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29 December 2017


George Boardman

Who should I believe: Noonan, whose column will appear in the Saturday edition of The Wall Street Journal, or The Journal's review of "The Post"?

Unlike you, I will wait until I see the film before I decide.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 123pm - Good point Mr Boardman, and one that should be practiced by those untutored in the teachings of the Rev Bayes. I, on the other hand, having sat for years at the pedagogical knee of that cleric, am willing to wager a considerable sum that 'The Post' vilifies Nixon exactly as described by Noonan. Why is that? Well, I'm a participant in and witness to over half century of leftwing union-dominated public schools, I have studied the produce of the US History Project (conducted, I'm ashamed to say, at my alma mater), and have read the tome from which today's California high school youth are taught. I am also a consumer of the entertainment media, especially their efforts at portraying history. And lastly I am a consummate consumer of the offal that is produced by your colleagues in the lamestream media. With those priors firmly in place, I compute a high posterior probability for the verity of Ms Noonan's report and interpretation.

Now for your prim and proper 'I'm not judging until all the facts are in' stance, given what you know, are you willing to wager that Ms Noonan's report on 'The Post' is in error (perhaps ideologically swayed)? I give odds.


There was a comment in the stream of reader thoughts at the link provided by Boredman that succinctly characterized it:

"This is a review written by a 70+ year-old man who works in the newspaper business. This indicates this movie is for 70+ year-olds who still remember the newspaper business.

Nobody under 50 knows what the Pentagon Papers were or cares. They don't know who Meryl Streep and barely know Tom Hanks.

This is just more liberal propaganda trying to masquerade as more".

George Boardman, the movie was made for your worldview. Enjoy. Peeline would probably also get misty eyed, too.

Ben Bradlee doesn't work there anymore, and it's unclear if the version portrayed by Jason Robards ever did.

Account Deleted

"At a moment in American history when our free press is besieged and truth itself is under unprecedented assault,..."
Read enough? Anyone who could write that bilge has TDS. He probably screams at photos of Trump hanging in his home.
I don't have to see the movie to know Joe Morgenstern is off his rocker.
Total insanity. It was Obama that went after journalists he didn't like.
The left wing press is free to print anything they like without any repercussions from the govt. Unless one of our resident lefties wishes to provide some sort of proof to the contrary.
Good grief.


Ed Driscoll writing at Instapundit

Also regarding The Post, Peggy Noonan writes “What is bad is the lie at the movie’s heart. President Nixon is portrayed as the villain of the story. And that is the opposite of the truth:”

Nixon did not start the Vietnam War, he ended it. His administration was not even mentioned in the Pentagon Papers, which were finished before he took office.

When that dark, sad man tried to halt publication of the document, he was protecting not his own reputation but in effect those of others. Those others were his political adversaries—Lyndon Johnson and Ben Bradlee’s friend JFK—who the papers revealed had misled the public. If Nixon had been merely self-interested, he would have faked umbrage and done nothing to stop their publication. Even cleverer, he could have decried the leaking of government secrets while declaring and bowing to the public’s right to know.

Instead, he did what he thought was the right thing—went to court to prevent the publication of secrets that might harm America’s diplomatic standing while it attempted to extricate itself from a war.

Being Nixon, of course, he had to crow, in a way that became public, that he was sticking it to those liberals in the press. His attempt to stop publication was wrong—the public did have a right to know. But he did what he thought was the responsible thing, and of course pays for it to this day.

Were the makers of “The Post” ignorant of all this? You might think so if it weren’t for the little coda they tag on to the end. Suddenly a movie about the Pentagon Papers is depicting the Watergate break-in, which would take place a year later. As if to say: OK, Nixon isn’t really the villain of our story, but he became a villain soon enough. It struck me not as a failed attempt at resolving a drama but an admission of a perpetrated injustice.

Why does all this matter? Because we are losing history. It is not the fault of Hollywood, as they used to call it, but Hollywood is a contributor to it.

And so is the Washington Post. As Ann Hornaday, whose bio describes her as “the Post’s chief film critic” wrote in 2010, defending Sean Penn’s Richard Armitage-less Valerie Plame film Fair Game, “In Washington, watching fact-based political movies has become a sport all its own, with viewers hyper-alert to mistakes, composite characters or real stories hijacked by political agendas. But what audiences often fail to take into account is that a too-literal allegiance to the facts can sometimes obscure a larger truth… ‘Follow the money*,’ then, assumes its own totemic truth. Ratified through repeated viewings in theaters, on Netflix and beyond, these films become a mutual exercise in creating a usable past. We watch them to be entertained, surely, and maybe educated. But we keep watching them in order to remember.”

George Orwell, call your office.

* Which Mark Felt, the real-life Deep Throat, never said to the real-life Bob Woodward.

My bold. What we remember is Hollywood's revised history which is far from the truth, far from reality! The "Post" is more history gone Hollywood!

Don Bessee

It will be interesting to see how they tell this tale in the not too distant future-



Bill Tozer

“As I listened to the end of the year "analysts," I was struck by how little they know, how little they have questioned their own mistakes, and how mutually reinforcing their false information has been.

