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13 December 2017


Account Deleted

"Piketty argued that capitalism by its very nature causes inequality, and is a danger to democracy which only government can cure through massive reform."
Why is the NBA mostly African descent gentlemen?
Capitalism does not 'cause' inequality.
Inequality is rampant throughout nature and human nature. Piketty is an idiot. I could easily put him under the table in an open debate.
Maybe Piketty can explain the massive wealth and power inequality before there was capitalism. Maybe he can explain the fact that commie countries have allowed limited capitalism to raise the standard of living for a vast majority of citizens in their countries to levels far beyond what there was before capitalism.
Some got it and some don't.
If you are young, female, sexually attractive, moderately intelligent and socially aware - WTF has that got to do with capitalism?
If you have good manners, are glib and can convince others to part with their moolah for unexplained reasons - WTF has that got to do with capitalism?
If one person can cure my offspring's disease and another can't figure out how to haul the garbage from my house... Give me a freakin break.
Pure free market capitalism rewards folks who can provide actual value to others based on those others' valuations. Reality is that everyone actually agrees on this in practice but not always in theory. Before the Soviet Union fell, the most valuable and well paid worker was the guy who could keep your automobile running. Doctors had to bribe and cajole mechanics to keep their ride going. The govt certainly couldn't.
This has nothing to do with intrinsic human value. And human rights. The left is constantly telling us that those with the most money have more 'human dignity' than those with the least amount of money. Yet they claim that all humans have 'equal dignity' at the same time. Can't have it both ways, folks.

Bill Tozer

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” —House of Commons, 22 October 1945.

A variation on the above is: “I do not at all wonder that British youth is in revolt against the morbid doctrine that nothing matters but the equal sharing of miseries, that what used to be called the ‘submerged tenth’ can only be rescued by bringing the other nine-tenths down to their level…” —House of Commons, 13 June 1948.

Churchill’s “withering barrage of sarcasm,” said the late Dr. Harry Jaffa, “moreover puts us in mind of that dictum concerning property asserted by the Father of the American Constitution, James Madison, when he said, in the tenth Federalist, that ‘the protection of different and unequal faculties of acquiring property [is] the first object of government.’ One might add that according to Madison, the U.S. Constitution is intended to provide equal protection to unequal abilities. This is just as surely what Abraham Lincoln meant when in 1864 wrote to the Workingmen’s Association of New York that ‘Property is the fruit of labor; property is desirable; it is a positive good in the world. That some should be rich shows that others may become rich, and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise’”

The pursuit of happiness”means to me the freedom to improve one’s lot in life through the entrepreneurial spirit via capitalism. Government’s job to to provide the atmosphere in which that spirit can flourish. It’s called freedom, freedom to be an individual.

Once had an impromptu meeting with a man of the cloth. Don’t know what he had been doing that day prior to running into running into each other or who he had been talking to, but something was bothering him and it showed on his face. He looked at me and the first thing out of his mouth was “the poorest people I know are some of the most materialist people I have ever met.”

I have pondered those words on occasion through the years. I have concluded he meant that all they talk about is getting money, needing money, wanting money, envying those with money, asking for money, coveting the things other have, the creed of greed and envy, a true soul sickness. Consumes them. Eats at them. It’s what they wake up thinking about and go to bed thinking about. Reminds me of sitting in “hobo” camps at night at discussing what one would do ff the won the lottery or had a million dollars, all they while putting down the rich guy in the house on the hill...and what they would do if they had his money and talking it to greed’s logical conclusion, how to get their hands on his money.

There is a world of difference between saying “I want a house, car, wife. boat, and bank account just like that guy” and saying “I want your house, your car, your wife, your....”. Funny, they never say they want the drive, sacrifice, risk, and toil it took to accumulate the blessings. Again, a true soul sickness.

“Capitalism is based on self-interest and self-esteem; it holds integrity and trustworthiness as cardinal virtues and makes them pay off in the marketplace, thus demanding that men survive by means of virtue, not vices. It is this superlatively moral system that the welfare statists propose to improve upon by means of preventative law, snooping bureaucrats, and the chronic goad of fear.”

ALAN GREENSPAN, The Assault on Integrity


"But I do thank KVMR and its News Director Paul Emery for recognizing this commentary, now in its eighth year, with a ‘Certificate of Excellence’, awarded last night at the annual holiday dinner for the station’s staff and volunteers."

Were there women there? How did Punch ever endure?

