direct connection to the Guy in the Sky.

Paul Emery

For your reading pleasure:

Trump is down to a dismal 26% strong approval (core support) in the Conservative Rasmussen poll.



Posted by: Robert Cross | 12 September 2017 at 07:58 AM

You and all of the rest of the deniers have been condemned by none other than the Pope.

Ask me if I care…….!

Oh and …..thanks Bobby.

Barry Pruett

Yes Paul...the same poll shows 44% approval rating which is only two points off from election day. You media guys are slacking. All this BS and you have only knocked Trump down two points? Lol. That said, 61% of folks want Hillary to go away which is 13 points higher than election day.


So Paul, how many US Catholics followed the Pope on birth control?

"Fill them pews, people, that's the key!" - Cardinal Glick

Paul Emery


The number I quoted was core support. Either way Trump is down around 17% compilation average in RCP which is historically the lowest in history for a President at this stage. That's not much to brag about.


Paul Emery

Are you saying Gregory that Catholics are not true to their faith? I was only pointing out the core belief that Catholics have about their relationship with the Pope.

Michael R. Kesti

Paul Emery | 12 September 2017 at 07:49 AM

I tried but was unable to find coverage of this story that reports the actual charge(s) in this case. There are vague references to a possibly fraudulent check but no mention of actual charge(s) nor of relevant evidence. I'm not yet certain why I should be outraged.


Paul, I was asking you how many US Catholics followed the Pope on birth control, which is also about their relationship with the Pope.

It makes sense that this Pope would make AGW a religious tenet. It has been akin to religion since the alarmism took off in the '80's, fully formed *before* billions were spent to gird the original CO2 sensitivity range (1.5 to 4.5 degC for a doubling) in place since the initial guesses in the '80's.

Paul Emery

Actually Barry Trump peaked in Rasmussen on Jan 26 with a 59% approval rating. Today it's 44% a 15% drop.


Barry Pruett

17% with folks that don't vote...

Trump is doing fine and I am pretty sure that he does not care about polls but results. Changing things in Washington DC is difficult, as Washington and the media are fighting back. Speaking of results, now it's time to take on Congress as well.

Paul Emery


Easy to find by googling sattar ali

Here's more about the story from Fox News


Here's the video from the TV station that boke the story


George Rebane

Gregory 946am - Couldn't have said it better myself; well said.


Imagine Escaping a Hurricane in an Electric Vehicle

At the height of the Hurricane Irma crisis, according to CNBC twelve million Florida residents were ordered to leave.

The distance between Miami and Valdosta, just over the border in Georgia, is 439 miles.

Most EV have a range of 150-300 miles, less in stop and go driving experienced in Florida.

What would have happen if the government had forced the switch to all electric vehicles?

"Imagine the chaos if millions of electric cars pulled up at the same roadside charging stations at the same time, each expecting their half hour “fast” recharge, each driver utterly desperate to bring their families to safety before the hurricane struck."



She truly is "the gift that keeps on giving"!

Defiant Hillary To Dems: ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’

Cue up something from Helen Reddy…..quickly!


Michael R. Kesti

Paul Emery | 12 September 2017 at 10:11 AM

From that KAKE report: Emprise Bank issued the following statement: ".. We are aware of a situation at the 21st and Woodlawn branch yesterday and can confirm that our team acted in accordance with our policies and procedures. If faced with the same circumstances today, we would expect our team to take the same actions."

I am more outraged by your fabricated assertion that, "This would never happen to a white person named Smith."

Bill Tozer

@ 10:58 pm.

My Gal ain't going anywhere and she ain't going nowhere! Onward Together means "with her". I'm with Her for sure and I feel Her pain. I was hoping her newly released thriller "I Happened" would keep her front and center. Sure, those speeches to Goldman Slacks for 225k greenback dollars was a bit politically tone deaf, but, then again, charging $2,375 for a book, a chance to meet Mrs. Clinton in the flesh, and take a snapshot of/with HER is kinda tone deaf too. Not to mention finally going to WI on the book tour, with discounted tickets to show she relates to the blue collar blues. Ok, maybe not meet her in the flesh and a chance to get a pic with her. but I hear she does have a good hologram she travels with that allows cameras to actually capture her image.
This is way beyond my wildest dreams. Never Change Hillary, your people need you to lead them Onward......Together. Together means we are with you, not you are with us.

Much has been written already about the book "I Happened." It starts off with the usual perfunctory few pages claiming responsibility for blowing it bigtime to the most unpopular candidate in US history, then about 450 pages of blaming others for what should have in a easy walk in the park to the White House. She done got buckwacked. Victomhood is so very vogue these days.

Rather than list all those who are to blame, I think she should of just blamed the Chardonnay. That makes the most sense and something the Lefties can relate to. It would have saved a bunch of trees in printing the monotonous novel and made it a quicker read.

Here is a brief nutshell of the ''I may have made a few itty bitty mistakes, but the other dudes are more to blame" narrative. Instead of reading, use visual aides and just watch the video. I did.

It wabbled, it was coming straight at us with hell fury, but then it veered left.

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