These are not analysts. These are liberal propagandists. Much of what they assert is just plain wrong. Fake news is, sadly, an accurate term. And the topic about which they have been the most fake is the GOP’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

First, the media lied about the tax bill in an effort to convince most Americans their taxes would go up.

Then, the media took surveys of people who opposed the GOP bill based on the false information supplied by the media.

Then, the media talked again and again about how unpopular the Republican plan was and how it was going to weaken Republican candidates in 2018.

Then, the bill passed, and unsurprisingly, it turned out to be dramatically better for Americans than the elite media had described.”


“If Republicans can learn to tell the truth better than the elite media and Democrats lie, the GOP will win an astonishing victory in 2018.”

George Rebane

BillT 701pm - While that is an accurate observation Mr Tozer, the sad thing is something that I wrote in these pages some time ago which is more true today than ever before in our history.

This is my own observation over the decades that completes the standard shibboleth 'You can fool some people all the time, and all people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.' Well, you don't have to; fooling most people most of the time works out quite well as confirmed by most astute observers.

Hillary's campaign was direct proof of Rebane Doctrine's 'You can fool most of the people most of the time.', and as you so well point out, the recent 'people's response' to the new tax law puts paid to that dictum which has long been taken to heart by the progressives and their press.

Don Bessee

Team 0 worked hard to fool em all, all the time-




Here is a New Years gift to the haters!




Don B, the PC Carbine seems a particularly useless new rifle from Ruger.

Generalissimo Covfefe

Another lopsided post by the eyes wide shut Ruminator in his never ending fatwa againt the Libs!!!
The Ruminator neglects to mention Truman and Eisenhower’s nation building attempts in Vietnam...and wants to give Nixon a pass because he is a Not-Lib...the Not-Lib who continued the norms of government lies and secrecy with his bombing campaigns of Laos and Cambodia...the Not-Lib who wanted to bury the Pentagon Papers because it could set a precedent and encourage leakers like Trumpski’s buddy Assange!!!

Todd Juvinall

Hey it looks like the east is freezing and more to come. Articles today are calling that weather. When it heats up they will call it global warming. Manmade of course.


Posted by: Generalissimo Covfefe | 30 December 2017 at 08:10 AM

Awww......sounds like somebodies ideology is taking it in the shorts! Dry your eyes Doug....it’s a new year....big fun coming in 2018!

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 29 December 2017 at 07:24 PM

Agreed. The operative word in my 7:01pm under Punchline is “IF”. If the Republicans can do a better job of getting the truth out. That is a hard road to hoe. Until 2016, I would have said task is impossible considering “how mutually reinforcing their false information has been.”

We face the Deep State, The Swamp, a very complicate media with non stop biased skewed fake news, as well as even some (many) in the Establishment RNC, not to mention the full force and power of the Industrial Non-Profit Complex, Add the Industrial Union Education Complex How does one get the message out? We are but a voice crying in the wilderness as we eat our wild locus and honey. Cave dwellers, if I may take artistic license. We are but malcontents facing Santa Anna’s army from the Alamo. We are surrounded by every topic you included in your Scattershots post. Alas.

This leads me to Trump’s tweets. Yes, I am the first to say, “Dammit Donald, put that Twitter Machine away. Somebody, anybody, pleassseee take it from him.” Why go there? Why get into these needless petty distractions that become front page news for days and causes us much grief at times...more often than not. Unneccary, unneeded grief. Why suck all the air out of the room? Why, why, why?

But that was then and this is now.

I say nobody dare take away his Twitter Machine. He drives the media. He is the man with the bullhorn standing on the crate on the street corner. Everyone turns and looks. All eyes are on him. He gets the message out. Who else would say Obama wiretapped him? Who else would dare call CNN not just fake news, but very fakenews? Who else would call the tax cuts the greatest thing since sliced bread? Who would tell Mitch to grow a pair while Mitch’s wife (the Secretary Of Some Cabinet position) standing on stage with him? Who else is out to kick any and every one who is dead wright standing in the way of getting ‘er done, friend or foe? Who else is shredding asunder business as usual?
Nice well reasoned factual articles ain’t cutting it. Saying 2 plus 2 equals four with detailed graphs ain’t cutting it. Who else tells the Paris Accord folks, “no thanks, go pound sand.” Who else is fighting everyday to deliver for the Deplorables? Exactly what vehicle or institution can be effective in this fight against the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy?

Boy o boy, the Left Wing Conspiracy is indeed VAST, deeper, wider, higher, and more ingrained that one can fathom. We are seeing but the pond scub on top, not all the Swamp Creatures dug into the muck deep beneath the ungodly smell of decaying vegetable and animal matter. Who can counter those entrenched formidable foes? Talk about collusion. They are all on the same page.

Let Trump keep his Twitter Machine. He is getting message out, our message out. Yes, he don’t act like a politician nor “Presidential”, but we hired a builder, not a politician. A problem solver, not an ideologue. Will work with anyone to get ‘er done, will slam anyone to get ‘er done. It’s beyond bparisanship. Someone who thinks in 3 dimensions, not 4 or 5. And Trump is saying in his own words to the voters, which should be of comfort to Righties and Republicans:

“Do you want higher taxes, bigger bureaucracy, more power in Washington, and a smaller economy with lower take-home pay and fewer jobs? If yes, vote Democrat, because that is what they stand for and will continue to vote for next year.