Robert Cross

"Why is the NBA mostly African descent gentlemen?" Maybe it is because of those wonderful capitalists who engaged in the slave trade, buying and selling humans as if they were livestock. Maybe it's because the capitalist slave traders kidnapped the biggest and strongest and threw them into the hold of a ship in chains where the only the strongest of the strong survived the horrid conditions. Upon arrival in America they were bred like animals to produce bigger and stronger children to work in the fields until they died. It's in the genes Scott. And please, how is buying and selling professional athletes by the white owners any different than buying and selling slaves? Yes, athletes are well paid (for the average 4.8 years they are in the NBA) but the concept is the same: trading humans for profit.

"explain the the massive wealth and power inequality before there was capitalism"-- Duh! ever heard of monarchy? The only difference between monarchy and capitalism, in that respect, is that one is based on hoarding wealth via 'the divine right of kings" and the other on the divine right of inherited wealth. Both concentrate wealth and power at the expense of those who were not born into massive wealth. Please explain how out-sourcing jobs to low wage countries is not about increasing profit at the expense of the American workers the right currently claims to champion. We no longer live in the "craftsman/merchant" world from which the tenets of free market capitalism arose. We live in world of multinational corporations where the craftsmen and merchants have been replaced by low wage factory workers and sales associates. Why? Because the capitalists can get away with it.

"Yet they (progressives I assume) claim that all humans have 'equal dignity' at the same time. Can't have it both ways, folks." Absolutely correct. You can't have vast inequality of wealth and equal dignity in a world where success and dignity is measured by the size of your bank account. So those of you who come out on the side of wealth must think that money and the accumulation there of, is more important than humanity. And that is the problem with capitalism: profit over people. The cries of the right about "economic freedom" are nothing more than a veiled excuse that allows those with massive wealth to continue to pillage the planet at the expense of the rest of humanity.

Todd Juvinall

So the Arab slave traders and the Chiefs of the tribes in west Africa were capitalists? Wow!

George Rebane

The historical record reveals that the Arabs (first on Africa's east coast), and then the Europeans (on the west coast) were indeed capitalists exhibiting the morals of the day. But neither of these businessmen did the actual capture and introduction into slavery of the deported Africans. That job the Africans did themselves through their interminable tribal wars and slave raids. It was the African capitalist who captured and sold his brethren into the slave trades run first by the Arabs, a thousand plus years before being joined by the Europeans. Africans also kept slaves themselves (as did almost every other culture on Earth), but before having the opportunity to sell their excess healthy captives, they were simply killed.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 14 December 2017 at 09:10 AM

There, there bobby….there, there.



Oh….missed this little rhetorical gem!

And please, how is buying and selling professional athletes by the white owners any different than buying and selling slaves? Yes, athletes are well paid (for the average 4.8 years they are in the NBA) but the concept is the same: trading humans for profit.

Well….for starters if a guy isn't happy with conditions in the NBA there are other leagues across the globe where he can sell his services!

Really bobby….you would be taken more seriously if you didn't say stupid shit like this!


Account Deleted

Mr Cross has once again shown that he has no understanding of capitalism. Are some capitalists greedy and underhanded? Of course. But that is because they are humans and some humans are greedy and underhanded. The type of govt or financial system they live in has nothing to do with it. There are plenty of greedy and underhanded folks of all persuasions and income levels from wealthy to dirt poor.
"The cries of the right about "economic freedom" are nothing more than a veiled excuse that allows those with massive wealth to continue to pillage the planet at the expense of the rest of humanity."
That's a complete joke. The worst environmental damages known were from Soviet era Russians. The almost total destruction of the Aral Sea and turning East Germany into a toxic waste dump had nothing to do with capitalism.
I want 'economic' freedom because it is part and parcel with freedom. It works for everyone, not just the wealthy.
The more that the govt intrudes in our economy, the higher the concentration of wealth in fewer hands. That's history.

Bill Tozer

Aren’t all the NBA players members of the evil 1%?

George Rebane

ScottO 245pm - Nice try Scott. Please the last paragraph of the above addendum to my commentary.

Account Deleted

Yes George - but hope does spring eternal. I realize that Cross has in mind some sort of economic nonsense in which everybody has a cottage by the sea shore, but he will in the end have to admit that some able bodied folks just don't exert enough effort to heat water to anything beyond ambient temperature.
And one never knows when some casual listener might be happening by. Keep the facts flowing. China - in my lifetime - went from a total cesspool of human debris to a world dominating powerhouse by one simple move. Allowing capitalism to operate (even under a dictatorship) as long as it didn't upset the ruling party. They moved more humans from poverty to a comfortable existence than any other country ever by simply allowing their citizens to control most of the profits of their toil.

larry wirth

They say civilization moves westward over time- maybe it's soon to complete the most recent revolution L

Bill Tozer

Regulations, regulations.
“California has a housing crisis. We can't provide housing to our citizens," said Rita Brandin, with San Diego developer Newland Communities. "In Georgia, Texas and Florida, it can take a year and a half from concept to permits. In California, just the process from concept to approvals, is five years – that does not include the environmental lawsuits faced by 90 percent of projects."

