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15 November 2017



The company says “it can’t locate enough qualified employees as higher military spending boosts orders”.

I'd go ……..but Connecticut!

Bonnie McGuire

Too ridiculous, but I guess it's something we've all gotta learn. I know people who say they movied here from the Bay Area to get away from all the homeless on the streets, or because renting a house, or apartment was too expensive. Well, I thought their Bay Area rentals were expensive years ago when they were buying land that was cheaper to build houses here to sell at a profit. They also thought that those in the Timber industry and other local enterprises were disgusting cuz we were doing it for monetary gain. I love people, but sometimes ignorant basic human nature gets on my nerves.

Account Deleted

New religion? Not ME, but ME+sumpin' I made. Have fun.

Ray Shine

Have you read Dan Brown's latest book ORIGIN? A good fiction read on this subject.
Ray Shine

George Rebane

RayS 1243pm - Just heard about it, and it fits in with a new piece on cosmology that I'm working on. Time to read it; thanks for the nudge Ray.


The FIrst Church of AI rag,,,lyrics need work,,,


Russ Steele

Huge Human Inequality Study Hints Revolution is in Store for U.S.

A score of 1 is given to societies with the highest inequality. US Scored .81, highest in the world, closest was Sweden at .79

On Monday, a global report from Credit Suisse showed that modern humans are continuing the trends set by our predecessors: Now, the report showed, half of the world’s wealth really does belong to a super-rich one percent, and the gap is only growing. Historically, Kohler says in his statement, there’s only so much inequality a society can sustain before it reaches a tipping point. Among the many known effects of inequality on a society are social unrest, a decrease in health, increased violence, and decreased solidarity. Unfortunately, Kohler points out, humans have never been especially good at decreasing inequality peacefully — historically, the only effective methods for doing so are plague, massive warfare, or revolution.


One of the main triggers for revolution has been long-term droughts resulting in the starvation of the underclasses. We are on the cusp of some long-term drought as the sun enters an extended quiet phase.

Account Deleted

re Russ's post - The lefties might want to note that the states with largest disparity in wealth are run by the Dems. California is probably the worst. During the 30s while the nation was mired in depression there were more millionaires created than in the roaring twenties.
Lucky Strike Extra - after what violent revolution were the people materially better off than before? France? Russia? Venezuela? Cuba? There's only one.
I have pointed this out before, but it bears repeating - The average Joe (or Jodette) doesn't care how wealthy anyone else is as long as they feel they are doing all right and have a decent shot at bettering themselves. As the world wide economy continues to move wealth and jobs to the most efficient places and AI continues to displace old job skills, there will be more and more hopeless cases wondering what the heck just happened. The politicians will lie to them and point to anyone they don't like who has money. "They have your money - let's get em'!" As it happens always - the upper middle class, not the wealthy, will be destroyed. And the proles won't get a dime.
That's called history, folks.
Learn from it or repeat it.

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