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15 December 2017


Don Bessee

With the Fed forecast of 4% fourth quarter growth before the tax cut hit means next year will be much better!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ;-)


Maybe the LIBS can find a new gripe.
Yup, the evil Trump. You bitch about homelessness, well, this is how you start fixing it. Employ our own before others.

Don Bessee

Its the ECONOMY stupids! Read it weep haters-



Bill Tozer

What economy? We are due for a big correction, the crash of all crashes.


Scenes from the Apocalypse

re: Dispensaries.

I can't imagine a worse body to determine business winners and losers in a town than our city council. Simply invent a licensing concept and assign a cost to that kind of business. If they attract riff raff, crank up the cost of the license to increase downtown policing (assuming there is such a critter in the era of the homeless invasion). This is as stupid as the hand wringing over the real estate agency takeover.


Bill Tozer

Re: The sexual harassment ambulance chasers are on the job and happy to help you



Wonder if Punch-E will be as indignant about this as he was about the "stolen" Clinton files!?


Of course it's so difficult to maintain that level of anger.....especially for the older gentleman!


Bill Tozer

Fish @ 8:29

Maybe Hillary has the missing e-mails and Russia can help us find them. They know how to get into unsecured/low secured servers and know how to work around passwords when one’s password is PASSWORD.

What gets my dander up, up, and away is why would FBI uses untraceable phones to call and have communications with Hillary Clinton, a private citizen?? Was it for the same reason HRC set up her private server to avoid any FOIA requests finding a siolidary shred of evidence? Why would the senior officials of our government use untraceable phones resulting in untraceable conservations to converse with Hillary Rotten Clinton, a two time failed Presidential canidate? Those actions are so far removed from what our Founders had in mind and repeatedly, if not vehemently, warned us about and tried to prevent.

This Dem Party-Industrial Media Complex-Corruped Deep State certainly is a boil on America’s face that is begging to be lanced. Guess lying to the FBI is no big deal and does not make one a liar....


Bonnie McGuire

Here's the latest Clinton critic suicide that makes you wonder. Why wouldn't a doctor use a pharma to commit suicide? Surgeon who criticized Clinton Foundation fraud after Haitian earthquake mysteriously killed in NY home.


Always the progressive states.......


The Cheesehead STASI!

Don Bessee

Triggered by a bacon shirt?



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