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13 January 2018



I posted a link to this page on the Other Voices in The Union.

Don Bessee

Just another party parrot who like Pelosi spits on the 6 billion in tax cut bonuses handed out already. To multi millionaire Pelosi a thousand bucks wont buy a hand bag, for working families that represents a significant cash windfall. A new washer, fridge, tv, better tires for the car, insurance deductibles or lots of do it yourself goodies for their house that will be around for a long time.

Limousine liberals and leftie elites don't give a shit about working American families. ;-)

Todd Juvinall

Her hubby ran the Tahoe Forst didn't he?


"tax rates do not impact economic growth,"
Oh really? then why is this in the works?

Bonnie McGuire

It's unbelievable that some people don't have any idea where all that money running our government comes from. Ambitious people start a business. If they don't have enough money, but have good credit (or assets, they borrow to create their enterprise. If it succeeds and grows they hire others. The businessman pays the regulation fees and taxes the government demands. The employees also pay income taxes, or whatever gov. expects from them. The burdens on the private sector increase with the size of government and the demands of its workforce....It's nice that we finally have a President who understands and appreciates those responsible for a good economy.

George Rebane

BonnieM 334pm - And the most humorous part of the Wisdom of Eubanks is ignoring how the rich got rich. The socialist/communist dogma is that they all inherited that wealth from their misbegotten forebears. However, in America it has always been that the wealth of the wealthy is earned in the last generation by those who started out either poor or of modest means. In recent decades that percentage according to the Census Bureau and Dept of Treasury is that over 85% of today's wealthy, the (gasp!) 1%, earned their wealth through their enterprise and entrepreneurial efforts that America still provides its workers, and which the Left is doing its best to destroy as quickly as possible. People like Eubanks, of course, are trying to characterize these people as undeserving charlatans or thieves.

Bonnie McGuire

You're so correct Dr. Rebane. That's why so many want to come to America....President Lincoln described America as a place where ordinary people could realize their dreams...and succeed.

Todd Juvinall

I would suggest people may get a different view of Eubanks if they saw how much pension money is paid. Huge.

Account Deleted

"Her punchline is that “… the top 0.1 percent will now get a tax cut of $179,000."
Yeah - the top .1 percent of earners will all get exactly 179K.
Just maybe that's an average? With some getting perhaps a few hundred dollars and some getting a lot more? Does this woman have any concept how much income tax some Americans pay every year? I seriously doubt it. Why don't we multiply 179K times the number of folks getting this average reduction. What percentage of the total annual IRS tax haul would that be?


Democratic Party apparatchik? Oh well, it's business as usual. Word comes down from party headquarters to write an editorial on the current bullet items, life goes on.

I rather liked the article though, it really hits pretty much everything.

New tax bill -> money goes to Republican donors...fault: Republicans
Oil company 'subsidies' (whatever that means exactly)...fault: Republicans
Citizens United...fault: Republicans
Global 'warming' (now rebranded as climate change)...fault: Republicans
Soaring CEO salaries...fault: Republicans
Cut Medicare...fault: Republicans
Health insurance problems...fault: Republicans
Childrens health system going away....fault: Republicans

Next month will be a column with lots of words about undocumented workers, womyn's health, LGBTLMNOP rights, and the Republican War on Cancer Victims.

Dunno what the point is anyway, it's a single party state.

If you think about it, since California is so important (as we are constantly reminded), why not fix all of this at the state level with Democratic Party good deeds. Simply crank up state incomes taxes with a table that's highly tilted against the rich, give out free health care, require solar panels on all homes, etc.

I like the idea of using California as a surrogate federal government. It's doable and would be an interesting experiment.

Bill Tozer

@ 6:48 pm

Ah contraire. “Next month will be a column with lots of words about undocumented workers”.

Nay, my good man. Strike the word undocumented. Get with the times. It’s now “unauthorized” worker/immigrant. But that is a moot point. The word will be simply “immigrant, as we areca nation of immigrants. We all (with one exception) came from immigrants. Hard working, built this nation. Your neighbors. The ones who stand in the checkout line with at the market. Boy, Scenes, you never have had a lapse like that before. You coming down with the flu?