According to a study commissioned by the Building Industry Association at Point Loma Nazarene University, up to 40 percent of the cost of a new home is attributable to the 45 regulatory agencies that govern home building in California.

"California is a state that just absolutely loves regulations. And the problem of housing in California is one of regulatory overreach," Winkel said. "In San Diego, 40 cents on the dollar of production of housing goes to regulations alone. It's not uncommon to have $100,000 in impact fees on a single-family house and try to sell a house with that type of cost burden."


Those dirty 1%ers residing comfortably in their McMansions laughing at the little people living in squaller. It’s not fair. Blame them for the crisis.


Account Deleted

Well Mr Tozer - you can expect the next lefty posting to accuse we conservatives of wanting to do away with all regulations. But don't you worry about housing in California - them smarties are cooking up the answer. You guessed it! Tax new housing developments. One city councilman in LA pointed to 'studies' that proved that developers would be easily able to absorb the extra cost. Of course they can! And pass it right along to the home buyers. That raises the cost of the house, raises the cost of the mortgage, raises the cost of insurance and raises the property taxes. It's a win-win-win situation! Right?

George Rebane

Wisdom that has always eluded the Left - You get less of what you tax more.

jon smith

Bill 1:37 am-
I am highly suspicious of any "study" that concludes that it takes five years from concept to approval before a house can be built in CA. I've built more than a few homes including in environmentally sensitive areas such the Tahoe Basin which has its own myriad of building constraints. Six to 18 months navigating the process is more the norm.

Regarding the original context of this this thread, "America's 1%." If you are simply lucky enough to have been born a white male in the USA, you are, IMHO, instantly among the top .05% in the world.

Todd Juvinall

It is my reading that BillT includes the time for creating the buildable lots. You probably built a spec on a lot created by others. One only needs to look at the subdivisions in Nevada County to see how the system takes so much time. The project on Ridge Road was approved in the mid-2000's and is now under the second owner after the first went belly-up.

George Rebane

jons 848am - white American males "instantly among the top .05% in the world." Please help us find your point Mr smith.

And regarding your math - there are about 96M white American males in world of 7.6B people, which makes that fraction about 1.25%.

jon smith

GR 9:40- Sorry about inexactitude in my math - if math is REALLY the core issue here, please identify and quantify the "1%" you so loosely wave around. I was communicating in literate terms (conversational English) rather than writing a scientific or legal document. I'm pretty certain you understand "my point."

I'm sick and tired of hearing about the 1% this and the 1% that. Yes, we have income inequality, but this is a perfect example of a "first world problem". The majority (I won't use any numbers here so as not to offend any sensibilities) of humans on this planet today would give their left nut to simply be born a white male in America even if they were in the bottom 5%.

jon smith

Todd 9:15- You are correct. I've never been involved in developing a subdivision or commercial property. I can understand how that process would take quite a bit longer than simply getting grading permits, construction permits, and architectural review.

Bill Tozer

Oh jon,
I be not a full bloodied white(Y-T) , nor a FBI (Full bloodied Indian). More of a “breed”. IF Y-T’s have some much privilege and the game is rigged, then why did Grunting Dog Lizzie Warren choose to be an Indian to land that job at Harvard? Why did Obama and Colin choose to identify with their black halves? Because there is no privelge in being White. ;). And they are members of the tiny 1% clubhouse.

Sorry Dr. Rebane for straying off topic. Maybe I am coming down with the flu or something, Nah, I have no one to blame but myself...maybe it was my privelged white half that popped out again.

George Rebane

jons 1129am - Excellent Mr smith. You reveal/raise two (maybe three) points in return. First, were you to increase your reading horizons, you would know that I am not the one "loosely waving" around the '1%' label which was invented by the Democratic Party and loosely waved 24/7 by all the big liberal kahunas starting with Schumer and Pelosi. Get to know your leaders and their language; I'm just using labels which I thought every liberal would understand. Apparently not, and that brings up another issue about you folks previously covered in these pages that need not divert us here.

