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10 October 2017


Todd Juvinall

Oh bobbie, please let the DA know about that injustice by Trump. He is waiting!

Bill Tozer

Closer to home, how does that old Buffalo Springfield song go? Oh yeah...”Paranoia runs deep, into your life it will creep...it’s starts when you are always afraid....”

1:46 a.m. — A caller from the back of the Nevada Theather on Broad Streey reported five different people on the property, three of them in the bushes by the driveway. The caller also said he smoked three bowls of marijuana in two hours. The caller was advised to go to bed or jail.


...he smoked three bowls of marijuana,,, sounds like this year's crop is pretty good!


Oh Donnie, Dear Leader is keeping an eye on your 401k. Sounds like he wants to use to pay some bills, MAGAMAGAMAGA


"The country — we took it over and owed over 20 trillion. As you know the last eight years, they borrowed more than it did in the whole history of our country. So they borrowed more than $10 trillion, right? And yet, we picked up 5.2 trillion just in the stock market.

Possibly picked up the whole thing in terms of the first nine months, in terms of value. So you could say, in one sense, we’re really increasing values. And maybe in a sense we’re reducing debt. But we’re very honored by it. And we’re very, very happy with what’s happening on Wall Street." - Dear Leader 2017


Posted by: BunBun | 13 October 2017 at 06:20 AM

It is right and proper that I am honored so every Friday KeachKeach!

...... finger lickin...... finger lickin...... finger lickin...... finger lickin...... finger lickin
5 bucks!


Crazy like a fox. Trump just stuck it to the LIBS. NO more (illegal)funding for "O" care. Covered Ca. will go tits up.(as it should)
It's going to be a fun weekend listening to the Left piss and moan and shout " WE ARE GOING TO SUE!!!!!"
Trump gets out of bed, the Left wants to sue. Trump wants to keep America safe,, the Left wants to sue.

OK LIBS you know have your "single payer" system. From your pocket to the Dr.'s. ( as it should be.)

Bill Tozer

Yep, that Trump is something else. He’s the guy you want to be in the foxhole with.

From Pat B.
“Trump’s proclamation closed a week in which he rolled back the Obamacare mandate requiring employers and institutions, against their religious beliefs, to provide contraceptives and abortion-inducing pills to employees.

Religious groups cheered. The ACLU fumed. The in-your-face defiance of the dictates of political correctness has solidified Trump’s base behind him.

And Americans are coming to accept our new reality: On the essentials of nationhood — ancestry, morality, faith, culture, history, heroes — we really are no longer one nation and one people.

Wonder what bad thing Trump will do today

Todd Juvinall

This is so fun to listen and watch the left go apoplectic with every Trump move. Now they are writing about his joke on IQ as if he was serious. The reporters are sourpusses and bereft of a humor bone.


Guess what Trumperz now own Obamacare. They couldn't unload the lemon they inherited so now they get to try to keep it running as you guessed it,,,Trumperaid!


Posted by: bunbun | 13 October 2017 at 08:52 AM

Guess what Trumperz now own Obamacare.

Yeah....probably will be the undoing of the Republicans....to be followed by the end of the democrats when they try to continue funding it through higher.....much higher........ rates of taxation!

Then maybe an autocrat!

Hope you've fortified that compound KeachKeach! It's gonna get ugly out there!


No Dougy,, The LIBS were branded with it. THEY own it, and all the illegal tricks that went with it.
It's called "upholding the campaign promise"
No go back to your Soros paid TROLLING.. You need the money.
BTW.. Empty your 201K to buy all that NFL gear you said you would do?


Sorry Charlie I mean Walther, your boys controlling all three branches of government liked Obama care so much they own it. Get used to Trumperzaid. Reps were incompetent to think op a decent plan...


Trump is bitching about Puerto Rico decrepit infrastructure,,,what about PG&E outdated, not climate change wind proof 100 year old technology called power lines? Quit whining like a bitch Trump!

Todd Juvinall

Oh Bunny, you really have no clue about politics. The democrats "brand" is tied inexorably to Ocare, and the R's are viewed as those trying to fix it.

George Rebane

re bunbun 952am - Oh my, "climate change wind proof 100 year old technology called power lines" - now there's an interesting connection colloquially known as a 'reach'. The whole country still has above ground power transmission lines run by local utilities that have come down in every storm of any size for generations way before the climate hysteria started. But then as RahmE said,'It's a shame to waste any disaster ...' to promote your political agenda.

And comparing Puerto Rico's decades of infrastructure 'deferred maintenance' with what we have in the continental US is beyond a stretch, and a dead giveaway as to what are the Left's best arguments.