If you want a bigger economy, more jobs, more take-home pay, less power with Washington bureaucrats, and lower taxes with more money in your pocket, then vote Republican”.....or vote Deplorable. :)
Yes, Trump is a quick learner, developing some political skills, as well as a good listener. But it’s not in his nature to always obey.

Fire away on that Twitter Machine, President Trump. Somebody has to be heard above the cacophony of the Swamp Creatures.

Bill Tozer

Generallimplizard Covfefe @ Twilight Zone Standard Time:

You know, you got to laugh at yourself from time to time. I do, Trump does, normal healthy balanced people do. Being part of the glum lot is not very appealing. Easier to attract flies with honey than vinegar. A teenie weenie example:

“Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’??? Enjoy!” Trump tweeted the following day.”

Never realized that Jimmy Buffet was a prophet. He wrote, “If we could not laugh, we would all go insane.” Your post above is what Jimmy Buffet was talking out. Those with TDS never laugh and are certifiably Insane. How did the teaching photography gig go for you. That well, eh? Guess you are not the type that is deemed unsuitable to be around our children. You should have smiled more and been more positive...as well as doing a better job or hiding those Krazy thoughts. Kids don’t care about the high interest you pay on credit cards. Oh well. Live and hopefully learn.

Are you drinking what Punchy drinks? The Pentagon Papers concerned events that preceded Nixon’s role in Nam. Truman was involved with nation building in Nam? Thought it was Ike passing it off to JFK, then to Johnson, but what do I know about that, anyway. Carpet bombing in Laos and Cambodia? Yes, I heard about that. Even heard that some of our boys were dropped smack dab into those snake infested parts in hush hush secret decoder ring secret, right in the middle of the Ho Chi Meih trail. Damn. Stateside one day, hiding in jungles crawling with Charlie Cong VC and even some NVA the next. How else did the bombers know the coordinates, hmmm? Make a mistake and bombs be dropping down your head. Little room or error. But, that is just rumors. Nevermind.

Well, Tricky Dick ended the Vietnam War, stopped the draft, lowered the voting age to 18 so the protesting dirty hair freaks at Berkeley could vote as freshman, implemented wage and price controls, whispered sweet nothings to China, and the libs still hated him. No use getting on their good side or yours, I reckon.

Generaloungelizard Covfefe. Speaking of The Pentagon Papers, if LBJ stands for Lyndon Barnes Johnson, what does LBS stand for? Think playground monitor, think. Know the answer oh learned one? Tick, tock, tic, toc....


Don Bessee

Are the fakenewsmen too busy making things up to cover real news?



Robert Cross

speaking of presidential lies and the light readers:

"Trump; ""You know, one of the things that people don’t understand — we have signed more legislation than anybody. We broke the record of Harry Truman."

Truth: he has signed the LEAST number of pieces of legislation in the first year in modern history,,

I could go on and on and on. Trump has issued an average of 5 or more misleading or false statements PER DAY since he took office.

Who are the real "light readers" George, the fact checkers or you and your cadre?
And yes, I know he is still the president, but how anyone can blatantly ignore his continuous tumultuous relationship with the truth is beyond belief.

George Rebane

DonB 140pm - the lamestream can't focus on these protests too much because it will jeopardize the narrative that we did the nuclear deal with a legitimate Iran that is represented in progressive circles as a non-rogue nation.

RoberC 315pm - you seem to be the light reader here because I have not denied any of Trump's "lies". But in your fervent efforts to bring down this president, I do posit that you and yours are not focusing on the material lies that Trump's predecessors have told at great cost to the nation. In fact, you'd rather not talk about them at all.

Don Bessee

Its funny that bobbie was not so cross about 'if you like your dr. you can keep your dr.' or 'each family will save 2000 bucks a year on health insurance.' etc. ;-)


AGW is "one of those lies".... Right Bobby?
You want to go there? Who lied, and about what? You know damned well that where LIBS and lies are concerned, the end justifies the means.
Care to dispute that?
In your mining the net for fools gold, you missed this.
"There are many reasons why counting bills is not a valuable measurement of productivity, and we might not be writing this post at all if the President had not portrayed his early successes as being about volume."

From the same sewer you got your "dirt" from.

So. Should care do go over the lies of the likes of "O". Hillary, Lynch, Holder, and Al Gore,
Bring it.

Don Bessee

Things are heating up in Iran-




Stephen Miller writes at Fox News, “The New York Times simply described the protests as economic grievances, the same way Iranian state-run television described them,” adding:

How will the Obama Presidential Library wing look celebrating a nuclear deal with an oppressive Iranian regime that could possibly be deposed by security forces and the military joining with protesters, thirsty for democracy and a return to an Iran before the 1979 revolution?

More to the point, how will it look if the Trump administration, of all things, facilitates and encourages such change in Iran?

