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13 December 2017


jon smith

A short list of pervs for Todd to add to his black book. Pretty sure Larry Craig and Dennis Hastert are already included under favorites in his contacts list. Yup, them dems have a lock on the perv category.

Roger Ailes, Phil Hinkle, Bill O’Reily, Jeff Kruse, Roy Moore, Larry Craig, Bob Packwood, James West, Don Shooter, Herman Cain, Geraldo, Chris Myers, Wes Goodman, Jack Latvala, Dennis Hastert, Jeff Hoover, Tim Murphy, Donald Trump, Tony Cornish, Matt Wingard, Charlie Christ, Newt Gingrich, our own John Ensign, Mark Foley,

Bill Tozer

This comment in the Union concerning pot shops surprised me.

“The community as a whole, by volume … does not support one (dispensary), let alone two or three," Strawser said. "I supported this as a compromise, thinking it was critical to allow one to help people who need this medicine. … We promised we would start slow and go with the process."

Full disclosure: this is the first Union article I have read on the Nevada City pot shop issue and proposals, thus I have not followed the story at all after all these months (years?). I assumed that the majority of Nevada City residents wanted a pot shop from listening to Punchy and others rally vigourously behind pot shops in their backyard playground, aka, Nevada City .
Maybe it was a misquote by Strawser??

jon smith

I saw that too Bill. Duane is one of two on the council who want three rather than the one shop. I don't understand his mixed signals, but he and Senum are friends of one of the proposed shops that couldn't cut the grade on a level playing field. Hardly a fair competitive bid process to be sure.

Bill Tozer

I found Todd’s link @ 8:29 am troubling.

Troubling because of this zero tolerance policy simply because of allegations. Yes, the political arena is not the legal arena. But where is the vehicle to prove the validity of any claims or the path for recourse of the accused? I really find this trend of guilty until proven innocent (akin to dealing with the IRS) across the land quite disturbing. As Todd’s link shows, we may never know the truth. He said, she said. Was he a employee seeking vengeance for not getting a promotion, or did the supervisor make a move on him when they were attending a function at a hotel out of town? We will never know. And no matter how likeable or talented or valuable you are to an employer, the employer will never back you up if HR finds violations of Title IX. The cost of litigation, nay, just the threat of lawsuits against the employer trumps everything.

Which is why I am so troubled by the Kansas female Congressional
candidate getting the boot from the Dem Party. I see no conclusive evidence in this 10 year old “he said, she said” case. In this current climate, we must not make the allegations supercede everything else. Yes, abused women (rape, domestic violence) do suffer from PTSD and recall and details can and are conflicting. And many are hesitant to report violations immediately. BTW, Title IX does not require an immediate reporting by the one who has been made to feel uncomfortable by unwanted words, memes, or deeds...persons, places, or things. But, I ain’t talking about the extremes.of rape , assaults, or domestic violence.

If the Kansas woman made a pass at a subordinate and was rebuffed, so be it. Maybe misread signals or was doing the Mrs. Robinson thing. Or maybe it was all a vindictive employee who felt his supervisor did not like him and he didn’t get a raise or promotion. When the cat’s awaythe mice will play...out of town on company business in a hotel...or maybe something else.

Bottomline, each case must taken on its own merits and stand alone. Charges against Roy Moore differ greatly than charges against Stuart Smiley...er...Al Franken. The allegations against Moore were more yucky, but so long ago and no evidence that Moore continued that behavior (alleged or not) in 30 or more years. Franken’s accussations are less egregious than Moore’s ick factor, but more recent and more accusers. That photo of Franken’s gleeful face fondling a exhausted sleeping model’s breasts is kinda hard to overlook...and it wasn’t 38 years ago.

I feel that the Kansas Dem canidate got caught up in something much bigger than her and was unfairly booted from the race by her party. It’s all about politics, not about gender, fairness, qualifications, seriousness of the charges, nor anything else. I feel sad for her.

Don Bessee

Well Lisa is her mothers daughter-




Posted by: Robert Cross | 15 December 2017 at 07:57 AM


Don Bessee

Rubio a YES on tax cuts, DOW up 165 24,674 with an hour to go. ;-)

Paul Emery

For your reading pleasure:

Trump reaches new low in RCP consensus poll - 20.8 :


Paul Emery

More bad news for the Pubbers

Washington (CNN)On Tuesday night, Democrats flipped two Republican-held state legislative seats -- one in Oklahoma, one in New Hampshire -- that Donald Trump carried in the 2016 election.
That makes six turnovers from Republican to Democrat in contested state House and Senate races so far in 2017 -- and 26 out of 35 races (at the state legislative and congressional level) in which the Democratic nominee has overperformed Hillary Clinton's showing last November. (Worth noting: Republicans have yet to flip a Democratic-controlled seat so far this year.)