And your other point highlights how you and yours play both sides of the 'America is no good' street. If we are so bad, why would so many be willing to sacrifice their external plumbing either to be born here or just to get here by any possible means?

Finally, math was the "core issue" only because of your egregious attempt to use it in your 848am.

jon smith

BT 12:01- "Because there is no privelge in being White." Wow! What an incredibly asinine thing to say (you also forgot the second half of my statement "white male in America."). I'm a lily white American from stem to stern and wouldn't trade a drop of my blood with any other race or any other place of origin. Would you really rather be a FBI on some rez or an inner city black kid if you were 10 years old and had a lifetime ahead of you? Maybe you'd rather be born in El Salvador or Bangladesh, but not me.

Todd Juvinall

Funny how we are lectured constantly by the left that "immyta=ble characteristics" are not to be taken in to "judge" others. Yet now they say "whites" are exempt from that. You really have to be a self-hater to buy into that.

I am a white man, always have been and have people of all colors and races as friends. We judge each other by the character of things, not by the racist ideas of "jon smith" and his ilk.


"I was communicating in literate terms (conversational English) rather than writing a scientific or legal document."
-jon 1129

I found it illuminating that you guessed the fraction of the world that is 'North American US white male' to be 1/25th of the reality. It's as if you found a right wing bigot to claim that the percentage of the world that is white male and US born to be about a third of humanity.

So, being wildly inaccurate is "literate terms"? Bizarre. A simple "oops" would have sufficed. What passes for "literate" in your world seems to me to be the reason the Right, the Left and the Radical Middle can't talk civilly anymore.

Golly, jon, use numbers. Just don't invent them out of thin air. Not because one needs to be as precise as a PhD (in Science!) preparing a paper for publication but because your 8th grade social studies teacher expected better from you on your homework.


Posted by: jon smith | 16 December 2017 at 12:

PRIVILEGE: the word progressives use now that they beat all the meaning out of racism!

Account Deleted

jon smith is hilarious. "...or an inner city black kid if you were 10 years old and had a lifetime ahead of you?"
I wouldn't want to be an inner city any color kid, moron. Nobody on this earth wants that. Hey - how about growing up in a 30 year old smelly single wide in the middle of some poor county with 30% unemployment and parents doing meth (when they're around).
Oh yeah - that gets jon smith all excited. Cause he'll be a white male.
I'm PRIVILEDGED (I'll say it loud and proud) and it has nothing to do with my sex or skin color. Can you possibly even start to understand why I'm priviledged, jon smith?
Go ahead - this should most amusing.
Hint - the fact that I'm an American comes in around 4th or 5th.

Bonnie McGuire

Excellent discussion. Thank you for showing the contrast between doers and takers, race before good character, and those who create prosperity being fleeced by parasites creating more taxes and unecessary regulations raising the cost of living.

jon smith

It is a very, very strong bet that I have lived in more places around the world (visiting Sandals in the Caribbean doesn't count) than any of you and have a very different world view than someone who was born and raised in Nevada County and is still here after 67 years. If you believe that growing up in a white trash trailer or being a white inner city kid somehow equates with hoeing potatoes in the Andes at 4 years old, in hopes of getting to eat one for dinner, or fighting with a knife for a filthy rag to wipe the flies from your eyes, then you are indeed among the 1% because you are blissfully not aware how great we have it here in America. I am proudly in the 1% but am so out of real life experience and not because I don't know better.

jon smith

Scott- I believe you live in Idaho, land of the Mormons. Talk to some of your neighbors who have done missionary work. I don't care how right wing or self righteous they may be, I'm pretty positive that to a person, they will tell you that being born a white male in America is like finding a winning lottery ticket. They may not believe that before leaving home, but if they're honest, and most are, you'll get an earful about the real world out there.

Todd Juvinall

Oh my jon smith admits he is in his ilk's self created1% privilege class. And he just can't stand that the rest of the world hates his guts and wants his stuff. Are you really as dense about Americ and its history? Apparently. If blacks or Asians had come to the shores of this land as white Eurpoeans did you would be in your 99% as a white dude. But hey, fantasy is a liberal hideout.

When the fish finally started crawling out of the muck and became you and I who could have ever thought we who were given white skin would be so much desired by the rest. Thanks h=jon smith for alerting others to their lack of success. If only they could be white.

Don Bessee

A one handed clap for the comic stylings of the 'jon' and here is a po' ol' fakenewsman story-



Todd Juvinall

So Chris "tingle up my leg" Matthews was a masher eh? The liberals did not think their strategy on this very well.