The prospect of this is not lost on the self-styled resistance and anti-Trump media, all too anxious to witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Obama Library or hand a Nobel Prize to former Secretary of State John Kerry.

Overseeing the fall of an oppressive, hardline Iranian regime that sponsors terror all around the globe – followed by the rise of a democratic Iran not interested in aggression against its neighbors – would be a foreign policy victory for President Trump, one of the biggest for a president since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Trump State Department has issued support for the protestors in a letter. Details here: https://twitter.com/statedeptspox/status/946886912446488583
Stay tuned, the MSM may be missing the biggest foreign policy victory in modern history.

Bill Tozer

That Trump is something else. I hear the sweet sound of exploding heads. It’s my favorite sound, best thing this side of paradise.

Oh, Bobbie. What a glum person you have become. You aren’t telling the readers that you keep falling for Trump’s braviosa, are ya? That’s just the man promtoning the Greatest Show on Earth. “Hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up folks. Only one thin dime, only one tenth of a dollar”. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Gee Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore. We must be somewhere over the rainbow.

Keep on tweeting President Trump. Then go down and push over that famed Magnolia tree that Andy “injun killer” Jackson planted...or his group of merry men planted. You know that tree, Mr. Trump. It’s the one on the back of the twenty dollar bill. There is only a thin cable holding that tree up. and it’s just the bark over the decaying cable (wire) holding keeping the tree quasi standing. Ready to fall over at any time. Just go over and knock it over and take all the credit. That will be hilarious watching folks running around with their hair on fire. Do it, Mr. President, do it!

Which bring us to history, a topic of the Scattershots post. I am confused. For about two years now, the war drums have been filling the air about ridding the twenty dollar bill of that racist injun killer Andy Jackson’s face. I was sure Obama would put another mug on the twenty heading out the door. The pressure was building...like “Mr. President, rip off Andy’s face! But nooo. Boy, the Social Justice Warriors really hate Mr. Jackson, considered the real father of the modern Democrat Party. Puzzling.

What is more puzzling to moi is suddenly they love that two hundred year old magnolia tree that had been propped up to keep from falling over for years. They really love that tree, the very tree on the back of the twenty. But, but, but, Andy’s mug is on the front of the twenty. I can’t figure out how they will resolve this two-faced dilemma.

I haven’t read up on Jackson since grade school...maybe jr. high. Perhaps some fine educated man can explain this to me:
Back then, they taught us that Andy Jackson listed his birth year as such and such, but that would mean he was about 14 years old when he led the charge to rid the area of Injuns. Or was that 16-18 when he lead the Battle of New Orleans, a battle fought AFTER the peace treaty was signed with the Limeys and the war was over. Did anybody ever figure out how old that rascal really was?
Read back then (yes, it was grade school) his political opponents spread the rumor that his wife was a harlot. They must have had Jackson Derangement Syndrome. Akin to what they are saying about our current FOTUS, the Slovakian Slut. Nothing new under the sun, but I digress. Check on his true age for me, will ya Bobbie?

All this racist talk against anything with the word “white” in it. White Christmas is racist. Jingle Bells had racist roots. Yes, snow is white and I can live with that. But, now it’s the White House? Racist? Oh no, history says different. During the war of 1812 (with Andy Jackson as the hero), the damn mercenary Canooks came down and torched the Presidential residence. After the war, the poor country was so broke our government could not even buy paint. So, they got some whitewash and slapped on the burned residence, thus known to this hour as The White House. Racism was not the reason they painted the building white.
The glum lot just don’t know their history. Heard I can get a History degree from several esteemed universities today without taking one course in American history. Ok, one class, one semester for most of them, zero American history classes in one Ivy League school. Amazing.

Don Bessee

The military order is derailing chinas plan for domination thanks to fat lil' kim and the Trump doctrine.



Don Bessee

This is sure to make bobbie cross-



Robert Cross

George 3:48-- it does not matter what other people did or didn't do in the past. Trump is a narcissistic liar of the first order and he is the one in the Oval Office at this point in time. It is trump who is supposed to be representing the people and constitution of the United States. Two wrongs do not a right make, unless you are talking about a right wing light reader.

Don Bessee

How special @ 848! Can we quote you on that? I hear playdough and puppies can help with that syndrome and there is a balm too. ;-)


Cheeto Jesus, indeed. L


OH Bob... That's a LIB out if there ever was one. " It don't matter..." Well is sure as hell does. Thanks for chiseling in stone the words " It's OK when my guy(or gal) does it." Yup it only matters when it's NOT your own doing the misdeed.

Robert Cross

Don, I am glad play dough and puppies will help me, but in your case there is no fix for stupid.

George Rebane

RobertC 848pm – Sumbich, another asymmetry goes on the books. When over the years Obama’s transgressions were pointed out, the Left in these pages were all about how bad were Reagan, Bush1, and Bush2. Turnabout is fair play was the only argument presented for Obama’s policy and public performance gaffs. It appears that those days are now over in Camp Liberal.

But it would be interesting to hear from our Left about what exactly Trump has done during his term in office to harm America and Americans. The specifics please.