The democrats "brand" is tied inexorably to Ocare.....


......and the R's are viewed as those trying to fix it.


Todd Juvinall

Well they were but are squandering that now.

George Rebane

Gentlemen - re the transfer of Ocare's disaster to the Republicans, our liberal readers have a point. Tying all things wrong with US healthcare to capitalism and conservative thought, going forward AND backward through Ocare, is a political given for the foreseeable future. And for our socialists this task is made immensely easier by the mini-minded Millennials and their burgeoning progeny (the so-called iGeners). I invite this discussion to continue under 'More on Millennials' Mini-Minds' where it really belongs.


Dung thinks the Right owns "O" care? LOL! Smoking some of that weed covered in fire retardant? (now how in hell did you get that crap lit?)

Todd Juvinall

Our esteemed Governor signed a law yesterday to supply tampons and pads to women in California. He thought Ocare would pay for it. Now maybe not.


PG&E did not climate change proof their powerlines,,,someone is getting sued again...




NASA confirms -- Sea levels FALLING across planet...


Wonder if it has to do with the .....Unusually thick sea ice......that seems to have developed!?


Of course all that extra ice is a result of Global Warming too it seems! Wish you fuckers would just pick a story and stick with it! This time two years ago there was never going to be ice and snow ever again!

Won't somebody.....anybody think of the grant money!? What will become of it?


Posted by: BunBun | 13 October 2017 at 11:37 AM

I hope power costs for the chicken deep fryers triple KeachKeach......time to sell Yum Brands KFC stock!

......Real meal for.........5 nope now 11 bucks.....!


OH dung,, complain to the power Co. their poles are made of wood.

I wonder what Bunhole would do if he was picking up the bill.
Putting power lines underground costs BIG bucks compared to stringing them overhead. (I won't bore you with the cost diff.)


NASA's (JPL. not the Hansen/Schmidt GISS) latest sea level measurement...



Oh Walther,,,just call Tesla,,,






BFD Dung. I guess you don't know that Tesla is funded by taxpayers.
It has yet to make a dime on it's own.(not that you care one bit.)
Can't wait for Trump to cut off that money tit as well.

Weed goes up in smoke? Old news.


Walther, you look like you smoked a few yourself buddy..


Never have denied it. Unlike someone else we know, who won't man up to anything. Right Doug?

Todd Juvinall

So it begins. Recall of Jerry Brown kicked off today in LA.


'''Recall of Jerry Brown kicked off today in LA.''' Let us see,,, what bunch of idiots would spend the time and money to recall Brown who is terming out in 12 months? Oh yeah,,, now I know!


But Dougy. The State is suing Trump to retain illegal funding for covered Ca. Yet you bitch about Moonbat? LOL!!

Todd Juvinall

Look at all the damage democrats do in a short period of time. Perhaps the recall proponents have had it.


There will be plenty of LIBS voting YES on that. They are pissed Jerry refused to sign that "free" health care bill.


A bunch of Ryghtys voted against funding for wildfire and hurricane relief,,, but a bunch more Ryghtys and Leftys voted for the bill.



Thanks Trumperz,,,


Don Bessee

Keichiebungholio is not even a good troll. ;-)


Don. TROLLing is the ONLY thing Keich is good at.
One Col. Sanders reject, SO many TROLL accounts.
He even used some little old lady's picture. and made up name.
But "Lavender"?,,?? Really Keich? Get that name on Folsom St.
in Frisco? I'm sure that's where Bunbun originated.
And posting a Scooper link was a real bright move under one of your AKAs Keich. You just couldn't delete that profile fast enough.

Yup,, your a super TROLL. Just not a bright one.


You got nothing GhillieD

Don Bessee

Kechiebungholio has nothing in the way of punctuation @ 637. ;-)

Russ Steele

Some reasons why the electricity in Puerto Rico is not working

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) declined to ask for help from mainland electric utilities in the days after Hurricane Maria, instead turning to a small Montana-based contractor to carry out grid restoration practices.

Earlier this week, PREPA CEO Ricardo Ramos told E&E News that his bankrupt utility did not reach out to munis on the continental U.S. because he was unsure it could pay them back for assistance. About 90% of the island remains without power weeks after the storm hit.

The American Public Power Association (APPA), the trade group for U.S. munis, confirmed that mutual assistance programs were not activated, but said PREPA had already contracted with Whitefish Energy by the time the trade group convened a conference call to coordinate aid. PREPA did not respond to requests for comment.


No, No NO, it was Trump fault for not sending the military to hold up the power poles.


