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11 October 2017


Don Bessee

Now why would a Russian co. scam us like that, I mean after all shrillary hit the reset button, right? ;-)



Shared your concerns about Kaspersky software. I have a similar concern about China build routers, network and WiFi.

Will order up Life 3.0, just finished Hit Reset by Satya Nadella, MS CEO, who describes Microsoft's AI future. Google is also moving from mobile-first to AI-first.

Here’s Google CEO Sundar Pichai at the opening of Google’s Pixel 2 event:

We’re excited by the shift from a mobile-first to an AI-first world. It is not just about applying machine learning in our products, but it’s radically re-thinking how computing should work. (…) We’re really excited by this shift, and that’s why we’re here today. We’ve been working on software and hardware together because that’s the best way to drive the shifts in computing forward. But we think we’re in the unique moment in time where we can bring the unique combination of AI, and software, and hardware to bring the different perspective to solving problems for users. We’re very confident about our approach here because we’re at the forefront of driving the shifts with AI.

George Rebane

Russ 125pm - Yes indeed, they're all doing it or, if not, they're missing the train pulling out of the station. I don't think those left behind will ever catch up - might as well then bend over and kiss it good-bye. Deep learning and big data sure refocused industry (and the military).

rl crabb

Yeah, I watched Fox drooling over Harvey Weinstein, and NBC certainly dropped the ball on that one. I guess Fox doesn't have to feel so bad about O'Reilly and Ailes now. Sexual harassment has always been a bi-partisan sport.

Todd Juvinall

I bet every man including RL has secrets like Weinstein had. Right?

Bill Tozer

4:50 pm.
Yes, powerful men usually have their sex drive in overdrive. That has been true across space and time. And yes, sex sales. Now they are eating their own. Metcy.


rl crabb

I've already written about mine, Todd. How about you?

Todd Juvinall

That is why they call them secrets RL. Tell us all about yours since you said you already did. Waiting.


Kaspersky link broken.


'''show biz folks have been historical proto-communists'''??? I thought they were Jewish???
The way ryghties are yammering about Weinstein they must be afraid leftys are going to run him against Trump next election cycle.

George Rebane

Rick 713am - Thank you Mr Rick; give it a try now.

Bun 759am - Ah yes; the liberal mind at work. Ethnicity/religion and socio-political ideology are orthogonal notions. You may not know this, but most communist intellectuals and theoreticians of the 19th and early 20th centuries were Jews (starting with Marx and Engels). And Weinstein running against Trump in 2020, that indeed would be a suitable choice for the Dems to follow the Donald/Hillary pairing. Perhaps you can suggest that.

Todd Juvinall

Marx and Engels were Jewish as was Trotsky. What is your point? Hollywood seems to be laden with liberals who have not had the best interests of America as their guiding light. All those "anti-hero" movies from the 60's were total crap.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like Trump has issued an EO to open up Ocare for life support. Dems and McCain apoplectic.


'''Looks like Trump has issued an EO'''Trump cannot beat Obama so he is joining him...


Which is more likely misogynist a collectivist or a mid eastern culture bearer,,,


Posted by: bunbun | 12 October 2017 at 10:50 AM

…..yeah…..once one side breaks the "rules" no reason for the other side not to as well.

Toodles KeachKeach!

Bill Tozer

Re: The BSA is admitting real girls...the kind that were born female. What possibly could go wrong? Hope toxic masculinity does not rear its ugly head.


Wish the Left could make up their minds. They push for gender neutral roles in life, then get upset when a person with testicles tries to join the fun. Now they are going after the White Privileged male, Bernie Sanders. Can’t blame them. Afterall, it was Gloria Steinmen who said Bernie is where all the boys are. No boys allowed!!

Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft launched the petition “Remove Bernie Sanders from opening the Women’s Convention,” calling for the organizers to choose a “female-identifying figure” as the opening night speaker.

“The individual who kicks off an event often becomes the ‘face’ of the event. It is only right to have a woman’s face for the Women’s Conference. Having a man’s face only continues the invisible presence, work, and voices of women,” the petition notes. “Women are best qualified to speak about women’s issues.”


(Side note: The keynote speaker at the convention will be neither male or female. They choose Maxine Waters as the keynote speaker on opening day.)

Even the Girl Scouts weigh in, saying just about the same thing as the angry born females are saying about boys in the girls club.

"Girl Scouts is the best girl leadership organization in the world, created with and for girls," the organization wrote in the post. "We believe strongly in the importance of the all-girl, girl-led, and girl-friendly environment that Girl Scouts provides, which creates a free space for girls to learn and thrive."

It continued, "The benefit of the single-gender environment has been well-documented by educators, scholars, other girl- and youth-serving organizations, and Girl Scouts and their families. Girl Scouts offers a one-of-a-kind experience for girls with a program tailored specifically to their unique developmental needs."

Darn. That does not sound very inclusive to me, nor gender neutral. This is getting as confusing as saying you can be a woman without having an uterus, but can’t talk about abortion unless you have a uterus. Make up your minds, people.


I highly recommend everyone read Life 3.0 - Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence unless you want to go around muttering "How the sh*t did that happen" the rest of your life. The adaption and implementation of AI technology is accelerating and Life 3.0 is a forward look at what is on the AI tech horizon. It is here and it is growing rapidly -- prepare to be amazed!

Bill Tozer

The Casting Couch and the (entertainment) media:

Michelle Malkin suggests that it’s “irresponsible for news outlets to extrapolate how ‘commonplace’ sexual abuse is based on hashtag trends spread by celebrities, anonymous claimants and bots. The role of the press should be verification, not validation.


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