Yes, Robert. When reading your comments the reader is left grasping for some specifics of how President Trump is destroying America. Dig out those progressive talking points you got in your email several weeks ago and share them with us.

Bill Tozer

It will interesting to see exactly what items Mr. Cross includes on his list of how President Trump did not represent the “constitution”. I yield the floor to Mr. Cross on that one.


Dr. Rebane queried, “How come they let so many obviously stupid people pass the bar? (... and then elect them?)”

Well, i can’t Speak for the bar, but you don’t have to be obviously stupid to get elected



This should make Bobby's morning.
Trump has been busy "grabbing" the LIB by the happy sack ( a challenge all by it self..Tiny. REAL tiny.) and gave it a good twist.

Bill Tozer

President Trump represents me, Punchy, Mr. Cross, and every US citizen. I can’t speak for unauthorized foreign nationals. The illegal aliens’ President depends upon where they call back home. Yes, indeed, President Donald J. Trump is even Hillary’s President and Obama’s POTUS as well, although Hillary is having a difficult time accepting the results of the 2016 election. Some plainly do not take defeat graciously...or with an ounce of dignity. Talk about “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat”, for those of you who remember the intro into ABC’s Wide World Of Sports.
History, history, history. Those who do not know history are apt to repeat it. Or was that those who forget history are bound to repeat it? Hmmm. Guess you can’t remember what you never knew. Ok, those who don’t know history are apt to repeat it.



Two wrongs don’t make a right.



People are going nuts North of the Calif. state line.
"A law passed through Oregon’s legislature in May and signed into law in June will allow counties with 40,000 residents or fewer to pump their own gas. Oregonians are not pleased about the change."
( and end to "touch a gas pump,,, go to jail!)


Steven Frisch says:

December 31, 2017 at 8:01 am

Just could not help myself…this one is for all the American nationalists out there on the right side of the blogosphere….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29Mg6Gfh9Co

Having had to concede on the racism question local man now clumsily plays his "nazi" card!


And Bill's 10:24 nails it once again.
I bet Bill is REAL good at darts too.


"Can't we give
old white men
their own little country
so the rest of us can
live in peace?"

Bumper-sticker whizzdumb for sale at Yabobo in downtown Nirvana Silly, next to Friar Tuck's. On display in the window.
A politically correct jumble of agism, racism and sexism rolled into one... but it's OK if against old white guys.


Gregory...I bet Paul got the first one.

Bill Tozer

@ 10:24 am.

Counties with 40,000 or fewer? Boy, the libs in Portlandia really are going to be hating even more on the rural white voter now...if that is even possible.


File the above under the Scattershots topic: Rural towns and big cities divide in their populations and ......

I need the government order someone to pump my gas! It’s an adult task and I can’t to do!! Help, I have fallen and I can’t giddy up and go.
If you are unable or unwilling to pump your own gas, they you are the perfect candidate to buy one of those new fancy electric go-carts.


Posted by: Gregory | 31 December 2017 at 10:49 AM

A warding talisman against being a badwhite! Bask in the power of sympathetic magic!

Bill Tozer

@ 10:41 & 10:49 am

Identifying as a Nazi is so recycled material. Can’t they come up with an original thought?

Walt: Off topic, but what the hay. Oh, just file this under the good Doc’s “America has been the victim of public education’s and the media’s politically revised history”



Let the games BEGIN!
"Another headache for union-dominated cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco is infighting about which union(s) will organize “weed workers” after the United Farm Workers union, founded in 1962 by Cesar Chavez, claimed that marijuana is a Mexican-American agricultural product that would benefit from branding with its iconic WFC logo.

The United Food and Commercial Workers’ union, which had expected to organize retail sales because they represent grocery clerks, and the Teamsters’ union, because they represent transportation drivers, both declared that they, too, now intended to battle to organize all 100,000 workers in the industry."

Well, it looks like the price of "store bought" will be so (lack of a better word) high,, the dude on the street corner will still be getting all the business. Watch how fast the RECO act gets dusted off.


Bill.. I have met, and spent some good conversation time with Ms. Deneen. A very nice lady indeed.

George Rebane

Gregory 1049am - That, of course, is not a bad solution per se, and would conform nicely to a Great Divide solution. The only codicils to include would be that the country of old white men be able to transfer their wealth and control its borders so as to only permit immigration that supports its national interests (something that the US has somehow forgotten to implement in recent years, and now its socialists militate against such 'selfish', 'racist', 'nationalist', ... policies).

Don Bessee

What an elegant retort @922. lol ;-)

Don Bessee

Not even a top 10 issue anymore, perhaps that's got bobbie so cross-


You could try this bobbie to relieve your stress-




Don. Ol Moonbat and our LIBs are still on the AGW kick because Ca. is still in a dry spell.. Yet the rest of the nation is freezing it's collective nuts off. So Ca. must be its own "planet".

Bill Tozer

@ 12:19 pm.

“What an elegant retort @922.”....followed by a smiley face.

That’s the spirit, Don! I kinda have grown rather fond of Mr, Cross myself. With Punchy all busy organizing his New Year’s Evil bash at the Miner’s Foundry, we need somebody to fill the void. Mr. Cross indeed provides a valuable service.


