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20 September 2017


Bill Tozer

I missed Trump's UN speech, but was listening to the radio when the 5 minute news on the hour came up. Trump sounded absolutely on target on the short clip. Then, ABC radio got two statements from the opposition, one was El Presidente from Venezuela and the other some ayatollah of rock-n-rolla UN rep voicing his displeasure. The Venezuelan chieftain said Trump was talking about him like he was the hired help, ROFLMAO. Wonder how the metro-sexual Chubby Kim likes his own words being thrown right back at him. Choke on this, little saber rattling man-child. Shoe is on the other foot now, eh Kim Three Chin?

Judging by the general stunned silence from the Leftaninstas hours later, I figure that President Trump's speech knocked the wind out of their sails. Might take them another day to regain their footing and rewrite the narrative so we know what Trump really said.


Will catch the speech later.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane wrote:
"The speech also highlights the legions of media outlets in the extremis of Trump Derangement Syndrome that have quoted out of context parts of his speech – ‘Trump vows we have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea’ - and are enraged at the president’s view........."

Examples? Glad you asked.

“The words ‘totally destroying’ a nation of 25 million people, that borders on the threat of committing a war crime.” —ABC’s Terry Moran (“So do little Kim Jong’s threats to NUKE America count as a war crime too?” —Katie Pavlich)

" I thought [Trump’s UN speech] was very dark [and] dangerous, not the kind of message that the leader of the greatest nation in the world should be delivering.” —Hillary Clinton (You know what else is dark and dangerous? Hillary’s Benghazi coverup.)


Trump's latest bombast has elevated him to the ranks of Hugo Chavez, Duterte, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Way to go!

Don Bessee


Don Bessee

BB and Bono both fall into the camp of having their moral arc of the universe disrupted. Playdough? ;-)

Todd Juvinall

Oh BB, I say he is in the same boat as Churchill and Golda Mier.

Todd Juvinall

Monmouth Poll Trump down six today. Oh my! LOL!

Bill Tozer

As covered here before: the decline of the Millennials and now the iGeners

"In the mid-20th century, she said, people adopted what evolutionary psychologists call a "fast-life strategy." Life spans were shorter and work was more imperative, so kids grew up relatively quickly without as much parental supervision. By 2000, though, the US had taken up a "slow-life strategy" — people were living longer, resources were more abundant, and parents started raising their kids to stay kids longer.

Because there seems to be less of a need for modern teens to become adults, Twenge and Park's research suggests that today's 18-year-old more closely resembles a 15-year-old of the 1970s or '80s."


Bonnie McGuire

Haven't heard a President since Reagan make such a common sense speech. Anyone whose raised a family knows how important responsibility is. There are many Nations (families) responsible for themselves and to be good neighbors. It was kind of interesting watching the facial expressions of those who were present during his speech. Some resembled teenagers who don't like personal responsibility and don't want to listen.

George Boardman

The left's panic over Graham-Cassidy?

I guess the "panic" has infected Paul and McCain, and we still haven't heard from Collins and Murkowski.

Chuck and Nancy are looking better everyday to Trump.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 139pm - Do you recall the lamestream media and their 'entertainment' colleagues going into such hissy-fits in the preludes to the GOP's previous unsuccessfuol efforts at repeal and replace? Me neither.

BTW, it appears that comedy today may have already disappeared. The sage words from Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks, and Gene Wilder warned us that the kind of comedy that made them famous is no longer possible, since almost all of it was based on highlighting some gentle hyperbole about well-known cultural, ethnic, economic, and poorly educated stereotypes. That today is a no-no, so 'comedy' is now reduced to political rants and ad hominems against individuals that draw either approving jeers or nervous laughter from audiences.


Its all coming together.....

"Health Insurers In NM To Implement Record-High Premium Increases...



I would like to know just why McCain is even allowed to vote with that mental defect.
If any one of us had a brain tumor like his,, we would have our driving privileges revoked, and our guns taken away. Yet he is still allowed to make life altering votes for millions.

Todd Juvinall

George Rebane | 22 September 2017 at 02:54 PM

Jerry Seinfeld and some other comedians have said they won't do their shows on college campii as the students don't know what comedy is and will attack them. Funny how democrats and liberals like GB never seem to be as outraged at the dictatorship here in their own state. Why is that I wonder?

George Boardman

Once again, Todd employs his selective memory to try to make a point.

As a regular reader of my column in The Union, Todd should recall that I have criticized UC and other universities for stifling free speech, being politically correct, and generally making life difficult for conservatives.

Heck, I even wrote a column defending conservative anti-abortion advocates because they were singled out for prosecution by the California attorney general.

I guess Todd doesn't remember any of that.

Todd Juvinall

Well then I apologize.

Here is my take on a "sanctuary state" by the kids in Sac.