Bill Tozer

Oh jon smith. We are talking about the 1% here in the Greatest Land on Earth, the United States of America. God Bless America. Now, if you want to say America is Great, I am with you. But, it’s the 1% in the USA, not what you Peace Corps guys always do and compare a Whooper with Cheese in America to a feast for a week in other forsaken countries. Screw that globist thinking. Now get back on topic and Make America Great Again... you evil vile 1%er. And it disgusts me that you would dare stand on the backs on the poor to elevate your argument. Oh, my moral outrage is more elevated than yours, you greedy 1@er. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, paleface. Power to the People!

That was fun.


jon smith

Bill - Okay, lets "worry" about the 1% in America. I, for one, am not worried. I don't give a rat's ass about how much money the next guy makes. It's none of my business and if he can legally rake in billions, more power to him. I understand class envy but I have better things to worry about.

Those around us whining about how much more money the next guy makes than they, need to open their friggin' eyes and be thankful for where they stand on the world stage (and yes, being a white male in America is pretty much front and center on that stage, regardless of how much or how little money they might have). Darn, I took the world view again. Hopefully you aren't overly offended.

Todd Juvinall

I could care less about liberals or envious types dissing the "white" males of planet earth, Americans need to stop with the worry beads and forge on. Maybe the rest of the planet's people will catch up.

Account Deleted

I'm not really sure where jon smith is trying to go with his 'white male' hand wringing. He dredges up all sorts of wretched examples of horrid life styles that exist. And he fancies that he somehow is more worldly just because he can list them.
I can too, jon. I can list even worse than you. So by jon smith's own reasoning I'm morally superior to him. We can play that game all day.
All white males used to live just like the folks you mentioned, jon. Then - a lot of them decided they didn't want to live that way any more.
Imagine living in northern Scotland a few hundred years ago. It was pretty damn awful. By the 1800s Scotland had a much better standard of living than most of the folks in the world and were producing world leading inventors and scientists.
God didn't come down and wave a magic wand - they bettered them selves. With education and drive and hard work.
But that isn't PC any more - in fact, it's considered racist by the left.
Sorry, jon - I don't feel one bit guilty about my station in life. Sorry you are so miserable in yours. The left promotes life styles that are destructive and harmful, but you have the right to continue with that sort of thought if you wish.

Account Deleted

Also - "Those around us whining about how much more money the next guy makes..."
That would be the lefties, jon - not the conservatives.
That's your crowd.

Todd Juvinall

ScottO, so true. We conservatives want everyone to prosper. I was never hired or built a house for a poor person. Those darn people that worked hard, saved their money and were OK in the bank account did all the hiring. I never envied them or tried to swipe their money or stuff. But the liberals and big government types have figured it out. Now maybe people will get to keep more of what they earned themselves.


I'm really starting to like this j.Smith.
We finally have a "jon" that actually engages instead of TROLLS.

Hope your feeling better today jon.


Posted by: Walt | 17 December 2017 at 09:27 AM

Clearly not the same "jon"!

Account Deleted

To a point, Walt, yes. But notice that like Paul, he won't answer my question.
He just keeps up with the same rant and he seems very confused about the direction of his criticism. I have felt very thankful and blessed for my life. But being a white male living in the US (while quite nice) is just not the main reason I feel that way. If jonnie boy and his hand-wringing left wing pals want to take their hate filled blinders off they will find millions of folks all over the globe who are not white, male or US citizens who are also quite happy with their life.


Posted by: Scott Obermuller | 17 December 2017 at 09:38 AM

He just keeps up with the same rant and he seems very confused about the direction of his criticism.

He keeps up with the same rant because that's all thats left at this point! The only semi-successful progressive/socialist societies were ethnically homogenous and that was still no guarantee of a successful society. Even massive endowments of natural resource wealth can't help these dysfunctional political systems (think Venezuela).

The progressive catechism only has grievances never workable solutions.


Well Scott,, he said he emptied two bottles of Nyquil yesterday.(or alluded to that,,) Yaa,,, that would get me to skip a question or two. This *jon* doesn't seem to be the rabib Proggy we are used to.
Wait till he heals up a little. Then pound him a new one.(if he truly has it coming.)

Todd Juvinall

All these liberals with money crack me up. Watched a interview with some very wealthy lib the other night who says we don't pay enough in taxes. The interviewer after listening to the diatribe said well hey, why don't you cut a check right here, right now on what you think you should pay. I have not seen that much "dodge" since Dodge City. Anyway, it put the jerk in his place.