Come on guys and one elequant lady with a gentle spirit, cut Mr. Cross some slack. He reads those fakenews sites that tell him the only reason Trump has elected to forego his salary and work for us for free is because he is trying to avoid paying income tax.

Well, this meme is not correct. For those who know history, only 44 men have been President. Grover Cleveland is counted twice as our 22nd and 24th president because he was elected for two nonconsecutive terms....but I will let that ride and put it the Encyclopedia Of Worthless Information.

Note: The above paragraph was the history tie-in to stay on topic.

In an effort to be more accurate, I must stop telling our highly misinformed popinjay to “keep digging, you are half way to China.” Actually, if he somehow made it through the fireball in the center of the earth, he would come out, most likely, somewhere in the bottom of the Indian Ocean. That was mean to let him think he would make it to dry Chinese soil. Talk about throwing a wet blanket on his endeavor.

44, not 45 Presidents. Even my side is not perfect...nor claims to be. Neither is the other side perfect, but because a unexplained defect in their thinker organs, they think they are. A most curious abnormality.


Don Bessee

Tell that truth brother!



Bonnie McGuire

Thanks for the interesting subjects, links and conversation.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Cross did bring to the table an interesting point. Who does Trump represent?

“The forgotten men and women of our country, will be forgotten no longer.”

“At the center of this movement is a crucial conviction, that a nation exists to serve its citizens. Americans want great schools for their children, safe neighborhoods for their families, and good jobs for themselves. These are just and reasonable demands of righteous people and a righteous public, but for too many of our citizens a different reality exists. Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities, rusted out factories, scattered like tombstones across the across the landscape of our nation, an education system flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge, and the crime, and the gangs, and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential. This American carnage stops right here and stops right now”.———Jan 20th, 2017 (Ingauguration Day)

To which hundreds of popinjays called it a dark speech, a very “dark gloomy speech”, as well as our own Popinjay. Then My Gal (the defeated) said:

Trump’s inaugural address was “a cry from the white-nationalist gut,” the Duchess of Chappaqua proclaimed. “What an opportunity to say, ‘Okay, I’m proud of my supporters, but I’m president of all Americans.’ That’s not what we heard at all.”

“A cry from the white-nationalist gut”? “That’s not what we heard at all”? Wrong. Liar. Yo, Lefties, buy some Q-tips and clean your ears out...may not help, but it certainly can’t hurt.

“We, the citizens of America, are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country and to restore its promise for all of our people. . . . The oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance to all Americans. . . . So to all Americans, in every city near and far, small and large, from mountain to mountain, and from ocean to ocean, hear these words: You will never be ignored again. Your voice, your hopes, and your dreams, will define our American destiny. And your courage and goodness and love will forever guide us along the way. Together, We Will Make America Strong Again. We Will Make America Wealthy Again. We Will Make America Proud Again. We Will Make America Safe Again. And, Yes, Together, We Will Make America Great Again.”

Funny, President Trump’s inclusive, unifying inaugural address contains the words “we” 49 times, “I” thrice, and “white” exactly once: “It is time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget: that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots, we all enjoy the same glorious freedoms, and we all salute the same great American Flag.”

Ok, that last line may be too much for our friends across the chasm on the over side of the Great Divide.

Don Bessee

Here is one for Gregory-



Don Bessee

More fakenews from the NYT-

The Times story is being treated as a “bombshell” by the mainstream media and the left. But the Times fails to account for reports that the Obama administration first sought a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court to monitor Trump associates in June 2016. That warrant was, unusually, denied, which suggests that it may, in fact, have been based on the flimsy accusations in the “dossier.”



Well said Mr.Tozer @ your 03:03 PM.

We are all blessed to have a leader in the Oval Office. Is he perfect? No. But, he is full filling his political promises, something most politicians do not do. When Trump says "we" I feel included and I am troubled by the left's response to not feel the same inclusion. Hate can be such a burden for the progressive to be carrying around every day of their lives under Trump.

Account Deleted

DB at 3:16 - Don't be so smug. 2018 isn't over yet. I'll bet folks living there are giving away the real estate just to escape the coming flood. Right?


How are things up at Ice station Zebra?

Account Deleted

fish at 10:41 - Just who are the Naht-sees?
It's bad enough that California is going after the 2nd A, now they want to go after the 1st A.
Hmmmm, didn't Frisch just post an 'insulting' comment?
If that prosecution isn't thrown out, you Kalis better get busy.

Don Bessee

Scott O @ 428- I will be watching to see if he is right or not! LOL ;-)

Account Deleted

We had sunshine today and it got above freezing for a while.
I'll take it over North Dakota any day. Probably be around 20 by midnight.
Early Happy New Years everyone!


Back at ya' and stay warm. Happy N.Y.!!

Don Bessee

Just got back from the clubs party and saw NY survived the floods! ;-)

Bill Tozer

Re. Our hyper-progressive friends

Oh, to be young again coming up with all the ways to make the world a better world. Looks great on the drawing board. Darn that human nature, messing up everything. Wonder how that pays the rent. That is when it gets really real....down closer to the stink.