As far as your “Dunno what the point is anyway, it's a single party state”, that excellent point is unassialable.



re: 7:16PM

How about undocumented citizens?

Do think about my vision for California though. Practically anything that is merely a matter of money can be corrected by the state government. Crank up the highest state income tax rate to 40%, increase the gas tax by a few bucks a gallon, hand out health insurance for free, fire up a guaranteed minimum income, perhaps even outlaw diesel and gasoline powered vehicles.

Given a single party situation in Sacramento, it all can be done. What are they waiting for? Maybe our Green Libertarians can kick off the effort.

Robert Cross

You must be getting kind of desperate George to use your blog for making a personal rebuttal (attack: with a picture no less) upon someone who happens to see the world differently than you do. Although your disdain for those who oppose your extreme views is nothing new it is usually veiled and not so directed toward a particular person. And of course, the circle of stupid piles on and like always mostly unaware of what they are really piling on for. Fasten your seatbelt boys because the hot seat is just going to get worse. In case it wasn't covered on Fossil er Fox News people are starting to get fed up with the climate denial, fossil fuel industry run government of Donald Trump and the republi-cons as everything they say and do flies in the face of moral decency and rational intellectual capacity. #SAD.


re: RobertC@7:57PM

Absolutely. It's time for California to make a stand.

We can require 100% renewable electricity in a year or two. Merely double the California income tax and buy everyone solar panels. Outlaw (or make impossibly expensive) internal combustion vehicles and go 100% electric on the cars.

There's no reason not to do it. Our brave boys (and girls and otherwise) in Sacramento can MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Todd Juvinall

Robert Cross | 13 January 2018 at 07:57 PM

Honest to goodness your ideology is so extreme that Red Chinese commies would reject you as that as well. You really believe what you arote? Or are you just pulling our leg? The left is so deranged about climate and oil it is almost hilarious. So seek some help for your left extreme noggin as I fear for your safety from the white-suited men.

Account Deleted

"...people are starting to get fed up with the climate denial,..."
Oh good sir - on the contrary. It was 43 today. Fahrenheit. Last year it was somewhere in the single digits. I declare now before God and all present that I will NEVER deny the climate!
"...everything they say and do flies in the face of moral decency and rational intellectual capacity."
Would that include African-Americans having a better economic standing under Trump than under Obama?
And a record tax haul from the IRS?
Since when has the left had a concern about 'moral decency'?
Were Bill and Hillary in charge? Or was it one of those lefty Hollywood couch rapists that fund the left and the Democrats?

Account Deleted

Scenes - 8:30 - absolutely. I have been advocating for Kali to throw open the borders and give free health care to every one in the world. According to Paul Krugman it will pay for itself. Probably several times over. Think of all of the PHDs from all over the world flocking to the Golden State to mow lawns or brew coffee or whatever those PHDs do to enliven and enrichen our lives!
Why not ban all carbon-spewing vehicles next year? They emit poison. C'mon Kali - you can do it!

Bill Tozer

Oh Mr. cross. You shamed Dr. Rebane put good. Loved that wagging finger. “Now you listen to me and listen good. I did noI think have sex with THAT woman.”
I even felt a twinge of shame. Good job.

Perhaps Ms. Eubanks should run over to Jeffie’s blog and cry out, “Help Jeff, THEY are attacking me!” Battle stations and all that. Hmmm. That was exactly what Hilary Hodgepodge did after her editorial in The Union was singled out. “Help Jeffie, they are attacking me! I need your help! Help Meeeee!” She did not have a clue as to why, just we were being meanies to her and dared, dared I say, to challenge her propostetious assumptions. Had nothing to do with the words she penned.

Bad Dr. Rebane, bad. Down Bobbie, down. Go gnaw on Mr. Boardman’s leg or pick somebody else. I hate dog slobber on my Birkenstocks. .

Let’s see if Ms. Eubanks can hold her own. I like strong women who stand their ground with their game face on. If not, maybe Heidi Hall will slip her the talking points and feed her some good lines to say. Behind the scenes coaching and all. It’s more dignified.