Hey Anita Hill is going to be in charge of going after those sexual harassers in Hollywood. Nowe there is a marriage.

And last;y a Democrat first term Congressman from Nevada is wuitting after sexual charges were leveled at him.

jon smith

Scott 9:28 " . . . he won't answer my question."
And Scott, what is your question? I don't see one.

Bill Tozer

n smith and all.

It’s been awhile since the “Mark the Tape!” days, but I always said there are two jon smiths, one good, candid, and reasonable, the other just a talking points flamer. The other is more akin to Mr. Dozer, his new name when it became apparent that there were two jon smiths, one with capitalized first letters of pronouns, the other with lower case first letters of proper names.

With that said, I agree with this jon smith. The bottom 5% in America are a hell of a lot better off than most of the 3rd World’s 90%. Just think how unusual and rare a public drinking fountain with clean potable water is in those places. And yes, I have lived, traveled, bummed around and hid from myself to in places like Bolivia (absolutely no US Embassy, lol), Peru ( US personally barred from traveling at night, but I sure did) and my favorite by far was the back jungles of Colombia.....when Colombia was not safe, nor any sane person’s travel destination. (Nothing to do with drugs or cocaine, or ANY illicit trade....but I concede readily that Bolivia, Peru, and Colombia do conjure up images of the cocaine trade....just in case you were assuming .). Assumptions are the mother of all gluck ups.

So, the Good jon smith, we on the Right have been pounded here and everywhere about somehow loving on the 1%ers and being their heartless robotic shrills.. I totally agree it is none of my business if the guy down the way make a billion dollars a year or not. I don’t care if a CEO of a failing company makes 26 million a year or 126 million a year or even 200k a day, week, moth, or decade.

You, the good jon smith have to take in account that we ain’t taking it no more and you have been unfairly tied to the Bad Jon Smith-Dozer-America Evil First and Foremost and The Cause of All the problems in the world going back to the day time and space was created out of nothing. You are not the flamer or brain dead jon smith. Easy enough to insert a B or V in your name at the bottom before posting so it would be jon b smith...or how about “the good jon smith”,

With that said, income inequity is indeed at big problem that may foster civil unrest here and abroad. I don’t think anyone here denies that potential. How to fix it is a huge dilemma. Taxing the pants off the 1%ers won’t help. Heck, that second home the Clintons have in NY is held in Trust in an offshore account, so it is protected from being snatched away from them and shielded from so many options the liberals want to try to make life “fairer”for the trailer park kids....in W. Virginnie and Kentucky (not to be confused with Penntucky, of which I proudly wear my Penntucky tee shirt out on public when heading east towards Nirvana City....my Pink Penntucky tee shirt.)

Oh jon smith the good one: knew that comment about there is no privilege in being white would get to the bad jon smith and stick in her throat like a sideways wishbone. Yes, I would not want to be born a black kid in America in any liberal city countrolled by liberal politicians for the past 50-60years. I would rather live in safer places like the Gaza Strip, in the jungles with the Shining Path, or in war torn burned out buildings of Beirut or Syria or Ye en.
We, as newborns,, didn’t get to choose our parents (meth heads or not), our race or ethnicity (be it black or yellow or Red or the colors of the rainbow) nor even had the courtesy of being asked if we wanted to be born. The only thing we can choose upon birth nowadays is what gender we which to be. Oh, so many choices. ;).

The biggest failure of the USA after the War Between the States was to not teach/help/show the former slaves and black communities how to become self sufficient. For that, our country was negligent and the chicken have come home to roost. There, a bone just got tossed your way..

And yes, I too would give my left nut to live, breath, and have my being in the USA. In fact, I already did....in some jungle with screaming monkeys in a place and time far away and long ago.

jon smith

Bill 11:23- You are partially correct. There have been several people posting as Jon Smith, John Smith, etc. over the years that aren't this jon smith. Most of the posts are pretty obviously not in my style or interest, but I assume the good Dr. knows us, one from another, by the various IP addresses.

I do plead guilty to tossing flaming darts at Todd and Don from time to time simply because their responses are so entertaining. It's like eating a Quarter Pounder in front of a vegan, just because.

