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29 December 2017


George Rebane

PaulE 337pm - Paul, at times you tell us that Trump should never be believed, and other times you cite him as gospel to support your points. He truly is a president for all seasons and reasons.

Gregory 153pm - Well, it does look like I have grossly misconceived how well I have communicated my knowledge base over the years of these scribblings. Didn't think I needed to add any distinguishing marks to that one. My apologies for the misplaced hubris.


punchy 327pm

And so now you accept what Donald Trump says as true? You're in Trump's head and Trump is in GW's head?

Yes, WMD were one of several reasons (all valid by themselves) for revisiting the Iraq war that, in very real terms, had never formally stopped, and all Iraq had to do to stop the process was to not play games with the required inspections from the US and before that, the UN, which had something like 17 resolutions Iraq was bound to, but ignored.

Bill Tozer

I guess that means we agree with Punchy. Sure, Punchy, you can assume by the posts above George and Gregory agree with you. Sure Punchy, whatever you say, whatever you say.

To give Punchy his just desserts, I must say it appears the Russians did it. Comey did say there was a 95% chance that other “foreign actors” were in Sec of State Clinton’s server. Probably a separate issue from downloading Podesta’s e-mail account while he was working for a institution in the private sector.


Paul Emery

That's one thing I agree with Trump on George. Also the ditching of the TPP. Also I'm inclined to stand behind parents who don't want to have their kids vaccinated, something that Trump is supportive of. Here's a direct quote4

Donald Trump Has Long Linked Autism to Vaccines. He Isn’t Stopping Now That He’s President.

"I am being proven right about massive vaccinations—the doctors lied. Save our children & their future."

Todd Juvinall

Travis Allen on Tucker at five tonight.

Bill Tozer

“.....finally provided it to the senate foreign relations committee, on which he had served): "The Tonkin Gulf resolution would never have gotten out of committee; and if it had been brought to the floor, it would have been voted down."

That is what Morse said. No reason to doubt it. But, we will never know for sure if Morse would have been able to prevent the Resolution from leaving Committee, not to mention getting the big ex-nay on the floor. No way to prove that. All speculation. It was just his educated opinion, his best assessment from his POV. We are talking 1964, not 1968. The Drifters and She loves you, ya, ya, ya......not White Rabbit.

Likely? Sure. Definitely? Not so sure. Never know one way or the other with complete certainty. He said if.....at least Morse was not “a source close to the committee.” My, things have changed.

Don Bessee

Here come da man-



Don Bessee

Is this good, bad or duplicitous?



Don Bessee

How does that felonious SOB, who liked to beat and rape chicks get a pot license in CA?


Thanks Gavin! ;-)

Paul Emery

How does a pussy grabbing serial liar get to be president Don...


punchy 1044

Why, by winning a fair election against a different pussy grabbing serial liar. Of course.


”THE SMUG, SELF-RIGHTEOUS SANCTIMONY COMING FROM TRUMP’S CRITICS IS TRUMP’S BIGGEST TOOL: Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein decry media’s ‘smugness’ and ‘self-righteousness’ toward Trump.

Yeah......that pretty much sums up our little Punch-E.


Account Deleted

from Paul - "How does a pussy grabbing serial liar get to be president Don..."
Paul has a lot of fun repeating the word pussy. He knows that Trump never said that he grabbed anyone by any part of the anatomy. But if you tell a lie often enough...
Bill Clinton was convicted of perjury and has had at least 3 women accuse him of sexual assault and/or rape. Now go back and review what Paul has said about Clinton.
But Paul is 'middle of the road' and not partisan.
You are an amusing little toy, Paul. Like a dancing poodle with a party hat tied to your head.
Now - go back and analyze your question, Paul. Maybe it's because Trump was honest about what he intended to do as president and now is trying to do. Obama didn't just tell lies, he was a lie. And fools like you bought the obvious lies.
Trump wants mainly to uphold the Constitution and put America first. Yes - he has faults. All humans do. He's not god. I don't pin my hopes on him.
Your childish constant carping over every little sentence and tweet from the president and your endless pussy talk take us no closer to solving any proplems this country faces. Because you have no answers. So - yap and dance, little poodle.
Seems it's all you can do.

Don Bessee

Thanks for confirming what we already knew about the communists at the DNC-



Account Deleted

DB - from the article: 'In a post on Twitter, Ellison said that he found the book "Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook" at a Minneapolis book shop and said it would "strike fear in the heart of @realDonaldTrump." '
Uh - yeah and the Brown Shirts struck fear in the hearts of the Jews. Wow!
I think I've seen enough. Not that they would expose wrong-doing or that they would show a better way, but simply that they would strike fear. Get it, folks?
This is the leader of the Democrat Party USA. I can remember when the Dems could count on the KKK to strike fear in people's hearts. And these Dems run California.
Going to be interesting.

Don Bessee

We see it every day in the iPhone clutching hunchbacks wandering around oblivious of their surroundings-




It was just a matter of time.

Scenes from the Apocalypse

ScottO @ 4:22PM.

Huh. Interesting. I scanned through the book and couldn't find much of anything that the local Green Libertarians (or the harridans with the signs by the Auburn Target store) would object to.

As expected, 'Nazi' appears to be a fairly loose concept and they need to be shut down. Nazis can pick up Leftist ideas (public welfare, etc.). Free speech is a malleable thing and not at all absolute.

A quote:

"we have the power to strike back at the racial hierarchy that underpins the very essence of whiteness. This does not mean adopting a conservative “color-blind” outlook, but rather targeting sources of white privilege and struggling in solidarity with the disinherited of the world"

It's pretty much what I expected and have for some time. The politics of the future will be mostly based on the morality of nationalism and equal results for all people worldwide. The rest of political speech is just verbiage. 'Nation' in this case is not precisely interchangeable with 'state'.

It's the kind of thing that hits people at a pretty emotional level. You can certainly expect a strong counter-reaction.

While I can understand most in-group preference, and the West has done an OK job at pure meritocracy (admittedly not a perfect one), the main puzzle in my head is the strong drive for xenophilia. What promotes that is the main question I think about here. I would appreciate any clarity that can be brought to this.

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