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03 January 2018


Don Bessee

So it begins, why does it sound like fake news will be anything that does not fit the official narrative?



Account Deleted

DB at 11:56 Typical left wing reaction to any abstract thing it wants to control. Pass a law against it. Just who gets to decide what is 'fake'?
The idea of education so that the people can spot the BS is out of the question. It would work too well and the people would start to see the BS in places they are not supposed to.
The thing most chilling in the text of that ICFJ ad is "Join us in supporting the truth tellers".
Ah - so the ICFJ has declared itself to be the knower, keeper and disseminator of truth. I would stay away from such folk.

George Rebane

ScottO 218pm - Thanks Scott, I was hoping that someone would point out the marble pedestal on which ICFJ has placed itself - the standard and purveyor of Truth. They are indeed the self-appointed Keeper of Veritas.

Account Deleted

Just so the children understand. It is one thing to proclaim that there is a truth and another that you are the truth. It is commendable to strive for it, but contemptible to claim you and truth occupy the same exact circle.

Eric Anderson

Ha, ignorant Trump supplicants. You are witnessing the sunset of your glory. Be gone foul, undeserving citizens, America will be disowning you soon.

Bill Tozer

Oh Eric. Heard the exact same thing after Obama’s won in ‘08 and into early ‘09. They Republican Party is toast, regelated to a small regional party (Deeper South), never to rise from the ashes again. Hmmm. Seems the Democrat Party has a lot of ground to make up since that consensus filled the MSM Echo Chamber. I have no doubt that the Lefties will win a few dozen seats on some school boards and city councils. When you have lost that much terrority, the only way to go is up. Funny watching the Blue Wall come tumbling down....eight years later.

I know, I know. This time with be different. Pilate to Jesus, “What is truth?” I wash my hands of this matter.

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