Account Deleted

"The bottom 5% in America are a hell of a lot better off than most of the 3rd World’s 90%."
That wasn't jon smith's point.
I agree being a US citizen is great. Not buying this 'white American male' magic crap. Plenty of miserable folks and plenty of happy folks in the world.
Jim Rogers has travelled the world more than jon smith and he can afford to live anywhere. He believes being a white male in the US is not the best. That's why he left. jon smith doesn't agree and likes it here. Great.
My point is that you play your hand in life with the cards you were dealt. I can't help some one out who thinks magic will happen if only they were a white male American. Plenty of wealthy WAMs committed suicide because they were so miserable.
I didn't know there were 2 jon smiths. The one I'm hearing sounds a lot like Ta-Nehisi Coates.
And jon - I don't need to talk to Mormons. I have already talked to many people over the years that deliberately went to some hell hole to try to help out unfortunate folks. Some were in India, some were in an African country, some in Mexico and some went to parts of America where white American male magic didn't seem to be working.

jon smith

Scott 12:27-
"The bottom 5% in America are a hell of a lot better off than most of the 3rd World’s 90%."

That wasn't jon smith's point.

Actually Scott, that is EXACTLY my point.

Todd Juvinall

As well as it should be. I am happy the 5% are doing so well. The supply the money and knowledge and energy to improve the planet. I don't care if others don't have the same amounts. They can get off their asses and work for it. Or change their governments and ideologies to match ours. We Americans give away billions every year and what do we get for our charity? Derision from ingrates. So screw them.

Account Deleted

j smith at 12:33 - apparently the cough syrup has messed with your brain.
If that was your point, why didn't you just say so? What's with all the white male stuff? You seem to be confused.

jon smith

Scott- If you were going to be born tomorrow and wanted the best chance in life to succeed, how would you answer these three questions:

In which country would you choose to be born?
What race would you choose be?
What sex would you choose to be?

My answers would be American, Caucasian and male. I'm not the slightest bit confused and think the reasons are self evident. Apparently, you would choose a different path?

Account Deleted

jon, you would flunk any essay test I've ever taken. Every time you say that something is your main point, it changes. At this point, I don't know or care what your main point is, but to answer your question - China, Chinese and in that country, obviously, a male. They are going to run the world in a decade or so. Unless they mess up, which is always a possibility. The Chinese are expanding or encroaching in contested areas all around their current borders. They have swallowed up neighboring countries and no one seems to know or care. They are gobbling up the rights or full access to all sorts of crucial ores and minerals worldwide. They will tolerate pollution and ecological damage to a far greater degree than most anywhere else in the world. Jack Ma - unless he stumbles - will be one of if not the most powerful private businessman on earth in short order.
Some folks say "better learn Spanish so you can talk to your care giver".
I say "better learn Chinese so you can maybe pick up a few dollars when they take over".

jon smith

Scott- Interesting. Thank you for a very thoughtful reply. I can't argue or find fault with any of what you said.

Account Deleted

Yeah - and I'm not happy with those facts.
As they say - "it is what it is".

Bonnie McGuire

Scott...Interesting comments about the Chinese. They've always been hard workers and pioneers.
Bill Tozer, your SA travels sound interesting. I've had a great time exploring what explorers explored...haha

Scenes from the  Apocalypse

rcross: ""Why is the NBA mostly African descent gentlemen?" Maybe it is because of those wonderful capitalists who engaged in the slave trade, buying and selling humans as if they were livestock. Maybe it's because the capitalist slave traders kidnapped the biggest and strongest and threw them into the hold of a ship in chains where the only the strongest of the strong survived the horrid conditions."

Huh. So they were able to breed a superior human in only 150 years or so? I thought that races were all identical. Go figure, although it's interesting to run into someone pushing the value of eugenics. Perhaps you could expand on the types of humans and their special abilities.



"In which country would you choose to be born?
What race would you choose be?
What sex would you choose to be?"

You know, anywhere in the Anglosphere, minus Rhodesia or South Africa given the likely end game, would have been fine. Let's say Australia just for fun.

In terms of gender it seems to me that if I were an attractive woman, I'd never have to leave the house, so there is that.

It looks to me like the Chinese, regardless of some innate advantages (higher average intelligence, self-interested behavior, large population, more homogeneous than the West has decided to become), will have some stumbling blocks on the way to hegemony. They simply haven't had enough time to work out all the problems baked into their cake, and I expect some sort of big (by definition) civil problems there at some point. Probably best to avoid for now.

Account Deleted

"...and I expect some sort of big (by definition) civil problems there at some point."
You mean like Tiananmen Square?
The ChiComs had that swept under the rug in nothing flat. Big civil problems? Bigger crackdown. Chop chop.
Mao murdered tens of millions and he still slides in somewhere below any KKK member or certainly any Republican on the top baddest guys in the world list.
Please check out what is going on in western China. Some are claiming a higher govt thug to citizen rate than even East Germany during the reign of the Stasi.
People there are still just disappearing.
These aren't nice people and they will soon eat our lunch. But, but, but we have transgender troops! Oh hooray!