Don’t think Nancy Pelosi will be of much help to Ms. Eubanks nor Ms. Hall. Lord knows darn near every single right wing radio host across the land just don’t have it in them to bash the Old Queen anymore. I hear it a lot. One by one they are saying it and backing off beating the half dead horse. No more. They are too saddened by her condition to kick her around anymore. I agree.
It’s so sad to see her still being pushed out in front of the cameras in her condition. For the love of God, get her off the stage. It’s obvious to all that she is suffering from some type of degenerative brain disease and please, please have some Dem with a semblance of a heart step up in her place in front of the microphones and let the old Queen have some dignity in her golden years. I can’t watch. It’s like watching Jesse Owens race horses at some county fair or Joe Louis boxing bears after their prime. You Lefties are heartless. The Botox has got to her brain. At least you guys didn’t leave Conyers out there at 80 years old to dangle in the wind, struggling to compose a sentence. That I give you credit for, but I digress.

Anyway, Ms. Eubanks’s mastery of the ins and outs of the signed into law tax reform bill is about as misinformed and worthless as if The Botox Queen herself wrote that opinion piece. Or maybe Ms. Eubanks just copied the other Nancy’s words down. Same script, same words from the shithole.


crak pipe

Bill Tozer

The is a role for fossil fuels. National Security and all that..

“First, the U.S. is now one of the largest producers of fossil-fuel energy in the world. America is immune from the sort of Arab oil embargo that in 1973–74 paralyzed the U.S. economy as punishment for American support of Israel. Even Israel, thanks to new offshore oil and natural-gas discoveries, is self-sufficient in energy and immune from Arab cutoffs.”

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/455332/trump-threatens-end-american-foreign-aid-palestinians

To put the cherry on top....

“Polls show that less than 20 percent of Americans support the Palestinian cause”.
That should sit well with the out of touch Democrats, but I have gone too far out in advance into the next chapter in the long antiquated Democrat playbook.

Oh Mr. Cross. Please tell me exactly how many genders that biology, microbiology, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy say there are. How many? Every every cell in your body, every DNA test ever taken, tells science you are either a male or female. Come on, using your rational intellectual capacity, how many genders are there in 2018? Pray tell.

George Rebane

re RobertC 757pm - Contrary to Mr Cross's accusations and memory, RR has commented on the published public pronouncements of numerous individuals with whom we agree or disagree. These have included national and international personages, and also locals (with pictures) such as George Boardman, RL Crabb, Hilary Hodge, and even the FUE to name just a few. We will continue to do that since that is the sum and stuff of RR. And the aware reader will note that I also have been taken to task on occasions too numerous to recount for my Union columns, KVMR commentaries, and, of course, what appears in these pages. It all comes with the territory, as it should.

Michael R. Kesti

Have a look at Facebook's Nevada County Political Vents group if you want to see what passes as, "moral decency and rational intellectual capacity" these days.


" In case it wasn't covered on Fossil er Fox News people are starting to get fed up with the climate denial, fossil fuel industry run government of Donald Trump and the republi-cons as everything they say and do flies in the face of moral decency and rational intellectual capacity."
-Cross 757pm

OK, so we have Cross claiming climate denial and greed is driving a morally bankrupt irrational and stupid government of Republi-cons.

Yep. Sure enough. Yes-indeedy. Keep thinking that Cross and Friends.

Labor Unions representing public employees in California are the basis for the one party State of California thanks to Jerry Brown v1.0 giving them the right to collectively bargain for wages and benefits decades ago, thus insuring when the bargaining begins in the smoke filled back room, the people paying the bills are not represented. And "climate denial" is on the rise with nearly 750 papers that promote skeptical views of the science were published in journals in 2017, along with signs of a slowdown and cooling becoming hard to miss.

What will happen in California if a cooling contrary to climate model projections becomes undeniable and the Democratic Party gets a good olde-fashioned bleeding by the Barber of York (aka the SCOTUS) who may be returning to the people the right to not pay a union you don't want to join in the Janus case this spring? Stay tuned.


Facebook group "Nevada County Political Vents".