Hey, if I recall correctly Jerry Brown and his goofballs of renown under the dome are showing their hypocrisy again. They all want a "sanctuary state" so they can let illegal immigrant felons ravish us with their pistols and machetes and tell the Feds to go away. Aren't these the same people that passed a Resolution against Arizona a few years ago when that state wanted to enforce the Federal immigration laws? And the California goofers were all about the Feds being in control? And Jerry boycotted Arizona. So once again we have situational ethics by the kids under the dome which says to me they are truly the kind of politicians we must remove. We need people that actually follow the law and are not so transparently hypocritical. What say you all?


I do find it more than hypocritical that the likes of LIB calif. piss and moan, demand that Confederate monuments MUST come down because "The South were traitors!" Yet the likes of Ca. are doing the same thing today by defying FED laws. Right down to voting to secede from the Union. Ca. fights to keep illegals and fights to stop the boarder security.
I won't even get started on the other things the state of Ca. defies the nation on.
Ca. is pretty much a "NeoConfederate" state.

Account Deleted

As to George's highlighting the unions' hissy fit over folks having (gasp) the right to freely associate or not - the unions love to point out that they are often bound by law to provide the negotiations for wages and benefits for their members and non-members alike and should be compensated by all of the affected workers. What they always fail to admit is that they wanted those laws.
Just allow companies to pay whatever they want to with non-union members and pay the union employees according to negotiated contracts with the unions - if the companies want to. If a company doesn't like the union demands then get rid of the union workers and just hire non union workers. Free market. If you don't like it move to a state that has a strong union presence. But we all know the 'right to choose' is just a pile of left-wing BS from left-wing BSers.
My personal experience and that of my friends with the unions is almost always negative.
Question to anyone willing to think - if unions are so great, why do the unions always push for laws forcing folks to join?

George Rebane

The fake news spigot is open and flowing -


Union? Legalized extortion if you ask me. I can name a few Co.s that the unions extorted right out of business. (think twinkie for one..)

Account Deleted

Not the AP! Boardman's fav center-of-the-road left-wing news org.
Why - they wouldn't mislead now, would they?
In other news.
I really wish that Trump would just announce that since the Dems are in such a state about getting rid of Obama care, he's going to just let it continue and show the American public how bad it is. Obama care? To paraphrase Jolson - you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Bill Tozer

Right to work laws are not theft.

But, it's money the unions would have received if those darn Right To Work States where told they cannot be Right to Work States.!
The unions argued their position not on constitutional grounds, but because of fairness, ROFLMAO. Fairness to whom?

"The plaintiffs are asking the court to weigh in on the bill's fairness, rather than its strict constitutionality, according to Ketchum.

"We find that the unions failed to show a likelihood of success in their legal challenge to the law’s constitutionality," the ruling says. "The wisdom, desirability, and fairness of a law are political questions to be resolved in the legislature. Those decisions may only be challenged in the court of public opinion and the ballot box, not before the judiciary."



Former Pres. Obama on health care: “When I see people trying to undo that hard-won progress, for the 50th or 60th time … it is aggravating.”

50-60 times? Losers! So sad!

Bill Tozer

Shock at Turtle Bay



Account Deleted

50th or 60th? What are you saying? He can't tell the difference? This was the fellow that thought there were 57 states. Yes - we are losers. Obamacare made damn near all of us losers. Gee BooBoo, where's my 2500 dollars? Remember that lie? Paul does. He remembers all the lies all the presidents make. Sorta. Once in a while. Well, when he FEELS like it.

Bill Tozer

FEEL like it, or more precisely, when it is convenient. Those inconvenient truths he pays no never mind to. Ok, when he feels like it is the same thing.

In other insignificant news, another problem solved. Hey, aren't we suppose to cuddle these guys and worship the very ground they walk on? That Trump does everything wrong. Somebody better explain to him the rules. He done broke some rules.



Paul Emery

The left was nnever panacked about the latest attempt to repeal Obamacare George. The insiders knew it was DOA. They are giggling in their glee over the nomination of Judge Moore. This guys a real nut case and far to the right of anyone on this blog. Here's some details about his beliefs.

Moore claimed that President Barack Obama wasn't a U.S. citizen.

Moore believes Muslims should be barred from serving in elected office.

In 2006, Moore wrote an op-ed calling on Congress to refuse to seat Keith Ellison because Ellison is Muslim.

Moore's foundation hosted pro-Confederate "Secession Day" events in 2009 and 2010.

Moore was thrown off the Alabama Supreme Court twice for violating the constitution in order to discriminate. The first time was for attempting to enforce
Christian worship in government spaces. The second time was for flouting Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling in order to discriminate against LGBTQ people.

Moore believes "homosexual acts" should be illegal and LGBTQ people thrown in prison.

Just this month Moore said "there's no such thing as evolution."

Way to go Repubs.

By the way this was not Trumps guy

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