Humm,,,, looks like I have plenty. Not going well on the Daily Caller threads Doug? I do like that little pig you use now and then.






Posted by: BunBun | 14 October 2017 at 08:00 AM

Yeah....that's some pretty crazy shit right there! People in all 57 states know that!

.....Real Meal........


Well, bundoug,, now would be a good time to give P.R. away, just like Carter did with the Panama Canal.

Your better refrain from going to Guam. It will tip over the moment you land.

Bill Tozer

And now, for your reading pleasure, one of Bunghole’s favorite topics, second only to Harvey Weinstein stories.

Rich Lowry: How the NFL lost to Trump.

“It’d obviously be better if a president of the United States weren’t waging war on a major sports league. Trump’s intervention has been inflammatory from the beginning. He shouldn’t have called protesting players “sons of bitches” and mused about firing them like the loudest guy down at the end of the bar.

The very outrageousness of Trump’s initial riff, though, served his purposes. Trump’s lurid overstatement acted as a neon advertisement for his commonsensical underlying point, namely that players should stand during the national anthem. And it baited the NFL into fighting him on indefensible ground.

There were all sorts of unobjectionable means available for players to defy Trump, but they allowed themselves to, in effect, get double-dared into disrespecting the flag.

The perils here should have been obvious. David Frum, an incisive and unrelenting anti-Trump voice, wrote a piece for The Atlantic at the outset of the controversy, urging players not to cede the flag to Trump. They went ahead and ceded the flag to Trump. Why?

It was, in part, a classic bubble phenomenon. Sports journalists are, if anything, more left than political journalists. They were excited about being at the center of a national political debate and sticking it to Trump. Much of the media piled right behind them. On CNN and MSNBC it was rare to hear a commentator say a discouraging word about the protests, let alone warn that the NFL was stumbling into Trump’s political kill box.


Bottomline: Trump assumes the status of Nationalist Clture Warrior.
Bottomline #2:


Where is Bunbun? Another fun night in North San Juan?
(warning. Eye bleach may be needed for some.)


The kind of news we would NEVER hear when "O" was around, or if Hillary got elected.


Oh NO! Trump selects climate change skeptic as top adviser

President Trump has nominated a former top Texas environmental regulator, who has argued that carbon dioxide is a harmless gas that should not be regulated, to be the White House senior adviser on environmental policy.

The former regulator, Kathleen Hartnett White, will lead the Council on Environmental Quality if confirmed by the Senate. Currently she serves as a senior fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a free-market think tank. She previously served as the chairwoman of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality under Rick Perry, who was governor at the time and is now the Energy Secretary.

“Throughout her career, Kathleen has served Texans as a strong leader, in particular by ensuring that Texans have the energy and natural resources they need to prosper,” Brooke Rollins, president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, said in a statement.

The Sierra Club is going postal over this nomination, it must be good for the economy!

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 9:58 AM

Bunbun, cease and desist. If you don’t stop, you will go blind! Look away, man, before you get another black eye. Grap your trousers and get the heck out of there. BTW, we don’t want to watch you take a shower or display your rugged individualism. Quit pretending to be Weinstein.

10:08 p.m. — A caller from Highway 49 in North San Juan reported a customer just hit her in the head after she confronted her for prostituting.

Robert Cross

I know how you all envy Texas' free market no zoning (Houston) business model so I thought I would pass along this piece information pointing out just how screwed up Texas really is.

As you all know, a person can own as many guns, with no limit on clips, as they want in Texas. What you didn't know was that one person cannot own more than 6….. AS MANY GUNS AS YOU WANT BUT NOT MORE THAN SIX DILDOS.

Need I say more?



Posted by: Robert Cross | 15 October 2017 at 03:16 PM

Go ahead Bobby.....buy number seven......your secret is safe with us!


Time to nail Bobby back onto his cross.
"Todd said that while the law remains on the books, it’s unenforceable; since it’s declared unconstitutional, no prosecutor would prosecute someone for violating it, he said."

One more thing Robert,, I have PLENTY of magazines for my "evil" AR.
And all are full as can be.
Look at the bright side. Your not paying my ammo bill. @ about a buck a bullet,(over the counter) that can get expensive down at the gun range.
Good thing I learned reloading.


For those who like web cams,

Steve Frisch

Posted by: Walt | 15 October 2017 at 04:28 PM

Ha, Walt, you can thank SBC for helping to riase the money to put those cams up help provide early warning for wildfire. (To befair we only worked on two of them in north Lake Tahoe...kudos to everyone lese who raised the money for the network.)


Fine. You demand a pat on the back for "two".. So you did a tad bit of good to justify your miserable existence.
Now how much did it cost us in the long run? (your cut I mean.)