Don Bessee

UH OH, telling the truth can get you lynched in SF-



Don Bessee

BAM! Triple index records on Wall St.! Another YES on tax cuts! WHOOO HOOOO! ;-)


Posted by: Paul Emery | 15 December 2017 at 12:51 PM

How are the Green Libertarians doing Punch?


Only a jerk-off partisan Democrat uses "Pubber" when referring to Republicans, Paul. Why do you persist with name-calling?


There are many more Democratic Senate seats in Trump territories up for grabs next November than GOP seats in Hillary territory.

But you're right, Paul. It's all over. 2018 will be a GOP bloodbath, just like it was supposed to be in 2016. The biggest problem you will have is how to reeducate individual "Pubbies" found walking aimlessly in the streets, shellshocked by the experience.

You were just two years too early in your forecasts.

sarc /off


fish, there are no 'Green' libertarians.


Posted by: Gregory | 15 December 2017 at 01:42 PM

Well then what is Punch-E....politically?

Paul Emery

It's kinda fun Gregory. I get a kick out of it. Why do you refer to me as Punchy?


Uh Oh!! Looks like somebody is getting disbarred!



Because you punch and then run away, Paul, and you've identified yourself as a former boxer. I thought that was clear.

I believe Paul is a registered Democrat.


Posted by: Gregory | 15 December 2017 at 02:12 PM

I believe Paul is a registered Democrat.

You can understand my confusion .......he just sounded so sure of himself when proudly came out of the closet!

Paul Emery

Democrat Gregory. Where did you get that idea?

OK Gregory if that's your justification for calling me Punchy then my justification of Pubbers is because the Republicans all sound like chest thumpers in a pub when they are all watching their favorite team. Hence Pubbers. I kinda like it.


So Paul, you deny being a registered Democrat?

I'm not doing this for fun or profit.


"if that's your justification for calling me Punchy then my justification of Pubbers is because the Republicans all sound like chest thumpers in a pub when they are all watching their favorite team"

And what b.s. would you have flung into the fan if that wasn't my "justification". Again, you aren't being honest... just punching at what you imagine are weak spots.

Paul Emery

Just as good as your "punchy" blat Gregory

Yes I am not a registered Democrat


Trump Admin To Remove Climate Change From List Of National Security Threats

Federalist By Mollie Hemingway

The Trump administration will reverse course from previous Obama administration policy, eliminating climate change from a list of national security threats. The National Security Strategy to be released on Monday will emphasize the importance of balancing energy security with economic development and environmental protection, according to a source who has seen the document and shared excerpts of a late draft.



My reason was given honestly.

Assuming the little birdie who told me you were registered DEM was accurate at the time, what are registered as now, Paul, or do I have to go to the County go find out?

I know you aren't registered as a Green Libertarian, a party that does not exist.

Paul Emery


Paul Emery

Voted Libertarian he last 8 years

Paul Emery

W/hy is it so important to you Gregory? Are you turning Todd on me?


Paul, I'd be less interested had you been forthcoming in the past. Along those lines, I didn't ask you how you voted, only when you registered LIB. Eight years ago?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 15 December 2017 at 03:30 PM


Really? Have you examined what the Libertarians espouse. Cuz it’s not top down government controlled healthcare?

Todd Juvinall

He is a registered democrat.

Todd Juvinall

Fish 346

Good point. A libertarian is a LESS government type. Paul Emery wants the government to take over your body and your money.

George Rebane

Here are the tenets and positions of the Libertarian Party -

I don't think that PaulE has much in common with these. But then again, I could be wrong would like to hear with which of those beliefs and positions he concurs.

Don Bessee

Its bad enough we have to deal with all the fakenewsmen but censorship by web gods is too much to accept!


The 2nd amendment has the 1st amendments back. ;-)

Bill Tozer

I don’t think they are teaching true cultural liberalism on our campuses. They do to a large degree on some aspects, but not others. Which is why it’s so much fun to point out their blindness to their own blantant hypocrisies, Oh, where have all the purists gone? As with a diamond, there are many facets that make up the whole. Let’s take just one of the facets; cultural liberalism.

“The culture wars in politics are generally disagreements between cultural liberals and cultural conservatives, as cultural liberals are strongly opposed to censorship or any kind of oversight of spoken or written material.”

Tell that to the college Republicans. They are not allowed to do their own thing, much less speak what is on their minds without censorship, a censorship which comes at you in many forms from numerous directions.

