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20 January 2018


Bill Tozer

Of all the Crabb cartoons, this was the first one I did not get. Yes, I get the pic of the jackass and the elephant playing tug-of-war with Old Glory. What is new to me is the reference to Stars having rank over Stripes. Or, the reference to “stars” in this context. When I first saw it, I thought of Jews having to wear the yellow star on their sleeves, but I figured that ain’t it. Like, where have I been all my life?

Somebody ‘splain it to me.

George Rebane

BillT 250pm - And here I thought that I just did Mr Tozer. Silly me.


The first cartoon is quite good, besides being better drawn. I'm afraid that Mr. Crabb is the Reg Manning of the local area. A good editorial cartoon is a difficult thing, so don't underestimate it.

Thinking back on the history of open borders as a central political concept, when in the heck did that happen? I seriously can't remember members of either end of the spectrum being dead-set on importing foreigners in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's. Something peculiar has happened in the last 20 years or so, and I'd love to understand it.

Seriously. For the anti-Rebane people out there that I've seen online (PaulEmery, Mike Anderson? Pelline? Bruce Levy? the other Emery? that Keachie guy?, the fake responders on Pellines blog, etc)., seriously...what has driven the last decade or so of pro-immigration thinking? It obviously is an extremely strong drive, but on the other hand you have to admit that it's a somewhat recent (in terms of decades) notion.

tldr; Why has xenophilia become the primary driver of our time?

George Rebane

Scenes 339pm - perhaps I can help. Xenophilia has "become the primary driver of our time" because it has long been accepted by the Left and Right that American can only be toppled by internal rot - even our Founders perceived that when they launched us. And the most facile way to promote internal rot is to turn our former and utilitarian welcoming policies toward assimilating foreigners against us today. It is the sum and stuff of A21, the master plan for globalism.

BTW, I take it that your unfortunate use of "pro-immigration" really means pro-illegal alien.


Think cops and robbers Tozey

Account Deleted

"Why has xenophilia become the primary driver of our time?"
If they were primarily a bunch of conservative Canooks sneaking across for warmer climes, the Democrats would be screaming for border security at the top of their lungs. The so-called libertarians claim they want open borders but it seems that's more of a anarchist type of attitude.
In short - the Dems need a large number of poor uneducated folk linked by a common skin color or perpetual grievance to vote en bloc for the Donkeys. For a while, they had that with blacks. But the blacks failed to reproduce fast enough and many became disillusioned with the obvious scam the Dems were playing on them and became too small and unreliable a bloc. Hence - start letting the illegals in by the millions and pounding on the table for their 'rights'. It's working out real swell in California.


"Xenophilia has "become the primary driver of our time" because it has long been accepted by the Left and Right that American can only be toppled by internal rot - even our Founders perceived that when they launched us."

I don't know that I accept that. Honestly, I'm still thinking over the problem.

Is it a dislike for Western (largely Anglo in this country) culture? A love for the foreign? Some sort of built-up guilt complex? A need to tear down?

For all I know, there's something baked into the cake of humanity that tells it to blow up the world every now and again. Without that, we might still be living exclusively in small family groups.

Really, I'm not looking forward to the interregnum, but there's nothing I can do about it.

Bill Tozer

Scott, I agree with all those points, considering the abortion issue has decimated having a higher birth rate in the black community. I get the only way Dems can survive and hold power is to create a victim class. No victim class, no party. But, it has to be something bigger, deeper in their psychic. This contaminated, poisoned, and dangerous misguided concept of what being helpful is . It’s not trying to help or being helpful that is the issue. It’s when and how to help that is the issue that needs to be discussed.
There will always be winners and losers....but can’t we take them all in? Please, oh please. Oh, let me keep the puppy, oh please. He is so adorable and I promise to take care of him. I Promise. Please.

Or, they really truly demand open boarders and really see our Hemisphere as one block, if not a road straight to Agenda 21. Just like Europe! All Climate Change is about is to de-capitalize the strong nations by transferring wealth to capitalize the socialist poorer countries.
Sameness is not equality, but you can’t convince them otherwise.

Or, they really do hate a lot about America. A whole lot. Or, just maybe something as thinking with emotions per usual. Arrested development, I reckon. Proceeds TDS.

