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27 November 2017


Bonnie McGuire

Mr. Sauer, thanks for your intelligent observations and courage to share them. Amazing how those who proclaim freedom of speech for themselves persecute those who speak differently. I've been watching their immoral and economic war being waged within America for many years. The cost to good, hard working citizens by irresponsible parasitical government leaders is tremendous and disgusting. They make laws (exempting themselves) and collect taxes from producers to redistribute (for themselves) from the top/down and whatever's left goes to whatever-wherever it was supposed to go. Oops! Not enough money so we gotta raise taxes again. A few honorable lawmakers have complained that the tax/spend laws shouldn't have allowed taxes collected for specific purposes to be unlawfully used by the General Funds. Same o technique used by Rulers robbing producers throughout history. Perfectly described in the children's Robinhood story...where Robinhood and his men intercepted the tax collector and gave the money back to the poor tax paying producers. That's what Robinhood Trump is trying to do. He understands where America's productive prosperity comes from. All the blah blah stirring up hatred by the former street mob organizer/now millionaire retired president is to distract, divide and destroy America. Hopefully more people will notice what's important for a spiritually and economically prosperous America.

Don Bessee

Hi Norm, here is one you will enjoy-



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