Know a great accountant. He graduated from an university that was so far Left that the wall out in the farthest boundaries of left field was the starting point.. Anyway, he said everyone on campus was a full blown liberal, except the business students, which were Libertarians. ;).

Don Bessee

Speaking of culture wars victims-



Paul Emery

Here'a a list of Libertarian Principals as described in Georges link.

This includes favoring minimally regulated markets,
a less powerful federal government, strong civil liberties (including LGBT rights),
(the party supports same-sex marriage),
the liberalization of drug laws,
separation of church and state
open immigration
not necessarily
, non-interventionism
and neutrality in diplomatic relations
free trade and free movement to all foreign countries
and a more representative republic.


You have some clarification to do Paul. How bout "freedom from religion"? (That one will be tough)

Don Bessee

Then why register democrat ya po' ol' fakenewsman? ;-)


Obummercare PENALTY is DOA in the tax bill!

Don Bessee

So much for the argument that illegal dreamers are a benefit to the US-


That does not even consider the impact of chain migration! ;-)


Posted by: Paul Emery | 15 December 2017 at 05:47 PM

1) Eliminating government dictated and controlled healthcare.

2) Eliminating government departments like Education, Energy, HHS, etc.

3) Reducing or eliminating a multitude of taxes ...... for non-critical government functions...like public radio! Including those levied against those evul corporayshuns!

4) Gutting gun control laws and regulations at the federal level!

5) Vastly reducing environmental regulations at the federal level.

....the list goes on!

Not one of those things have I ever heard you argue for!

Bill Tozer

Punchy, how about the elimation of the welfare state? Elimination of the IRS, lower taxes, protecting gun ownership rights? I know, it’s just like a smorgasbord. Take want you like, and leave....er....stay mum on the rest.

Paul Emery

Registered Libertarian Don. Where did you get that information? Haven't voted Democrat (presidential) for 8 years.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 15 December 2017 at 06:22 PM

Punchy really wants the pony.....he just hasn’t figured out what to do with the leavins!

Paul Emery

I took the list from what George provided in his link. Here is the direct quote from their platform. Libertarians do not agree on everything.

This includes favoring minimally regulated markets, a less powerful federal government, strong civil liberties (including LGBT rights), (the party supports same-sex marriage), the liberalization of drug laws, separation of church and state, open immigration, non-interventionism and neutrality in diplomatic relations, free trade and free movement to all foreign countries, and a more representative republic.[49] The party's position on abortion is that government should stay out of the matter and leave it to the individual, but recognizes that some "good-faith" opinions on this issue are different.[50] Ron Paul, one of the former Presidential nominees of the Libertarian Party in 1988, is strictly pro-life. Gary Johnson, the party's 2012 and 2016 presidential candidate, is pro-choice, as were most of the party's past nominees other than Paul.


Bill Tozer

Switching gears, time to drain CA’s Education Swam

“Kids are the same everywhere, including those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. As many of us know, growing up poor doesn’t make you dumb. The ability to learn is innate, so isn’t it time to focus on who is doing the teaching, or in California’s case, those not teaching?

In the California lawsuit, it appears good teachers are trying to take a stand. “State assessments found 96 percent of students [at a plaintiff’s school] were not proficient in English or math, according to the lawsuit. Only eight of the school’s 179 students were found to be proficient when tested last year. David Moch, another plaintiff, is a retired teacher who taught at La Salle for 18 years. Moch said he had fifth graders in his kindergarten class.”

(The printed word, not the video.)


Libertarian... The party of cat herding. Cats want to rule the world too. You do know why they never will? Google it.

Don Bessee

The po' ol' fakenewsman seems to forget he was exposed by the voter registration rolls. ;-)

Paul Emery

Registered Libertarian Don. Check again. Todd had the wrong person. You guys must really be bored to give a shit. Todd is in a state of depression and is waiting for God to ensure a win for his pal Ray Moore. Tough on the ol guy.

Don Bessee

Here is one for the po' ol' fakenewsman. So you voted for 0 the first time if you have voted libertarian for 8 years.


The Prez is where he was in Jan. ;-)

Bill Tozer

There are always “planks” in any political thought that good men can dsagree on. I see myself as a don’t tread on me kind of guy. But, things have changed over time. There is a reason we have stop signs.
The original liberals were ones that opposed government, did not trust government, were a de facto opposition TO government party. Today, the liberals clamour for more government at every turn and trust government. Me? I am still a believer in “I love my country but fear my government.” You can have all the great philosophies and have the best political thoughts (and beliefs) under the sun, yet without security the whole ball of wax is a mute point.

I hear this phrase a lot : “I am a conservative, not a Republican.” I know what they are saying. Exactly. Ideology is fine and imperative, but I leave room for pragmatism.

