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30 October 2017



A phun phact... Michael Oreskes, ousted from his choice NPR gig ( senior vice president of news and editorial director) in the wake of the outing of his harassments, is indeed the brother of climate hysteric and "science historian", Naomi Oreskes.

Naomi, accepted as a climate scientist by some warmistas who have posted here, has a bachelor's degree in mining geology. Pussygrabber Michael has a BA in Something Or Other from CUNY.

Somehow I feel safer from BS with him out of the drivers' seat at NPR.

Don Bessee

Its a looser @ 1218 ya po' ol' fakenewsman, the districts matter. You could poll CA and they would rant about the R's yet McClintok and LaMalfa will again win their DISTRICTS. Its so simple that your refusal to acknowledge it shows you up as a party parrot. ;-)

Account Deleted

Another reason Kalifornia is such a joke.
Can't go to awful, terrible states that are discriminatory - yet:
Brown wants to fight climate change, so where's his first stop?
"...an 11-day trip to Europe starting Saturday including stops at the Vatican and a United Nations conference in Germany."
Must be fun to be able to pick and chose what sort of bigots you can legally hang out with.
Maybe while Brown is at the Vatican he can check out the wall that surrounds that place as well as the machine gun toting guards they have.
No Mexicans there! Or Moroccans or other pesky low life.

Don Bessee

Nice job Astros! That should give a nice lift to the folks in Huston. ;-)


How can you deny the existence of supreme being when you read stories like this?

Hillary Clinton fell a shocking 63 spots to 65 on the Forbes list of the world's most powerful women after her 2016 presidential loss to Donald Trump



The DNC have eight openings for tech people but cisgendered straight white males need not apply!


Posted by: Gregory | 02 November 2017 at 02:10 AM

Why would they?


Holy Crap! Punch-E may be right for once!



Todd Juvinall

FISH I hears that too. And I was told that Russia was once part of the USSR! Is that true?


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 02 November 2017 at 08:07 AM

SHHHHHHH! Ixnay on the Utinpay and Ussiaray!


Fishskie,,,here you go!!! Gun friendly Colorado loses again to WHITE TERRORIST!!!

Todd Juvinall

If people were not forbidden to carry maybe these killers would think twice?


O' Toddling,,,OBVIOUSLY it doesn't matter what the LAW says in Denver,,,does it??? If guns were all melted down, then what???

news o' the day



Posted by: BunBun | 02 November 2017 at 11:14 AM

Fishskie,,,here you go!!! Gun friendly Colorado loses again to WHITE TERRORIST!!!


Keach, why are you wasting my time in the minor leagues when for top flight urban terrorism and unadulterated inner city gun carnage you really have to concentrate on Baltimore, Camden, Chiraq, etc., places where comprehensive gun control and the full flower of progressive governance has been dominant for 75+ years!

….dealing with F'ing amateurs here!

…..finger lickin…. !


Oh why are progressive institutions such vile cesspools…..?

SEIU Ousts Senior Leaders for Abusive Behavior Toward Women…


Todd Juvinall

Thanks Bonnie.

The Chicago Police Dept has replaced all sirens with the National Anthem to force suspects to stop running and take a knee.

Todd Juvinall

Hey FISH, the SEIU still owes e $2,500 for work I did twenty-three years ago. Chumps.


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 02 November 2017 at 01:28 PM

Its OK Todd…..tell them Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed you! They'll pay!

Todd Juvinall

I was hired by a black couple. LOL!


Hey, Warmers Check this out:

Trump Vindicated: Now Even the UN Confirms That the Paris Climate Accord Was a Complete Waste

The United Nations has officially confirmed what many of us, including President Trump, knew already: the Paris climate accord was a complete waste of space.

As UN Environment admits in its latest Emissions Shortfall report, even when you add up all the CO2 reduction pledges made by all the signatory nations at Paris, it still comes to only a third of what is supposedly necessary to stop the world warming by more than 2 degrees C by the end of this century.

According to UN Environment’s head Eric Solheim, the world is heading for disaster:

“One year after the Paris Agreement entered into force, we still find ourselves in a situation where we are not doing nearly enough to save hundreds of millions of people from a miserable future. Governments, the private sector and civil society must bridge this catastrophic climate gap.”

Another way of looking at it, though, is that President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris accord is now fully vindicated. Had the Agreement been ratified, the U.S. would have handed countries like China and India a huge competitive advantage over the American economy. But - as even the UN now admits - it would have made no discernible difference to the alleged problem of “global warming.” So what, exactly would have been the point?

Don Bessee

There is a lot to love in the tax reform package; the NFL wont be able to take municipal bond tax breaks on stadiums, universities have to pay tax on their massive endowment earnings, illegal aliens will not be able to get tax credit refunds, no more subsides for the rich to buy teslas, Hollywood gets a smack too, limits on business entertainment expenses! The denial of refundable tax credits to illegals alone puts 23 Billion bucks back in the treasury. ;-)

Don Bessee

The American Dream is Back! Three years ago 60% of Americans said they nor their kids will achieve the American Dream.

