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26 September 2017



The Fully Informed Jury Assn (FIJA, iirc) headed by Gary Dusseljee (sp?) was headquartered in Nevada City, and I remember Gary getting into trouble choosing the days that juries were brought in to put his flyers about Nullification on parked cars showing Juror passes near the courthouse in downtown Nevada City. I don't remember what the upshot was but I vaguely remember he agreed not to do it a'gin.

I remember talking to Gary once about the local libertarian scene, but at the time he was dreaming about moving to Albania which I gather was something of a mecca for folks who might have been confusing a modern disfunctional anarchy with functioning libertarian utopias.

Account Deleted

The problem with the way the left presents history is not so much 'presentism' as it is with the way they have these arbitrary cut-offs with presentism.
The big one right now is slavery. Apparently it was invented by Euro-white boys and only practised in the USA. Conveniently left out is the fact that slavery has existed for thousands of years and has been a common practice in every continent on earth with all skin colors being up for grabs as victim as well as perp. There is nothing wrong with bringing modern understandings of moral rights and wrongs to the discussion, but to only talk about how evil some white folk were in the slave trade while eliding the the fact that black Africans happily sold their brothers and sisters into permanent bondage is hypocritical and historically in error. Here, of course we will be presented with the fact that 'facts' and 'truth' are racist and smack of white privilege. The 'fact' that this is presented as 'fact' is completely lost on the left. I just read about some white slice of bread who works mainly with blacks who claimed that white folks can't know how their skin color gives them a permanent and un-fair leg up on others with different skin color. But of course he knows, despite being a person of a skin color that would preclude him from 'knowing' these 'facts'. I have told you that the left are deranged. They have or are leaving the state reality to claim a realm of their own where the world is a hodge-podge of dizzying snippets of items of interest. They are arranged not in chronological order nor in a framework that would give the viewer a true sense of all that has gone before. They are arranged so that the 'good' guys De jure are presented in a halo of light that blocks out inconvenient details and offers up villains who apparently left their mothers' breast with the sole purpose in life of wreaking havoc on what ever group of individuals happens to be the oppressed 'community' currently in vogue.
The main problem seems to be that white Euros are currently doing quite well overall at this point and so must be the cause of other groups or 'communities' not faring as well. Lost in this mess is the fact that Asians are actually out-doing the white boys in many regards and have surpassed them academically in this country. Asians are poised to take over the earth both financially and militarily. Once firmly in power, I can guarantee you that they will not care a whit about Mr Muir or the Sierra Club, nor will they be interested in the whimperings of loser black Americans complaining about what ever they complain about.
So - take your knee and feel empowered, loser. Political reality is quickly approaching and it doesn't care about your selective view of history. The guys with weapons and the urge to use them usually win. Get ready or get lost.


'''You can go to jail in America for handing out pamphlets''', ok ghost of Paul Harvey how about the rest of the story,,,


Don Bessee

You mean like your lame post about the history of the anthem and flag at sport events stating in the 60's? ;-)


LOL Doug,, There is a trial tomorrow in Nevada City. TRY IT!!
PLEASE!! And HOW I would love to be on "your "jury.


Oh KeachKeach!?


Fish. Ol' Doug won't dare admit it, but Doug and I have had a fun time the last few days. Right Doug? I have been giving him some Nevada Co. redneck hound dog hospitality. Ol' Doug was running out of socks. (Doug still has plenty.) How many did I burn you out of Doug? I lost count after 5. And some of the things you said?? Your one sick puppy.
Yup,, that was a fun chase. Just like the good old days.
You can tell'm just who was doing the running.

Don Bessee

Here is some Russian dressing to close the day; DHS has announced that the 'russian' hackers did not take a try at Wisconsin's elections computers as previously reported by team 0. They in fact tried to access the unemployment depts. computers and failed. So much for those superman 'russian hackers' of shrillary's delusions. A candidate who blew over a BILLION $$ on a failed campaign is actually pointing to a 100k in facebook ads as reinforcing the crumbled russian were responsible for the loss narrative. Madam liar liar pantsuits on fire should really stick to the other 55 reasons she lost like Bernie, Comey, tribbles,......... ;-)

Todd Juvinall

OMG! For Paul Emery and all the liberals, looks like Trump's leadership had got the GDP over 3% in the second quarter. Something PE's hero never achieved in 8 years!


Account Deleted

Don at 11:31 - They have nothing else to hang their hat on unless they just admit that a lying, thieving, rape-enabling harpy was the best the Dem Nat Com could cough up for the American people to vote for.
We found out the truth behind the scenes with Debbie Washed-up-man and the Dem political machine and this is the Russians' fault? What happened to that Dem lady that claimed persecution because she was a Christian when she was lying through her teeth about feeding questions to the Hillary camp for the debates?
Paul claims the Russians have the goods on the Republicans as well, but aren't letting the info out. Still waiting for Paul to produce this info, but of course he can't - the Russians won't let him!
Right, Paul?

Bill Tozer

Ah, I will stick this here under Scattershots. Mob rule is close enough. Perhaps under Dr. Rebane's mental illness, lol. It's not just our local libs who are lightly read and all of them are pissed off once again. Gawd, their temper tantrums are something else.

Kudos to Doc for getting one to pound his spoon so hard his head done exploded. And the good Doc nary lifted a finger. Never get tired of winning. It's all coming out in the open now.

It is in such a climate as this that one of the primary Demo/MSM propaganda fronts, The New York Times, is promoting communism (overtly this time), in a series of praise articles including, “When Communism Inspired Americans,” “Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism” and “The Little Red Book for Children.” This series, highlighting the “glory days” of communism, omits references to the countless millions of civilian men, women and children who were murdered or starved under these regimes.


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