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03 January 2018


Don Bessee

At the gates? Inside the gates already-



Account Deleted

There is a border patrol check point on Interstate 10 about 20 miles west of Las Cruces. It is no where near the border. The vast majority of traffic that flows through there was never in another country. There are Youtube videos that folks make as they go through there. The border patrol claims they don't have the manpower to control the border but can set up a check point that for the most part has nothing to do with the border. You are driving along, never having left the country or re-entered and you must stop and be detained. You are supposed to answer their questions. This is completely un-Constitutional. Most of the videos show folks doing what I wanted to do. Don't answer their questions. Be polite. Just keep asking if you are being detained.
It's not as straight forward as you would expect. The poorly trained schlubs that are on the front lines are just folks trying to earn a living. They don't know squat. Best to just ask if you are being detained and then ask for their superiors. The videos seem to suggest that they will hang you up for a while and then let you go if you are polite. A similar operation has been going on a while under the pretext of drug interdiction on the interstate just above Florida. The cops and the IRS have been seizing cash off of innocent citizens for decades. You have to 'prove' you are innocent and pay a 'fee' to get your money (or some of it) back. The last time I went through the re-entry at US 93 near Roosville, their camera couldn't read the licence plate on my motorcycle even though I had moved the bike to the line they had pointed to. One guard kept telling me to stand behind a line painted on the ground while another was ordering me to move the bike forward. They were 10 feet away from each other and apparently occupied separate universes. It was a matter of being polite and patient while the two goons made their brains operate at a more rational level and agree to order me to do the same operation. I was allowed to move the bike a bit forward no gun play ensued. Thank Ford for that!
We have DUI check points in practically every city where you are illegally detained and questioned. As far as I can determine, the courts never actually said this is Constitutionally OK, just that there is a 'war' on drunk driving and during war, you can't have all of your rights. The cops love to point out all of the 'other' illegal activities they can arrest you for at these check points. No doubt going door to door and barging in on citizens would yield a boatload more of these illicit activities.
Lets face it - as predicted - people end up wanting safety at the expense of liberty.
And they will end up with neither.


Throughout history civilizations emerge, rise to glory and then rotting from within, eventually contributing their structures and bones to archaeological history. Why should our's be any different? There seems to be a pattern that has been repeated over and over again across the planet. It is an agonizingly slow process that only the highly observant are aware is it taking place until the collapse comes in a rush and then the survivors are left wondering how did this happen? Wars or geological disasters are often the triggers for the collapse. We are progressing nicely along the path to our end days.

Scenes from the Apocalypse


Looking at this map


I can see the logic of their placement. I believe that part of the thinking is that there's a much lower set of requirements for a checkpoint than there is for pulling someone over, plus the rules are different close to the border in terms of shipping people back.

Bill Tozer

One of Dr. Rebane’s best. He condensed 110 good books into one post. Wow. Said it all.

1). It was the Boston Marathon bombing that ripped the blinders off my eyes. Where did all that manpower and military hardware come from sand swarming everywhere within minutes? So quickly, so many, so ready for assualt. Is this the new America?” I asked in surprise and in shock. Police and security like that? Place was crawling with military style “LE” tactical teams coming out of the woodwork from every direction and every place even remotely close to the scene. Yes, 9/11 changed everything.

2).The unsolved mystery is why in the world is the Left is teaming up with the Islamo-Nazifacists is beyond me. Do they think they will be spared when sword is turned on on them because they are educated, Enlightened, and welcoming? Do they think.....ah, it’s a puzzle. Their goals are similar, but the ”Progressive Thinkers” are pushing the Trojan Horse inside the fortress. Planned chaos is one thing, et tu brute is another.

The link below is the only answer I can think of that makes sense. A debunked news item, but has a good moral to it. Consider it a short bedtime story. Only thing I can think of to explain why the Left loves the snake so much, and why the snake loves the Left.