I believe in minority rights, the minority of one. Guess that makes me a dinosaur as the word ‘individual’ is now a dirty word. Ah heck, Don’t Tread on Me flags are now considered offensive, triggering, hateful, racist, privileged, White Supremacist, White Nationalist, and a bunch more words I cannot spell. Oh well, go pound sound and grow a pair. I won’t loose any sleep over it.

From the link provided at 6:39 pm, liberalism today in 2017:

We expect a new generation to have new ideas and new ways of approaching the world. So how do we explain when a new generation is steeped in bullying, complaining about hurt feelings, demanding “safe spaces,” and using pride in fragile egos and weakened emotional states as the excuse to condemn free speech?

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery is a registered democrat.

Moore is your kind of guy Paul Emery. I don't support pedophiles. You like Bill Clinton who is best friends with a pedophile. Must mean you support pedophiles.

Libertarians are way different than democrats. But Paul Emery is all about supporting big government policies. Walks like a duck it must be Paul Emery.

Never seen Paul Emery in public with a female. Why?

Paul Emery

You were his advocate on this blog Todd not me. Do you deny being his supporter?

Todd Juvinall

Checking the voter rolls there is not one Emery registered as a libertarian.

Paul Emery

Todd is going weird on us again. Next thing he'll be bragging about the size of his dangler again when he goes through airport screenings. We've all heard that before from Todd, a former Nevada County supervisor

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, you truly are obsessed with my equipment. So why have we not seen you ever with woman out and about? What is the scoop? And yes, I still get requests from the TSA women to come back through the scanners.

Todd Juvinall

No Emery in the voter rolls registered as a Libertarian.

Bill Tozer

Paul, putting the size of Todd’s schlong aside, it appears abundantly clear that you carry the Democrat Party’s water and spout their talking points on a daily basis....before Trump. Whether you carry Hillary’s water by design or unintentionally does not matter. The common denominator is your hatred for Republicans....before, during and after Trump. Just how I feel and you can’t argue with feelings.

Paul Emery

Todd writes

"I still get requests from the TSA women to come back through the scanners." Yuck!! Really weird guy. That's enough for me. George, why do you allow such creeps on your blog?

Todd Juvinall

Oh Paul Emery, you brought it up. Seems you are the creep here.

Todd Juvinall

And Paul Emery why has no one ever seen you out and about with a woman? Come on, tell the truth, they scare you eh?

Don Bessee

Cant you guys do this at the fondue bar in Nevada city? I understand the po' ol' fakenewsman wanting to ignore the waves of bad news for team lefty. Given the age of consent in Ala. back in the day there is nothing to show Moore was a pedophile. Allred's story has shattered like a brittle lefty snowflakes ego!

ON the other hand her daughters pay for play with madam liar lair pantsuits on fires team is really blowing up big in the real world.

Did you hear tax cuts for everyone who currently is actually paying a tax to the feds? Jobs to come for Christmas in the heartland. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Putting aside the “I haven’t found the right woman yet ” romantic life of Punchy, there are many points of agreement that I have with real Libertarians, not the Libertarians in name only. In fact, I agree with more of the Liberatian creedo than I do with liberals and Progressives ....by miles and miles and miles

Vladimir Lenin said, “When there is State, there can be no freedom, but where there is freedom there can be no state.” Libertarians and I would agree that the bigger the state, the less the freedom and the more the freedoms, the less the state...to take a quote and twist it to fit my narrative. . Oh, that Lenin said a lot of things like
“The goal of Socialism is Communism”, “It is true that liberty is precious; so precious it must be carefully rationed.”

Perhaps another huge current difference between moi and the fakenews popinjays on the Left is this gem from Vladimir Lenin:

“The press should not only be a collective propagandist and collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.”

Todd Juvinall

Folsom 28, Helix 14 at the half.

Bill Tozer

Time to take a bow and pat myself on the back, belatedly.

The word of the week is pedophile, or however it is spelled. Do you idiots even know what the word means? It’s the sicko that seeks to love on pre-puberty kids. Like no pubic hair, no early sign of developing....children. Roy Moore the pedophile? Oh, can’t go much lower than that, eh Mr. Cross, L’s Shrink, and maybe a Popinjay?

As soon as the Roy Moore story broke about Roy dating a14 year old girl and giving her a kiss on the cheek or something, I stated on these pages in a comment to Dr. Rebane that the Lefties will take it all the way to pedophile. Roy Moore the pediphile.

I take my bow. Getting darn near impossible to underestimate them.

Bill Tozer

Opps. Take it straight to child molester. Creepy Moore the Child Predator Abuser Molester......then start saying ‘pedophile’. I kept waiting for someone to bring up Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his14 year old cousin, but no volunteers came forth. No matter. it was a scandal in its day. Great Balls of Fire, the moral outrage!