Our hyper-progressive friends

In one minute, it will be midnight and we all will turn into pumpkins.

Bill Tozer

Opps, forgot the link. Oh well, that mistake was so last year...last mistake of 2017. :)

With Dr. Rebane in mind.


Don Bessee

How much lamestream fakenews coverage did we get of this new death toll?



Paul Emery

Oddly George you leave out the lies of Nixon, Reagan, and the Bushes when you write this. ARe you inplying the above referenced did not lie to the American people during their tenure?

"I mean, presidents like JFK, Johnson, Clinton, and Obama told lies that resulted in deaths by the tens of thousands"

George Rebane

PaulE 1201pm - Not at all Paul, my comments were about the Left's lies in general (e.g. the Pentagon Papers, and the movies cited), and I was just qualifying the lying POTUSes by their body counts. But then, you and I have a different definition for what is a lie. As usual, mine is here for all to see -

Don Bessee

And the po' ol' fakenewsman has a massive case of situational ethics when it comes to team loony left. ;-)

Don Bessee

Just sayin'


Porterhouse anyone? ;-)

Don Bessee

The Neville Chamberlin appeasement party speaks-


At least they are consistent in their love of mullahs! ;-)

Paul Emery


Can we agree that the military actions based upon the Bay of Tonkin lies qualify as lies that led to "body counts" that you refer to on your 12:10 ?

Don Bessee

Nothing cogent to add, just more why, why, why. @132 ;-)

George Rebane

PaulE 132pm - Yes, of course.

Don Bessee

A nugget for our lefties who have little historical perspective-



Bill Tozer

Happy New Year, Don. On small point of contention.

“At least they are consistent in their love of mullahs.”

Mullahs. Did you say Mullahs? Nay. Obama foreign policy guru Ben Rhodes told the NYT reporters we were negotiating with the moderates in Iran. The negotiations were so successful that we agree to defend Iran against any Israel attacks and also agreed to let Iran have nuclear weapons in ten years....contingent upon pallets and pallets of cash in unmarked planes departing from here and European banks were delivered to the moderates. Mullahs?

Opps, forget something. Rhodes did say he was surprised the NYT reporters were so gullible that they believed everything he told them. Everything. There are no moderates anywhere close to the Iranian government. There are some “reformers”, handpicked by the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.. smiley face.

“Rhodes set up a team of staffers who were focused on promoting the deal, which apparently included the feeding of talking points at useful times in the news cycle to foreign policy experts who were favorably disposed toward it. “We created an echo chamber,” he told the magazine. “They [the seemingly independent experts] were saying things that validated what we had given them to say.”

The manager of the White House’s Twitter feed on Iran, Tanya Somanader, said one reporter, Laura Rozen of the Al-Monitor news site, became “my RSS feed. She would just find everything and retweet it.”



George Rebane

BillT 2017pm - given all this (expected) subterfuge out of Team Obama, in addition to their corresponding continuous stream of lies, do you see anyone anywhere taking recourse against those scumbags? If so, please inform us. (Our Left may, of course, retain their introspective silence on the whole matter, and find some additional TDS tidbit to share that may divert the easily divertibles.)

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane.p @ 2:07 pm.

No way. Nope (to answer your question). Its all now one big “nothing to see here, move on.” Besides, the Echo Chamber had nothing to do with Trump. I would be remiss in my duties if I did not remind you of the current fact history begins today in referencing events derived from peeking behind the curtain to gaze upon any Democrat...

Trump did not lie. He said “many”, not “all” stories. Gotta think ahead.


Posted just because I recycle.

Paul Emery

Yes George

The Gulf of Tonkin lies led to 58,220 American casualties so that's an example for sure. That's what the protests against the war were all about, a war based on lies.

Bill Tozer

On more for the road.

Rhodes, 38, said in the article that it was easy to shape a favorable impression of the proposed agreement because of the inexperience of many of those covering the issue.

“All these newspapers used to have foreign bureaus,” he said. “Now they don’t. They call us to explain to them what’s happening in Moscow and Cairo. Most of the outlets are reporting on world events from Washington. The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing.”

Don Bessee

Lost the crown but hey, still runner up to Baltimore in best practice, progressive, lefty, governance-



George Rebane

PaulE 244pm - Sumbich, I didn't know that. Thanks Paul.

Paul Emery

It's Just something we agree on George which is a good thing.

Don Bessee

A quarter billion here a quarter billion there and the next thing you know you have the wall! First the UN and now-



Don Bessee

Here is a morsel to dip into rancid Russian dressing ya po' ol' fakenewsman-



Bill Tozer

Holy Smokes 5:40 pm, that is a must read. So, the Yellow Snow dossier was not the catalyst? Then it must have been Flynn. Wait, it was Manafort. Wait, it was Carter Page. That’s it! Uh? You mean it was that guy George?

A money line....or two.

