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01 November 2017


Paul Emery


I may be dense when confronted with a liar because I can't believe a word you say. You must be learning from our liar in chief.

Why is it so difficult for you to document your contention about Gay Johnson?

Mary Wanna

Posted by: George Rebane | 04 November 2017 at 04:57 PM

No time stamp for visitors to see. And you are just going into the weeds harping on minutiae about time stamps.

An advance copy of the book was released to some but the NYT did not receive a copy.

Let's get into some more minutiae and determine when Fox News broke the news, and by how many seconds they beat out the lamestream with the breaking news.

MSNBC had a robust discussion of the subject on Morning Joe Nov 3rd. The program airs at 6am Eastern.

Give it up. You are a victim of Fox News fake news.

Mary Wanna

Posted by: Bonnie McGuire | 04 November 2017 at 04:14 PM

Yes Bonnie, if you go to Todd's blog you rarely see anything contrary to Todd's point of view. That is because he refuses to publish contrary opinions. You can talk all you want about how fat you think someone is. That's Todd's audience.

Todd Juvinall

Mary Wanna | 04 November 2017 at 06:32 PM

If you liberals would debate me rather than call me vile names you get to stay on my blog. But you and your ilk can't help yourselves, therefore, I boot your profanity-laced posts. Now do you understand you troll?

Bonnie McGuire

George, I answered to your article in the Union. Then I get a comment from Cheryl Cook. I tried to answer , but couldn't without going through some review. Wired but understandable ...considering.

Bonnie McGuire

I meant weird ...

George Rebane

MaryW 628pm - check the time stamp on my comment and the outlets I cited. The small viewership cable channels like FN and MSNBC were not included. It's the large audiences that should concern all of us. When NYT, ABC, CBS, and NBC have not covered it, by my lights with the audiences they command, that omission is anything but "minutiae". But then again, we march to different drummers and follow different lights.

Don Bessee

Hillary for America “personnel will be consulted and have joint authority over strategic decisions over the staffing, budget, expenditures, and general election related communications, data, technology, analytics, and research," the Aug. 26, 2015, memorandum from campaign manager Robby Mook to DNC chief executive Amy Dacey states in part. “This does not include any communications related to primary debates -- which will exclusively be controlled by the DNC.” Said the document released by NBC.

Madam liar liar pantsuits on fire didn't lock up the nomination until July 2016. But that's ok because its the Clintons right Bernie bros? ;-)

Bill Tozer

Guess we are beating the Donna Brazile story into the ground. That is what we do best here, speaking solely about others. I will depart from the Donna Redemption Tour with some things I have learned.....before moving on to something else, like The Resistance, Ed Gillespie(?), or the mental/emotional health of our incorrigible Kool -Aide drinkers.

Thinkgs I have learned:
1) DNC Debbie Whatzername gave Bernie a lesson in socialism. She took Bernie’s votes and redistributed them to someone else.
2) Donna’s last name is spelled with one letter L, no two. Mea Culpa, Ms. Brazile.
3) I have not confirmed this as of this writing, but it appears Donna is not related to the renowned wrestler Bobo Brazil and his world famous Coconut Butt, a devastating head butt that obliterated hapless opponents. BTW, that was back when both wrestling and news were real. :).
I leave the reader (for now) with two memes as parting thoughts.


Collusion and the dossier.


Thanks Trumpski!!! You did what the Leftys couldn't do because of Ryghty obstruction !!!
'''President Trump's decision to quit paying a critical Affordable Care Act subsidy has given most of the country access to insurance with no monthly premiums — nudging it, however inelegantly, in the same direction Democrats have wanted to go (at least for the poorest enrollees).'''
You cannot make this stuff up!!!


Posted by: BunBun | 06 November 2017 at 07:37 AM

You should be happy then?

Glad the week is starting out on an up note Keach.


Money well spent... Right ECO bastards?

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