Posted by: Paul Emery | 15 December 2017 at 08:17 PM

.....and there it is.....today’s Punch-E patented “Pearl Clutch”.....somebody note the time for the official record!


Yet Al Frankengroper has yet to follow through on his resignation.
I guess there is no need to now. The fake step down did it's job.

Generalissmo Covfefe

YaYa Billy Toes,,,what 13 year old girl who thinks she is all growed up wouldn't want to go with a wild and crazy cousin with a fancy car and a bunch of spending cash???



Humm.. Now all of a sudden,, look what finds it's way into (HA!!) legit* news.

We may now know how Dirty Harry got so rich on an elected politicians salary.

Robert Cross

Sorry Walt but you are full of crap. They have already named Franken's replacement.. Minn. Lt. Governor Tina Smith.

Bill Tozer

Generalimplizard Covfefe @ 9:52 am

Best no put down that 13 year old bride. She is one heck of a woman. You don’t know who you are talking about. ;) Well written article from the filly’s mouth.

“In my little mind, I couldn’t believe that they could not see that I was a grown woman. I was only 13, but people said I was more mature than Jerry. I was serious-minded, I was like, “We gotta take care of this and do this,” and he was like, “Where’s the piano?” That’s what he is, that’s what he’s about. And I really, truly wasn’t a typical teenager. My generation was taught to hide under our desk when the bomb came, so you always had in the back of your mind that any minute, any day, life could come to an end. What I wanted was a baby in my arms, a home, a husband, a kitchen to cook in, a yard to raise roses. My little brother was born because I begged my parents for a baby at ten years old. They called me his deputy mom; I just took him over. That was what I was like, and Jerry was busy having fun, he was the true entertainer.

“Elvis didn’t marry a little 16-year-old girl, did he? Priscilla lived with his grandmother for, what, seven or eight years?
It was something that marked Jerry for life. We kept thinking every year, every six months, that it was going to go away, they’re going to stop talking about it, and it just didn’t happen. But it brought me and Jerry very close, and we had ten incredible, wonderful years together after that. We were like a little camp that had been attacked by the enemy, and we held strong to each other and said, regardless of what they do, we’re going to keep fighting. Jerry’s fame and money went down to almost nothing, it was very turbulent for ten years, but it was the happiest years of our marriage.”



Need some help with the nails Bob?
Will be happy to bang them back in.
"Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken resigned from Congress two weeks ago amid continuing sexual-misconduct allegations. However, he’s yet to say when he’ll empty his Capitol Hill office, even after his replacement was appointed earlier this week."

Todd Juvinall

Waly, yeah I recall Franken saying he would resign in a few weeks. I think he is still there and the Governor of his state has jumped the gun.

Bill Tozer

“Sorry Walt but you are full of crap. They have already named Franken's replacement.”

Posted by: Robert Cross | 16 December 2017 at 11:01 AM

Hmm. Then why is Al Franken still voting, still attending Dem Senator functions, meetings and public functions? Franken is still a fish in the water.

. One more time and then I will move on. A true fish out of water:



Well "bob",, it's seems your the one who's "full".
My I suggest Clark septic? Maybe Tall boots? You know who's closer.
Get something done soon. Everyone down wind is starting to bitch.

Paul Emery

Finally, some good news for the Democrats:

According to a report in the Washington Post, President Donald Trump plans to hit the 2018 campaign trail hard for GOP candidates despite the fact that the last few candidates he has endorsed failed at the polls after he gave them the nod.

Todd Juvinall

Five for five wins in special Congressional seats. One loss in a Senate seat. Yep, that is a trend.


Catfight at Pelline's, with jon smith, Reinette Sebum, Steven Frisch and others. Meowrrr! hiss! spit!

At one point, being bothered by Chris Bishop quoting Carl Sagan (aka Butt head astronomer) that 98% of the American people were scientifically illiterate, Jeff wrote

"My dad was a scientist. He encouraged me to take science and math classes at Cal — and I did. Our son is a STEM student, thanks to my encouragement. So I have a good respect for science. One of the problems, however, is the science people lording “science” over the rest of us. I have my opinions on these issues, but I don’t find it constructive to call others “illiterate.”

Oh, my! I think Sagan was reasonably accurate with his estimate.

Checking the obit Jeff wrote for his father, in truth, dear old dad had a Bachelor's in Naval Technology and a Masters in Geology... and worked not as a scientist but as an oil prospector for Exxon, rising through the ranks of management. Nothing wrong with that, but in today's anti-petroleum politics, probably not as self-burnishing as calling him a "scientist" and moving along to patting yourself on the back for raising a "STEM student, thanks to [Jeff's] encouragement".