There is no evidence that Papadopoulos or the Trump campaign was ever shown or given any of the emails the Kremlin purportedly had. The evidence, in fact, undermines the collusion narrative: If the Trump campaign had to learn, through Papadopoulos, that Russia supposedly had thousands of emails damaging to Clinton, that would necessarily mean the Trump campaign had nothing to do with Russia’s acquisition of the emails. This, no doubt, is why Mueller permitted Papadopoulos to plead guilty to a mere process crime — lying in an FBI interview. If there were evidence of an actual collusion conspiracy, Papadopoulos would have been pressured to admit guilt to it. He wasn’t.

There’s another interesting word that does not appear in the Times’ extensive Papadopoulos report: surveillance. Despite being “so alarmed” by young Papadopoulos’s barroom braggadocio with the Australian diplomat, and his claimed Russia connections, there is no indication that the Obama Justice Department and FBI ever sought a FISA-court warrant to spy on him. No, the FISA warrant was sought for Carter Page, after his trip to Moscow. The trip the Times used to say incited the Trump-Russia probe.

Account Deleted

Thanks for the link, Don. (5:40) For those on the left, McCarthy could be described as a 'Never Trumper'. As much as he dislikes Trump, he dislikes even more a corrupt bag of govt salaried liars. We can vote out presidents - just try and get rid of corrupt justice dept or FBI officials. Think J Edgar Hoover. His longevity and untouchability should have given pause to any thinking American. The Clintons above all learned everything from Hoover's methods. The left has long complained about the FBI as well as many civil libertarians. Now we find the American left totally in love with them as long as they deliver Trump's head on a platter. Stupid fools.

Bill Tozer

Topic: The media’s politically revised history.

“No longer fretting over the classified presidential daily briefing, Mr. Obama instead learned how to kite-surf”

Now wait a cotton pickin’ moment. The knock on Obama was he MISSED his classified presidential daiily briefings. Not interested, not into it.. i’ll Pass. Make it next Tuesday and I will show up. Thanks, but no thanks.

And the Washington Farting Post thought they could sneak that one by. I let a lot of them slide, but not that bold face lie. That be genuine fakenews. More like “fretting” how to get out of the classified daily briefings. Valerie can handle it or send some other dude who, in troubled times, draws their inspiration from Mao


Don Bessee

Sounds like a guy who had to fire two maids a valet and 3 ass kissers behind the Trump cuts!




Paul, if a sumbitch like LBJ wants war powers, he'll find a way.

Kommander Kockroach, a general in charge of a large roach army in the Fabulous Furry Freak Bros. comix, used to quote famous military experts in history and one of the better ones was something like "It is folly to enter a war without the will to win it". Might have been channeling McArthur.

My take on the resistance of the day was that it was a senseless waste of life and the left in the US didn't want the international left to lose.

George, I am truly surprised you had never run across the BS behind the Tonkin Resolution before but I doubt many in the loud left of the day were that incensed about it.

Bill Tozer

@ 21:09
“Sounds like a guy who had to fire two maids a valet and 3 ass kissers behind the Trump cuts”


Bill Tozer

@ 09:37 pm.

“.Might have been channeling McArthur.”

Oh Dougie.

Oh George

Oh, shame on us.

George Rebane

Gregory 937pm - "George, I am truly surprised you had never run across the BS behind the Tonkin Resolution before ..." Now Gregory, however did you conclude that?


"PaulE 244pm - Sumbich, I didn't know that. Thanks Paul"

No smiley, no /sarc

So I took you at your literal word,George. Was that in error?

Paul Emery

Daniel Ellsberg looks back on the Tonkin sithation and regrets he didn't release the Pentagon Papers earlier to expose the lies that led to war..

"I've long regretted that it didn't even occur to me, in August 1964, to release the documents in my Pentagon safe giving the lie to claims of an "unequivocal, unprovoked" (unreal) attack on our destroyers in the Tonkin Gulf: precursors of the "evidence beyond any doubt" of nonexistent WMDs in Iraq, which manipulated Congress, once again, to pass the exact counterpart of the Tonkin Gulf resolution.

Senator Morse – one of the two senators who had voted against that unconstitutional, undated blank cheque for presidential war in 1964 – told me that if I had provided him with that evidence at the time (instead of 1969, when I finally provided it to the senate foreign relations committee, on which he had served): "The Tonkin Gulf resolution would never have gotten out of committee; and if it had been brought to the floor, it would have been voted down."



Exact counterpart, Paul? Shirley, you jest.

The Baath regime was trying to con their neighbors in the region into accepting that they had WMDs and would use them if cornered. Saddam H. copped to that when he was awaiting sentence, but he apparently didn't consider that Hillary Clinton and Bush II would both accept the same info.

The "Bush lied, people died" mantra was false from the start.

Don Bessee

Well heeled swamp creatures-


Is that a po' ol' senior moment @242, dwelling on lost youth is a symptom. ;-)

Paul emery

Even Trump Believed that Bush should be impeached for lying.

No point in going through this again mostly I was interested in is expressing appreciation for Daniel Ellsberg and the regret that he didn’t release the information earlier might’have kept us out of a war that had over 50,000 American casualties

Paul Emery

Either way the information that Bush used as a reason for war was not true. Caused thousands of needless casualties.

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