"All political issues for Nevada County Associated Folks. If from outside, must have at least one college degree. "

lol. What can I say.

I'm all for it if I can choose the allowable degrees.

If you get a chance Mr Kesti, please post some choice morsels from that group. I'm all for reading peoples' vents.


Checking, Nevada County Vents is Doug Keachie's creation; he is the lead admin.

Yes, I'd expect the man of a thousand sock puppet aliases would be running a ship hostile to rationality.


Posted by: Gregory | 14 January 2018 at 12:11 PM

Well then Generalissimo Dependsimo should have lots of interesting “people” to talk to.


In my professions, (yes more than one) "vent" means "off gas".
Pick your "end" of where those "vapors" emanate from.
May I suggest the face mask with organic vapor filters?

Bill Tozer

12:11 pm

Didn’t he start some Nevada County Peeps off-shoot group when he got pissed off at Peeps?

Well, they do say all you need to start a new web page is a resentment and a connection. In this case, add a few long pulls off the jug.

Account Deleted

re: Nevada County Political Vents - note that there is also a 'Nevada County Political Vents UNCENSORED'. Its description is telling:
"This group is for the people that are tired of being deleted or banned from the Original Nevada County Vents for having a different opinion than the dictator that runs it, or that have a sense of humor! "
My, my, my - just who would that be?


It dawned on me whilst the dogs were out peeing early this a.m. that this....."Demogauge" is incorrect. I believe that your intent was "Demagogue"....

Definition of demagogue

1 : a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power

2 : a leader championing the cause of the common people in ancient times

— demagoguery play \-ˌgä-g(ə-)rē\ noun

— demagogy play \-ˌgä-gē, -ˌgä-jē, -ˌgō-jē\ noun

If I am incorrect in this assumption and "Demogauge" was your intent (perhaps a device for measuring the baseball sized heads of your local progressive neighbors) my apologies.

George Rebane

fish 338am - You are, of course, right Mr fish. I have no idea how that little quirk slipped by unnoticed. But thanks to you, it is corrected.


re: 3:38AM

I was going to mention that but just assumed that this sketchy blog software makes it impossible to edit the posts.

I'm surprised with the mistakes in spelling and phrasing that I'll exude and I'm unaware of a method to correct this.

Bill Tozer

Tax reform


Bill Tozer




Bill. You REALLY know how to ruin a Progressive's day.

Don Bessee

Somehow I suspect she would be fine with this-




Saw that Don,, Had to chuckle when Mr.S said he's never heard of it.

Bill Tozer

Ah, timing is everything. Ms. EUbanks was just part of the planned “teach-in”. Nevermind the bill passed Congress, signed by a sitting US President, and is the law of the land.....nevermind all that. We need a teach in! The timing all makes sense, now. Popinjays are a day late and a dollar richer. Thank you EUbanks for teaching us.


George Rebane

BillT 832am - Now you don't really think that Ms Eubanks' piece was part of a coordinated leftwing initiative? Nah, it was just a coincidence.

Bill Tozer

And the Hypocrisy Award goes to Nancy. Nancy, come on down! Applause, applause.

Which Nancy? I report, you decide.

“The American people spoke out clearly and, thanks to President Obama’s leadership, 160 million Americans will continue to receive their payroll tax cut — nearly $40 per paycheck in the pockets of the average family.” —Nancy Pelosi in December 2011 (Today she belittles the Republican tax cut windfall as “crumbs.”)

Don Bessee

I wonder if gender would outweigh party for Eubanks the party parrot?


“Picture it," Ahrens said in a news release. "A male Republican senator spends his entire 10 minutes ‘mansplaining’ the female DHS secretary about immigration policy, throws around the term ‘conscientious stupidity,’ yells at her the only time she tries to speak, and concludes his diatribe without even asking her to respond.”



It might be worth asking Ms Eubanks why the Democratopia of California has the nation's highest poverty rate.


Perhaps she and her pals could get their own house in order first.

I tell ya, the CAL-50 tax plan might be just the thing.

George Rebane

Scenes 949pm - My money is on the liberals sending their Cricket Corps to answer that question. It was ever thus.

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