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26 October 2017



The joke about the Russians finding the Clinton emails was funny because at the time, Hillary's server was decommissioned and assumed in pieces at the FBI. Hard drive wiped with a cloth and with BleachBit.

Todd Juvinall

As a person who watched and heard Trump live on that day, I can attest it was humor. But like all he says in humor, the lamestream have none and take him literally. It appears the DNC and their cohorts are headed to the dustbin of history. They are consummate lirs and manipulators of the language. But I think Americans of good will know this and are and will reject these scum from office. Paul Emery seems to be one of a few liberals that will support these dirtbags at all costs. Hell, our side at least argues against them if they are wrong.

Account Deleted

That was an interesting piece by Ken Stern. Good on him to actually venture out of the bubble that the left wing MSM inhabit. It wasn't surprising to read of the various examples he gave of how most of America is quite a different place from how the MSM reports it.
I will express disappointment at his refusal to acknowledge any wilfully false output from the news mongers of the left. I'm sure he and many others he worked with never did that but the examples are legion. How often do you see opposition to illegal immigration deliberately and falsely shortened to 'opposition to immigration'? Just yesterday there was another example of left wing lying in an AP story that ran on Yahoo news about how Milo Yiannopoulos' appearances in public 'cause' violence.
That is an outright and bald-faced lie. It is clearly the left wing thugs that cause the violence. They announce they will cause violence and back it up with their actions.
Mr Stern: "but it is not a good situation for the country to have the media in disrepute and under constant attack. Virtually every significant leader of this nation, from Jefferson on down, has recognized the critical role of an independent press to the orderly functioning of democracy."
Here, Mr Stern goes off the rails. News sources such as Breitbart and Drudge have been under constant attack from the left starting at POTUS and going on down the food chain, including other news outlets, for years. I await Mr Stern's reply on when he was concerned about this aforementioned terrible state of affairs when it applied to conservative news outlets. I agree it is not a good situation to have our news outlets 'in disrepute' but I would suggest that it would be a far better thing to have the news outlets bring themselves into good repute than attack those who point out their obvious flaws and shortcomings.
As far as "...recognized the critical role of an independent press to the orderly functioning of democracy." The only danger to the independence of the press has come from the left. How in the world does pointing out the same things that Mr Stern pointed out endanger an 'independent' press?
Mr Stern bravely acknowledges that America is not the country that the left wing centered news media thinks it is, but then pivots to shield them from criticism.
"None of this justifies the attacks from President Trump, which are terribly inappropriate coming from the head of government."
Ah - so the left wing news outlets are screwing up, but the current POTUS shouldn't talk about it. If I was being slandered and lied about as often as Trump, his tweets and remarks would be childs' play compared to what most people would do.

Bill Tozer

A companion piece to media bias from one of my favorite feminist writers.


Bill Tozer

Watergate on steroids? I cannot recall a time since Richard Milhouse Nixon used our Intelligence Agencies to do political hack jobs, engage in corruption, and violated the rule of law. Not since Nixon. The Plumbers and the secretly rifling through the Democrat Party political strategies pales in comparison to these high crimes and treason.

Funny, the Liberal Media Industrial Complex was screaming “Treason!, Collusion!, got Trump by the huevous rancheros now!” when Junior met with the Russian lady, sized up the situation, rolled his eyes, and walked out of the meeting empty handed..as did that Russian lady advocationing for easier adoption of Russian kids by US citizens. Some law we put in place to retaliate against Bad Boy Putin,.

Watergate of steroids? No shit, Sherlock. Game on.

“America is facing an existential crisis, one where it appears the same institutions designed to provide law and order and national security are guilty of wholesale corruption — and possible treason. Either the Trump administration will root out the rot, or the electorate will be faced with the undeniable reality we live in a nation where “justice” consists of one set of laws for the rich and powerful, and another for everyone else. A nation where Congress conducts toothless hearings, those who should be investigated conduct the investigations, and utterly corrupt media censor anything inimical to their own interests and those of their ideological allies.”


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