NOW 82% say the have achieved their Dream or on the way! ;-)

Bill Tozer

Donna Brazille spills the beans, thus validating my contention that the Clinton Political Machine is (was) more powerful than the DNC and the Democrat Party, with its tentacles reaching deep into the power centers of The Establishment, Government, foreign governments, the Non-Profit Industrial Complex, The Entertain Indusrty (including education) and, of course, the Liberal Media Industrial Complex.

The Clinton Political Machine was more powerful than any political party in the history of our nation. It was a separate privately owned and privately run Machine, answering only to itself.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 03 November 2017 at 08:32 AM

No wonder she was pissed when she lost!


It's about time.

Robert Cross

Russ 6:48

What is your source?
I sent your post to SNOPES for verification.

Ben Emery

Some haven't really connected all the dots with how much the scope of this is really is but it will come. Scope on how far this reached out in the party. Unknowingly down to county parties who thought they were just being good soldiers not realizing a coup de tat had actually taken place by a power monger family.

As I have mentioned over and over throughout the years,

We are the saviors we have been waiting for, not a political party and its leadership.

Todd Juvinall

So Bergdahl gets no prison time. The Judge is a disgrace to justice. Those boys hurt looking for him get no justice either. At least Trump calls the sentence a disgrace.


George Rebane

Administrivia - I invite readers to continue their latest thread on climate change under Scattershots wherein I updated it with a linked report on today's release of the government's 'Climate Science Special Report'. Thank you.

Todd Juvinall

Here is my response to a Eugene Robinson screed in today's SacBee. He is a black WAPO opinion dude with a huge anger issue against whites. His email is eugenerobinson@washpost.com

"Reading your screed today in the SacBee has cemented my view of you as a true racist. You misrepresent what people say and twist it into a racial animus. Obviously, you hate white people and now we see it in this screed today. I am sad for you that all things are racial. Americans have done their best to make up for the ancestors who were slaveholders. Bit now you blame all whites, north, and south for that. The Civil War was about slavery but also about state's rights. You need to do some reading. Anyway, if anyone keeps the country from healing after 150 years it is you and the whiners. Why don't you write about Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas and Sheriff Clarke as examples of success? Oh, you just like to keep the pot boiling and are unable to even recognize their success. You are a outlier on race and I feel sorry for you that you are so blind. God help the country that people like you are so angry."

Bill Tozer

In other news from a place far away.....

It wasn’t me! It was some outside group than done did it.


Reminds me of the ad the Dems ran with a pickup truck dragging Negros down the road. That was against George W. Bush, the man the Dems now honor and yearn for. Go figure.

news o' the day

Murder truck ad.


George Rebane

BillT 1157am - Yes, it is important to point out to our historically deficient Left that it was the Democrats who persecuted the blacks and other minorities, and today have devised new ways to do so while bamboozling an entire class of Americans they have sentenced to perpetual ignorance.

Don Bessee

Happy Friday! We have the lowest unemployment since 2000 and today was the 56th DOW record close. WINNING! ;-)


OHHHhhh.. THIS should be good.

Now how will Paul get is biased news? I doubt Paul will "pay for it".

CNN thinks a subscription is going to help? LOL!!

Don Bessee

OH, lets not forget that the unemployment rate for folks with a high school diploma is the lowest since 1992, yes 1992!;-)

George Rebane

DonB 205pm - Wasn't that at the culmination of Bush1's administration and of 12 years of Republican presidents in the WH? ;-)

Don Bessee

You are correct Sir! @254. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Boy, that Trump is something else. He is a nasty man, no doubt. Thank you President Trump for saying what we all were thinking.


Todd Juvinall

Donna Brazil felt like a slave working in the DNC. And she was so paranoid after Seth Rich was murdered se installed detection equipment at home. And always closed her blinds at work. She thought the Rooskies were gonna snipe her.

news o' the day



Well look what I found!

I just might look into changing insurance Co.s

Bill Tozer

Yesterday, Nov 4, 2017 was the Revolution. The last Revolution I remember was memorialized in my mind by the song with the lyrics, “When the Revolution comes, there will be no more Nigga or Bullshit”, played often in my presence by a old acquaintance and co-worker. That Revolution brought us drugs, free love, and killed Beep-Bop.

The Revolution yesterday was a day of joy for thousands of parents of our millennials. It was the day basements were emptied out all across America, excluding, of course, the basement dwellers who were grounded.

This new Revolution with its call to grab the pitchforks, light the torches, and drive President Trump out of town on a rail is more like another song from the previous Revolution era; the Peggy Lee song “Is That All There Is?”

Bill Tozer

Now, what happens when a woman refuses to move to that back of the bus? Why, call her a racist, of course. The times they are a’changing.



Progressive democrats.....the party of, by, and for corporate America!

Insurers make billions off Medicaid in California during Obamacare Expansion

Somewhere JoKe is in the fetal position....



Fish. But Paul is happy..(up until they tell him "sorry,, just take this pill...")

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