I can always get Jeff to take the bait by mentioning that Engineers don't take "Engineering Calculus", they take the same calculus that math, physics and chemistry majors take... it's just called Calculus. And the only science he took was chemistry, which may well have been the watered down chemistry that life science types take.


Todd... two losses for the one Senate seat... he first backed the Strange fellow who the former Gubernor appointed as a temp. Only after not getting Strange did Moore get a nod.

Having a Dem in the seat for three years will probably sit better than having Moore causing heck for every GOP candidate going forward.

Toes (somewhere back)... I thought I'd also raised the spectre of 14 being a marriageable age by AlalBAMA standards. Even now... with parental permission. While I'd not want my 14 year old child to have entered into matrimony, tarring Moore as a pedophile was slanderous. A sick f*ck by California standards, he did end up marrying a woman nearly as younger than he that the 14 year old was, who he did first notice when she was 15 or 16. My expectation is that he felt less threatened by a woman that much younger than he.

Pedophiles can't stop being pedophiles... which means seeking victims who have not yet begun puberty.

Scenes from the  Apocalypse

I had to check that out, normally Cartman is of little interest...

"My dad was a scientist. He encouraged me to take science and math classes at Cal — and I did. Our son is a STEM student, thanks to my encouragement. "

lol. Thank you for your service.

In terms of the original post, I think that Team Blue has found a fairly reasonable chink (oh jeez, I mean weakness) in the armor of Team Red. Get the wimmenz mad, and you can pick up a few votes. Public policy doesn't matter, foreign policy doesn't matter, but how can we gin up a few votes based on gender. You'll see some sacrifices in the media (and maybe education) biz, but it'll all be worth it to achieve some final goals.

Tearing down a culture with all it's good and ills is hard work. Folks my parents' age would be horrified by the Pellines of this world, but it's probably best to view them as a combination of worthy opponent and the normal tendency toward entropy that you find in an aging country.


Going back to Pelline's 95959report blog, Judith Lowry writes:

Okay, I tried to lighten things up, so here.
In about ten to twenty years this earth will be nothing more than a floating crematorium and our discussions will be moot since we will all be dead, roasted to a turn.
Why not just be nice to each other until it’s over?

Bwahahahahah! No, the floggings will continue until morale improves!

Ten to twenty years is what Brad's missus expects. An artist of some merit, but has never shown an aptitude in scientific thought or even logic in the local blogosphere. Personally, in ten to twenty years I suspect a new little ice age will be showing its head and the politics of Global Warming will be dead except as occasional punchlines in late night comic's monologues.

Don Bessee

Infighting on the Dark Lords Liberal Lament Land eh, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Here is one for the po' ol' fakenewsman-




Come on Don, family feuds are fun to watch, as long as it's not your own. And LIB on LIB infighting is free Pay-for-view. Kick back and watch the show.
We can bat Paul around like badminton anytime.


In reading through the family argument in the comments over cellphone cancer at Sierra Foothills Report, I am amazed at Steven Frisch's defense of real science while he continues to support anthropogenic global warming, which is not based on actual science, instead of faith in computer models. It is indeed amusing to read Frisch's argument for real science, knowing he supports the pseudoscience of human-caused climate change. LOL

Don Bessee

Did anyone hear what ever happened to the Nevada city grey ponytail tax, Walt? ;-)

Don Bessee

What do you do with a rabid dog nation state that acts like a crime family to fund itself?


You put it down. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Gregory, indeed you did mention the legalities of 14 years getting married back then and there. You also brought up the misuse of the word pedophile and other distortions as they arose.
I merely took a bow for sizing up where the enemy would be taking this from out the gate within 5 minutes. Maybe 47 seconds. From a date with an underage girl to pedophilia. And that was exactly what they did. Then tie “”BREaKING NEWS, Trump supports pedophiles and child predators”around Trump’s neck and by extension, every Conservative, Republican office holder, every Republican, Righty, and, of course, all the Deplorables. Bring out the big ball of string and twine them all together. That was classic. Can’t go much lower than that.

Odd that Mitch tried to pull a Hillary. Hillary and the DNC wanted Trump to be her opponent ( as you know well, more than most) and pulled the strings to make it happen. Mitch wanted Strange to run against Moore in case there was a runoff and pulled out the big guns to take Mo out. Mo was taken out in the most dastardly of ways in the primaries and Mitch got his wish....as did My Gal. But, we need Mitch to get things moving along so I ain’t part of the Ditch Mitch chorus anymore. I once was months ago, but that was over his lacking a spine. Trump slapped him around enough and he has found his missing family jewels.

