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17 October 2017


Todd Juvinall


Bill Tozer


More important than where she lives is Big Fred Riding Hood’s voting record.


Don’t matter what the grieving widow says. She is now just a tool now for the liberals, to be cast aside and spit on at a later date. She is just another victim of Democrat Party abuse. Just like Cindy Sheehan. Once the driveby fakenews crews pack up the cameras and leave, she is no longer needed....or useful.



Big Fred Riding Hood.


Todd Juvinall

BillT I just read a screen shot from the widows FB I am assuming. She tells the beeacth Wilson to shut her pie hole and stop lying.

Bill Tozer

My, my, my. Just as a direct link is established between Vladimir Putin and the Obama Administration selling our uranium to the Russian nuclear weapons department, somebody runs over here with his hair on fire about some comment the wife of a former official said. The wife said?????? The press is going ape over Freaky Freddy Wilson just as evidence emerges that Obama was doing some very bad things that will definitely hurt his legacy. I see a pattern here. Oh yeah, when the story broke about the corruption Obama and Hillary were directly involved in, somebody runs over here with his hair on fire questioning who is going pull the trigger when we fry the bastards. Must not look there, must not go there. Let’s talk about what a former Cabinet member’s wife said. His wife said something. Does she work in the current administration or ever worked for the government? ROFLMAO. Well, why don’t we just shoot her also. Wonder who will pull the trigger?

With all the real news going down involving Putin (The Russians are Coming!), Cheryl Mills, Ben Rhodes, the Clinton Foundation, Samatha Powers saying she did NOT order the breathtaking unheard of volume of unmasking requests....well, somebody’s wife said....

Reading Punchy’s first post, I immediately thought of Magic Johnson. He went all day until he finally dropped the punchline, aka, Magic Johnson. Boy, what a waste of time you guys had today. Just reading the bully pucky was a waste of my time.

Look over there! It’s a UFO!!!

Paul Emery

Well Bill it is Todd's belief that those inflicted with AIDS need to be quarantined and that would include Magic Johnson. Todd, would you be wiling to personally escort Magic to his new home?


Paul Emery, why is it that you never have anything of value to say? Does this trait apply to your entire life or is it just here that your juvenile pettiness controls you?


Paul, does this ring a bell for you? A comment from a reader at The Union::

"Recently, I heard an international scientist speaking on KVMR, and he said the problem in getting people to perceive the enormous significance of climate change is the the term "climate change" itself. Unfortunately, he said, that term makes the level of potentially catastrophic change sound like a mere change in seasons, (spring into summer, summer into fall, etc.). Not that of sea levels rising to swalow entire coastal cities, stronger, larger and more devastatng hurricanes, more droughts, torrential downpours, huge fires, etc.--in other words--extreme chaotic weather like we have never seen before. (Hmm.. but aren't we seeing that now?) Instead, a more appropiate term, he said, would be "climate breakdown."

I'm hoping to put a name to the recollection.

Bill Tozer

Paul Ebola @ 9:35 am
Yeah, you bring the topic up and pound relentlessly until you get the answer you long for to make you feel morally superior. Who will pull the trigger? Who thinks people with HIV/AIDS should be quarantined....like those with TB. The CDC says 1 in 7 with HIV do not know they have it. I doubt you know the difference between HIV and AIDS, but I could be wrong. Like you confusing White Supremacy (or La Raza) with White (or Black) Nationalism. But, again, I could be wrong.

I liked it better when you pounded relentlessly on what shoes our First Lady wore boarding a plane to head down to Hurricane Harvey. That really was an colossal earth shaking issue. Heels n the plane, tennis shoes on the ground. Disgraceful!

In the middle of our recent Lobo fire with people being evacuated, their homes and lives in peril, firefighters stretched to the limit....well, you surprised me by not complaining that Trump did not show up at the Fairgrounds to help feed the horses and goats. What would Michelle wear on such an occasion? That is the real news, not what an anesthetist asks on some Georgia State Health committee.

A better question not posed is “Why did Governor Brown sign a law lowering the penalty for an HIV/AIDS carrier KNOWINGLY inflecting an unsuspecting victim with AIDS?”
Giving someone the death sentence seems to me a bigger issue than discussing hypothetically if quarantine is an option. But, I could be wrong. Now, did you see what our FLOTUS wore yesterday??? Shocking! She is trying to rip off Jackie O. Shoot her.

Bill Tozer

1) In other social news, clown costumes are added to the list of attire now banned from schools and universities for being inappropriate for Halloween. Reason: Might scare people. Too frightening for our mini-minds to handle. Wear a clown costume and you can expect a knock on your door from the campus police. It’s for the children. There are, however, some exemptions.


2). Gregory @ 10:11 am

Guess that explains why Al Gore went out and bought himself a new lovely beach front home. He must be exempt from the rising oceans. Professional courtesy or something.

Todd Juvinall

Oh BillT, you are correct in all you wrote. Paul Emery s more into shoes than death sentences for knowingly murdering someone with HIV. That is what a liberal does. No logic, all emotion. And of course, he never answers questions from others yet as you say he badgers until he gets some prison to agree with him. Or he puts words in their mouths they never said. All liberal actions and easy to see.

Paul Emery


If I may once again quote you. Do you deny writing this?

"Pedophiles would be castrated and more than one victim they get the death sentence
Murderers get the electric chair, one appeal only
Drug dealers of kids, public pillory, and hanging
Infectious disease carriers, quarantine till no longer infectious
Rapists of women, castrated
Rapists of men, same as for women"


Answering my own query of 1011

I think I got it... it was George Moonbot, the activist journalist (NOT a scientist), interviewed by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!, "George Monbiot: We Can’t Be Silent on Climate Change or the Unsustainability of Capitalist System"

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