And "to be fair",, your not listed in any of the credits.
IF what you say is true,, that puts you in the "minor donor" category that is mentioned.
Maybe I missed it. Now go to that web site and point out where SBC is located.

Robert Cross

I don't live in the repressive state of Texas fishy. Here in CA the theme is make love not war not the other way around or does the hypocrisy in Texas in this regard pass you by?


Now Bobby.. There are plenty of old laws on the books that no longer are prosecuted. Yet that the one you grasp on to? I guess this where "don't ask,, don't tell" gets applied. Whatever floats yur boat.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 15 October 2017 at 05:13 PM

Well you seemed so upset about it I just thought.....

You know.

Don Bessee

If its make love not war cross bobbie then why do you need 7 dildos? Just do it for real! Snowflakes r us has a deal for you bobbie and for Kapernick filing a grievance against the NFL for being unemployed. Its a conspiracy I tell ya, a conspiracy and has nothing to do with being a shitty QB who couldn't make a read from the pocket once they spied him. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Love, California style


Love, your our on good.


Bill Tozer

Make love not war. Peace out bro, dig your fro.

Love, Liberal style. Stop the violence!


Make love not war, CA style.


Make love, not war. Democrat Party Fat Cat style.


And finally, make love, not war, Deplorable style: Starbucks sales are down, Target sales are down, movie sales are down, VMA Awards viewship is down, CNN viewship is down, and NFL viewship is down. Not a shot fired.


Bill Tozer

Holy Smokes. Now they are booing My Gal. Those Bernie Bros are sooo rude.


Holy Smokes again. Now they are booing our California boys......from Washington DC, no less. I haven’t seen anything like this in thirty years!

“The 49ers are in Washington, D.C. to take on the Redskins. NFLPA President DeMaurice Smith was also in attendance. This marks one of the first times that fans at FedEx Field, where the Redskins play, could be heard booing protesting players.”


Well, 20 49ers took a knee last week, 6-7 today. Maybe the players should strike. That will endear their Idenity Politics to the fans. Meanwhile, the 49ers are still looking for the elusive first victory this season. To be fair, they are making the games close. Lost back to back games in OT. Akin to Hillary’s response when asked to compare her husband with Harvey Weinstein, “Close, but no cigar.”


A game is on? Now did history repeat itself? The "miners" conquer the Indians again? Or were the invaders scalped?


Hello, Dalai!

We went to see the Sunday evening movie at the Nevada Theater last night, "The Last Dalai Lama?" an interesting documentary on the life and present of the 14th in his line. I'm not a follower of Tibetan Buddhism (no surprise I'm sure) but the Dalai Lama always has an interesting take on life, not to mention Star Trek (which, unfortunately, was not covered by the documentary).

It was a large crowd that showed up with a long line to get in. A vigorous Nirvana Silly audience, I thought how they reacted to the movie would be interesting to share. First, many showed their understanding of His Holiness by light smirking at some of the questions being posed to HH by the folks interacting with him in the events held in his honor... yes, they probably were by folks who were not on an enlightened path, but the constant good natured Buddhist always had a pleasant and reasoned response.

I think it was that sort of being treated as a curiosity that led Richard Feynman to avoiding visits to schools if an overall assembly was planned... he really did want to speak to small groups with a demonstrated interest in physics, not be trotted out so people could hear a real Nobel Prize Winning Physicist who didn't have a clue... not that Feynman didn't also want them to learn some physics and he did more than most to make that happen.

There was a bit of a delayed reaction of the audience to George W. Bush's speaking about the portrait of HH that he painted, surprisingly good but it was proper that he didn't give up his day job ... I'd say more than half of the folks that had a light giggle (a distinct tittering) at GW's expense didn't grok who it was until GWB face was shown. But there was no hate for GW. I think they may have been surprised that Bush was the first President to appear in public with the Dalai Lama and that the Chinese Premier did not like it one bit.

The hate was on full display moments later during a segment on the presentation of the Congressional Gold Medal the Dalai Lama visited the US to receive in 2007. Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke and there was no reaction from anyone... but when Mitch McConnell took the dais and began speaking (something innocuous about HH) there was active hissing from the audience, a large minority expressing their displeasure at the mere appearance of the Senator from Kentucky.

I could not help but think that they had not heard a word that had been said by the Dalai Lama in the previous hour and they were the folks who most needed to hear it.

Todd Juvinall

Bill Oreilly's accuser arrested for filing false claims.


I wonder if she is a democrat?


Oh darns…….!