Roy was one of a kind. Walking around with Ten Commandments is fine...if you are Moses. But he was running for Senator, not preacher.

Have you considered how hard it would be to replicate Jone’s win? You would need a special election in an off year with no other races of note going on and suck up all the spotlight 24/7. You need hundreds of hundreds of millions following in from Soros and his brigade to this solidary Senate race, made possible by not having it divided up between 33 Senate races and 420somerhing House contests. And you would need a bad opponent....a very bad opponent. Did you hear he is a pediphile? And Roy almost won, lol. Try that again. Todd was right. Scott Brown was an anomaly in Mass. and Jones is an short term anomaly in Alabama. One hit wonders.


While reliably awful and useless (I'm looking at you Marcos Breton) the Sacbee Editorial Staff occasionally comes up with a cogent thought!

Horrified by Trump? Just tell yourself it could be worse

....the unfinished thought of course is that it might have been Hillary Clinton.


Toes, I do bow to your prescience on the "pedophile" pummeling.

I am pleased to hear you've dropped the ditch Mitch mantra. It seemed a particularly myopic sidebar in GOP politics... he had a majority, but not a very big one and he had to rely on "Republicans" like Susan Collins and the increasingly erratic McCain, some of which was due to his illness. McConnell did a masterful job keeping the SCOTUS seat open in an election year and, for the partisan Dems who kept claiming it was unprecedented, I point you to His Accidency, John Tyler, who was ejected from his party (Whig) after assuming the presidency for a number of butt-heads that caused his Senate to give up on him. One seat was left empty for something like two years waiting for him to term out.

Without that Senate Majority leader, Gorsuch would not be on the bench and the Senate is cranking out confirmations for lower Federal benches as I write.

Crabb's 'toon showing Democrats painting AlaBAMA Blue was particularly silly. The senior Senator announced against Moore late in the campaign, and seven of eight (one short of a Star Trek character) Congresscritters in Alabama are GOP. It isn't a Rhapsody in Blue for the state (it's about 60/40 GOP) just a fling when the GOP candidate was not acceptable to large numbers of his own party and really unacceptable to independents and especially DEMs. As Karl Rove put it recently in a WSJ piece, Kooky Candidates Lose... the list is a trip down memory lane... Nevada’s Sharron Angle and Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell, Missouri’s Todd Akin and Indiana’s Richard Mourdock. If I were a Republican I'd be praying (were I to say a prayer) that Moore's new low will finally put an end to it.


This is the best thing you will read all day.....

"But back to to the original topic, we are shutting down our rather hilarious project because we can no longer compete with our competition. We have come to realize that our competition is not other satirical websites, but rather the people we are trying to satirize. About a week ago, after a short hiatus from the website and in light of the recent sexual assault allegations currently afflicting Hollywood, we put out another article titled “Why we should believe women who accuse right wingers of rape more than those who accuse liberals”. The article is a total caricature intended to be as ridiculous as possible, basically arguing that because liberals are good people, we should forgive them when they rape women. We thought no one in the world could possibly hold views as ridiculous as that, so we wrote it as satire and published it.

So imagine our surprise when an actual Feminist and self-proclaimed expert on “rape culture” wrote an article for The Washington Post no less, using the same rational and reasoning as our satirical article that was written just a few days before:"


Todd Juvinall

SacBee today, page 14A. Chanting Trump, Trump, Trump is now a racial epithet. You cannot make this stuff up.

And the NYT's authors call illegal immigration "unauthorized" immigration. No wonder we make fun of liberals.


Oh my, Pelline is wasting his readers time smearing me with all the clarity of listening in to only one side of a phone call. Since Jeff won't let me post on his blog, I apologize for a short detour here.

First, you conflated my suggesting you took the chemistry for life science majors with a contrived jab that I suggested the math you took was the watered down version offered life science majors. No, my dumping on you was for calling what you took "Engineering Calculus" which is not the name of a class given at Cal.

No Jeffie, I don't misunderstand the math offerings at Cal... they have Calculus (Math 1A and 1B) of one variable that *is* the introductory math class taken by serious students of math, science and engineering. It isn't called "Engineering Calculus", which is what you called it in your father's obit that was curiously mostly about you. Well, maybe not so curious.

Here's the outline of requirements for (pure) Math majors at Cal:

Note they just call it Calculus. I took the entire lower division load Berkeley requires for a major (they were required for all majors at Mudd), plus the last in their sequence applied complex analysis which was truly a mind bender. Same book Cal used, too. At Mudd, about half of the folks taking applied complex analysis were physics majors taking it as an elective.