Bill Tozer

Thank you Bonnie. Great read.
It was one thing to wander regions of the (primitive) birthplace of what became the Incan empire, but quite another to find ruins of a civilization that preceded the forefathers bof what evolved into Incas by a millennium.......by accident or coincidence....or just being in the right place at the right time. Coincidently, there was a people whose name translated means “Children of the Sun.” Today we call that area Spokane, Wa....also in the Western Hemisphere. Thanks again. Some regions hundreds of miles east of the Andes are still basically unexplored. Rare sub-species of fresh water (river) pink dolphins is not something you see everyday.
. Thank you again. Now I will be up all night thinking about the ole crossroads and dreaming wonders of awe and of civilizations so rich in silver and precious stones that silver plates, bowls, and utensils were used but once and discarded onto the silver littered streets, silver being so common and plentiful .Must have been the ancestors of the 1%, to stay on topic. :)
Oh to be young again. Got it all safety locked away....in the backroads of my mind.

Scenes from the  Apocalypse

"You mean like Tiananmen Square?"

It's impossible for me to guess when or where, but if I were a betting man I'd vote big civil problems on the horizon. Tension between countryside and city. Large scale unemployment due to automation. A history of civil war. A country closer to carrying capacity than most. Surplus males. A number of markets (banking, real estate, stock) which could do a nasty fandango in any given moment combined with a tendency for the population to gamble. Maybe one of the minority populations in the west cutting up rough.

None of this is political and like most problems arises from demographics and economic cycles. Like most civil wars, include our current cold one, scarcely anyone will see it coming but it will be obvious to one of those story-spinnin' historians in 100 years.

OTOH, there's quite a strong regulatory upper-class already in place which has embraced technology for keeping a lid on the pressure cooker. Surveillance societies (like Mr Emery's beloved 17 intelligence agencies) have made it easier to more cheaply keep an eye on matters, no Hausbuchbeauftragter needed, so perhaps I'm utterly wrong, but my gut sez trouble.

Scenes from the  Apocalypse

re: The Evil 1%'ers.

You can certainly make an argument, not airtight, but an argument, that higher wealth gradients make for problems.

If you're a person, the tendency is to become powerful without a mandate, but it isn't like the truly rich can eat 1,000,000 ham sammiches or own 1,000 houses and thus de-house and de-ham sammich the masses...although corporate CEO's do a pretty good job of being important without the wealth oft times. (as a side note, it's hard to imagine an oil company prez as stupid as Maxine Waters, so a vote doesn't necessarily equal a desirable result).

If you're a group, you have to build up stronger in-group ties and build up whatever defenses you can. The alternative is to be swept away over time.

If you're a country, the neighboring poor will always want to move in. Economic osmosis is real and ongoing as the fortunate magic soil needs to have it's wealth shared.

If the politically active are actually interested in cutting rich people down to size, rather than merely virtue signalling and/or achieving importance themselves, I'm always surprised how strong the need is to just show up with cops and ransack the 1%er estates via tax policy or physical action. There seems to be almost a visceral joy to the whole thing. You'd think there'd be longer lasting results with fewer side effects by understanding why wealth pools up and removing some of those possibilities. My own guess is that you are mostly seeing broken marketplaces. The power of the wealthy to write rules in their favor, regulations, IP law evolved to suit perpetual money mining rather than merely the promotion of "the progress of science and useful arts", etc.

Of course, the end of the drama is always that the pigs end up running the farm.


There is NO making LIBS happy.Now it's
"The rich will be hurt!!"
"California Senator Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, is not happy with the tax cut bill Republicans in the House and Senate have agreed to. However, unlike most Democrats, Feinstein isn’t engaging in the usual attack her party unleashed on tax cut — that it will only help the rich — instead, she’s complaining that the bill would harm some of the wealthiest Californians."

Account Deleted

Scenes: "The power of the wealthy to write rules in their favor, regulations, IP law evolved to suit perpetual money mining rather than merely the promotion of "the progress of science and useful arts", etc."
The wealthy and powerful do have easy access to the rules makers, but ultimately the masses have the vote. And since most of the poor in this country are poor due to poor decisions, they vote against their own interests. The bigger and more powerful the govt gets, the easier it is to concentrate wealth in fewer hands.
Folks like Ford, Gates and Bezos are the outliers, but there again, it was (and is) the popular vote of the wallet of 'the people' that made them so wealthy.

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