George Rebane

Gregory 1014am - Nice report; I think we all enjoy such recountings.

Bill Tozer

@ 11:18 AM

Serves her right after blaming Nigel Farage for her unprecedented impossible loss. I like Nigel. Now she is also blaming Brexit for her loss. The hits never end.


Did she break her foot or cankle? Either way, those cankles have giving her balance problems after consuming Chardonnay.
Now, hating on Nigel seems like a stretch for blaming him for her shocking, yet predictable, humiliating defeat at the hands of a “silver backed gorilla” alpha male. On my. Nigel did say she should rename What Happened to The Great Big Whinge.

Whinge: to complain, especially about something that does not seem important:
Oh stop whinging, for heaven's sake!
She's always whingeing (on) about something.

Whinge: Complain persistently and in a peevish or irritating way.
‘stop whingeing and get on with it!’
‘a whingeing killjoy’

Fun facts about Whinge: When "hwinan" became "whinen" in Middle English, it meant "to wail distressfully"; "whine" didn't acquire its "complain" sense until the 16th century. "Whinge," on the other hand, comes from a different Old English verb, "hwinsian," which means "to wail or moan discontentedly." "Whinge" retains that original sense today.

That’s My Gal!


George, I was tempted to shout something to the boors hissing at McConnell but that would have just proven I wasn't listening, either.

I was surprised but I suppose I shouldn't be... the dark side runs deep in the local left.


The Deplorables in Texas Floodwaters

I didn't see anyone there from Black Lives Matter, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Democratic Party, Hollywood libs, or any other social justice warriors out there helping the thousands of black families who had lost everything in the flood. No one but us heartless Christians, conservatives, and other deplorables.

The liberal newspapers and TV networks can continue to try to divide us, call us racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, white supremacists, fascists, and worse. Let the leftist professors and their student "snowflakes" in the universities whine and cry about "micro-aggressions" and "trigger warnings." Let them take offense at every imagined "politically incorrect" comment and run for their "safe spaces" and riot in the streets.

Meanwhile, real Americans – men and women of every race, ethnicity, nationality, and faith – came together and proved them wrong every day through our relief efforts. Almost overnight in Dallas, and in many other relief shelters in Texas and other states, compassionate Americans built truly safe spaces for thousands of our brothers and sisters and their children in desperate need.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/10/what_i_saw_in_the_floodwaters_of_houston.html#ixzz4viY4KTte


Well gents,, looks like the ordinary construction worker out shines
those paid the big bucks on the playing field.
And they were not even at the game.

Bill Tozer

Let’s make a couple things perfectly clear.



Why, why, why?



Oh Walter, that is sweet.

Now, your main man,,, Twumpy,,, is spewing lies about Obama again. Thing is that people are calling him on his bullshit more and more frequently because they are sick of his BS. New help group starting you might want to join,,, Denialists Anonymous,,,


Todd Juvinall

Oh bunny, I watched the presser and Trump covered his ass quite well on the Obama not calling the troops families. You liberals just make it up. The presser was great. He answered every question asked him by the screaming meemies of the press. And he did a fine job.

Don Bessee

Here is one for the po' ol' fakenewsman and his sidekick kechiebungholio- The FBI crime stats for 2016 show four times as many people died from stabbing than rifles of any kind. Death by beating was almost double death from rifle. Time to outlaw hands and kitchen knives lefties? ;-)

Todd Juvinall

Oh Don, stats are not facts according to the left.

Don Bessee

So it is now confirmed that Comey was writing his get out of jail card for madam liar liar pantsuits on fire in April before the interviews started. ;-)

Bill Tozer

6:53 pm

I could not believe it when I read Comey wrote his exoneration term paper months before he dropped the case, just after the tarmac meeting and right before the DNC Convention. He had to clear her before the DNC Confad. All along I figure he wrote his memo and cleaned up the details with eraser and red pencil in hand....maybe three weeks prior. But months before! And he interviewed her as well, months before he declared her “extreme carelessness” in handling of classified government owned documents wasn’t up to snuff. He never explained how extreme carelessness differs from gross negligence in terms of the law....a subject he neatly avoided.
Comey thought at that time he, as well as AG “love is the answer” Lynch, was quite secure in his job. Both thought wrong. Hillary already promised Loretta the gig at Justice and Comey knew which side his bread was buttered in. Then Trump ruin’t everything. Oh, the greatest plans of mice and men have failed again.

Always felt that Comey was just looking out for nobody put himself. Just like My Gal. Still do on every move they both make.
Meanwhile, Trump pulls the US out of UNESCO cause they are just a bunch of anti-Israel haters.


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