Jeff snidely remarks that Sierra College wouldn't hire me to teach math. Good, were I to want to teach junior college math I'd have earned a masters or better in Math, generally required for Sierra and every other accredited junior college faculty I'm aware of. My first wife Teri was hired as an Adjunct Professor of Math at Sierra with just a Bachelors but it was a BS Math from Mudd, and she did have that Masters in EE from (wait for it Jeff) Loyola-Marymount University, a Jesuit campus west of Los Angeles. Together, they met Sierra College standards for their math faculty.

Teri actively steered me away from thinking about teaching at Sierra... thought I'd not have patience teaching such unprepared students. She may have been right.

Oh, and Jeff, you got me. I would not expect LMU to make a list of top grad schools for Electrical Engineering... because it doesn't offer a PhD. Nonetheless, it's a highly ranked regional university that was stumbling distance from my office at Hughes Aircraft Company.

Now, where does Jeff boast about majoring in Rhetoric, or his father working as an "oil exploration geologist" at Exxon? That must stick in the Former Union Editor's craw. Oh, the humanity! Jeff's dad personally responsible for much of the world's CO2 emissions?

Sad! (and I was thinking of Andy Serkis' channeling Gollum reading Trump tweets when I wrote that)


Didn't see any of that.....but you guys have this argument at least quarterly!

Did see local former instructor in "Communications" attempt to delve into an area outside his discipline!

Joe Koyote says:

December 17, 2017 at 10:42 am

I think it is because they can post the vitriol they hold for people who disagree with their world view in anonymity. Since they have no factual or logical defense for those beliefs it turns into hate speech. It’s called ‘projection’ ( I think) in psychiatric terms.. meaning they ascribe their own emotions to others, i.e.. if one hates those with different beliefs they accuse their enemies of the hate they themselves harbor.

Oh JoKe it was the left who reduced argument to venomous ad hominem....way too late for you lads to start whining about us being better at it than you!

Bill Tozer

Walt, Fish, Don. You guys are into this kind of stuff. Appears that Boardman took his advice.


Scenes from the Apocalypse

re: BillT@10:43PM.

I admit that it's a good call. Lacking any political argument of substance, regiments of media will form up with a near-continuous barrage of anti-Trump pussy grabbin' high jinks.


The local anti-Trump forces will grab their favorite fifi from a sock drawer and hit that reload button for the latest sexual misdeeds of POTUS. It's a pity that he isn't a Kennedy since I might even buy some of the accusations in that case.

Good Lord you should have seen the sign toting harridans down in Auburn last week. Lots and lots of crazy cat ladies with 'THE PRESIDENT IS A PERVERT' placards so the order must have already come down from Shareblue.

It's a good lesson in a mob mentality to watch all of this, it's like a tent revival writ large. When all it takes is a loud white male who attempts to enforce border law (for the first time in decades) and makes a half-hearted attempt at healthcare reform and some tax tweaks to cause all this uproar, there's obviously something else going on. Given the tendency for political movements to produce their opposite, maybe /pol is right when they talk about the upcoming Day of the Rope. Things can get crazy for no good reason.


More from the FUE

I read Mr. Science’s (Greg “independent software engineer at my place” Goodknight’s) long-winded rebuttal to this on Rebane’s blog and he’s either more dense than I thought or purposely deceives — or both.
One example: He claims Cal does not offer “engineering calculus,” but the course guide clearly states (I guess I have to link to it again) that one calculus course is “intended for majors in ENGINEERING and the physical sciences” while another is “intended for majors in life and social sciences.”

How special! And what calculus of one variable do math majors take? I gave you the link... cue the Final Jeopardy theme...

Sorry, FUE, but does the math department call it "engineering calculus"? Or do they tell their own math majors to take engineering calculus? It's just calculus, Jeff. They teach it in two semesters and everyone who takes it gets the same class.

And the only reason I know this is reading the obit you wrote for your folks which manages to sneak in just about everything you've done. What's up with that, Jeff?

Your father was an oil exploration geologist. What will you do to balance out the damage to the planet attributed to your dear old departed dad, but not by me. By you, Jeff.

Now, that claim of yours that your own son is a "STEM student, thanks to [your] encouragement". What chutzpa. He's a kid in high school, yes? So, without your encouragement he'd take less "science, technology, engineering and math"? How much engineering and technology does Ghidotti fit in, anyway?



Scenes. Yes, the blue hair brigade takes over the intersection by Target on a daily basis. (never hear many honks from the passers by)
Then at 1:00 sharp, they pack up and leave. ( I guess the nursing home bus loads up the over the hill gang at 1:15.)

Funny,, I think I remember a few of them when they protested Target getting built. ( now they shop there..... Go figure.)

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