Account Deleted

Scenes - It's been established that the border patrol can pretend the border 'zone' extends 100 miles from the border. They can't man the border but they can be 100 miles away! Those checkpoints are permanent and well established. Everyone in Mexico knows where they are. They are setting up these check points to get Americans used to being detained at will by the authorities with no probable cause. They are extremely un-effective at catching illegals. The same money and man power placed along the actual border would be a far better use of resources. There are American citizens who have land near the border who are pleading with the authorities for help and being told 'there's nothing we can do'. Well - they can, but they have decided not to.
I'm sad to say there are Americans of all political persuasions that want an invasive police state. It's human nature. Only a percentage of people seem to realize that police protection can be turned on and off depending upon politics.
It's only just begun in our country. We need to catch up with the 'progressive' Euros.

jon smith

Nothing new about remote border checkpoints. I spent 70-72 in San Diego and we had to live with them randomly popping up. I went to school with a guy who worked for border patrol and his job was to walk around in uniform with a clip board and write down license plate numbers. He did this on the UC campus, the shopping centers, the wharf . . . wherever. He said that the end of each week he would gather up all of his tally sheets and put them in a cardboard box at the Coronado substation. He admittedly served no other purpose than simply to be a show of force. I think 90% of the reason they conduct in-country field checks is simply to let the public know they are "being protected and in good hands." Any Mexican with a CB (didn't they all have CB's back in the day?) would know about the checkpoints as they were being established and well before they were operational. Now there is an app. Except for the technology of license plate scanners and iPhone alerts, nothing has changed. It is government oppression and intimidation by any other names.


I'll pass on a post at this FOB. South of this base on Google maps the borderline is conveniently fuzzed out but you can see all the roads leading from Mexico to the US as you scroll along the border.



George Rebane

FYI - Border security checkpoints, while an interesting and relevant topic in themselves, should be related to the kind of check points I am talking about in the commentary - in short, please connect the dots.


America is heading toward a feudal society. Vast tracts of land are not policed. Security is now being focused in on manageable areas. Gated communities, checkpoints at government buildings, schools, arenas are more and more common.

A wall ends here, the border is abandoned.

31.33362, -110.7958

jon smith

Borders are as much a state of mind as they are tangible boundaries. What is a border when you can fly to any point in America from about any point in the world? Our shipping ports get less than 10% of border security monies, yet the preponderance of goods imported (legal and otherwise) come via the seas. Canada has a vastly higher number of Islamists (radical and not) than Mexico ever will, but walling up our southern border is deemed most important for securing this country from terrorists?? It makes absolutely no sense.

It's only considered more important to protect ourselves from immigrant workers than from immigrant terrorists because we've been taught that through endless propaganda. What is a border when, from Syria, one can YouTube our in-country miscreants how to make a bomb or instantly text all your best friends in Yemen the blue prints to the Pentagon? Building a physical wall might have been good for the Alamo, the Normans or the Chinese many moons ago, but today it is a meaningless gesture whose only benefit is to soothe the ignorant public and for the engineering firms who will build the wall with your tax dollars.

George Rebane

jons 1110am - Am not sure from what universe you are getting your information. Physical borders appear to retain their utility over the centuries as corroborated by almost every nation in the world - most certainly in the EU and the mideast.

Your data on Canadian vs Mexican Islamist terrorist numbers is in error. Canada has and executes a very much more sophisticated process for detecting, tracking, and arresting terror suspects than does Mexico. The Mexican border porosity is more important because through that border come hundreds of thousand of illegal aliens, drug mules, human traffickers, and terrorists that easily evade the what Mexico calls its border security.

And let's get off that "physical wall" BS. It's border porosity that needs to be controlled, and that requires all means, mostly technology based, but in some places a physical wall is most efficient. The 'wall' paradigm is used for those who have trouble conceiving other means of border security. Are you one of them?

Account Deleted

GR - "But the most important unasked question is, is there any evidence that such friendlier and trusting times will ever return, or will state-imposed constraints on our activities continue to ratchet indefinitely?"
No evidence whatever. Of course the govt will continue to impose increasing constraints. It might not always be a perceptible increase, but when has the govt ever slackened its controls? Under Trump, perhaps a bit here and there, but the trend line is always towards more govt control. And as the populace continues to accept and adapt to a more controlling environment, they are - unfortunately- less apt to control themselves as good members of society.

Generalissmo Covfefe

Are your paperz in order???


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