Don Bessee

Be careful what you ask for-



Bonnie McGuire

So darned funny when you think about how little most know about human nature and world history. It's the same o mentality repeated over and over...in civilization one after another. Sad but true, so many hate, while others claim to love the Bible, but neither get it. The synopsis of the Adam doesn't mean he was the first man on earth. Otherwise, Adams son Cain wouldn't have found a wife outside of the family. He was the first of a theocratic dynasty....that corresponds with archeologists and historians story of the ancient Ad Empire. Okay that's just a smidgeon of how little is known, but what is known is that humans repeat the same mistakes over and over because they don't understand themselves or history. Power and greed and the winners rewrite history to honor themselves. But as Jesus explained...those in charge can discern the weather but not where their culture is as in Noah's and Lot's time before their demise on the continent. Both cultures ended when good people were hated. Moral decline. Lot's culture was homosexual. Archeologists (not me) claim most of the evidence shows this is the degenerated end of the culture. Ancient history also relates to the massive flood of emigrants conquer by sheer numbers who bring their culture with them, while consuming everything like locusts. In our case there might be a solution. Allegedly, General George Washington had a vision that the (red) socialist hoards migrating from Europe, Africa and Europe wouldn't be able to destroy us if we stood for our Constitutional Standard and the God who inspired it. Wouldn't that be a nice change from the same o same o throughout history?

Bill Tozer

Opps, where are my manners?

Dr. Rebane @ 8:01 tonight: Thanks. I just went blank on the LE angle for some reason. Me, the son of a cop. Go figure. Must be a blind spot I have. Anyway, my first gut instinct wasn’t far off. Jews with stars on the streets, in stripped prisoner garb inside the gates. Police state. Not far off all in all. Thank you again.


re: Don Bessee@6:30PM

It is a peculiar thing, isn't it.

The Green Libertarians have a combination of two theories concerning mass immigration from the Third World.

1) We can train these people to be well-behaved Westerners (really, a form of condescending behavior) .or.
2) These people can build their own societies within our country (ie. start up a ghetto somewhere)

Of course, as a practical matter, you either live in the good part of town or move to a whiteopia like Nevada County.

Robert Cross

speaking of law enforcement: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-42793236

the noose slowly tightens around trump's fat neck as Sessions testifies...who's next?

George Rebane

RobertC 744am - Is that another pre-evidential comment, or are you just giving voice to a wish your heart makes?


re: GeorgeRebane@7:59AM

lol. What do you think?

The funny thing is that it's all driven by dislike. A chunk of the electorate hates Trump, hates you, hates flyover states, hates Christians, and largely hates the traditional American nation.

Trump could stand up there on his two hind legs and recite the alphabet and Robert Cross would be cross. Notice the near lack of discussion about policy that has actually occurred. It's all polls and prostitutes and Russians and pussy hats and things-that-Trump-didn't-say-but-I'll bet-he-thinks.

It's not much, but it's enough to get them out of bed every day.


Posted by: Robert Cross | 23 January 2018 at 07:44 AM

......fat neck

Comments about a persons weight? That’s just not right.....wink, wink



It's not just "deep state" anymore,, now it's a "secret society".
Things keep getting better and better.....

Bill Tozer

A new take on Stars and Stripes, military angle. In-fighting style. Insubordination.

Question: Who made Lindsey the top brass and gave him the right to demand Tom Cotton and Miller/Kelly out of the room? “Get them out of here!”, Graham and Schumer screeched in unison, holding hands and waving the whole unread big fat immigration bill in Cotton and Miller’s faces with their other hands. They wanted the field cleared and have clear sailing to Trump.

Hmmm. Thank you for your service, Lindsey. What to do, oh what to do? A Gentleman and an officer, eh? Pencil pusher or chair warmer? Buchanan was yelling from the rooftops for Trump to stir clear from the Neocons since Nov.10, 2016. A chair warmer Neocon? Too bad. Tom Cotton is a combat veteran and he don’t recognize your rank, Lyndsey. Go eat sand.

Nice to have a couple guys in the room reminding Trump of Dem negotiation history....Mr. President, they promised that twice before. O, they promised that one before. Oh yeah, Mr. President, Lynsey said chain migration is off the table forever. Non-negotiable. Separating families is “immoral, a crime against humanity”....straight out of France’s Green Party Platform, damn near word for word. Oh yeah, they tried that one 3 times before and promised in good faith.....

Cotton and Miller can stay. Kelly can hang out. Nice to have some in the room that do not believe history began today. Thank you for your service, Lyndsey.

Stars and Stripes. Generals and grunts. Vets with pets.


Muller needs to go. Look what shows up.

Don Bessee

Another tax reality check-


I think we know who falls into that 2.8% zone. ;-)

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